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Nick Marshall's Performance

13-22-0-236-4 (209.2 rating)

Very good overall rating. Had a few deliveries that involved going through his progressions to make the completion. One good scramble to buy additional time to make a key completion on 3rd down (great vision down field, while on the move in the pocket).

By downs:

1st: 236.0 rating

2nd: 158.1 rating

3rd: 195.9 rating (converted 4 of 5 third-downs passing)

Started the game 3 of 8 but finished 10 of 14.

15 of his 22 pass attempts (68%) were beyond 10-yards of the line of scrimmage yet he still completed nearly 60% of his passes. Keep in mind that 61% of his pass attempts during 2013 were within 10-yards of the line of scrimmage.

Marshall completed only 39.8% of his intermediate to deep passes during 2013. He was 53.3% during A-Day.

Lots of outs, screens and sideline routes. Only 2 of his pass attempts were targeted over the middle, excluding the deep post to Quan Bray for a TD.

11 pass attempts to the left side of the field.

2 over the middle (intermediate)

9 to the right side (Includes deep post to Bray for TD)

The 2 pass attempts over the middle were both completed. The first was a crossing route to D-Williams and the second was a seam-route to Uzomah. No slants for Marshall, though Jeremy Johnson had a nice one to Melvin Ray.

I realize the #1 offense faced backups on defense but thought the offense still managed very well despite not having the "true" threat of Marshall running the football. I believe we saw enough of Williams and Coates to see the great potential in the pass-offense. I felt bad for Jeremy Johnson as he appeared frustrated at times. I do believe had Barber not gone down with an injury, he would have kept the starting defense more honest, opening up the #2 offense for Johnson.


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