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Upon Further Review - Texas A&M 2013

  • The second quarter continues to be a weak spot for the Auburn offense, when converting third-downs. The Tigers have converted 58.3% in the first, 40.9% in the third and 50.0% in the fourth. Auburn has converted only28.6% during the second period through 7 games.

  • Through 7 games Auburn's opponent has converted only 8 of 43 third-down situations of at least 10-yards.

  • Auburn has allowed 21 plays of 30-yards or more this season, with 17 coming via the passing game.

  • The Auburn offense has generated 23 plays of 30-yards or more with 10 rushing and 13 passing.

  • TAMU averaged 8.5 yards per snap during the first half and 6.4 during the second half.

  • Of Auburn's 66 impact plays (15-yds+) gained on offense, 37 have come on the ground and 29 through the air. Of the 53 allowed on defense, 36 have come passing and 17 on the ground.

  • Nick Marshall is currently averaging 189.7 yards passing and 64.7 yards rushing per game.

  • Tre Mason is on pace to rush for nearly 1300-yards in a 13-game season.

  • Auburn's 3-headed monster at RB is currently averaging 212.3 yards per game on 6.9 yards per carry.

  • Of Auburn's offensive possessions, only 8.5% have started on the opponent's side of the field. This continues to be an area Auburn needs to improve on.

  • Auburn's top-4 most targeted players in the pass-offense are Sammie Coates (37), Ricardo Louis (31), Marcus Davis (21) and Quan Bray (20).

  • Auburn has scored on 90% of their red zone possessions, including 69% TD's. The opponent has scored on 72% and 44% TD's.

  • The 2010 Auburn run-offense averaged 283.7 YPG on 5.96 yards per rush through 7 games. The 2013 Auburn running game is currently averaging 300.4 YPG on 6.29 yards per carry. Auburn sure could use Cam Newton right now!

  • Tre Mason and Cameron Artis-Payne have not been tackled for a loss during their last combined 143 carries.

  • During the last 3 games the Auburn defense has allowed 2.94 yards per rush during the first half and 3.08 yards during the second half.

  • During Auburn's 39 scoring drives through 7 games, 69.9 percent of the plays have been run plays. The first 19 scoring drives resulted in 12 TD's and 7 FG's. The last 20 drives have been 18 TD's and only 2 FG's.

  • The Auburn offense went 7 of 8 in short-yardage situations of 2-yards or less against the Aggies. Auburn gained a total of 164-yards during those 8 short-yardage plays.

  • Last season through 7 games the Auburn DL was responsible for 19.4% of the team's tackles. This season it has improved to 30.3%.

  • During Auburn's last 3 games, the Tigers have averaged 390.7 yards rushing, while allowing 107.7 yards rushing to their opponent.

  • During Auburn's 39 scoring drives this season, 18 have been aided by at least 1 play of 30-yards or more.

  • Through 7 games this season a forced Auburn turnover has been worth 4.2 points, while an Auburn turnover has been worth only .8 points for the opponent.

War Eagle!


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