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Auburn's offensive line has not received the attention they deserve through the media but opposing coaches have certainly taken notice. You don't lead the nation in rushing from a BCS conference without having solid OL play. Coach J.B. Grimes has done a stellar job, focusing on the details and mechanics of his pupils. It started in the conditioning program and took shape once actual practice began. Raising the performance level of each individual player set the foundation for a "unit" that has improved as the season progressed. Auburn has been fortunate to avoid any major injuries up front, which has resulted in one of the best OL's in the nation.


On this play Auburn has a 1st & 10 at the Missouri 13-yard line. The Tigers come out in their Wildcat set with an unbalanced line. Note that both tackles are on the right side of the formation. At the snap Nick Marshall will fake the speed-sweep to Quan Bray as Alex Kozan pulls to his right.

As Nick Marshall makes the inside give to Tre Mason, Auburn now has 4 OL to the right of Reese Dismukes, overloading the left side of the Missouri defense. In frames #2 & #3, you can see Alex Kozan chipping the DE first and moving on to crush the MLB. Reese Dismukes is rerouting the DT outside away from the point of attack. Chad Slade initially doubles on the other DT and releases to the 2nd level to engage the OLB. In frame #3, Avery Young and Greg Robinson folds the left side of the Missouri line inside, creating a running lane for Tre Mason.

Tre Mason now has the safety 1 on 1, cutting inside the safety on his way to the end zone. Mason breaks the tackle and powers his way into the end zone for the score. Despite Missouri having 8 in the box to start the play, Auburn still manages to overload the left side of the line to power their way in for the score.


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