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Upon Further Review (Arkansas Game)

  • Through 5 games into the season the Auburn defense has allowed their opponent to convert 40.0 percent of their 3rd downs during the first half and 29.7 percent during the second half.

  • Auburn’s average distance required to convert on 3rd down against Arkansas was 11.5 yards. This was due to the sacks and penalties taken on 1st and 2nd down because the offense actually averaged 6.5 yards per play on first down.

  • Third down defense was good against Arkansas and Auburn has only allowed 2 of 18 third downs of 10-yards or more to be converted this season.

  • Auburn increased it’s percentage of plays of 5-yards or more from 28 percent against LSU to 40 percent against Arkansas but the sacks and turnovers prevented the Tigers from cashing their productive plays into points.

  • Arkansas averaged 6.6 yards per play during the first half and 5.6 during the second half.

  • During the 3 previous games prior to Arkansas, the Auburn defense held their opponent to 2-yards or less on 46.4 percent of their snaps. Against Arkansas, the percentage dropped to 38.3 percent.

  • Last week against LSU, 8 of Auburn’s 21 first down plays went for negative yardage. Against Arkansas only 3 of 35 first plays went for negative yardage.

  • Through 5 games Auburn’s offense has produced 33 impact plays (plays of 15-yds or more), while the defense has surrendered 38.

  • Through 5 games, Auburn has obtained 13 points off of their opponent’s turnovers and the opponent has scored 39 points off of Auburn’s turnovers.

  • For the past 3 games, Auburn’s defense has allowed 4.5 yards per rush during the first half and 3.5 yards during the second half.

  • During situations requiring 2-yards or less for a first down or TD, Auburn is 15 of 20 running the football and 5 of 5 passing for an overall production of 20 of 25 in short yardage.

  • Auburn’s leading rusher from the RB position has averaged only 10.4 carries per game, the second lowest average over the past 25 years. The average number of carries by the leading rusher over the past 25 years is 17.3 carries per game. Tre Mason should be averaging 15 rushes per game.

  • Excluding the 2010 season Auburn under Gene Chizik has averaged 20.3 PPG in conference play. This includes Auburn being held to under 20 points in 9 of their last 10 conference games.

  • Auburn has averaged 284.5 yards per game on offense during their last 11 conference games.

  • Auburn’s pass rating operating under center is 152.0 and 99.4 in the shotgun. Seven of the eight sacks allowed against Arkansas came with the quarterbacks in shotgun.

  • Kiehl Frazier and Clint Moseley combined was 21-30-1-251yds-1td, throwing the football within 20 yards of the line of scrimmage. This combined for a pass-rating of 146.9. When they threw beyond 20-yards of the line of scrimmage, they were 1 of 5 for 2 picks, 22-yards and combined rating of –23.0.

  • Auburn threw the football 15 times on first down against Arkansas, completing 11 for 154-yards. The only downside was the 2 interceptions thrown on first down. The last time Auburn attempted at least 15 passes on first down was against Ole Miss in 2008.

War Eagle!

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