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Love to BBQ, smoke or grill? From pitmasters to beginners, all are welcome. So come on is as we share everything from our favorite tailgate recipes to good old fashioned around the cooler talk.
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  2. Nice, RIR! I've been a slug this weekend except for cutting the grass. I had planned to smoke a brisket after reading this forum, but never went to get one. I still may cook a steak tomorrow via JohnnyAU's method.
  3. What’s everyone cooking? Got the BGE fired up, cooking indirect with Cherry and some Oak. Jalapeño Poppers and Spicy Sausage for apps. Smoked Chicken and Ribs later.
  4. See above regarding butcher paper. I should probably try it again. I don't use a water pan and I am too lazy to spritz regularly. Brisket is soooo good when I have wrapped in foil that I just decided that the flavor and moisture from doing it that was worth ending my quest for the holy grail of perfect flavor and moisture AND bark. Maybe you can convince me to resume the quest! I look forward to see how brisket does on your Texas smoker! My guess is that it will be made to be a brisket machine!
  5. I bought a whole roll of pink butcher paper and tried it once and thought the foil did better.
  6. Try butcher paper ... helps retain moisture w/o steaming off the bark ... Do you use a water pan? I can't get the bark I want with one so I try to spritz frequently instead. My briskets on the BGE have been hit and miss.
  7. I bought some pink butcher paper, but haven't used it yet. I have always used foil. Look forward to trying it.
  8. Oh, I see now, 14-16 weeks! Until then you can make pizza on your BGE!!!
  9. My favorite thing I've smoked is brisket. My first few were not that great, but they are certainly getting better. The last one I did was the first one I injected, and it made a lot of difference. I also was stubborn at first by trying to do them without wrapping them in foil (Texas crutch). They just don't retain enough moisture without wrapping them. I am glad to trade a crispy bark for incredible moistness and flavor!
  10. That sounds like an awesome way to do it! I am wondering how long it would take my BGE to go from smoking temp (250-275) to 500+. Probably only a few minutes with the top open. I will try that next time! I have not tried it but I hear that smoked burgers are quite good. You could also give them a reverse sear!
  11. One day I might do the same. I just dipped my toe in the water with a lower end smoker until I got enough cooks to figure out if it was something I enjoyed.
  12. Nice. I'm graduating from a BGE to an offset ... even indirect, I haven't been thrilled with a lot of the things I've smoked on the BGE.
  13. I'm just using a Pit Boss vertical smoker. Nothing fancy.
  14. What kind of cooker are you working with?
  15. Unfortunately, these are custom fabricated so I'm in waiting mode .... grrrr!
  16. As mentioned, I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to these things. Among the things I've done, ribs, pork chops, butts, briskets, chuck roasts, chicken wings, pork tenderloin, whole turkey, chicken thighs, chicken breasts, bacon-wrapped, cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, burgers, salmon, etc....but the very best thing has been steaks, and it isn't even close. Smoke the ribeyes or New York strips for 45 mins to an hour until it's an internal temp of say 105 or so. Then reverse sear them on a grill (I use a cast iron skillet on mine) at 500+F for a minute or two on a side (while marinati
  17. Looks awesome!!! Happy Smoking!!!
  18. I was looking hard at RecTecs, but then I had to buy a car. I think I saved money in the end....
  19. Pellet smokers are so convenient. My only complaint is the lack of smoke flavor vs. traditional smokers. Have heard there are some work arounds, like smoke tubes, to generate more smoke. Anyway, I will eventually own one, I just don't have the space at the moment.
  20. I'm not familiar with the brand, but it appears to be really, really well built. Badass, man. Can't wait to hear how you like it.
  21. Been researching awhile ... finally pulled the trigger. Anyone familiar with Lone Star Grillz? The mode I have on order look similar to this ... Now the wait begins ... tracking 14-16 weeks out ... grrrr!
  22. I'm fairly new to the subject as I only got a Pit Boss Pro Series 4 vertical smoker earlier this year. Already had a Weber gas grill, so a smoker was all that was needed and I liked the vertical aspect. All in all, it's done a pretty darn good job up to this point, especially for the money. It's on the low end, so it's not a huge investment. If I didn't have a grill, and wanted to spend the extra $$ to have both options, I might have looked harder at Traeger and Rec-Teq pellet grills. I really like the Rec-Teq wifi controller.
  23. Oh, damn. Okay, that's good to know. I was thinking I'd opt in for those but I didn't realize they worked that well. That's another thing that's appealing, though, is all these accessories that I can get for Christmas, birthdays and Fathers Day
  24. The higher temp option is great for steaks, burgers, etc. But honestly, I bought some searing grates to go on top of my regular grill grates and they work well. Gets another 100 degrees or so of heat.

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