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#StatTiger: Spotlight on Duke Williams (3rd Down)



D'haquille Williams has been a key component of the Auburn pass-offense this season. Of his 37 receptions this season, 29 have resulted in a first down or touchdown for the Auburn offense. This also includes 18 impact plays. Of his 15 receptions on third-down, 13 have resulted in a first down or touchdown. Against Ole Miss Nick Marshall made 4 critical completions on third-down, totaling 107-yards of offense. Marshall prior to the last bye-week was completing only 51% of his third-down passes. Since the bye-week, Marshall has completed 64% of his third down passes the last two games.

The play...


The Auburn offense faces a 3rd down and 5 from the Rebel 20-yard line. The Auburn offense comes out in a 2-WR set with Duke Williams lined up on the wide-side of the field. Just before the snap Ricardo Louis motions into the backfield on the speed-sweep look. Nick Marshall will play-action with Louis after the snap to freeze the LB's. As Marshall drops to pass, he will look off his intended target (Williams), focusing on the TE coming off the line.

Duke Williams will fake the post-route and cut back outside on the deep out-route. Because Williams makes a hard cut inside to sell the post-route the CB and safety both bite on the initial move inside. Once Williams breaks back outside, the CB is completely turned around and out of position. Nick Marshall floats his pass to the sideline, where Williams makes the reception. He initially juggled the reception but regained control before going out of bounds. Needing only 1 foot in bounds, Williams manages to get both feet down, which would have made it a reception at the next level.


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