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Something Auburn might need of Nick Marshall this week down in Baton Rouge is his ability to pick up extra first downs with his feet. Last season Jonathan Wallace and Kiehl Frazier combined for 10 first downs rushing the football. Nick Marshall through 3 games already has 7. Last week against Mississippi State, Marshall picked up 2 first downs on the game-winning drive by rushing for them. Over the past 25 seasons an Auburn first down has been worth 1.4 points. This season it's worth 1.5 points through 3 games. Marshall clearly has the ability to extend drives with his athletic ability and Auburn could use 4-5 of those come this Saturday.


On this play Auburn faces a 3rd & 5 from midfield, coming out in a 4-WR set. Before the snap Marcus Davis motions from the boundary side to the wide side, giving Auburn a bunch set to the left. At the snap Nick Marshall rolls to his left looking for the short pass to pick up the first down.

Realizing the pass isn't there, Marshall cuts back to the boundary side with plenty of green grass to maneuver. As he turns the corner he has one defender to beat, which he does. Marshall gains 15-yards on the play, extending the Auburn drive. Auburn gained an extra 33-yards after this play, scoring a FG.

This is the type of play Auburn needs Marshall to make against LSU. As aggressive as the LSU defense will be, Marshall gives the Auburn offense the element they need to put pressure on the LSU defense.

In frame #4, I highlighted the block of WR Trovon Reed but identified him as Quan Bray by mistake.


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