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  2. I forgot about all of the Literal Larrys. My bad
  3. 2018 Regular Season Projection

    That's all it takes. Our offense doesn't need to be USC in 2004...Though that would be nice. We need to not make elementary play calls. We got more than enough talent on offense. This team AGAIN should do big things.
  4. 2018 Regular Season Projection

    I agreed with you up until the uat part. Many people said the same last year and last year should've been the year. They had no business being in the playoff but that's been talked about ad nauseum. Uat will be uat this year. UGA probably will lose 2 maybe 3 games depending on what the east looks like. We should be undefeated til amen corner then who the heck knows what happens?
  5. Shameful behavior by America

    A simple yes or no is sufficient, weasel.
  6. Republicans see the VA nominee mess as a distillation of the problems with the president’s management style. By BURGESS EVERETT, ELIANA JOHNSON and ELANA SCHOR, 04/24/2018 07:20 PM EDT President Donald Trump could have avoided the firestorm over Ronny Jackson’s nomination if he’d taken Johnny Isakson’s advice to begin with. In a private conversation with Trump last month, the Senate Veterans’ Affairs chairman mounted a strong defense of then-VA Secretary David Shulkin. But despite Isakson’s guidance, Shulkin was canned a few days later, and Jackson, the White House physician, was quickly nominated to take his place. Jackson was chosen with little vetting, angering several White House aides, including chief of staff John Kelly. And now a whisper campaign of allegations threatens to tank his nomination. The episode offers a window into how the president’s impulsive decision-making has created problems for GOP senators as well as his own aides. On Tuesday, Senate Republicans were left to field questions about unsubstantiated allegations of misconduct against Jackson brought to the Veterans‘ Affairs Committee. One GOP senator, who requested anonymity, said the hope is that Trump withdraws the nomination sooner rather than later to avoid prolonging the pain. Instead, the president sent mixed signals about the nomination as Jackson fought to keep his prospects alive. In a private meeting with Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kansas), Jackson said the allegations are false and that he wants a hearing to make his case. At the same time, Trump was telling reporters that he “personally” didn’t think Jackson should fight on but it was “totally” Jackson’s decision. “The president says, ‘Oh yeah, I wouldn’t move forward with it.’ I mean, what does that say? If the president is going to put forward somebody’s name, he needs to have the confidence in that individual,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). “And if it’s just like kind of a knee-jerk, here’s a warm body? Then his team needs to work to make sure that the president sees the short-sightedness of that.”....... Read the rest at:
  7. 2018-19 UMASS GT OT Jack Driscoll

    Pretty sure we only have room for 1 grad transfer under the 25 yearly limit cap.
  8. Shameful behavior by America

    And my feelings where portrayed to you on this question in this very thread.....geez you are getting difficult.
  9. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Who knew that listening to The Smiths while I was at Auburn would pay off 30+ years later on an Auburn message board, lol?
  10. Huh.... Imagine that.
  11. Samford at Auburn baseball

    If Mize can bring us a win (should be able to) We have a chance of taking the series. Gotta keep the bats going though to get there.
  12. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    At this point they are on even levels right down to the negative recruiting so I'd be just as worried either way.
  13. Nova: Decoding the Weather Machine

    ''Soylent Green' here we come.
  14. Today
  15. Samford at Auburn baseball

    Nice win for Auburn. On to Florida to face the Gators.
  16. One more out needed.....runner almost picked off second....would have been embarrassing to get caught for the last out of game when you are 5 runs down. And grounder to Venter for out 3 and nice save by Anderson. 7-2 final
  17. two bouncer to Holland and that's out one... next batter doubles down into the LF corner.....runner on 2nd Last few outs of a game are often difficult....Fly ball to Williams in RF
  18. Venter with two runners on...2 outs ..... Venter gets under it a bit and it only makes it to the warning track in center to end the inning. Last chance for Samford.... And Anderson to try and finish the game...
  19. Julien gets hit on a 3 ball pitch....takes the base and a new pitcher coming for Samford to face Venter. Dunn playing all the odds......or maybe just wanting some of his young guys to get some time on the mound.. new pitcher with 15 walks in 17 innings... So Venter with 2 runners on......
  20. Samford at Auburn baseball

    Both of them. The differences are very distinct. Williams caresses the ball to the gap in right center and Julien just attacks the ball.
  21. Shameful behavior by America

    The question here is: do you support our country refusing a visa to the person profiled in the article or don't you?
  22. Jordan Wolfe is an Auburn Alumni, Class of 2012. She is married to Air Force Capt. Robert Wolfe. This is a video of her husband surprising her this weekend at the Dodgers game after a 6-month deployment in Afghanistan. The couple hadn’t seen each other for more than 200 days. As she says, "and all is right in the world!" H/T
  23. Wright goes down swinging... yep...glad he can't run off after one year.....
  24. Samford at Auburn baseball

    If there's a prettier left handed swing in college baseball I'd like to see it. It's going to be fun watching that kid do damage in this league for three years. And then see him get drafted somewhere at the top of the first round.
  25. Williams has pretty good success with leftys.......surprised by the change.....and Williams answers with a double... So Wright at the plate with Williams in scoring position...... boy you could see that coming with Williams....guy has been hot tonight and he did quite well against the bama lefties the past weekend.
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