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One of my favorite plays from the Arkansas game was Auburn's delay draw or what I refer to as a slip-draw. Like many plays Gus Malzahn and Rhett Lashlee call, it is designed to freeze the defense, utilizing misdirection. The exchange or hand off takes place on one side of the backfield but the play normally funnels in the opposite direction.

The play...


On this down, Auburn faces a 2nd & 3 from the Razorback 15-yard line. Auburn will execute their version of the draw play, featuring Cameron Artis-Payne. Note in frame #2, at the time of the exchange, there are 5 defenders on that side of the hash. (The safety over top makes player #5 but he is out of view)

The formation with 2-WR's on that side along with the H-Back, forces the defense to overload that side. When Jeremy Johnson takes the snap, he makes a quick half-roll to his right as CAP takes 1 step to his right before taking the delayed hand off from Johnson. The defense has to respect the edge Johnson is rolling to in the event it is a play-action pass or Johnson elects to keep and run. This split second, when the hand off is being made freezes the defense.

Once CAP takes the hand off he steps inside before countering back to the left. Shon Coleman drives the DE outside as Reese Dismukes & Avery Young wall off any backside pursuit. Chad Slade moves to the next level to take out the OLB. The other 2 LB's were caught up in the wash from playing the hash mark side Johnson rolled to before the hand off. CAP quickly cuts back inside through the "A" gap, darting into the end zone for a touchdown. The play was called back on a face mask penalty called on Patrick Miller.

Auburn found great success almost every time they called this play with CAP as well as Corey Grant.



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