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  2. Beers brewed before, oh, say 2016: probably had it Beers not brewed before then: probably haven't had it I might be off on my timeline, and obviously I'm exaggerating, but you and I dip in similar distro pools and not much that was available locally got past me back in the day. There was so much less available, plus I traveled a lot for work and for pleasure, I was in the trading scene, my brother in law (who still is a huge enthusiast) traveled and traded, I was tuned in to the brewer and bottle shoppe scene in Atlanta... you should've seen the bottle shares I went to. It was a legi
  3. Lol. I should have known better than to throw out a beer thinking that you might not have had it. But, referencing back on page 72: Those legs though 😍(lol)
  4. Have had many! And it does indeed go well with Thai food. There are a few places in the Lowcountry where their flagship IPA is the only solid craft offering, and I have zero complaints when that's the case. I will never be mad at a solid, balanced IPA that doesn't spin off too far towards towards some de rigueur substyle.
  5. If it’s warm, get one of Westbrook White Thai-a Belgian witbier with ginger and lemongrass notes. If you haven’t had you should try. It is a delicious beer for the summer months IMO Add: The one I posted is not the gose but is still good. The key lime gose is better to me (more sour)
  6. For sure. Crazy how they revived a super obscure (nearly dead?) style, became an overnight sensation, and almost single-handedly started the accessible (vs the Cantillons and Three Fonteinens and other serious Belgian lambics and such), drinkable sour craze in the States. Wild Heaven did something somewhat similar, albeit not nearly as massive with their Emergency Drinking Beer. But even that was made possible by Westbrook Gose. In a weird way, they're one of the most important and influential breweries in the country IMO because of one beer. They've probably even made some German breweries a
  7. This one also pretty good. I like all the stuff I’ve had from Westbrook.
  8. On the subject of fruited sours for the beach... this one is pretty tasty and worth a try
  9. I like most things from Founders, but this one is worth mentioning. Very tasty, and not that stupid dank, juicy, etc...crapola most folks are putting out these days. Bleh...
  10. Couldn't imagine. Like, what is the shortest flight out of there? I'm assuming you're looking at several hours at least just to get to Hawaii or whatever the nearest land is? Never mind getting back to an actual continent. Just crazy.
  11. Dude. The project leader for Midway was a leadership coach for me a few years ago. He had some “holy-ish” amazing video of Midway. Landing and filming nesting seabirds. Just f’in amazing. Like, land can be isolating and lonely. The sea? Takes it to 10,000x.
  12. Those beers all look good. And, might I add, you have some fine looking legs 😜
  13. Wild Mind is a good go-to for the smoothie-style Berliner. I really want to try some Humble Forager stuff.
  14. EO does some good things. Their sours are typically SOUR and not loaded with lactose. Never had a bad beer from them.
  15. Fruited sour beach beer jamboree. I think the Humble Forager was my favorite but they kinda blur and blend. We went for it with the in-laws. (Brother in law nailed some strips in a pan with salt, pepper, butter and thyme. He did tons of basting with the butter. Gorgeous crust on the meat.)
  16. I laughed hard at "clears throat". Also, I looked at lots of pictures of Midway Atoll. Man. Truly wild and remote!
  17. So perhaps I was a beer or three in when I posted the above. Seriously Fred, that looks like an absolutely amazing trip. Fly fishing has always tugged at me, but I have never done it properly. Oh, I flicked a few poppers out on a farm pond, but no formal instruction. Every year we go to the Smokies and every year I say I'm gonna do a guided trip. Guess I just need to bite the bullet and do it. On tap from last night, a pastry stout growler that was fridge turding from October(not bad, not good either), a *clearsthroat* white chocolate raspberry cake IPA from Tin Roof
  18. See...there IS a reason I love this particular thread. Dammit @fredstthat trip looks beautiful! I think you and i have discussed Kodiak Is in the past perhaps? Anyway, gotdammit I expect pics galore when you go. One of our most amazing refuges is Midway Atoll. Totally a dream trip for me. It's where Wisdom the oldest bird in the world nests every year. I can only imagine how remote and alone that place is. Just perfect.
  19. You should marry her! Nah, that's amazing. I can't wait to hear about it and see pics, even if they're someone else's because your hands were too busy with your rod... Just gonna leave that right there.
  20. Yes. It is a trip that I’ve been dreaming about since I first read about the fishery -15 years ago. The Somali pirates put a damper on it for a couple of years, lol; hard to take trips like that when you have little ones. Dudes I fished with in Alaska talked it up as they’ve been a few times. Wife-st finally told me: You need to do that. I did not take much convincing
  21. We really need a sholy hit reaction. I'm not really a fishing guy unless I'm around other people who are, but that video got me fired up. Not just the location, but that depiction of fishing that awesome fish! That seems like for real bucket list stuff. Hemingway meets... Actually, just Hemingway. Dude! You're really doing that?!?

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