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#StatTiger: Malzahn finding offensive roles for players



One of the many things I like about Gus Malzahn's offense is how he utilizes certain players as "role" players in his offense. Players like Onterio McCalebb, Corey Grant, Mario Fannin and Eric Smith would not have made a significant impact in more traditional styled offenses but Malzahn utilized their athletic abilities to provide an offensive role. Mario Fannin is an exception to the rule but when he was not the every down back under Malzahn, Gus still found a way of obtaining a productive role for him.

Onterio McCalebb would have likely seen a limited role on offense under Tommy Tuberville and Corey Grant would have certainly collected dust on the Alabama bench under Nick Saban.

Here are some interesting numbers compiled by the above mentioned backs along with Ricardo Louis and Terrell Zachery who were utilized in Malzahn's running game.

During the 4 seasons under Gus Malzahn these 6 players combined for....

3934-yards rushing

2757-yards receiving

6691-yards in total offense or 126.2 yards per game.

During 53 games, the above 6 players accounted for 20.9% of the offensive snaps, 28.4% of the total yardage and 23.4% of the TD's scored on offense.

They combined for 278 first downs, 51 TD's and 131 plays of 15-yards or more. When you consider an impact play is worth 3.7 points, these 6 players accounted for 485 points or 9.1 points per game. Of their 757 touches on offense, they averaged a first down every 2.7 plays and an impact play every 5.8 touches.

They averaged 8.8 yards per touch, scoring a TD every 14.8 plays.

The above numbers don't include the contributions made by players like Kodi Burns, Kiehl Frazier and others who have taken snaps as the wildcat QB.

Though they will likely have a combined 10-15 touches against Florida State, Corey Grant and Ricardo Louis could play a major role in an Auburn victory.


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