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  2. She warned us all ...

    The video is dead. That said, I would be happy if she would ride off quietly into the sunset.
  3. Hey Golf ...

    Let's not forget the "Tiger Eyes Visual Ensemble" consisting of three elements: the majorettes the flagline the danceline
  4. Jarrett Stidham to be named Auburn's Starting QB

    What! He's the starter?! I thought it would be Kodi Burns returning to action! I bet there's a JuCo kid sitting on the bench somewhere waiting to throw up some stats in one quarter! I kid...I kid...
  5. Nope. Has been done before many times. Does Skokie ring a bell? The Antifa did a great job answering to the call of violence though. Link it. I triple dog dare you.
  6. Context is key... Their clout is anything but small, what with Bannon in the president's ear, for example.
  7. Oh for Christ's sake... The goalposts have moved. Anyone else noticed it? A neo nazi rally, a call to violence where they terrorized the residents of the town, marching armed, with torches and calling out blacks, Jews and homosexuals, and you castigate both sides equally because they skirmished with counter protesters, even killing one of them. It takes effort to be that morally bankrupt.
  8. There have been a few arguments today. And my biggest argument was that both sides were at fault. Moral Equivalency has been the lib argument, not mine.
  9. I always think back to Chris Johnson in a preseason NFL game as a rookie. Dude did stuff I'd never seen before. Everyone said "It was just a preseason game." Point being, sometimes you just have to trust your eyes.
  10. And I watched her video and found her a lying sack of s***. That you take her seriously is laughable. Go read her article on the "Jewish Question," or how the alt-right is full of philosophical luminaries, then ponder long and hard whether she is an unbiased source.
  11. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    Wow, so the Washington Post publishes 2 articles on the same day with completely different descriptions of the size of the far right.
  12. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    That doesn't even make sense. You are witless as well as clueless.
  13. You've been lost quite frequently today. I don't envy you.
  14. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    Hold on there. You're changing the argument. The question is who holds the moral highground. That's not the same thing. (But then, we already know you don't understand that distinction.)
  15. It seems like you're trying to say that saban hasn't been much better than Gus at recruiting and developing QBs but you just offered a ton of evidence that he's way better at it.
  16. But yet you had to bring up Faith Goldy's irrelevant credentials even though she periscoped the whole thing.
  17. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    Seriously I have been trying to give him the benefit of doubt, but he lost me here:
  18. Who all is going to the Mizzou game?

    Idk man...their players have said at media day that they have this game especially circled on their calendars and some people think it's a trap game. I blew them off when I first saw them on the schedule but I've seen that they have a pretty solid rb and seemingly strong o-line.
  19. 2018 4* WR Seth Williams

    This is an honest statement I will take Hill and Williams and give them Ross right now and be fine with it. Even though coaches felt good I posted from the start it watch out for bama. I have seen this story too many times.
  20. You are talking to the mirror again, aren't you old man.
  21. Genetic fallacy. Read it. Those are first hand accounts from the residents. Or don't. Wouldn't want to threaten that off kilter worldview of yours.
  22. You're still grasping at straws? When are you ever going to learn to quit when you're down?
  23. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    Naah, cowardly weasels don't fluster me. I've got a lot of experience with them. Some worse than you even.
  24. You're learning that I believe in holding everybody involved that did wrong accountable for their actions. It will be okay for you The "Only one side is at fault" narrative wouldn't be as disgusting if it wasn't for the large amount of blind sheep that are willing to believe it.
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