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Yikes and Away...

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* Through 7 games, Auburn's offense has faced 58 third down situations of 6-yards or more. They have converted only 6 of them (10.3 percent).

* 65.2 percent of Auburn's third down situations on offense have been by 6-yards or more this season.

* Last season Auburn's defense struggled on 3rd & long. This season Auburn's opponent has converted only 3 of 26 third down situations of 10-yards or more and 1 of the conversions was a penalty (pass interference).

* During the 2010 season Auburn's offense generated 47 plays of 30-yards or more. This season Auburn has 9 through 7 games on pace for approx. 15.

* Auburn has produced 41 plays of 15-yards or more and has allowed 56 on defense.

* If Auburn begins an offensive possession on their side of the field, there is an 18 percent chance they will score and an 8 percent chance it will be a TD. If they start a possession at midfield or better there is a 64 percent chance of scoring and a 27 percent chance it will be a TD.

* 69.8 percent of Auburn's offensive possessions will result in 1 first down or less.

* 69.3 percent of Auburn's offensive possessions have netted less than 30-yards or offense and 53.4 percent has netted less than 20-yards.

* The 2012 offense has scored in only 53.6 percent of their regulation quarters, the worst percentage since 1981. The 2012 defense has held their opponent scoreless in 21.4 percent of their regulation quarters, the second worst scoreless percentage by an Auburn defense since 1981.

* Since 1970, Auburn has scored an offensive TD every 22.7 plays. This season the ratio is down to 1 every 41.6 plays, the third worst ratio over the past 42 seasons.

* Auburn's offense has snapped the ball with a lead 41 times this season (9.8%). Of those 41 snaps, 28 came against ULM. :puke:

War Eagle!

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