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  2. I’m mildly annoyed that you abandoned the letter format and went on to “Scenario 3”
  3. Something I don’t think has been mentioned but even though the conversions didn’t pan out just step back and think about what that said to the team to continue to go for it on 4th and goal and all the other 4th down plays vs UGA. To me it shows that the coach believes in his team and he is there to win and not just settle. Granted would have been nice to take points but everyone in that stadium would agree you don’t beat Uga with FGs
  4. Imagine the entire student section dressed in yellow golf ball costumes. If someone decided to quickly make them available, with a little less than two weeks to go, they could make a small fortune.
  5. So you mean we recruited up to SEC standards? I endorse this. Especially now that a neutered NCAA is not able to enforce anything.
  6. That's my man crush!! Little disappointed in whoever wrote that....only two bullet points, c'mon.
  7. Yesterday
  8. In the past, sure. Not this year
  9. Axe to grind much? For those that don't want to have to read through the entire edifice, these are the five "defining plays" that he chooses: Nix 39-yard touchdown pass to Ja’Varrius Johnson Jarquez Hunter fumble that was ruled dead due to stopped forward momentum by the ball carrier.* Nix 71-yard touchdown pass to Demetris Robertson PI call on sideline shot to Demetris Robertson Nix 23-yard touchdown run Mr. Wilson, on the off chance that you read this, here are a few other possible options that you chose not to go with: Strip-sack leading t
  10. That’s good to know! Hopefully he’s about to be 8-1!😁
  11. 7pm! It’s going to be looney tunes in JHS! Light show, Halloween fans, Night time. I like our chances in this one. Hopefully our fans don’t hurl cheap golf balls at Freshwater.
  12. I agree. Cubelic and McElroy are two of my favorites! I didn’t hear what he said (I avoid Finebaum as much as possible), but I like CBH! That dude is tough and gutsy! He loves what he preaches! And it is comforting to know that McElroy feels the same way about him.
  13. I agree. Their offense is good, but also mistake-prone. Their defense is not good! If we have a balanced offensive attack, we should do really well offensively. They will put up a lot of yards on us, but I think we can limit the points, and get some stops too. With 2 weeks to get healthier and prepare, knowing what is in front of us, and the JHS crowd, I like our chances in that game!
  14. Gonna have a Ole Miss yellow mustard Titleist Game... get Aubie this outfit n pass the mustard, just NOT on the field...
  15. Guess we need to throw a flagrant flag on ourselves!!
  16. It’s not just FB btw, we recently signed the no.1 swimmer in LA (ranked no.15 in the nation, 2021 class) Jacques Rathle (Thibodeaux, LA) and just recently landed another commitment for the 2022 class (#1 ranked swimmer in LA) Avery Henke (Lafayette, LA). Hopefully, we can flip some of the recruits which would make it even more likely to land some more kids in the coming years.
  17. That would be awesome. If he’s guilty he has to face the punishment, but if the punishment allows him to come back and play again then I’m sure he’ll be welcomed with open arms…assuming he earns his spot back with Harsin which I have no reason to suspect he wouldn’t.
  18. Bryan Harsin sends message to Auburn players about improving during the bye week Keith Farner | 4 hours ago 1-2 minutes Bryan Harsin and Auburn are on to the bye week coming off a big win at Arkansas as the Tigers are 5-2 as they take time off ahead of their game against Ole Miss on Oct. 30. “Overall, proud of our guys, really good effort,” Harsin said. “I think we can learn from that. We’ve got to take advantage of the bye week. Get a few guys healthy, get better at the stuff we’ve been working on and get ready to play against Ole
  19. Well deserved. That guy seems to be working his tail off!
  20. Kickoff time, TV set for Auburn's next game against Ole Miss ByNathan King 2 minutes Jenny Dell Recaps Auburn's Win Over No. 17 Arkansas Auburn will host Ole Miss under the lights in an important division showdown. In the Tigers' next game after their bye week, they'll play the Rebels (5-1, 2-1 SEC) at 6 p.m. CST inside Jordan-Hare Stadium, with the action set to be broadcast on ESPN, the SEC announced Monday
  21. AUBURN, Alabama—Part of a pass rush that helped to change the game in the third quarter for the Auburn Tigers with back-to-back sacks of Arkansas quarterback K.J. Jefferson, the second leading to a fumble and touchdown recovery, junior Colby Wooden has been named the SEC defensive lineman of the week for his two-sack performance in the win over the Razorbacks. Finishing the football game with four tackles, the two sacks and also a quarterback pressure, Wooden was a key performer for the Tigers in a game that hinged on the ability to get after Jefferson. "Coming in, we knew that
  22. Agreed. I like Mac. I don’t think I can ever stomach Finebaum again (haven’t heard a word he’s said in at least a decade outside of clips on gameday). His shows are designed to bring out the worst in people and he pays guests to fake it and get stuff started. Can’t believe that model is still working. I like the show I heard on Jox the other day though. I think it was Cubelic and McElroy? Solid football knowledge and pretty unbiased.
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