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Upon Further Review - Clemson Game

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  • One of the reasons for Auburn’s low completion percentage last night was the target area. Last season 33.9 percent of the passes attempted by the Auburn offense was intermediate and long range passes. Last night Loeffler and Frazier attacked this area 62.9 percent of the time. Though the pass completion pct was low, Auburn did have 5 impact pass plays. This might be a positive note that despite Frazier making his first start, Loeffler reframed from throwing a bunch of garbage passes, which would have given Frazier a higher completion percentage but for less damage to the opponent. This is also a strong indicator of Frazier's vision of the field and that he is not checking down too soon. Once his comfort zone develops, Auburn has a QB willing to attack the opposing secondary.

  • 41 percent of Frazier’s pass attempts were in the 11-20 yard range down field.

  • Auburn’s average 3rd down situation was 8.2 yards to convert. AU converted 3 of the 4 conversions of 5-yards or less and was 1 of 9 in the situations above 5-yards. Not a good way for any quarterback to make a living.

  • Last year 50 percent of Clemson’s offensive snaps resulted in 5-yards or more and Auburn hit at 38%. Last night, 45 percent of Clemson’s snaps went for 5-yards or more and Auburn hit at 44 percent.

  • Clemson averaged 5.85 yards per play in the first half and 6.33 yards during the 2nd half. Auburn averaged 7.11 yards per play in the first half and 4.92 yards during the 2nd half.

  • Auburn’s offense faced 2nd & 7 or more 17 of 28 times against Clemson (60.7%). Primary reason why Auburn averaged 3rd and 8 last night.

  • 16 of the combined 26 carries by Tre Mason and Onterio McCalebb (61.5%) went for 5-yards or more. They were tackled for a loss 3 times but had 7 runs of 10-yards or more. Mason looked very solid in extended play and I see him darting for another 100-yard game against Mississippi State. I do think it's important to get Mike Blakely involved to prevent beating down any one given RB over the course of the season.

  • Clemson averaged 5.44 yards per rush in the first half and 6.92 yards during the 2nd half.

  • Of the 38 snaps involved in Auburn’s 5 scoring drives, it was broken down to 21 run plays and 17 pass plays. There was a total of 5 impact plays (15-yds) involved in the scoring drives. 79 percent of Auburn's last 208 scoring drives has involved at least 1 impact play.

  • Auburn was able to convert 4 of their 5 situations of 2-yards or less against Clemson. They were 3 of 4 running and 1 of 1 passing. The Tigers averaged 11.6 yards per play, facing 2-yards or less to convert.

  • Because Loeffler scripts his first several series, I thought it was important for Auburn to play well during their first 4 possessions. Al Borges at Auburn scored on nearly 50 percent of his first 4 possessions and Loeffler’s offense at Temple scored on over 50 percent of their first 4 possessions. Last night against Clemson, Auburn averaged 10.1 yards per play during the first 4 possessions but scored only 1 time, turning the ball over 2 times. During the last 8 possessions of the game, Auburn averaged 4.66 yards per play, scoring 4 FG’s.

War Eagle!

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