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  2. My store got 2 bottles of the HH17 for the year, I acquired 1 of them because I was the best man to my fellow manager. #workperks Anything Wild Turkey does, not named 101 or 80 proof is legit. Russell’s 13 Year Rye last year was one of the best whiskeys I had all year. Bardstown was meh. I typically don’t care for red wine finished bourbon.
  3. Very nice. I will, of course, never find the HH but the Russell’s is IMO very solid and findable and anything Barrell is good. Is the Bardstown any good?
  4. Groomsmen suite was off the chain today. That HH 17 is ******* fantastic.
  5. I totally geeked out. My wife just kinda rolled her eyes….I was clearly smitten.
  6. Just now seeing this. Thanks for sharing. I am a big fan of TrimTab stuff (as you can tell by my posting history)
  7. That is a great article! Thanks for sharing! I admit to being a sucker for the TrimTab sours.
  8. https://medium.com/@robhill10al/an-interview-with-plant-nerd-luke-garner-trimtabs-brewmaster-61abbd7deece I met this cat randomly this summer in Chattanooga at the hotel bar. We started talking football(he had AU gear on) and then beer. Imagine my surprise when he told me what he did for a living.
  9. I hear ya. Felt like the dog days today in Huntsville, AL- just brutally hot to be mid June. Good time for a nice sour or Pilsner for my taste, not brown liquor time though I agree
  10. Got dammit! You beat me to it. Cheers bud! Side note, I’m in the ‘nooga all week. Gonna be hitting up some local beers while I’m here.
  11. I think there’s a few of us that have been a little sparse from the board. Here’s another reason why I haven’t been imbibing on brown water. So yay Memphis summer. I did get to try a Laphroaig 10 that was over proofed recently that was awesome. Had the Oban Little Bay, which was legit as well.
  12. Said customer also dropped off this triple from Burial last month. Too legit.
  13. @Tiger RefugeA dedicated, loyal customer dropped this off for me. The hype is real!
  14. I've never heard of that before. I bet that is quite interesting. Makes sense since in my youth, the goal was to add all the fountain drinks together in your cup 🥤 lol
  15. Had my first glass from my infinity bottle last night. Fun building it up over last couple months and anticipating the result. Pretty darn good and lots of flavor. Absolutely no idea though if there is anything out there I could compare it to. Picking out & describing flavor notes isn't a strength...my refined palette says something is good, OK, or bad or that it burns or is smooth; don't quite pick up on the subtle cherry, oak, graphite, leather, etc notes that people write about. If you're not familiar with the infinity bottle concept, it's basically combining the leftovers of many bottles into one container. So anytime I get to the bottom of a bottle and have less than a full pour, I dump contents into a glass decanter. I waited until my decanter was full (probably 8-10 bottles), but of course you could sample result at any time. Drink a little over time and then add contents of other nearly empty bottles. So you have your own creation that is always changing. I'll add about any american whiskey to mine (won't add scotch, irish, weird cask finishes). Didn't keep a record of contents, but I know it has some ryes (Sazarac, a Redwood Empire rye, probably more), some cheaper bottles (Old Grand-Dad BiB, Buffalo Trace, etc), and some more mid range bottles (Blanton's, Weller 107, Heaven Hill BiB). Passing idea along for anyone that hasn't heard of it before & because I've enjoyed it so far.
  16. Very nice. Love that area of NC.. I like a lot of HiWire product. Enjoy! Go do some fly fishing on the Tuckasegee or in the park for me while you’re up there!
  17. Great guess! We are staying in Bryson City. One of our favorite hang outs.
  18. Nice. Where in NC are you (I’m assuming NC since looks like Smokies and HiWire)?
  19. Seconded. Actually had this bottle recommended to me by the person working in a whiskey store I visited in Scotland a few years back. Bought a bottle and rarely touched it b/c I didn't want to run out and never see it around here. Found a replacement bottle in Columbus, GA a few months ago & the employee I spoke with there said they consistently have it. Not the easiest bottle to find but definitely worth trying if you're a scotch fan.
  20. Not much activity in the ol’ club recently and I have to admit that I haven’t spent much time on the board lately. Thought I’d share this one. Had seen but never tried but bought a bottle when I saw it on the shelf recently while buying a gift bottle for a friend. Always thought that the “105” was the proof point but in fact the whisky is 120 proof (cask strength, kind of like the bottle says lol). This is a *really* good whiskey, very full-bodied but doesn’t taste hot despite the high proof. Very highly recommend:
  21. Can never go wrong with Westbrook IMO. I knew I would like it when wife-st made a face after tasting (she’s not a beer girl btw)

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