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  2. I watched the Omega/Goto final match from G1 26 last night. His dragon suplex is lethal. The match was very creative and had a lot of momentum shifts. 30 min match. Great stuff.
  3. I like this one. DDT is such a great move. It can be created in so many ways.
  4. Bonus points cuz I know you posted that gif for the cleavage.
  5. I love gifs.......some are priceless ?
  6. I just stopped in here for a moment to escape all the gifs. The recruiting forum is flooded with the silly things and since this club was advertised as having only one member I (correctly) guessed this was a safe place to seek shelter from the gif storm. Later.....
  7. Great stuff @ellitor. I will definitely have to watch some of this.
  8. As far as live only online at their websites or I watch them here right after making sure my ad block or ad block plus is on. The AXS cable TV channel has a weekly show every Friday night at 7 CT featuring the best pay per view matches the company has had over the past month or 2. Tomorrow night they are showing the Kenny Omega-Okada best 2 of 3 falls World Title match from last month. It's considered a great match & I loved it. Also AXS is showing New Japan's G1 Special live from San Francisco Saturday 7 CT. The feature match is Bullet Clubs members Kenny Omega vs. Cody facing off for the World title. I don't know about a lot but there is some damn good talent IMO. Discussion has to start with Kenny Omega. The New Japan IWGP World Heavyweight Champ & leader of Bullet Club. Some say he's the best wrestler in the world today regardless of company. I can't say that but I can say he is my favorite right behind my boy AJ Styles. There are 5 other Bullet Club members I like a lot between NJPW & ROH. The Villian Marty Scurrl is my favorite character in wrestling today. The Young Bucks are newly minted IWGP World Tag Team Champs. They can be over the top but crack me up. They have also done a hell of a job selling Bullet Club, The Elite, & Superkick Party Merch. Cody "Rhodes" has been flat out awesome since he left WWE. Adam "Hangman" Paige is a young up & comer in the club with some great moves. Outside Bullet Club I really like the "Aerial Assassin" Will Ospreay. He has a comacausie style. I'm not sure there's a risk he won't take. Zach Sabre JR is a talented submissions expert. I'm not big on most Japanese wrestlers but I do like Tetsuya Naito. He has a brash, don't care about anything except me & my stable, attitude. He just lost the IWGP Intercontinental title to Chris Jericho in a brutal grudge match. I also like IWGP US heavyweight Champ Switchblade Jay White. The ROH World Champ Dalton Castle can be entertaining. He kinda looks like a 1970s porn star. lol Back to Kenny Omega. He was on Jim Ross's podcast yesterday. He said he is open to WWE because he said there were some matches with guys he would love to have: @GwillMac6's boy Seth "Freakin" Rollins was the first guy he named. He also said Daniel Bryan of course & AJ Styles. I would love to see all 3. I think Omega-Rollins would bring something great out of Seth we haven't seen yet. I would like to see Omega- Styles regardless but would love it if they somehow incorporated Bullet Club storyline. AJ was the former leader of Bullet Club before being "kicked out" of the club by Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks essentially in these 2 Gifs...
  9. hahaha I hear ya man! I laugh everytime someone uses it!!!
  10. When do those two come on TV, or do they have to stream? You talk about them a lot. Sounds like a lot of good talent. I watch a little Lucha Underground too. They kinda make that one big story as well and a bit melodramatic. But hey that's wrestling. ?
  11. The more I watched this, the more hilarious it got.
  12. I watch NJPW & ROH so there will be more than WWE in here. Lol Like my man Marty Scurll...WOOP! WOOP!