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#StatTiger: Spotlighting Marshall to Davis TD



Though Nick Marshall did not have a "game breaking" performance last night, he did improve from week #1. His overall QB rating improved from 96.4 to 170.3 and he was far more efficient throwing on 3rd down. Last week against WSU, Marshall had a rating of 104.6 on 3rd down, improving to 164.3 against ASU. Wide receiver Marcus Davis made his debut last night, catching 2 passes for 23-yards and a TD. He was the recipient of Nick Marshall's first TD pass in major college football.


On this play Auburn faces a 3rd & 16 from the ASU 18-yard line. Auburn comes out in a 4-WR set with "trips" to the right. Marcus Davis is lined up in the slot. ASU will bring pressure off the edge but the Auburn OL does a great job setting up a good pocket for Nick Marshall to throw from.

Marcus Davis will run a post route as Marshall does a great job of looking him off, pulling the safety out of the picture. Marshall delivers a rocket over top and Davis leaps high to haul in the dart for an Auburn TD.

Nick Marshall improved from week #1 but still has plenty of room to grow & improve. He missed out on a couple of vertical passes last night but he was directly involved in 6 of Auburn's 9 impact plays.


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