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Wallace to Fulse (A-Day)

Of the 43 passes attempted during the 2013 A-Day Game, more than half were screen passes. Gus Malzahn believes in peppering the opposing defense with WR-screens to stretch the defense sideline to sideline. It also sets up his vertical passing game, especially with delayed routes run off of a "screen" look. The Auburn offense cashed this play into two TD passes, both thrown by quarterback Jonathan Wallace.

The play...


The above play was initially set up with a series of WR-screen passes executed prior to this snap. During the previous screens, a TE is set up in the slot to be the lead blocker for the outside WR on the screen. Jonathan Wallace starts the play off with a play-action to Cameron Artis-Payne, which freezes the LB's. (Payne finished the game with 117-yards on 18 carries) Wallace then pump fakes to Trovon Reed, who drops to sell the screen look.

Brandon Fulse runs between both defenders rather than blocking and is wide open for an easy TD pass. Auburn ran a similar play later on during the scrimmage, which also resulted in a TD pass, this time to a WR.

Both Auburn quarterbacks finished with a very efficient afternoon but were not asked to do much in a vanilla game plan except for getting the ball out of their hands as quickly as possible.

Frazier ........... 10-16-0-125yds-1td (148.7 rating)

Wallace .......... 18-26-1-191yds-2tds (148.6 rating)

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