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  2. Pappi made the HOF!!!
  3. Gotcha. Yeah it’s fun looking at Walker vs Oscar, in a vacuum I think the former is significantly better. He was handicapped by UNC and I think his offense is still limited by the lack of dedicated touches here. Due to that and just how much of an elite linchpin Oscar is for that team, I consider it a lot closer. I’ll play the “contextualized by playing as a system” part too. I think the unit perspective raises the value of Zep. I think the system has made KD look better. Jabari and Kessler could be good anywhere IMO. I would also contend that this current iteration of UK players have far more team players than years past. Sahvir has been about the best facilitating SEC PG for two years now, Tyty is arguably the best playmaking PG in this entire draft, Grady is unselfish (and shouldn’t be), Brooks just exists and Oscar is also very unselfish.
  4. I am shocked that this crackpot isnt running for governor... Christopher Key, urine drinking Alabama anti-vaxxer, says he doesn’t need driver’s license: ‘I am a free man’ pdated: Jan. 25, 2022, 1:14 p.m. | Published: Jan. 25, 2022, 12:50 p.m. Key, who has been touting his anti-vax beliefs for several months, recently got his car fitted with the name of his website, vaccinepolice.com, along with various anti-vax imagery. By Tandra Smith | tsmith@al.com An Alabama anti-vaxxer who recently suggested urine as a COVID cure now says that he doesn’t need a driver’s license to operate his car as it’s his “wagon, with wagon wheels.” Christopher Key, founder of “Vaccine Police,” told The Daily Beast on Monday that you only drive if you are “committing commerce.” Key, who is currently on a cross-country road trip attempting to arrest various Democratic governors, added that because he’s traveling, he doesn’t need a license “I travel,” Key said. “My car is not a car. My car is my wagon, with wagon wheels.” The car, which he showed off on his Telegram account, is currently wrapped with various anti-vax imagery. Key also said that the only people that needed driver’s licenses are people like truck drivers and Uber drivers. When asked if he was worried about getting pulled over for not having a license, Key told the outlet that he wasn’t worried. “I am a free man living on the land. There is no crime,” he said. Earlier this month, Key suggested that drinking urine cures COVID-19, something that has no scientific evidence. “The antidote that we have seen now, and we have tons and tons of research, is urine therapy,” Key said in the video earlier this month. “I know to a lot of you this sounds crazy, but guys, God’s given us everything we need.” That video came on the heels of his arrest after a recent court appearance, in which he refused to both wear a mask and stop recording inside of the courtroom. Key’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been suspended or taken down, according to the outlet. Key’s accounts have been taken down by other social media outlets like YouTube, which announced back in September that they’d be removing all anti-vax videos and accounts spreading misinformation.
  5. Right. And for me, I can definitely discuss the football stuff and the moves he is making. You want to critique that, awesome lets talk. But some of this other stuff is so zealous it's a dang joke lol. Like come on. You want to talk about his coaching hire, cool. You want to critique the depth chart, alright. But we are getting to the point of TMZ now. I know we are down bad, but let's all not lose it.
  6. Welp...also apparently he's mainly being recruited by everyone as a C
  7. Some of those they lost to the portal were walk-ons though.
  8. We're cool dude. ✊✊✊. Just take it easy on the facepalm button, will ya? Haha
  9. And the optimist in me says we can still make this work. Harsin gets just a couple WR and OL from the portal, channels the negativity from fans and the PTB into a "us against the world" rallying cry like Tubbs after Jetgate. The culture sticks, Tank goes 1st round, recruiting gets better because of it, etc. The story of CBH is far from over. But I believe Jay G. Tate said a couple days back that this is a career defining moment for Harsin. It's happening right now. It's an inflexion point where he's either going to spring off the bottom for momentum to the top, or stay sunk.
  10. And acknowledged respect I would like to add. If there is no respect, response just seems like bickering. These threads are meant to bring on debate it would seem to me.
  11. And I understand the desire for positivity. We need it right now. And rest assured, I'll likely be at the home opener and PSU games next season yelling as loud as I can. It's just that this is a football forum, and if a development like this can't be discussed, I don't know what threads we can even have on here.
