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Freshman Braden Smith has seen mop up duty this season as an offensive tackle but the coaching staff has transitioned him to TE just as they did with Shon Coleman last season. It is a great way of getting him on the field during critical moments of the game and for Smith to gain valuable playing-experience. As a tightend he basically becomes a sixth offensive lineman on the field, giving the Tigers the ability to be more physical up front.

The play...


On this play Auburn has a 1st & 10 at the MSU 22-yard line. Auburn comes out in a 3-WR set with Braden Smith lined up as a TE, adjacent to the RT on the line. The play is a designed QB run or sweep to the wide side of the field. At the snap Nick Marshall fakes the inside give to CAP from a read-option look. The OLB plays the inside give to CAP as Marshall keeps and sprints to the edge.

As Marshall sprints to the edge he hesitates as if to throw a quick pass to Marcus Davis, which keeps the field corner on the perimeter to defend the pass-option. Braden Smith engages the MLB, sealing him inside as Marshall turns the corner and heads up field. As Marshall sprints into the secondary, Braden Smith drives the MLB from the 19-yard line all the way to the MSU 3-yard line.

Marshall picks up 11-yards and an Auburn first down. Smith for a big man is quick, fluid and athletic. He looked like a bull on skates, relentless in dominating the obstacle in front of him. It is easy to see why Coach J.B. Grimes is so high on the true freshman and Smith's potential to be a great OL.

Watch the video (The above play occurs at the 1:35 mark of the video)...



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