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  2. Lol. I actually fussed at my local FB beer group. All they do is post pictures. Don't even offer opinions. I was like I know I'm the new guy here but what is the point? Co-signed. Right there with Expedition Stout as the best of the widely available seasonal imperial stouts IMO. And way more reasonably priced. Really, I just love Sierra Nevada. Picked up a 12 pack of Torpedo for $14 this weekend for beach beer.
  3. That new bomb s***. SoPro doing it right. They just moved Crowd Control to 6pks too.
  4. I’m back to Nashville Tuesday-Thursday for the Phish shows. I don’t want to go anywhere but Southern Grist. **** Bearded Iris. But not really.
  5. Gracias. And a brewery name would be nice 👍
  6. Dammit...sorry about that. It was a long, unusual day. On the left, Man at Arms DIPA. This is a departure from their base DIPA. More of a tropical note. Mango is strong. Moderate bitterness and mouthfeel. On the right, their unnamed farmhouse saison. Freaking delicious. I am a fan of farmhouse ales, and this one didn’t disappoint, esp at 7.5%. *ETA This was all at Flying Tiger brewery. Solid as all get out beer. Actually went in to try their BBA porter...but it was gone. Poop.
  7. 2018 Narwhal. Fuego. Big roast. Coffee. Bitter chocolate. Waiting for the warm up and will report.
  8. Post half marathon brews at our local brewery.
  9. Will have to seek this one out. Obviously won't be getting your barrel pick but I'm guessing that if yours is that good then whatever I can get my hands on won't suck.
  10. Our store barrel of 1792 Full Proof is beautiful. Hands down, one of our best barrel picks ever, and arguably one of the best bottles of bourbon I’ve had. Other barrel picks we have on hand right now: Four Roses Single Barrel 35% rye mash Buffalo Trace(our 54th barrel) Old Forrester. Pretty meh on this one, but my coworkers seem to enjoy it. Woodford Reserve Woodford Dbl Oaked On the way: Elijah Craig 9 and 14 year single barrel Blanton’s Weller 107 Antique
  11. I'm also a fan of these two, and most anything by Stone, Founders and Oskar Blues. Dogfish Head 120 min IPA is pretty good too, but you have to be careful with it. It'll sneak up on you at 15-20% ABV.
  12. Oh, and @johnnyAU, welcome! This is a safe and happy respite from the madness.
  13. Love Scotty Karate and their blueberry stout.
  14. Can't believe I haven't seen this forum before. This is my current favorite, although I think I bought my local store out of it. ;(
  15. I let Mrs. Loof handle a beer run for me. She came back with 3 different sixers, and Jai Alai was one of them. She earned a solemn nod of approval.
  16. Carrying incense to re align your chakras? edit: upon zoom, that’s sunglasses.
  17. Hanging with a Jai Alai on the beach. #cavemanstyle
  18. Right on. I'll do some looking around and then hit you on the PM-o-phone.