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#StatTiger: Perspective and Reality

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After the 2012 season, I noted Auburn's 11-14 record was the worst 2-year run following a MNC season since 1970. Auburn was the only team among the MNC winners from 1970-2012, to finish with a below .500 record the two seasons after winning the championship. The average win percentage the 2-years following a MNC season was .801. I thought coming into this season Auburn was likely looking at a 9-3 or 10-2 regular season record, primarily because of their brutal schedule. We all want Auburn to win big but reality can often be a major slap in the face. Winning back-to-back SEC titles was going to be a major task considering it was last accomplished in 1997 and 1998 by Tennessee.

Because I made it a point to show Auburn's downfall after winning the MNC in 2010, I thought I would show what they have accomplished since the 2012 season. I took all the previous MNC winners from 1970-2013 and singled out the seasons they won only 4 games. Here are the 2-year win percentages following those 4-win seasons. Nebraska did not have any seasons worse than 4-wins, so I included their 5-win seasons for this comparison. I also included Miami's 5-win season because most of their bad seasons came before their program became an established football program. FSU did not have any 5-win seasons after Bobby Bowden established them as a power.


Auburn currently sits at the top of the list, making this one of the greatest 2-year turnarounds following a bad season, if not the best. Even if Auburn finishes this season with a 9-4 record, it would be the 5th best turnaround. I can understand why we are disappointed Auburn is likely out of a championship hunt this season but the above data places things into perspective.

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