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One of the keys to success in the Gus Malzahn offense are the blocks carried out on the perimeter. With the various screen packages and speed-sweeps called, the personnel responsible for blocking in space become essential for productivity. The loss of Jaylon Denson for the season was a major loss because of his ability to seal the edge on perimeter plays.


On this play Auburn will run a speed-sweep with Corey Grant. In order for the play to be successful, Auburn must be able to block in space to create a running lane for Grant. Jay Prosch lays the groundwork by taking out the OLB. Brandon Fulse follows up by taking out the safety. The final piece in the puzzle is Melvin Ray, who is responsible for the corner.

This play nets only 6-yards but it's a positive gain for the Auburn offense. It only takes one blown assignment to blow this play up for a loss. The right sequence of blocks can open up the sideline for a speedster like Corey Grant.


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