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The Auburn Family Gives Back




Auburn (AL) - There are two popular phrases that echo within Auburn’s student body; these are the Auburn Family and the Auburn Spirit.

An outsider unfamiliar with these phrases might ask what the Auburn Family and Auburn Spirit are.  And while any given student can give their explanation of what it is, the truth is that the best way explain this spirit of family to someone isn’t to tell them, but to show them. This is what the Auburn student body did last week for Tiger Giving Day.

Tiger Giving Day is a 24-hour period in which students rally behind causes and organizations they believe in and are passionate about to raise funds in order to mconcourse.JPGeet their cause’s specific goal.

Out of the 29 organizations represented through Tiger Giving Day, 20 of them not only met but exceeded their original fundraising goals. This is an outstanding record of success that makes a bold statement about the giving nature of the Auburn Family. 

Student Government Association (SGA) Senator Mason Easterling had this to say about the event and what it says about Auburn University, “Tiger Giving Day shows the faithful support of the Auburn Family. It shows that alumni care about the future of the University, and the future of the students here in giving towards current programs. Rarely do you see so many people, not just big donors, etc., but regular people with a degree consistently give back to a university like the Auburn Family give back to Auburn."

David Facteau, an Auburn University junior, echoed Easterling’s sentiment toward Tiger Giving Day stating, “Tiger Giving Day is just a very cool event and definitely epitomizes what it means to be a member of the Auburn Family. What you had on Tiger Giving Day was a large number of students donating their personal time and money to help others and support something to believe in. Things like that make you proud to be a part of the Auburn Family.”

Mr. Facteau furthered his stance by speaking about the role alumni played in the event, “Tiger Giving Day also allows young alumni the opportunity to give back, and I think that shows so much about the Auburn Family that people have loved and cherished their time so much at Auburn that they are willing to donate right out of college to make Auburn a better place.”

After speaking to a number of students on campus, all who knew of Tiger Giving Day had very positive things to say about it and strongly believe it should continue in the future.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Tiger Giving Day painted a crystal clear image of what it means to be a part of the Auburn Family, to have a spirit that is not afraid, and to be an Auburn Tiger.



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