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  2. Been a long time since(or ever) that I’ve posted a crispy boi where you can see the logo on the backside of the glass.
  3. Bro-in-law and I have pounded a few beers the last couple nights. Mostly IPAs that are good but, to my palate, unremarkable. Just haze, hops and sugar. But we did have an outSTANDING sour from Une Annee. Blueberry and passionfruit, maybe? Sorry, I always forget to take pics. It was an enamel peeler but the fresh fruit character was off the charts. Almost like if New Glarus and Cantillon did a collab. I never realized the brand structure of Une Annee + Hubbard's Cave. Old Nation's M-43 Tart Strawberry is good, too. The IPAs we had from Ology and J. Wakefield were fine. Will try to take so
  4. Buddy in Colorado sent me some hops out of the blue. Outer Range is so damn good.
  5. "Serve a la mode". Legit sounds like something you could make an ice cream float with. Bro- and sis-in-law coming down with their kids tomorrow for a few days. He stays loaded for bear. The guy at his preferred bottle shoppe in ATL curated what looked like a little over a case of new beers for him to bring down. Yeah, that waistline thing...
  6. I’m pretty much the luckiest mofo around. I still have no clue how I ended up in the job I’m in. Divine intervention with a healthy dose of luck sprinkled in. I rolled off the fire detail in CO the day after Laura hit. Rolled into town two days later, set up generators at the house and camped for a few days. The only good thing that came out of my Katrina experience was to be prepared for the worst thus far inland. I told my wife and eldest son to fill up their vehicles the day before it made landfall. Once it hit, our house lost power around 7AM. My wife unloaded the deep freeze/fri
  7. At least there's a demarcation line between the office and home, even if that line has pushed all the way to your driveway. And there is beauty in caring in your work like that. Otherwise, damn. Just damn. Thanks for the update. And the pics! Corporate shlub here thinking those woods look like heaven.
  8. Not too personal at all bud! That’s for checking up on me. I’m not gonna lie, work has been a bit of an ass beating lately. I have had to pull myself out of a couple of pity parties in the last week. Dust off the sawdust and get back at it. Two of my refuges took some pretty significant damage from Laura. It was still a cat 1 when it hit Monroe. No damage to the hacienda, thank God. I’ve spent some considerable time clearing public access roads and trails, and should shift to interior employee only access road soon. And it all just adds to an overwhelming amount of usual work for this tim
  9. Umm... @Tiger Refuge, how is everything? Between hurricanes and fires out west... yeesh. Sorry if too personal to ask here, but you've got a few pals around here who might be wondering, too.
  10. That sounds so f'in good man. Holy Lord what kind of wizardry will they think of next?
  11. This beer kinda *****(read as: trucks). Smoked tomato saison? I’m all about it.
  12. I share your trepidation. although, there is a local bar that serves and horchata colada that works quite well. Fireball and pineapple. Who knew?!
  13. Absolutely bud. And while I loathe anyone messing with my money, it’s the whole principle of the matter that just. pisses. me. off. And in typical political fashion, not one republican on my FB page agreed with my position. Defend defend defend. And to me, it wasn’t really even a political take. I ended up deleting the post because it was devolving into a nasty cat fight that I’m not going to allow on my page. So, back to my usual, goofy posts.
  14. Horchata Milkshake IPA. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that this would work. But I’ll be damned if it does.
  15. I'm sure you know that I totally feel you on that. And to know the reasoning behind it- the timing of it- is all the more frustrating. Hopefully you can stash the borrowed money in an earning account, pull from there whenever the repayment is due, and put the interest towards an F U, real or symbolic, to anyone who might deserve it. Until then, we drink.
  16. “Hammering” seemed an appropriate term to use. It seemed much more so last night. It all has to do with me being forced into a tax loan by the prez with no ability to opt out, then being forced to repay those taxes next year. It really really pisses me off.

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