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  2. Nah, I’ve got to work. I thought requesting off for it, but I already had too many requests out.
  3. Speaking of standing in line. @ShocksMyBrain going? Great Raft from Shreveport will be there.
  4. This is me. All day. Standing in line=instant redass for me. Also, I totally turn into the nosy, hall monitor type...eyeing people/wondering why it’s taking so long/who is being an’s not a good look for me.
  5. I would do a surprise drop in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. First come first served. Obviously that would probably turn into a madhouse as well. I don’t really care to stand in lines in big crowds. I just about come out of my skin. I hate the cattle line to get into venues/sporting events too.
  6. Apparently, people started showing up at 4AM for a 10AM release. There were two lines, a pre-sale line and a regular "day of" sale line. Limits were released in the announcement. So, folks get there early. Line partying starts, new folks start trickling in later on, visit with folks in line at the front, and voila...get in line. People were saying that they "lost" 20-30 places in line. Also said that they started cutting back on the limits. I get the "want" to drive up interest. I don't see the need for Parish to do this. They are well established and sought after, for good reason. Hell, they released some GITM with black caps a month or so ago due to running out of their regular red "Parish" caps, and people started flipping out. Said it was some secret dry hopped version that they were't telling anyone about. The internet is so entertaining.
  7. I did it once for Juicy Bits/Medianoche release at Weldwerks a few years ago. It wasn’t a shitshow, but it wasn’t fun standing in line 2 hours before they opened, then another 45 after they opened. Highly unlikely I’ll do it again.
  8. BOOOOO. How many times are we going to hear this story? I realize it's hard to do anything big for the first time but this really does just keep happening over and over again. Brewery releases really do sound like the worst possible thing in the world to me unless they just happen to not be all of what you described.
  9. Apparently, release day at Parish turned into a sh!tshow. Super long lines. People cutting line. Reduced limits.
  10. I was feeling creative...and butthurt...that I couldn’t get Ghost Diamonds. So, logically, I made my own.
  11. I can imagine those beers were medicinal. Best to you and your wife and her family. I look forward to more opportunities to try Southern Grist beers for sure. Double congrats!!
  12. Just spent a small fortune on beer at Craft Brewed in Nashville. 😬 But my wife just got a new job and I was informed a promotion is in the works for me. 😁
  13. I don’t like being that guy, but Blanton’s isn’t the same as it used to be. I don’t know if I’ve just had so many bourbons, but the hype machine for it is just out of control now. It was a good bourbon at $50. At $70? Nah.
  14. In Nashville for the afternoon to visit my wife’s aunt who’s in hospice. That was a tough visit. Dropped in at Southern Grist for some pints. Shockingly low amount of IPAs. Mostly sours, which is fine. No pics, but DDH Mixed Greens 35 is what I’m taking home.
  15. May seriously whip out the cheese cloth for the last three cans.
  16. It's okay. We all already know you hate Auburn. As long as you love beer, we can work around it.
  17. That is usually when I give out the juicy info,rumors,agendas myself.
  18. Color me unimpressed. Had high hopes because the nose is great, color is great, and feels like an NEIPA should. Taste did not live up to the nose. Too subdued. And the sediment! Jeez. Just chunky.