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  2. anyone who is out from under gus offense and is the opposite of him is a great fit in my book!
  3. can we dig out of it though? I HATE he is no longer coming to our big weekend. Seems we have trended down for him after we were trending up for awhile.
  4. The one thing I worry about is this may be one of those, 'I'll interview and get a nice increase in salary' when I go back to OSU, because he really doesn't want to leave OSU or Gundy. Just speculation but it does happen like this. I do believe he would be the best fit with experience that is left on the board I think.
  5. Mind reader too, huh? Wow... you're like a freaking super hero !! Even you admitted this was a silly thread topic, a non issue, and yet now it's soooo serious, it warrants name calling and quote changing by the Admin. Woooo !!! Way to win the argument there, chief.
  6. JHS is in dire need of a face-lift. The proposed plan does not include an excessive expansion in seating. The Auburn Administration better decide to piss or get off the pot, sack up and put a man in charge of the program that can get the wheels in motion. Auburn at minimum HAS to be able to compete in facilities with UGA/UT/LSU/UF and surpass the Mississippi schools & Arky. I'm not saying massive expansion and spending money like UAT or aTm. But we are getting left behind in the arms race while the Auburn Administration & BOT chooses to retain an Administrator they can't trust to manage a project they desperately need completed.
  7. I hate to sound like a newbie but has the NCAA followed the NFL rule and made it legal to throw a 40 yard pass?
  8. Now that would be a special blend. Kind of reminds me of Secretariat. It would be a glorious mix of speed and endurance. Hope this rumor is true
  9. Yes, you did. You didn't have to say the word. You're so persecuted, so misunderstood and misconstrued. Horsefeathers. You're exactly what I and others have said you are: someone who never gives a straight answer, who plays the "bbbut the Dems!" card constantly, who consistently takes threads off topic to avoid the discussion at hand, then claims everyone else is mistreating him. In other words, a weasel. I would kill to have a thoughtful conservative voice in this forum to engage the issues with the resident moderates and liberals Instead I get you, a complete waste of keystrokes.
  10. At the rate this is going we just might have one of the BBQ boys back in AU.
  11. Look ! More name calling ! I never claimed to be a 'victim', I am just pointing out the double standard by which you and your sewing club buddies live. Own THAT , Kemosahbee
  12. You live in a reality entirely disconnected from the one the rest of humanity dwells in. You are not a victim. You're a weasel that derails threads and gives a straight answer or a relevant response about 1% of the time around here. Own it.
  13. Oklahoma State had the 8th best passing attack all season last year. Auburn was 109 behind the stalwarts like Uconn and LA Monroe.......
  14. Well............this is what smart coaches are implementing.
  15. Nope, you're absurdly wrong. I played by the rules you claim you want posters to adhere, even when you and others don't, and now you're trying to thug your way into intimidating me, by misquoting me and being all of 9 years old in your attitude.
  16. This is a concern for us every game to be honest, not just tomorrow. Due to our youth it is a safe bet that we won't play smart for a full 40 minutes unless we are out-talenting the opposition but when we have 3-5 minute stretches of poor offense we need to step it up exponentially on defense so the hole we put ourselves in is not impossible to climb out of (like the Vandy game -- we start the game in a 19 point hole in the first 5 minutes and lose by that exact margin, or blowing the double digit lead against UGA and never recovering..). Doing damage control on defense with our streaky offense will be the major key to watch for in these next 2 games IMO.
  17. No, what you've done is step into yet another thread, completely avoid the topic at hand, fail to answer specific questions, attempt to obfuscate and change the subject, then play the victim when all of us who are tired of your childish, immature idiocy call you on it.
  18. Donald Trump has a foreign policy of self-glorification and nothing else. Donald Trump, just days before his inauguration, has given his first extended post-election interview to the foreign press. In a session with two correspondents—one from Bild, the other from the Times of London—Trump talks about Europe, Russia, trade, migration, and other issues. The interview clarifies the principle that will guide Trump’s foreign policy: narcissism. In the crystallizing moment, one of the correspondents asks Trump: “Are there heroes that you steer by? People you look up to from the past?” Trump struggles with the question. “I don’t like the concept of heroes,” he says. First he talks about his father: “He did houses and housing, and I learned a lot about negotiation from my father.” Then, on second thought, Trump takes the credit for himself: “Negotiation is a natural trait. … You either have it or you don’t.” Then he segues to a self-tribute: “I got a letter from somebody, their congressman. They said, ‘What you’ve done is amazing, because you were never a politician, and you beat all the politicians.’ I had three months of experience, and the 17 guys I was running against, the Republicans, had 236 years.” The answer, jumbled as it is, provides a complete tour of Trump’s worldview. He doesn’t have a philosophy. He has an algorithm. He sees no heroes, mentors, or bonds of moral affiliation. He applies the term “Republican” not to himself but to the public servants he vanquished. Every topic, triumph, and virtue comes back to Trump, and everyone else is a rival. His foreign policy, therefore, is a policy of self-interest. It’s not even a policy of national self-interest. It’s a policy of tribalism of the narrowest kind and, ultimately, of glorifying Trump..... Read the rest at:
  19. So, we've gone from Arctic / Antarctic now to ' global ' sea ice ? That's curious.
  20. You suck at this game.
  21. Gee, it's fun to put words into other people's mouths !!
  22. was he the coach he rode to work on his scooter?
  23. The JUCO may or may not visit. I think the offer to Moore along with having Potusi come in is to give us options as Herbert while looking better after the visit didn't opt out of Michigan. We want one more OL so we are giving ourselves the best chance to get one more good one.
  24. A CNN panel on Donald Trump’s meeting with comedian and television host Steve Harvey devolved into a shouting match after a panelist accused the president-elect of parading “mediocre Negroes” through his office. Marc Lamont Hill, a CNN contributor and professor of African-American studies, wondered why Trump hadn’t invited any black policy makers or academics but instead had met with black celebrities and entertainers. “To keep bringing comedians and actors and athletes to represent black interests is demeaning, it’s disrespectful and it’s condescending,” Hill said. “Bring some people up there with some expertise, Donald Trump. Don’t just bring up people to entertain.” Bruce Levell, executive director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and former GOP chair for Georgia, sighed audibly and challenged Hill to explain what had transpired at the meeting between Harvey and the president-elect. “I don’t see how anything I’ve said would prompt that question,” Hill said. “Unless Steve Harvey turned into a policy analyst in the behind-the-scenes meeting, it doesn’t matter whether I was there. My concern is the people he’s trumpeting up and putting in front of the cameras.” Levell kept reminding Hill he hadn’t attended the Trump Tower meeting between the game show host and former reality TV star, and he claimed the transition team had been reaching out to a diverse coalition. “It was a bunch of mediocre Negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people,” Hill said. “And you are the prime example of that.”
  25. of course, that's assuming the rest of the staff doesn't change with the new OC...
  26. IDK if there is any ref bias from this but Bruce rides the refs almost like no other. I can't say I blame him either there is a lot of BS that is being called out there on a nightly basis.
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