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#StatTiger: Spotlighting the Auburn OL vs. Tennessee



The obvious key to the success of the Auburn running game is the offensive line, which has been one of the best in the country. The Tigers will play host to the Georgia Bulldogs with the No. 3 rushing attack in the country ignited with the dynamic play of Nick Marshall and his RB's. Through 10 games the Auburn offense has produced the 2nd most 10-yard plus runs in the nation, which all comes back to a very physical OL that has taken pride in pushing the offense down the field. During the last 3 games, Auburn has run the football 82.3% of the time, leaning heavily on the OL.


On this play Auburn has a 1st & 10 at their own 25, facing 8 in the box by the Volunteer defense. At the snap Chad Slade will pull to his left to kick out the DE. Nick Marshall will fake the outside give to Corey Grant as Jay Prosch becomes a lead blocker for Nick Marshall.

Reese Dismukes redirects the DT outside and Marshall surveys his running lanes. With the safety attacking the "A" gap, Marshall darts through the "B" gap as Greg Robinson takes out the MLB. Nick Marshall breaks into the second level towards the side line, picking up 62-yards on the play.

Nick Marshall finished the game with 214-yards rushing, the second most by an Auburn quarterback. This included 5 impact run-plays along with 2 TD's rushing and 1 passing. Though Auburn has schemed to limit the number of players in the box with 3-4 WR sets, the OL has given the Tigers the luxury of running against 8 and 9-man fronts this season.


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