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  2. I’ve been seeing a crap ton of sediment in Envie lately. Anyone else?
  3. I ordered an Envie at the Hard Rock casino bar yesterday and the keg kicked about half way through the pour. At least he gave that one to me.
  4. It was definitely Felix’s, but I don’t know the street or if they have multiple locations in Biloxi. We had the beach across the street.
  5. I’m watching Parts Unknown. New episode is Cajun Mardi Gras. First party, almost everyone is drinking Parish beers. Still can’t believe Bourdain is dead.
  6. ****. Forgot to crow about my crown jewel. WESTY 12, BITCHES!
  7. and, if I may (nosily) inquire further, were you at the Felix's on The Causeway? [US 90/98 across Mobile Bay, now officially The Battleship Parkway, but nobody calls it that]
  8. And in the fridge, I’m kinda bare. -Sweetwater Tropical Lover. Berlinerweiss that’s actually pretty good considering I typically hate SW. -Ballast Point Moscow Mule Ale. Not that bad. Couldn’t drink many in a sitting. -Some domestics leftover from the fishing trip.
  9. Correct. Thanks, I had forgotten which one it was. I like them, but not to that degree.
  10. People that eat ‘em, love ‘em. 2-3 dozen in a sitting wasn’t unusual for my dad. Always looking for a hole in the wall that sells them when he’s down at the coast.
  11. Late to the fridge inventories, but looks like I'll make it through the weekend with: - Some PBRs; - Some (Fairhope) Crowlers of Causeway IPA, (Along Came A) Cider, and Roy Bean Stout; - A sixer of Jai Alai IPA; and - Some PBRs.
  12. I prefer char-grilled personally. One guy at the table ate 40.
  13. My dad’s a big oyster fan. Eats a few dozen raw every time he goes to the beach. Never been a big fan myself.
  14. Fairhope IPA in a plastic cup to wash down a few dozen oysters.
  15. This is such a good damn beer. It also reminds me of how much good beer I have locally. ETA- @AUDub I think you busted my grand likes.
  16. I had Deschutes for the first time last year. I can’t remember the name of the IPA I had, but it was fantastic! I thought I saw some Deschutes beer while I was in NC... Currently in fridge: A few fridge turds Burial- Hawkbill IPA Guinness- 200th Great Raft- At Arms Lenth IPL, Creature Comforts Imperial Coffee Brown Ale Flying Tiger- Waves of Grain Belgian Wit, Milk Stout, and Angry Abbott Belgian strong Cigar City-Jai Alai Green Man- IPA Currahee- Lucky Scars IPA one gallon of recently expired Brookshires 2% milk
  17. Ooh, a fridge rundown. Currently. Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose SW Hop Hash IPA Stone Xocoveza (surprisingly) Lagunitas CitruSinensis Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale Westbrook Mexican Cake Parish Envie
  18. Cheers folks,. New to the club,. But not new to loving great beer. I will keep it short,. Long time Favorite brewer - Deschutes Brewery, Bend Or. But falling due not Distro in Alabama or Deep South. New Favs- Stone Brewing and Left Hand Brewing. Neither have sold out to big bev. Stone Brewing I really just love the Ghost Hammer IPA which I really cannot wait for their next seasonal release (although I had heard they were going to add it to there year round line up) Left Hand Brewing-. I like their experimental flow of brews and can be found fairly often in Auburn at the Kold Keg or throughout the FL Panhandle Now back to Deschutes... Mirror Pond Pale Ale,. An all time favorite that I have not had in years. Ofcourse best by draft,. But it was the Pacific NW answer to Sierra Nevada's dominance as an alternative beer to big bev 20 to 30 years ago. Mirror Pond had a slight hoppiness but not like the IPA's now days. It was always a dry clean crisp ale that one could drink by the pitcher... I have in my fridge- Sell Out- Ballast Point Sculpin IPA Nd love them,. But I really do not like buying the sell out brewery beers. Peace! What is in your fridge?
  19. Tried the Clamato approach, way back when it was rarely even findable (in So. Ala.). To this day, it's certainly more costly than store-brand broth.
  20. Many, many thanks. I don't order bloodies on airplanes or any other place where it looks like it's going to start with tomato juice. Always brutally bitter. And that's not a good bitter. Clamato imparts a lot of sweetness. But I might have to try the beef broth trick.
  21. Popular Mechanics rates beers?? Won't post the whole thing but they note: "Editor's Note: Before you write in about the omission of your favorite porter or stout, note that this list contains mostly lighter beers fit for summertime consumption. Stay tuned in the autumn for our colder season selections."
