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  2. We’re at Memphis local Crosstown Brewing’s 1 year anniversary party and they brewed a boysenberry milkshake sour and a NEIPA.
  3. Sounds good. I’m headed to Southern Grist/Nashville in about a month, so if you can wait I can send you some goodies from there. I can secure the BBA Expedition in the meantime.
  4. I know we’ve covered this movie before. But seriously, it’s the best. Evar.
  5. Sanskrit? You're majoring in a 3,000 year old dead language? Get out of here.
  6. I got the cure for those Parish blues. Imma wait for a new release that’s hitting here in the next couple weeks.
  7. I support this approach. Bruh hooks it up. But you probably already know that.
  8. I agree with this 100%. Crazy that it's a turd up there!
  9. I’d love to man! Let me see what I can grab here. Any requests?
  10. Barrel Aged Expedition Stout is one of the best BBA stouts I’ve ever had. It’s a shelf turd right now at $27.99 a 4pk. If you wanna do a trade...hit me up. It’s better than Black Note.
  11. Damn damn fine DIPA from my local Flying Tiger(right after my simple beer comment). Couldnt agree more more about the stout comments. I have enjoyed the HELL about of Bell’s Expedition Stout this year. Freaking fantastic beer.
  12. Yeah man, they sold that in 12 packs for like $17 iirc. And I agree with damn fine.
  13. Also, all the talk about stouts got me opening Wiseacre’s Astronaut Status. Arguably the best barrel aged stout being produced in Tennessee.
  14. This is kind of irrelevant, but an example of Sierra Nevada’s well-played business practices. They released Hop Bullet DIPA as a Spring seasonal last year and it went to year-round by Fall. And that is a damn fine 8% DIPA for $10 a 6pk. So they saw that they had a solid IPA with good sales numbers and just decided to roll it out.
  15. I’ve never been to their tap room(s) unfortunately, but I’d venture a guess that they do have a pilot system to test out some pretty off the wall stuff. The Trip in the Woods series is probably an example of stuff they make and get good feedback on before they put it out into distribution. Odell Brewing does this. It was so awesome going to their brewery twice a week and seeing something crazy from their pilot system and enjoying it, then they’d release it X months later. Tomatillo sour is an example. They got good feedback from the tap room, and then dialed in a recipe for distribution.
  16. YYYYYYYUP. And Sierra Nevada is an example of a grown ass brewery that makes beer as well as any in the country and does it without gimmicks. Sure, they'll get a little funky every now and then, but there's no, "Duuuude, what if we put <one of the few remaining desserts nobody's tried> in it!!!"
  17. Sierra Nevada Narwhal is a classic example of a Russsian Imperial Stout that has all the notes of bitter chocolate, coffee, and still is yet creamy and pours like motor oil. Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, just the same. If you serve me an “imperial stout” with crazy adjuncts that I can see through, that’s gonna be a no from me dawg. Because you know that bitch is gonna be thin and a waste of ABV. That was my biggest gripe with the WW Milk and Cookies and French Toast...I could see the other side of the glass while I was pouring it. Either dump more adjunct into it, or clean it up and call it an imperial brown ale.
  18. Please give my most sincere apologies to Mrs. Refuge!
  19. Exactly! Btw, I'm guessing that New Realm doesn't distro outside of GA yet but their RIS is gangster. Huge roasty, dark chocolate notes. But very clean. Wonderful beer. Good point. I suppose you do need some variety.
  20. Southern Grist Broconut comes immediately to mind. I love their IPAs and their stouts. But that one seriously tastes like they dumped 3 pounds of sugar and coconut into a keg and called it a day. My wife and I had to split a 2oz taster of it because it was so sweet.
  21. I’m a little bit of both. I do like the crazy stuff when available, but I also appreciate a good classic style beer. A well done traditional RIS is just as good or better than a mocha vanilla latte coconut cream imperial stout. Because guess what? With a well done RIS, you should be able to pick up notes of chocolate, cocoa, coffee, etc. without adding all the adjuncts. I don’t want the diabeetus. My biggest gripe about the breweries in Memphis is that they’re ALL doing traditional stuff. And it’s good they got those recipes dialed in because they’re mostly solid. However, I want some crazy milkshake IPAs on the reg to go with my clean every day IPAs.
  22. If you like Jameson Black Barrel(my favorite Jameson) then you’ll dig it.