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Through the first 5 games of the season, Auburn made up for their lack of a pass-rush from their front-4, with a variety of blitzes. Against Mississippi State, Auburn's blitzes were always a step behind resulting in only 4 quarterback hurries and 1 sack. Through 6 games the Auburn DL is responsible for only 58.1% of the teams quarterback hurries and 50% of the team's sacks. Last season the DL was responsible for 92.2% of the sacks and 83.6% of the team's quarterback hurries. Angelo Blackson recorded his first sack of the season against Mississippi State, which is today's clipbit.

The play...


On this play MSU faces a 3rd & 9 from their own 27-yard line. The Bulldogs will come out in a 5-WR set. Auburn will counter with a 4-man rush, executing a twist with their DT's, At the snap Ben Bradley will loop over Angelo Blackson as Gimel President comes on a speed-rush over top. Angelo Blackson will break through inside, forcing the MSU QB to scramble.

Prescott attempts to take off up the middle but Ben Bradley has solid gap containment, forcing Prescott to scramble outside the pocket. Angelo Blackson continues his track to the QB, running him down from behind for the sack. Gabe Wright (7) and Elijah Daniel (6) are the current leaders among the DL in QB hurries and DaVonte Lambert is the only DL with more than 1 sack this season.



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