  22. Actually haven’t made a living at’em in some time (sorry if unclear). Still build them for personal consumption and, often, to some guest-crowd acclaim. Also, woke up this a.m. realizing I needed to remove any unintentionally implied criticisms of your recipe, or any dismissal of your sharing of it; neither was my intent. I’ve just become kind’a set in my ways concerning Bloody Maries, ways that have evolved some time ago. Please forgive the lengthy dissertation, and note that my history with the drink has, almost certainly, been influenced by a cigarette-sodden palate. I am not old enough to know the origins of the Bloody Mary, but I can only assume that it arose in a hungover soul needing a vitamin recharge and some hair of the dog, as an eye-opener in order to find and operate the damn’ coffee pot. The essential problem with a mixture of vodka and tomato juice is that such a mixture (w./ enough hair to do any good) is inherently bitter. A secondary difficulty here is the thickness of the tomato juice and its tendency to sort of clot/coagulate once opened, especially if stored in a can or if already mixed with the vodka and allowed to sit. The fix for the (unwanted here) bitterness (alkaline/base) is addition of acids (to neutralize) and buffers (mostly salts, but water-soluble proteins and light oils don’t hurt), the latter to manage any miss of the exact titration point of the base/acid. By the time I started mixing, the traditional (essentially Old Mr. Boston) approach was lime, celery salt (which can add a bitterness of its own), Worcestireshire Sauce, Tabasco, and black pepper. My first tweak of the old standard was a replacement of straight tomato juice with V-8 ™. This replacement was only because it was what I had at the time, but I noticed that the overall result was not diminished (was even enhanced a bit) in flavor/savor; moreover, the blending of the V-8 provided a somewhat thinner/smoother (more easily sucked through a straw, if that be one’s bent) without diminution of the vitamin recharge. I adopted this thereafter. By the time I started working as a bartender, I noted that many bars used lemon/lime/or a combination for the citrus component. My mentor (forget his name, but looked amazingly like an old Hank Aaron) told me of old bartender lore to the effect that lemon quenches thirst, and lime whets it (if you want to sell drinks,…). Experimenting on my own, I found a rather distinct difference between the fruits’ effects on back of the tongue; lemon adds a sort’a cloudiness there while lime seems almost to clean it. To this day, when ordering out, I say “lime is good, lemon is bad” and, at home, I’ve long held to the old standard. While I never incorporated my 3rd tweak into my professional career, it came about during home experimentation during that time. Still hanging with my (old, old copy of) Old Mr. Boston, one variation, the Bloody Bull (characterized by a rather large infusion of beef broth to the mix), showed considerable promise. I found that such an addition (even at much lower levels than the Guide called for) allowed for a rather massively larger vodka content without causing bitterness. My long-established “recipe” (note the multiplicity of “to taste” quantities): - 1 x 2-qt (standard, off-the-shelf jug) of V-8 (original or hot-and-spicy, depending on what we’ve got), - 1 x can Beef Broth (store brand, no need for condensed, ~14 oz), - Juice of 1 lime (well squeezed); Continue to squeeze/flex the rind (the oils in the peel are good here) and throw them in too, Worcestershire Sauce to taste (if the bottle still has the little plastic dribble-top thingy, I usually go for ~ 4-5 good dashes, I think it may be in the range of a tbsp or so), Celery salt to taste (salt will not be diluted all that much by later addition of vodka/ice), Fresh ground black pepper to taste, and Tabasco to taste (amount of these last two obviously depend rather strongly on choice of V-8). This mix allows for great flexibility on the amount of vodka addition, depending on situation (especially w./ garnish varity) and drinkers’ tastes. It can help you find the coffee pot. It plays awfully well with breakfast eggs (whether sunny side up w./ bacon on the side, or a crab omelet). It can be rather massively goosed w./booze (I’ve gone up to near 50/50 vodka/mix) to account for ice-melt dilution while sipping in a sun-baked inner-tube. It plays well with any savory salad (not so well with fruit, but if the salad has onions in it, I don’t worry), either lunch or dinner (though for the latter, I usually switch drinks before the entrée; have been happy, however, with how it pairs w./ a well seared and vegetated burger).
  23. A lot going on on that label. Seems like it might be a good candidate for a vertical in a few years. I'm going to look for it.
  24. Now that’s a good beer! I love almost everything Founders that’s BBA.