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  2. Minor progress as i've been working on some woodworking projects for clients. I fabricated a replacement window ledge from a slab of live edge black walnut then some heavy coats of clear 3x polyurethane. Treated the live edge with a wood hardner before using the polyurethane. I then decided to tile the entry way so no direct water on the laminate floating wood flooring. I've started on the walnut finish laminate wood floating floors as well. and i've built the frame for surfacing the back of the peninsula and stove. I changed out the 2x4s with pallet wood so it would blend in better with the the pallet wood and used a 3/8' piece of plywood to attach the pallet wood that i'm going to use to cover the back of the cabinet and stove. The two vertical pieces are for a some flip up lockable hinges that i'm going to attach a walnut slab to as a flip up bar top. When folded down it will almost be flush with the pallet wood back but obviously pop out once a clear coat is applied like the window ledge. The rectangular framing at the bottom will be a foot rest. The face of it will be covered in recycled tin roofing, capped on top with pallet wood. My upper shelves are going to be walnut slabs as well that will sit on square galvanized tubing. I'm having to save up to do those as i'm going to have them welded. At least that's my plan as of now, but i might revert back to the round pipe kits from amazon that run about $70-$80/ set of 2 that will be a lot less expensive, but the wended square tubing is much more the look i want.
  3. That sucks. I love doing it. I'm hoping that within a year or so, maybe less, i can do the woodworking and remodeling full time. I just have to get my new work shop up and organized. Its got to be wired and insulated and all that, plus new tools. Here are some updated pics. I've got a stove but i freaking cracked teh glass top unloading it so that is a $300 part (unless someone here has a connection for appliance parts). Next is to start saving up and buying the metal pipe for the upper shelves. I think i'm going to get the square pipe welded and i'm doing the walnut shelves that i will fabricate myself from slabs. I'm going to be installing new floating wood floor in the rest of the downstairs that has a walnut finish as well. I'll get that done next as i steadily buy the pipe materials. I'm going to make a light fixture for the kitchen from moonshine mason jars and walnut as well to replace that stupid ceiling fan, but utilizing the light bulb sockets and LED bulbs that are in it.
  4. My knees won't let me do the up and down stuff any more ….so I am envious of what you are doing. I can still do shop work but nothing serious like what you are doing now. Great work....and a good crew to help too.....keep us posted.....
  5. Completely understand! Measure, cut, cuss, force it to fit. That's my woodworking motto
  6. I do some wood working on the side and completed this LED table lamp just before i bought the house. It is from a 3"x4" piece of poplar ( i think). This was a skid from a large pallet. These were the best pallets i've found for making furniture. The skids were 3"x4", and the slats were 1 1/8"x5.25". I just sold this one and i'm ready to start on the next ones. I've got a block of white oak, another piece of poplar, and a couple pieces of walnut to create some new ones from. The walnut one is going to be for my own house
  7. Love using materials like this!! These are the walnut slabs i'm using for my kitchen upper shelves and flip up bar. I also cut the kitchen window ledge out of one of the slabs to replace the marble piece.
  8. Sooo, i haven't been on AUF in quite awhile b/c i bought a house and closed May 17th and have been renovating. Just now seeing this DIY club and so had to jump right in since i do woodworking and love DIY. My design idea was what I call Rustic Modern, lol, wood, metal tones, but with color and modern features. I flipped around the layout of the kitchen to add the peninsula moving the stove to the peninsula side, shifted the dishwasher location and moved the fridge location. This has added a LOT more counter and cabinet space than the previous layout. I have done multi colored slate tile floor, more modern looking lower cabinets, pallet wood countertops with poured epoxy resin finish. My uppers will be open shelving style, galvanized pipe with walnut shelves. The back side of the peninsula will be finished with pallet wood and feature a flips up walnut slab bar on lockable hinges. The walnut bar slab will fold down into the pallet wood creating a visual "art piece" with the walnut appearing inlaid in the pallet wood wall and have a foot rest at the bottom, possibly finished off with tin. Anyway, I moved in, still not finished renovating the weekend of June 16th. I am redoing the kitchen completely, repainting the living room and redoing the flooring on the lower level which will include living room, master bedroom and closet/storage room. Here are couple of pics from the day i closed and a pic of the kitchen (from the listing) as i didn't take a pic of it before i started demo. Then a couple of the pics of when i started the demo. I'll post more pics of the progress before i show you what it is looking like now as i'm VERY close to having the kitchen done. I've pretty much been doing all of this by myself. I did have help with the mud work b/c i suck at doing the finish mud coats and i had help from an electrician doing some wiring, adding two outlets, moving the range outlet, and adding lines for under shelf LEDs. Here are some of the initial pics and the work progress....I'll give folks a few days to see these before i post more of the progression pics of base cabinet installation, and countertop build and epoxy pour.
  9. You guys would have laughed your butts off today.....working on phase II of my project and building a printer cabinet with storage, etc. and it took me 20 minutes and four cuts to complete a small piece of trim to my satisfaction. Cut and fit....and fit and cut.....that old adage of measure twice and cut once was not nearly enough as I tried to get this thing right. Sometimes you just have to keep at it until you are satisfied....but came out well and I just kept the spoiled pieces and will use the wood somewhere else. As long as a project is underway, I never thrown and scrap wood away. ...never know when it will be just what you need.
