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#StatTiger: Spotlighting the End-Around with Ricardo Louis



The zone-read play has become a focal point of the Auburn offense the last 2 conference games and will likely continue to be the case moving forward. Coach Rhett Lashlee stated they have worked relentlessly on the execution of the play because they know Auburn will face different schemes defending the play. With this in mind, Auburn is building other plays from the zone-read look, adding yet another option to the play.


On this play Auburn has the ball at their own 38-yard line with a 1st & 10. Before the snap, Marcus Davis will motion left to right to pull an extra defender to his side and away from the point of attack. At the snap, Nick Marshall will fake the inside give to the RB, which is Jay Prosch. Marshall than rolls to his right, pulling the LB's with him. Prosch carries out the fake into the flat to eventually become a blocker on the end-around.

The secondary on the wide-side are now focused on Marshall rolling their way and the possible screen pass to Marcus Davis. At the same time, Ricardo Louis leaves his slot position, running right to left to receive the pitch from Marshall coming in the opposite direction.

By the time Louis receives the pitch, TAMU's LB's have been pulled out of position and the secondary on the wide-side of the field are reacting to a play they believe is coming in their direction. Louis speeds to the edge and cuts up field at the first opening he observes. After making his sharp cut up field, he speeds down field for a 32-yard gain.

Coming into the game, the TAMU defense had been exposed on perimeter runs. Auburn gained an average of 9.4 yards on 21 perimeter runs against the Aggies.


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