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  3. Brad_ATX

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    You also made false equivalencies to the issue at hand with regards to "dead Texans", as you put it, and our veterans as red herrings. Sorry, but those are two very seperate issues when discussing the one at hand, which is separating kids from families. Staying on topic would have significantly helped your argument. Instead your tangential rants and need to bash all things liberal or the media undercut the only part which you decided to quote yourself on.
  4. japantiger

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    you got to help me on this bud...I suggested doing what you proposed and you called me ignorant...that's some geometric logic there Captain Queeeg....
  5. Brad_ATX

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    Yeah, I read you correctly the first time. I stand by every word I said.
  6. I think your timeline is off. Not that it matters to you. I am still having a hard time believing anyone would mock a girl with downs syndrome. I have no problem believing he could mock Zac. Many have. That shock value is eclipsing human values among Trumpites became clear Tuesday night on Fox News. In a viral cable-news moment, Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager and current television commentator, faced off against Democratic strategist Zac Petkanas over the Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the border. It went on from there, with Petkanas repeatedly wondering how Lewandowski could dare say something so despicable and with Lewandowski saying that when you commit a crime in this country, you forfeit your right to be with your family. And yet Fox News wanted to hear more from this fellow. On Wednesday morning, host Sandra Smith welcomed Lewandowski back on to the Fox News air for something of a post-game interview. In other words, for some content like what Lewandowski tweeted on Wednesday morning:
  7. japantiger

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    I suggest reading for comprehension next time: " stuck with the existing program of keeping the kids separate from their criminally irresponsible parents or just deport them immediately since they didn't go thru the consulates"
  8. ellitor

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Doesn't appear to matter. They don't appear to be the factor we are.
  9. I wonder what kind of dog/s Justin Osborne has...
  10. ellitor

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    UOVing FSU right now & they appear way ahead. Would think so if he doesn't commit before then.
  11. More about leverage IMO. which Flott doesn't have much given all the DBs we are in a good spot with. If CF was a higher valued target I bet AU would still recruit him hard even with the shopping around.
  12. Been discussed a good bit. He hasn't taken his spot in this class seriously so the staff has backed off communication with him. If he showed out at LSU Friday, earning a committable offer then kudos to him.
  13. Bigger? Not necessarily. Better? very possible.
  14. ellitor

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    You just tapped into Golf's nightmare.
  15. Isn't he the kid who said the day he committed or shortly thereafter he was only "75% committed?" Yah sounds like he always had a foot out the door.
  16. Brad_ATX

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    This is beyond ignorant. You act as if it's one or the other. Either we open the borders completely or keep separating families. Hate to break this to you, but it is possible to want border control AND understand that splitting families is inhumane. We're supposed to want to be better than that as Americans. These are kids man. There's nothing, and I mean nothing, stopping us from detaining and exporting families together. It's the right thing to do, both for our border security and the kids involved who have no say in where they go.
  17. He is shopping and looking around so we are too. Gus is not about to get played here. He seems a lot more proactive and aggressive this cycle. I love it.
  18. C. Flott must not be that much of a bottom feeder option. LSU wouldn't be offering if he was. Something's fishy with this situation.
  19. Mikey

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Sadly, two of the final three teams are from the SEC. Go Beavers!
  20. TexasTiger


    The email, sent by the lawyer who runs the office’s major crimes unit, said prosecutors needed to streamline their work on smuggling cases. He said that would mean tight deadlines – sometimes just a few hours to produce reports and recordings – for those that would land in federal court. Going forward, the lawyer, Fred Sheppard, warned, if agents can’t meet that high bar, “the case will be declined.”
  21. She deplaned without a jacket because it's hot as hell in South Texas this time of year.
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