  10. Maybe time to paint the garage floor a nice battleship gray..
  11. If it hadn't been the garage, I'd probably still be fighting it. I might go back to it with some paint thinner or the pressure washer at some point... maybe...
  12. My lifelong fear.....dropped a few but fortunately most have hit with the bottom down....and nothing serious to clean up.
  13. That's good to hear. Totally agreed on the usefulness. The house we bought has them in the kitchen and they're a game changer in those below-counter pots'n'pans cabinets.
  14. I think once my kids require a little less hands-on time (4 yr old and a 7 mo old) I will be able to get back into it. Also, you've already given me some great tips on how to make the process cleaner and more efficient, so that it doesn't take as long just to get started and clean up after. I tried to clean/organize my garage yesterday so I would have better access to my work bench, but a half-full paint can fell off a shelf and hadn't been properly re-sealed, so I got to waste half an hour cleaning that up and then was called back into parent duty. Actually, that sentence completely summarizes my DIY lifestyle at this point in time.
  15. I'm along the lines of your dad I guess...hate to pay someone to do something I can do myself....but I'm also impatient so have to find the middle my knees are going and I need to do work where I can stand up which is fine for things I do in my workshop. Even have an area where I can do the assembly on a nice level sturdy table and not have to keep squatting down to do the job. As for you.....just keep doing projects that interest you and keep learning. I started doing this stuff with a Skil saw 50 years ago....and increased my tool inventory over the years, read some books, subscribed to some woodworking magazines which inspired me and gave me ideas.....and kept looking for more complicated projects I could do. JMO but it's pretty much a lifetime hobby.
  16. Yep, got in the habit of doing that on some of my cabinets. I'm building a computer work center and will do the same thing for my PC and Printer to give easy access to the ports on the rear of the devices. Just pull out the "shelf" when needed to reach one of the rear ports. Also make it possible to hide the UPS out of sight but still have the ability to pull it our for easy access. These euro slides for shelves are pretty easy to install and greatly increases the flexibility of the storage area without giving up space.....improves utilization since you can easily get to stuff at the back of a deep shelf.
  17. Looks great and love the functional design. Are those sliding shelves on the right??
  18. I don't have to worry about that with my stepdad, lol. Good part is that I also don't have to worry about him questioning my man credentials when I don't know how to do something. My dad is much more of a do-it-yourselfer. As in, he'd rather build an addition to the house himself over the course of 6+ yrs than pay somebody to do it. Which means he's always got too long a list of his own projects to help me with mine. Being ~6 hrs away plays into that.
  19. Good discussion on the issue …..check it out....
  20. I just bought 2 pallets of pavers. Lowes had them for 4 for 1.00$ regularly .56$. In total i got 1404 4x8" red brick style pavers. I am having them delivered simply because i don't have a forklift at home and didn't want to unload by hand.. I think delivery was 69$. I am making a side walk and extending my patio out. Eventually put a new fire pit in. My question is for anyone who might have done this before. I am not going to buy bag sand. Ill get a truck load scoop at the landscaping yard. this project will not be completely level. Let me back up. Im going to rent a sod cutter to remove the grass and up to 2.5 inches of soil. Then spread and level (somewhat level) the sand before i place the pavers. Does the type sand i use matter? It would take around 50 bags of sand to do this. i know a scoop would be much cheaper.
  21. I love to do this another place in DYI, I put up a couple pix of my recent project.....I get antsy if I'm not making sawdust after a while....making lots of it now...and having fun... Plus it's hard to find good help to do smaller jobs around the house....
  22. I’ve had my father in law’s help and I’m sure he hated all the questions. Awesome man that was patient enough to teach though, so I tried to absorb. He basically prodded me into DIY mode. When the hail storms came, we basically pocketed the money and fixed the windows, siding, and roof by ourselves. Was surprisingly an enjoyable experience because to most people he’s just a grump.
  23. Through the trial and error process I've gotten where I can do a lot of stuff....and you tube has been a great help too. I recall several years ago being asked to put in a new toilet and vanity in my daughter's home. Her husband who is a great father and husband wanted to help...probably felt some obligation to pitch we decided to do the job together. The thing is....he asked a dozen or more working with a three year old when most questions started with "why".....and took me twice as long to do the work and also explain as I went. ...and nice to have someone to do the heavy lifting. BUT...he paid attention and some years later he called to tell me that he had replaced another toilet and he was proud that he had done it. I got him a Lowes Home Repairs book for Christmas one year which is a pretty good primer for someone who want's to become more handy around the house. He doesn't do electrical and daughter saves that for me...but otherwise, the two them have taken on some pretty good repairs.....and have most of the tools to do them now.
  24. My daughters are young andnaïve enough to think I can fix anything. They don’t see all the YouTube videos I watch when they’re not around. My wife, well she caught on a long time ago.
  25. I try..and my sweet daughter always has a "honey do" list for me. I worried for years if her husband minded about me doing "his" job.....but turns out, he's good with it. and I have fun .