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  2. Does not make sense but lots of people jump on a rare side effect or reaction to some medical treatment to lobby against it...or sue the companies that provide the product. But for proponents to ignore the side effects is dishonest too.
  3. All I can guarantee you is Bo Nix will not redshirt.
  4. I don't doubt that his intent if such....but there are different views on how to best prepare pitching arms.....and keep them healthy. Hoping he is getting good advice on the subject. There is lots more to it than counting pitches...but you are right, problems can start early but I'm still in the school of thought that pitchers don't get prepared for long careers....or even for long ball games.
  5. Pretty much every Latin American country has vax rates comparable to our own. In a lot of outbreaks, the cause is often an unvaxxed tourist or missionary. I hope Attkisson catches super shingles or something. She's dangerously stupid, promoting anti-vax propaganda during an outbreak.
  6. Gatewood is probably faster than Willis, but Willis might have a bit more quickness/shiftiness about him. Either way, my money is on Gatewood starting against Oregon.
  7. The damage is cumulative. Some of the problems with pitchers start in childhood, with poor mechanics and overuse in little league. It's very similar to how damage from concussions for football players often start while playing in Pop Warner. Butch can only control what happens once those kids are on his team, and from what I know about him, he takes very good care of his players and always has.
  8. I made friends with a neighborhood store owner who is Muslim. He didn’t seem very devout. But he told me there’s not much difference in Sunni vs Shiites. He said the fighting is more political. I just don’t comprehend that when that’s the division point.
  9. I never thought about glucose tabs. High sugar snacks would be ok for short term. But dr explained that it will raise levels very high for a short period. Then you crash that much harder. Best to eat something more balanced just don’t skip meals. If I had eat a sandwich, biscuit, oatmeal, cereal or basically anything with some carbs An hour or so before, i would have been fine. I’d be better served to cycle later in the day. My work shift is taking a toll on my body.
  10. OH NO! Not the Dabo, after all he is a bammer born and bred. That just comes with the coaching and diploma.
  11. who woulda thunk it ? But.....considering the way they lit up bama in the NC game I am almost inclined to forgive them...…
  12. Are you near Greenville? I get the impression that Greenville is a bit of a hotbed for quality libations. But you almost certainly know a lot more about it than I do.
  13. Guess the issue might be "overwork" compared to what they are prepared to do by virtue of their workout routines. And of course, lots of speculation that the modern pitches with emphasis on "action or movement" put more stress on the elbow and shoulder. The old guys threw fastballs with a standard curve and change-up. I"ve read that the splitter and variations are hazardous and maybe others too....the problem is you only learn the dangers after the damage is done.
  14. “Little old me and little old Clemson” cheating. gasp
  15. I just got a 2 million dollar bill for my son's last hospitalization. Any wanna help out in it?
  16. Yeah, don’t know how I forgot Owen. I think arm injuries are somewhat prevalent with every team. Just following college baseball podcasts and twitter accounts, there have been 3-4 pitching injuries reported this week. And I would think a lot more of those are because of overwork than being pampered.
  17. SPEED!? WHAT SPEED?! lol He runs like a new born baby deer. Joey is faster than him easily.
  18. Bout dang time....................................... PS Please don't fire me🙏
  19. It was mostly a joke lol.
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  21. Well Owen it seems, Mize for a while....but he's been here 3 seasons and I have no idea what went on at MSU....maybe nothing? Just seems that starters have had some issues. But I also worry /wonder about what goes on in the summers....and even before the guys got to Auburn. Not blaming CBT but just wondering if the "pampering" of pitchers really helps or makes a difference..
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