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#StatTiger: Spotlight on Run-Defense




As poorly as Arkansas has performed this season, the Razorback running game has been solid this season. Arkansas is No. 4 in the SEC in rushing with nearly 210-yards per game. Auburn's defense has improved as the season has progressed but will face a stiff challenge stopping the Razorback running game. During Auburn's first 2 SEC games of the season, the Tigers allowed 5.12 yards per rush. During Auburn's last 2 SEC games, the Tigers held their opponent to 3.25 yards per rush.


On this play FAU is backed up at their own goal line and will run their zone-read to move away from their own end zone. At the snap Montravius Adams is double-teamed as the FAU quarterback attempts to read Carl Lawson's reaction to the zone-read. Lawson does a great job of freezing at the line, not committing to either run-option.

At the same time Kenneth Carter obtains great pad-level on the LT, which allows him to penetrate the backfield through the "B" gap. The quarterback makes the inside give to the RB, who is immediately hit by Kenneth Carter. Carl Lawson does a great job of fending off the TE to assist on the tackle.

The FAU running back made enough forward progress to make it out of the end zone, avoiding a near safety. This is the type of play Auburn will need against the Arkansas OL to limit the Razorback running game. Coach Garner's consistent rotation of his DL should allow the Auburn defense to remain fresh throughout the game.



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