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With the loss of Michael Dyer, Auburn relied on Tre Mason and Kiehl Frazier to do the dirty work between the tackles. Mason and Frazier combined for 119-yards and 3 TD's on 25 carries against the Virginia Cavaliers. Mason had a season high, 64-yards rushing on just 9 carries, which included a 22-yard TD run to give Auburn a 35-17 lead early in the 3rd period.

The play...


On this play, Trovon Reed will come in motion on the jet-sweep option, which forces the defense to honor the outside run option before committing to the inside give to Mason. Reed's motion to the right of the formation pulls 3 defenders to the outside. Left guard Chad Slade will pull to his right to take out the MLB, which creates a running lane for Tre Mason. The play results in an Auburn touchdown, giving the Tigers a commanding, 35-17 lead early in the third period. This play was set up by the previous play, which involved Quan Bray sweeping right on a halfback pass to the end zone.

End zone view...


At the snap, Slade pulls to his right to take out the MLB. John Sullen and Reese Dismukes double-team a DT, creating the running lane for Mason between both Auburn guards. Slade pancakes the MLB as Sullen seals the DT allowing Mason to sprint to the end zone for a 22-yard TD run. Of Mason's 9 carries between the tackles, 5 went for at least 5-yards or more. He finished the season with 161-yards on 28 carries. The touchdown run against Virginia was Mason's first offensive touchdown as an Auburn Tiger.


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