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  2. It's the place to be if you like windmills
  3. My hopes are that... Gus hands over the offense completely to Chad and assumes the role of CEO Chad revolutionizes the offense from blocking schemes and passing game to player utilization and development. Chad remains at Auburn and becomes Gus' Mickey Andrews or Bud Foster Limited substitutions during drives Utilize our backs in the same manner as LSU and Clemson do/did in the passing game The emergence of a true passing threat from the TE/HB position. Receivers running and executing every route not just "their" routes Development of better route running and the ability to create better separation. Our new OL coach develops/instills a sense of mean/nastiness that is good for a personal foul every once in a while for unnecessary roughness. Bo to navigate and deliver from the pocket better Better down field accuracy from Bo Better play calling early to settle down any early game jitters Limit inefficient, low-percentage deep passes on 3rd and short Better commitment to staying ahead of schedule and getting 1st downs rather than trick plays for the hell of it to kill drives. We develop an elite pass rusher TWILL continues to develop and assume more responsibility We play a little less man coverage Develop and commitment to an intense, insatiable bad attitude of kicking the dog crap out of everyone lined up across from us at every position on every down.
  4. Hey. They led for a whole half.
  5. Nothing other than just after his high school season. Most expect sometime around the late signing period in April at this point.
  6. @tgrogan21 It didn't time stamp. Let me know where it is in the video & I ll embed it time stamped.
  7. That wasn't known, just an assumption. Not necessarily. You can wow a kid & not land him. Tech is much closer to his home & who knows, that could be a factor.
  8. We'll just have to line our team up so that front line play wins in the tourney. We've got an entire half season to get this team ready to go win some tournament games.
  9. ByEVAN DANIELS 5 hours ago SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Five-star guard Jalen Green wanted to set the record straight on Sunday, shortly after putting up 26 points in a win at the Hoophall Classic. Rumors have been swirling about the possibility of Green, a 6-foot-5 combination guard, going the professional route instead of college. “I’ve been seeing that, and I want to let everyone know that, that is not an option,” Green said about going pro. “I’m considering college only. I’ve been looking at things saying I’m going pro, but that’s not the case, I am going to college.” Green has taken official visits to Auburn, Florida State, Memphis, Oregon and USC. Green said that he doesn’t plan to take anymore visits. Memphis assistant Mike Miller watched him today at the Hoophall Classic. In terms of making a college choice, Green is looking at the spring. “It’s not going to be too late after the season,” Green said. “I don’t want to say a certain time, because I don’t want to give it away but it should be right after the season.” Green, who is currently ranked No. 3 overall and as the No. 2 combination guard, is in the midst of a terrific senior season, and has played himself into the running for the No. 1 spot in the final 2020 player rankings. To go with the 26 points on Sunday, Green tossed out five assists and grabbed five rebounds. Green made four of his seven three-point attempts.
  10. Dee going to face off in the Superbowl against the team that didn't want him anymore after the offsides debacle. Would love to see him raise that Lombardi.
  11. McKinley Jackson got a crystal ball to go to Bama from a Ole Miss mod tonight.
  12. That's what I was trying to say. We were already in the top two before the visit. Obviously we didn't wow him. Frazier was high on CCM's list but maybe not so impressive with other coaches. Who knows? but I agree with you Sizzler.
  13. Extra points for this. Always liked this song and video
  14. Just got tix to Billy Strings in Oxford on Saturday on a whim. Never really heard his music, but I’ve heard he’s the s***.
  15. Recently taken on a liking to Foo fighters. Not that I didn’t before but seeing a lot of stuff that shows Grohl’s talents. And he is probably the nicest rock and roller in rock history.
  16. My hope is the rest of the SEC falls to a level of incompetence, combined with youth, that allows Auburn to win the conference.
  17. And yet, you’ve turned your back on your country. They love getting guys like you.
  18. I know a few fUga fans that will boil over this for years, so yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!
  19. Everyone but Auburn packing the lane... The last couple of games it was like we had a sign on the foul line saying "we are open,, come on in.". I lost track of how many uncontested layups that Lewis had against us. And of course now that everyone has found out that we don't have outside shooting as a threat, they are not going to allow our guys too have access to the basket from close in.
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