  12. I appreciate the sentiment DAG and I'll admit I have been too heavy handed in my words on here towards some people and have gotten a little too hot with AUght2win in the past so I don't blame him for not wanting to engage. That has been my bad. As I am reading some of his stuff today and the past few days, the realization that he is in the momentarily unhappy crowd and not the perpetually unhappy crowd has dawned on me. Changes stuff a bit.
  13. Some, not you, don't appear to be momentarily unhappy, they appear to be perpetually unhappy as long as CBH is on staff. Over the last couple of days of reading your stuff, I now get that you aren't one of the perpetually unhappy guys just momentarily unhappy. Like you pointed out there is a big difference between the two and I really appreciate you pointing out the difference.
  14. The thing is both of you guys should engage because you both bring some legitimately to the discussion. There are a handful of people from both sides who are 100% on way. Debates are great if there is checks and balances.
  15. you literally did to me, two hours ago, what you told the poster to not do to you. "Don't subtweet" and then said "I don't subtweet you". Fair enough, on not wanting to engage with me. PS, sorry @seliashad to quote you to get the timeline.
  16. I haven't given up on CBH at all. He and Auburn are tied by a cord right now, so I view his success and Auburn's immutable. Here's the thing so many don't get, and I'm not referring to you. @McLoofus touched on this earlier. So many people, especially early in this thread and on a lot of threads I've started, conflate reaction with desire. I am reacting negatively to what has been unfolding. How in the world do people come to the conclusion that that means I WANT negative things to happen? It's like watching your house burn. "Oh no! The house is on fire!" And your neighbor saying "Why are you being so negative? You just want that house to burn, is what it is!" Or "Is this really worth talking about? Stop dwelling on the negative!" My interpretation of things happening is not a desire for those things to continue to happen. My frustration with the past 3 months of Auburn football does not mean I want the next 11 months to resemble them. People have got to stop accusing the momentarily unhappy of being anti-Harsin. It's so insane.
  17. The one thing I cannot wrap my head around is why he hired his two former coordinators. I have an idea, but I think it set us back a bit. I have my own opinion on it, which I said several times over, but I always thought he should've just started with his guys, regardless of SEC experience. I had the same critique with Gus.
  18. Tubbs had one flaw - laziness. It really was that simple. Dude didn't have the fire for competition. If he was driven like Saban, he'd still be here on natty number 4 or 5 by now. The dude coached circles around Urban Meyer's pinnacle Florida teams, Saban's LSU teams, Fulmer's Tennessee teams, etc. I'd argue in terms of pure X's and O's, and CEO coaching, Tubberville was the best in the league. Just didn't want to recruit or innovate.
  19. And that is fine. I never considered you anti-harsin. However, there are people who are 100 % something and I can't associate with that. I totally get fans being in the Missouri state of mind set. I myself am cautiously optimistic. I have been the first to say, no way this team should've ever been 6-7
  20. Lol this is the wildest thread I think I’ve seen. Either the dude is going to win and he will stay or the dude is going to lose and he will be gone. Also if Harsin digs his own grave because he called a bunch of money men potatoes then good for him. He should be say what he wants. Those money men shouldn’t be running the show to begin with. Ain’t that kind of the problem?
  21. To help keep this much ado about nothing thread going....I have directly seen and can verify that one PTB on this site who has a handle AU and golf in the early 17th century call some fine patrons "idiots" and "numnuts". That sounds much worse than dud spuds. Where are the rioting fist fights from those comments? Ponder if you please. Peace out of this thread ✌
  22. People accuse me of being anti-Harsin. I LOVED the hire. And midway through the season I thought we had found an absolute gem. And hey, that STILL may be the case. My goodness, I hope so. I don't want another coaching search. But there are just so many red flags right now. And it seems like Harsin came in with things seriously miscalculated. I don't know where he goes from here. But it seems like he really did think he could come into the SEC at its prime and just out-tough everybody. It's almost disrespectful to the league. Harsin could be as tough as Patton but that alone isn't going to win in the SEC. I think he is realizing it now.
  23. Tubbs was good but he blew a lot of seasons particularly when UGA and Bama were down. Never really leveraged the opportunity to build Auburn into the powerhouse it could have been while Bama was playing musical chairs with coaches.
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