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  2. Send me name and location. Cancel your flight. I'll handle this. Operation Laissez Le Refuge Roulet initiated. (I'm hurriedly finishing off my last order from BSIS- yes it's been in the freezer well beyond what any FDA employee would recommend, no I don't care, the kids won't/don't get to eat any of it anyway- so that I can order more.) ((PPSS- The jalapeno chicken burgers are surprisingly good. The most surprising part is that I'm pretty sure the "chicken" is at least 33% bacon. God bless those angels in Scott, Louisiana.))
  3. Man, you’ve got me seriously pheening(sp?) for some Best Stop meat products. My Mardi Gras game is way behind this year. Traveling for a meeting tomorrow is seriously putting a damper on it. I’m mean seriously! Who schedules a damn meeting on Fat Tuesday?!
  4. Sounds like a damn fine pairing to me! Something not too heavy that’ll cut through and smooth that spice. Adding-Voodoo APA, because....gris gris. If your buddy is a big beer fan, tell him to try to get down to All Relation brewing. They are killing it lately.
  5. @Tiger Refuge... having smoked boudin and some very smoke-heavy, salty, spicy gumbo tonight. What kind of beer do you recommend? I'm thinking about just grabbing some Abita Mardi Gras bock. This is the gumbo recipe. I used tasso from Best Stop. Fantastic recipe, although next time I might dial back the tasso and sausage and backfill with shellfish. I used Conecuh and a Georgia-made hot "andouille".
  6. 100%. I've enjoyed it this year much more than I expected. Maybe it's because my taste buds are raging against the haze lately. But also, I kind of quit thinking of it as an IPA. It's actually really interesting to me that Two Hearted doesn't even call itself an IPA on the packaging but Hopslam does. Anyway, $17 for a sixer of really great 10% beer is a bargain these days. And my spot has cases of it stacked on the floor. By the way, my buddy and his wife are down in Nola for Mardi Gras. He insta'd a picture of Nola's "Old Man Yells at Cloudy IPA"... which makes me feel attacked... especially since it's a cloudy IPA. Finally found some White Oak Jai Alai and, whoa, I forgot just how burly it is. Slap Fight is good, too. And I still enjoy all of the classic West Coast IPAs and pale ales. That CANarchy mixed 12-pack is definitely one of the better samplers I've come across. 4 good IPAs and pale ales at a reasonable price.
  7. Hmmm. Interesting. I will also keep an eye out for that.
  8. Think of it more as a pre-mixed cocktail. And if you haven’t tried Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, you’re missing out. We sell a ton of it.
  9. Flavored whiskey is one of those things that I will 100% *never* try... unless I get a rec from someone I trust. I'll keep my eye out!
  10. It’s solid for sure. When I’m going non-hazy lately I’m grabbing Monday Night Brewing Slap Fight or CCB Jai Alai.
  11. It’s a nice departure from all the haze. Definitely not their best variant, but still solid af.
  12. If you don’t want to do all that, check out Stolen X. Good stuff.
  13. Any of y'all enjoy the occasional hot toddy this time of year? I love them, and I've grown fond of turning hot herbal tea into a toddy. Especially as a bedtime cocktail when I have the sniffles, as I currently do. McWifey picked up some Celestial Seasonings Jammin lemon ginger tea. Terrible name, pretty delicious tea. Add some honey, lemon and a shot of bourbon or- in my case, lately- rum? Aw man. That's comfy wool socks by the fire right there.
  14. Lol "Where da Gold at?!?"
  15. I freaking love the Reasonably Corrupt. Their description is spot on. Super nice, roasty flavor.
  16. Dark lager blind taste test/ranking. Posting here because Great Raft and Wiseacre both made the top 10...
  17. Dammit, now I got boudin on the brain. May have to make an order. Once you’ve had Best Stop, there’s no going back.
  18. Ahh. I C&Pd from Google pics. I'll have to remember not to do that in the future. But it's not a great pic anyway. Funny with the "link is broken" b/c it was Best Stop party links... but the twist in a couple of them had come undone... so they look more like weird normal sized links... but my gawd they were so good.
  19. Link is broken(pun intended?)....But I gotta love any potential pic with BS boudin in it.... And that beer sounds amazing.
  20. Not the most beautiful shot, but boudin from Best Stop in Scott and CCB's Cosmik Debris for the Oscars (of which I only watched the first half). I went with the Debris over Hopslam the other day, but might go back for some Slam. Also, if you happen upon some Get Comfortable, the CCB + Allagash collab, jump on it. Belgian IPA that is just a perfectly crafted beer. Balanced, great body, pillowy head... If somebody told me Orval consulted on this beer, I wouldn't bat an eye. I hope they still have some when I go back today. Which I wasn't planning on doing at all but that beer is so damned good.
  21. Went on a little car ride today to a tobacco/beer store in Olive Branch, MS. Bottled about a month ago. 25 minutes from home. Hopefully this place can keep it fresh because I’ll keep buying.