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  2. You think we'll have a 1,000 yard rusher in 2019 from that list?
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  4. Agree with you that he could play multiple positions. Most say LB, TE, WR, or maybe grow into a DE. I knew AU was tight with LB numbers. Love the kid though and the thought of him being a big safety came to mind since the DB slots are a little more loose right now.
  5. You're joking right? Being compared to Kyle Kuzma isn't a BAD thing at all..
  6. @AU64 said something similar in another thread but Jason said it pertaining to baseball so I'll post his comment here...
  7. Normally I would say yes but like I said his opinion came from a direct conversation with the recruit so that's different than his usual opinions.
  8. Welp Lsu it is then! lol. The kiss of death right there.
  9. Unfortunately he's likely not plugged in on this one. LSU likely has become a major threat.
  10. Didn't say she was their #1. 51-2 & 1.61 ERA is dominant no matter how you slice it. Thanks for the extra info though.
  11. Chris Nee, FSU insider, with a CB for the good dudes.
  12. Glad to see Vandy get the win tonight - Kumar with 11 Ks. Two of Vandy's runs scored on passed balls, and another on a swinging bunt. Vandy touched off some good balls, but they were mostly at someone. I was never even aware of the whistler.
  13. Actually Lopez was the #2 pitcher for OU, after Juarez. The feeling on Ultimate College Softball is that she transferred so she could finally be the #1 somewhere. Certainly has the numbers for it. Arizona lost McQuillen to graduation.
  14. None are acceptable. No matter who is president.
  15. I heard she doesn’t like saltwater and OU was the furthest from both coasts and the gulf.
  16. Lol, the left field line umpire is named Ray Charles.
  17. @4WDE it's annoying when you face palm a post & don't give a reason why. You are a well respected poster. If you have something to add or share then please do. Thanks!
  18. I don't think the legal system even dictates what beliefs a person has a right to hold. It does, however, dictate conduct expressing those beliefs. There's a popular SCOTUS case where the Court banned any use of peyote even though the particular group's religious beliefs required its use during ceremonies.
  19. If she's our leadoff hitter, Auburn is going to be awful. .319 career OBP (she doesn't walk) against weak competition (119th SoS per Massey in 2019), 9 CS in 30 career attempts. Judging by her total chances in the OF, you can speculatively say her range is good, but she has committed a few too many errors imo. Overall, not someone you'd want starting in the SEC.
  20. Gennai has huge problem.
  21. Vandy loves them. There are 2 of them.
  22. NM. He is back this inning. Argh!
  23. I have noticed that idiot too. Went for about 5 innings, but i think they finally got him out of there. Did not hear it this past inning. That is so bush league and should be an embarrassment to Vandy. THEY need to do something about it. All other teams in the SEC need to ban him. I know the kids may not hear it as mush as the spectators, but my gosh!!!
  24. Andre Iguodala and a doctor’s warning before game 5 sharing how pathetic GS’s
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