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  2. 'Course before the craft beer explosion but, the day I came of age, I gave the sales clerk hell for not carding me.
  3. My first craft beer I legally bought a couple days after my 21st in Orlando before the Capital One/Citrus Bowl against Wisconsin in 2006. That’s a tough one to tailgate with. The outcome of the game was hard to stomach too.
  4. Interesting! Never had it. Looks like they only made three batches. 94, 95 and 97. Looking at BA, the reviews seem to be heavily vintage dependent. 94 and 95 look serviceable, while all of the reviews of the 97 vintage seem to be horror stories.
  5. Still out Welcome! Post often. I love that they do something different every year. And it's always fantastic. Actually one of the best indicators of just how good of a brewery they really are IMO.
  6. And the worst I ever had. (Probably 1998) I had a Sam Adams Triple Bock. A beer snob's beer. And let me tell you- it tasted like eating chalk while biting a live 120v power chord. I worked at this stupid place in the 90's. http://www.newyorkbeverage.com There were less micro's back then, but we drank everything available at the time. I don't think they make the Sam Adam's triple bock anymore.
  7. Wish they would collaborate with Mahrs Brau again. The 2016 edition bordered on world class to me.
  8. Marzens....I freaking love them. We just got SN’s on the reg last year. I’m pretty sure I took a bath in it.
  9. Welcome aboard! La Fin du Monde is an excellent beer. Never gets old. One of my earlier introductions to craft and I still find myself purchasing a bomber from time to time. I’m quite lucky to actually be able to find it on the reg. As you said, heavy, like a lot of tripels, and deceptively so. Easy to drink too quickly if you’re not careful. Others in the style I’d recommend should you happen across them. Chimay Cinq Cents Westmalle St. Bernardus Tripel All also very good, but I’m not going to lie, Unibroue’s offering is what I consider the class of the style among those I’ve tried.
  10. Saw SA Octoberfest in the store this evening. Almost picked it up for nostalgia sake.
  11. La Fin Du Monde. Hard to find, but it exists. It's not hoppy, but wheaty, and HEAVEY. You can almost stand a popsicle stick in it. It would be foolish to pass it up if you spot it in a specialty place. 9% abv, lol.
  12. Oktoberfests still haven’t hit the shelves here. Bit later than last year. Hmm.
  13. Bruh! It’s of utmost importance that I pick up some Saz rye. ETA- Iceman executes one of the best non-verbal commos ever.
  14. Many thanks. And I'll be damned. Seems they've pulled out of GA.
  15. Rye you gotta do me like that, bruh?! Actually, I just happen to have a bottle of Saz Rye in the hidey hole. I guess this is the part where Mav and Iceman high five?
  16. It’s funny how one little word can do that. Like, rye. 😬
  17. Not sure if all breweries (1st I've seen) do this (and not sure how much this will help you), but web-page for their distribution (scroll down for out-of-state contacts) is at http://www.frenchbroadbrewery.com/find-our-beers/
  18. Well, well, well. Turnabout IS fair play after all, eh Mister Refuge? You've once again proven yourself a most formidable adversary.
  19. You just ignited my mind’s eye of the last sazerac I had in New Orleans. Dammit.
  20. I haven't had a craving for a rye APA/IPA in a long time but lately I've been wanting to reacquaint myself with maltier and spicier expressions. That looks absolutely delicious.