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Through 2 games into the season, the Auburn offense is one of the best in the nation, when it comes to Redzone offense. The Tigers have scored on 11 of 11 opportunities and more importantly, 10 of the 11 possessions have been touchdowns. Auburn was very efficient inside the redzone last season, scoring on 54 of 61 opportunities. This included a touchdown in 44 of the 54 scoring drives.

The play...


During this play Auburn faces a 3rd & goal from the San Jose State 4-yard line. The Tigers come out in their Wildcat set in an unbalanced line. Before the snap the ball, Corey Grant motions into the backfield on a Jet-sweep action. This freezes the defense because of the run-option with Grant.

Ricardo Louis is lined up in the backfield (H-back) and will slide out of the backfield at the snap. Nick Marshall play-actions with Grant, making a half-roll to his right. The Spartans rush a LB off the edge but Marshall is able to loft a pass over his head to a wide open Ricardo Louis in the end zone. C. J. Uzomah is also a pass-option on the play, as he runs a crossing route deeper in the end zone.

One of the reasons why Louis was wide open on the play is because Auburn "sugar huddles" before the play. This is where the OL comes to the line of scrimmage, while the skill players huddle. When the skill players exit the huddle, they race to their positions and immediately snap the ball. This will sometimes cause alignment issues for the opposing defense and limits the time for the defense to obtain a good presnap read. This is a tactic the Auburn offense has utilized quite a bit the past 2 seasons.


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