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#StatTiger: Spotlight on Kris Frost



Sometimes it only takes one player to blow a perfectly called play or alignment or for one player to make a great play to disrupt a perfectly called play. Kris Frost did not play well against Arkansas but rebounded with a very strong performance against San Jose State. His play on a San Jose State "double-screen" play, was one of the better defensive plays of the game. It was a prime example of one player disrupting a play that was designed to catch the defense out of position.

The Play...


On this play San Jose State will run a double-screen pass, with the ball at their own 38-yard line. The Spartans come out in a 5-WR and empty backfield. At the snap, the Spartan quarterback fakes the screen pass to the wide-side of the field, to set up the actual play to the boundary side. Kris Frost recognizes the double-screen before the ball leaves the quarterback's hand.

Not only does he recognize the boundary side-screen, he takes a great angle to make a play on the WR. Frost is quick and athletic enough to split the two OL setting up to wall off the play. Kris Frost buries the WR for no gain, preventing what would have likely been a substantial gain. This was a great example of recognition and reaction to stop the play cold.


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