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Love to BBQ, smoke or grill? From pitmasters to beginners, all are welcome. So come on is as we share everything from our favorite tailgate recipes to good old fashioned around the cooler talk.

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  2. Ahhh, okay. And I've got just the grill tongs for the job. I've never thought about using the length of the tongs to support the weight of the shrimp (if I'm reading that correctly). Perfect.
  3. Using my grill glove I'll slightly elevate one end of the skewer by hand, then snatch all the way to the end with a long pair of tongs and rotate them. Will tighten things back up after setting them down with the tongs if necessary, though it rarely is, and you gotta be careful with the wooden skewers cause they snap easily if you aren't careful.
  4. So I always have trouble flipping shrimp on single skewers, and double skewering them is a PITA. What's your method? And thanks for the reminder that I need to order a new grate for my Weber.
  5. Dinner was hobo packs of potatoes, hamburgers (for my girls that don't like shrimp) and these awesome shrimp skewers. Sauce was butter, salt, red pepper flakes and lemon juice. Bottom of the skewers was sugared. Honestly don't think I've ever gotten my Weber as hot as I got it last night. Top of the gauge is 650 and it was easily maxed out. Shrimp only needed about 4 minutes to cook completely
  6. I bought a 15 lb. prime-grade, whole packer brisket at Costco today. I'm gonna wet age it for a month in the refrigerator and smoke it for the Auburn-Oregon game on August 31st. And if I go to that much trouble, Auburn had better win. My son and his wife will be here. We'll make brisket stew from the leftovers for Labor Day.
  7. Keeping it simple today on account of back issues........just brawts and whatever wifeys cooking in kitchen........Happy 4th all.
  8. Mine, Havarti Mushroom Swiss Burgers I used two pounds of ground Kobe Beef. Found it at Publix for 10 bucks a pound.....Pricey? Yes, but unbelievably good and well worth it. I lightly seasoned the beef with some weber gourmet burger seasoning, but I guess any will do. Or just salt, pepper and onion powder will be good enough. Pattied the burgers out, got the grill lit and prepared to go. On the side, I sauteed up some onions and mushrooms in butter and Bragg Liquid Aminos This stuff is amazing if you never tried it! Popped the burgers on the grill, and just before they are done, spoon out the mushrooms and onions on each burger, top with a slice of havarti and then a slice of swiss, let it melt over the toppings to help hold them in, then serve on toasted french bread hamburger rolls and enjoy!! So far my best burger ever made!!
  9. My place made it well comparatively. Three blocks off the beach. The Egg and stand did not move an inch. Will post pics when things settle down.
  10. It's doable, but not the same. I've done it with charcoal too (soak chips, put them in tin foil, poke holes in tin foil, put onto the charcoal itself). Unfortunately you just get the penetration that you would normally associate as you would with traditional smokers. It's like drinking Diet Coke.
  11. Has anyone ever tried taking a cheap, Walmart, cast iron skillet, throw some wood chips or chunks in it, and put it in a propane grill when cooking meats? Ive heard of this being a trick for electric smokers. I cant imagine why it wouldn't work in a Weber propane grill. A buddy of mine has a propane Weber, and thought about running this by him. Any thoughts?
  12. Surprised payout isn’t higher; how many people typically enter?
  13. Typical entry fee is $150 for the steak category. There are "ancillary" categories on the side as well, but they are optional, and carry an entry fee of their own (typically $25-40). There is usually only one ancillary category at an event, and can be any of the following, or more: chicken wings, burgers, ribs, "anything on a stick", margaritas (yes, margaritas), etc. Typical steak payout is $1000 for 1st place, but I've seen $1500 and $2000 payouts for 1st place.
  14. I will say it’s hard to find wings that have a good amount of meat on them. Any suggestions for non Costco Members? I get some from Piggly Wiggly but they are small. I found some frozen ones from Walmart that are larger but I don’t see them in stock all the time, and they are frozen Great Value brand.
  15. I do this exact same recipe I got it from YouTube on How to BBQ Right.That guy has some great recipes for everything. My wings don’t turn out crisp but they are delicious. I never catch them in time to put them over direct heat to crisp.
  16. Decided to do Texas sausage balls today. Its a cut jalapeno, stuffed with cheddar, wrapped in ground sausage, wrapped in bacon.
  17. I was always a BBQ House guy until Jeff decided to close shop. Moe's BBQ shrimp sandwich is tough to top when strolling through Auburn IMO.
  18. As an example, I cooked a "practice" ribeye today for my wife. She likes her steaks cooked to medium doneness (same as SCA). I know my grill pretty well, and I knew the outside temperature, but I overshot the doneness. It was medium-well. It tasted good, but I meant for it to be medium.
  19. Actually, it's good. The idea is not for competitors to cook steaks exactly to their preference. Rather, the point is to set a benchmark doneness for competitors to hit, to show the skill of being able to hit it. Consistently cooking steaks to any doneness level is challenging, because it depends upon how well a competitor knows his grill, and how the outside temperature will affect the steak in terms of carry-over cooking once it has been removed from the grill. On a cool day the steak will not carry over much; on a hot day it will. Competitors get judged partly on the doneness level of their steaks. And judges are trained to know exactly what a medium doneness level looks like. In fact, we have color pictures at our judging table to compare directly to the steaks. So why did SCA choose a medium doneness level as their benchmark? Because if a judge misses low (on the rare side), the steak will still be safe to eat, and won't ooze dark red liquid when cut (that stuff is not blood, but it sure looks like it and a lot of people are turned off by that). Other judging criteria are appearance, texture, and (most important) taste.
  20. Many thanks, but that part seems fundamentally wrong to me. Knock'em dead in Hartselle.
  21. Sure. SCA steak cookoffs are all about cooking ribeye steaks. They are one-day events. The steaks are provided by the contest organizer, and are choice-grade ribeyes. Each contestant draws for steak pick order, and each picks a steak in the order drawn. Then each contestant picks another steak, in reverse draw order. As odd as it may seem, experienced contestants would rather pick last than first (in the 1st round). In that case, then they pick first in the 2nd round, which means they'll actually be picking two steaks in a row. No one wants to pick toward the end of the 2nd round. After that, you have three hours to season and cook your ribeyes to medium doneness, and turn one in (you get to eat the other). The steaks are judged by trained judges, results are announced shortly thereafter, and you're on your way home. Typical payout is $1000 for 1st place. Second place typically gets $500. Places 3-10 get their entry fee back. Although the contest I judged last week paid out $2000 for first place, and $1000 for 2nd place. But that was the Kentucky State Championship.
  22. I've been a KCBS BBQ judge for a couple years. I had planned to eventually get into KCBS competition, until I recently heard about the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA). SCA is huge in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Iowa, and Missouri. They are just getting started in Alabama. I attended a judge class in June, and judged my first cookoff last weekend. It was great. And I signed up for my first cookoff as a competitor (November 2nd in Hartselle, AL). I can't wait. In the mean time, I'm cooking a lot of practice ribeyes on my PK grill, and will judge 2 more cookoffs before then. Is anybody here into competitive KCBS BBQ or SCA steak cookoffs?
  23. BBQ place FT Payne not bad........Saucy Q Mobie not good......collards are best thing on menu in my opinion.
  24. They got Madison County right. We are sorely lacking in quality BBQ up here. It's painful.