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#StatTiger: Notes on Auburn's Pass-Offense



  • Auburn is currently ranked No. 36 nationally with a 152.4 rating.

  • No. 55 on first down with a 144.5 rating. (Auburn must improve on this ranking going into the meat of the schedule.)

  • No. 117 nationally on first down, completing only 50% of passes. (This is really poor but can be addressed by more high-percentage passes than the vertical routes we have seen through the first 3 games.)

  • No. 18 nationally on third-down with a rating of 168.8.

  • No. 8 nationally in converting third-downs into first downs or TD's. (This is huge and more of a vital sign of success on third-down than efficiency rating.)

  • Breaking it down by quarter: Auburn is No. 5 in pass-efficiency during the first quarter, No. 96 during the second quarter, No. 81 during the third and No. 20 during the fourth quarter.

  • Auburn is No. 19 nationally in generating 15+ yard passes and No. 24 in generating 25+ yard plays. Too much attention placed on completion percentage in my opinion. Nick Marshall is never going to be a 65-70 percent passer. The key for Auburn is generating impact and explosive plays to go along with their powerful running game.

  • Last season Nick Marshall completed only 28 percent of his passes beyond 20-yards of the line of scrimmage. The goal was to push it up to 40-45 percent in 2014. Through 3 games, it has dropped to 18 percent. This is an area Auburn must improve upon to get through their brutal schedule ahead. Take away the 3 dropped passes and Marshall is hitting at 45.4%

  • D'haquille Williams has lived up to his hype. Of his 21 receptions, 15 have resulted in a first down or touchdown. He also has 9 impact plays and is on pace to be the best WR in the last 25-years, when it comes to impact plays.

  • Ricardo Louis and Sammie Coates need to step up their production. They have been targeted a combined 23 times. They have caught 9 passes with only 1 play over 15-yards. Williams has been targeted 27 times, catching 21 of which 9 have been impact plays.

  • C.J. Uzomah has been thrown to only 3 times this season. Utilizing the TE and RB's in the passing game would be a great solution when opponents sell out to defend the run. It would also give Marshall an opportunity to improve his completion percentage and confidence. Those swing passes to the backs is almost open on every play.

  • One of the reasons for Marshall's low completion percentage this season is the number of vertical passes attempted. Last season 49.8% of his pass attempts were within 5-yards of the line of scrimmage. This season its only 28.6%.

  • Last season the average distance of Auburn's pass-impact plays was 31.6 yards. This was the best average over the past 25 years of Auburn football. This season it has dropped to 25.6 yards.

  • The OL has done a great job in pass-protection. Auburn's QB's have been sacked only 1 time this season during 76 pass attempts.

Last season there were too many missed opportunities in long pass-plays because of dropped passes or accuracy issues. It appears that trend has carried over into 2014. Auburn has too much talent on the field to be missing out on those big-play opportunities. I'm referring to the wide open plays, when there is busted coverage and its a simple matter of completing the pass.


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