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Upon Further Review of LSU....

  • The second period continues to be pitfall for the Auburn offense through 4 games. Auburn has converted 55.6% of their 3rd downs during the first quarter, 40.0% during the 3rd period and 46.7% during the final quarter. During the 2nd quarter, Auburn has converted only 9.1% or 1 of 11. The Tigers went 0-4 against LSU during the second period, a quarter Auburn could have started their rally much sooner.

  • The trend of playing better on defense during the second half continued for the Auburn Tigers last night against LSU. For the season opponents have converted 51.5% of their 3rd downs during the first half and only 26.7% during the second half.

  • During the first 2 games of the season the Auburn defense surrendered 3 plays of 30-yards or more. During the last 2 games, they have given up 7.

  • As successful as the Auburn running game has been through 4 games, the Tigers have produced only 1 running play of 30-yards or more but 8 pass plays of 30-yards or more.

  • 45.9% of Auburn's offensive snaps resulted in a 5-yard gain or better and LSU hit at 40.9%. This really emphasizes the damage LSU was able to accomplish with their explosive plays.

  • Against their 3 BCS opponents Auburn has allowed 6.7 yards per play during the first half and 5.3 yards per play during the second half. This also includes 42% of the opponents snaps being held to 2-yards or less during the first half, rising to 52% during the second half.

  • Through 4 games, Sammie Coates (6), Corey Grant (5) and Nick Marshall (5) are Auburn's top-3 play makers in terms of impact plays.

  • Through 4 games, Auburn's trio of RB's have combined for 196-yards per game on the ground a 5.89 yards per rush.

  • Should LSU finish with a top-10 defense this season, Auburn's 437-yards gained will be the 2nd most yardage gained against a top-10 defense since 1981.

  • Auburn has now gone 46 consecutive possessions on offense without starting a possession inside the opponent's 50-yard line. The defense and special teams need to create a short field.

  • Through 4 games Auburn's top-3 most targeted players in the passing game is Sammie Coates (24), Ricardo Louis (19) and Marcus Davis (14). Auburn has attempted only 6 passes to their RB's.

  • Nick Marshall has a passer rating of 150.6 on third-down through 4 games into the season. Last year through 4 games, Auburn's pass rating on third-down was only 57.5.

  • The Auburn offense is still striving for consistency this season. During their 22 possessions with at least 2 first downs recorded, the Tigers have scored on 14 of them (63.6%).

  • The Auburn offense finished strong against LSU, gaining 277-yards during the last 5 possessions of the game. The downside was that the average starting field position of those 5 possessions was their own 16-yard line.

  • After allowing 11.4 yards per play during LSU's first 4 possessions of the game, the Auburn defense buckled down, allowing 4.9 yards per play during the last 12 possessions.

  • Auburn's trio of RB's had a solid night against a tough LSU defense. They combined for 35 carries of which zero resulted in a loss and 19 went for at least 5-yards (54.3%). This also speaks well about the OL.

  • LSU averaged 6.6 yards per rush during the first half and 3.6 yards during the second half. The two long runs early on were costly.

  • After struggling early on in short yardage situations, where Auburn was 1 of 5 needing 2-yards or less, the Tigers went 9 for 9 the remainder of the game.

  • Auburn has to protect the football better as the season progresses. The offense has turned the ball over in every game this season, including 12 fumbles of which 4 have been recovered by the opponent.

  • Tre Mason became only the 12th Auburn RB to rush for over 130-yards against a SEC defense ranked in the top-10 of total defense since 1970.

  • The last time Auburn had a 200-yard passer, 100-yard rusher and 100-yard receiver during the same game was against Northwestern during the 2009-2010 season. Nick Marshall, Tre Mason and Sammie Coates were the first Auburn trio to accomplish this feat against a SEC team since the Ole Miss game in 2006.

War Eagle!


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