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Through 9 games Cameron Artis-Payne has 1190-yards rushing, exceeding the pace of Tre Mason's All-American season in 2013. Mason had 921-yards through 9 games in 2013 and both backs averaged 5.72 yards per rush up through 9 games. CAP averages a 10-yard run or better every 6.1 carries compared to Mason's ratio of 1 every 7.3 attempts. It will be difficult for CAP to close out the season as Mason did in 2013 but it doesn't change the fact CAP is on pace for a very special season of his own. He is currently on pace for a 1,700-yard plus season through 13 games.


The senior running back has totaled 5,212 rushing yards during his collegiate career with 58 rushing touchdowns. His 1190-yards through 9 games is the third best mark by an Auburn player, through 9 games into the season. His 132.2 yards per game is behind Bo Jackson's 169.2 average in 1985 and Rudi Johnson's 137.6 yards per game in 2000. He is currently the No. 10 rusher in the country and No. 1 in the Southeastern Conference. He becomes stronger as the game progresses, averaging 5.26 yards per rush in the first quarter and 6.60 yards per carry during the fourth quarter.

He has saved his best performances for conference play, averaging 149.8 yards against SEC defenses. While at Auburn he has 13 career games of 10-carries or more, averaging 115-yards per game during those 13 contests. He has led Auburn in rushing 12 times despite this being his only starting season. During those 12 games, CAP has averaged 126.5 yards per game on 6.15 yards per rush. His 126.5 average is the 4th best among Auburn RB's, who led Auburn in rushing at least 10 times during their career. He currently has 20 impact plays on the season, just 3 short of Tre Mason's 23 during the entire 2013 season.

Cameron Artis-Payne has at least 4 games remaining in his collegiate career and will make the most of his remaining opportunities. It has been the story of his career, making the most of his opportunities. He had no major scholarship offers coming out of high school and elected to give up on football for one year after high school. He then enrolled into Junior College to give it one more try, working diligently to be recruited by Auburn as a JUCO player. I don't recall another RB in the SEC that was not offered a scholarship coming out of high school that would eventually lead the SEC in rushing, while becoming one of the top backs in the country.

War CAP Eagle!


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