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  2. Seconded. Actually had this bottle recommended to me by the person working in a whiskey store I visited in Scotland a few years back. Bought a bottle and rarely touched it b/c I didn't want to run out and never see it around here. Found a replacement bottle in Columbus, GA a few months ago & the employee I spoke with there said they consistently have it. Not the easiest bottle to find but definitely worth trying if you're a scotch fan.
  3. Not much activity in the ol’ club recently and I have to admit that I haven’t spent much time on the board lately. Thought I’d share this one. Had seen but never tried but bought a bottle when I saw it on the shelf recently while buying a gift bottle for a friend. Always thought that the “105” was the proof point but in fact the whisky is 120 proof (cask strength, kind of like the bottle says lol). This is a *really* good whiskey, very full-bodied but doesn’t taste hot despite the high proof. Very highly recommend:
  4. Can never go wrong with Westbrook IMO. I knew I would like it when wife-st made a face after tasting (she’s not a beer girl btw)
  5. The EC barrel proofs are almost all solid, some really good. Have had a hard time finding around here over the last year but I would definitely buy each version every year if I could find. Shame about the Blanton’s. I had a friend lose the majority of an “orphan barrel” several years back to the same situation- felt bad for him but I was glad to learn the lesson from his mistake.
  6. Wanted to drink whiskey every time I got in the truck this week. Smell has mostly faded now. I'm loving an Elijah Craig BP that I have open. Think its the A121. Have another unopened one (3rd 2021 release) & assuming it's as good, I'll be buying it going forward whenever I find it.
  7. That’s the one I chose to bring in due to our limited space. Checked my Untappd and I’ve had it, probably came from you.
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOO. That must have smelled... intense. And boooo to losing good bourbon. That seems to be the general consensus on Blanton's these days- worth MSRP but no more than that. Nothing exciting on my end these days, but I did get some Elijah Craig BP (A122) that is really good and I'm still loving the Jack Daniels Single Barrel.
  9. PSA - found out the hard way that leaving whiskey in a vehicle this time of year is bad idea. Bought a bottle of Blantons last Saturday morning at the monthly Alabama ABC allocated whiskey sale. Had to immediately go to another event for a few hours. Left the Blantons laying sideways in front seat. The heat melted the wax seal & (my theory) caused the bottle pressure to build enough to loosen the cork. My passenger seat enjoyed half the bottle. Lesson learned...remove whiskey from vehicle immediately in hot months or at least leave it standing upright. Side note based on some Blantons discussion a few pages back. I opened a bottle at Mardi Gras and have now been drinking the bottle I bought last week that my truck opened for me. First time I've circled back to Blantons or had any in a few years. As a single barrel, every one probably has slight differences, but both have been really good. I don't get the $150 or so secondary prices created by all the hype, but bottles I've been getting at the $60 MSRP have certainly been worth the price to me.
  10. Just read a couple days ago in a random article that the old distillery was built by Colonel EH Taylor. Went to the Castle & Key website to read more. Cool story. No idea if they will have the success of Taylor or if their whiskey will come close to touching the acclaim & hype of EH Taylor, but I definitely want to try it now. Edit - just saw that Shocks already noted this...I should have read all the posts first
  11. You know the days when it just hits a little different/better? Yeah, that was today.
  12. That looks so freaking delicious. Just walked a couple miles in 75 degree weather on my lunch break and that beer would hit so perfect right now. Happy Friday, ya bastages.
  13. A coupe of tasty brews from yesterday. Both were absolutely delicious.
  14. I remember you expressing that they weren't your favorite.
  15. Not particularly. The third one had a great nose and flavor, but the finish was lacking.

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