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Through 3 games into the season, Cameron Artis-Payne has done a solid job of replacing Tre Mason. He has racked up 352-yards rushing, putting him on pace for a 1400-yard regular season. He is currently 2nd on the team in generating impact plays, behind D'haquille Williams. Kansas State limited CAP to just 63-yards rushing last Thursday night but he was still able to generate 2 impact plays in the passing game.

The play...


On this play Auburn faces a 2nd & 8 from their own 13-yard line. Auburn has a double-screen set up, featuring Cameron Artis-Payne. Before the snap, CAP is lined up over the slot position and will motion into the backfield. At the snap, CAP fans back out of the backfield as Sammie Coates sets up on the boundary side for a screen-pass look. Auburn's OL splits up with 3 setting up a wall for Coates side and 2 moving to wall up for CAP on the wide-side.

Nick Marshall delivers the screen pass to Cameron Artis-Payne as Patrick Miller and Avery Young set up to block for CAP down field. Artis-Payne high-steps to avoid one tackle from behind and is able to split 2 additional defenders to gain 15-yards on the play. The play results in an Auburn first-down.

Cameron Artis-Payne has 4 receptions on the season and 3 have resulted in an impact play for the Auburn offense. He has proven to be an extremely reliable pass-option and hopefully will be utilized more frequently in the passing game.


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