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Hoping to build continuity on the offensive line, Auburn has fielded the same 5 starters for 3 consecutive games and the Georgia game will make it 4 games with the combination of A.J. Greene, Chad Slade, Reese Dismukes, John Sullen and Brandon Moseley. The OL played their best game of the season against Ole Miss as the offense rushed for 254-yards and Clint Mosley was sacked 1 time with only 1 hurry. Left guard Slade has struggled the most with his recent move to guard but he played his best game of the season against the Rebels, which hopefully is a good sign the redshirt freshman is gaining confidence. Despite all the issues the offensive line has experienced in 2011, Auburn has managed 211-yards rushing per game in 6 conference games, which is clearly something to build on.

The play...


On this play, Auburn has a first & goal at the Rebel 4-yard line. Auburn has an inside run play called with Michael Dyer, involving a pulling guard and Philip Lutzenkirchen as the lead blocker. At the snap, Sullen (RG) will pull to the left to seal the DE. Jay Wisner will engage the safety at the top and Philip Lutzenkirchen will kick out the OLB. Dyer initially steps inside but bounces outside to follow Lutz into the end zone.

Looking at the inserted pic in frame #2, you can see the OL walling off the Ole Miss defensive line. In frame #3, you can see Sullen doing a splendid job of sealing the DE and Lutzenkirchen driving the OLB off the line. It might have only been a 4-yard TD run but the execution during the play is exactly what the Auburn coaching staff is striving for in terms of building consistency on offense.


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