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  2. AUbritt


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  3. AURealist

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    Time spent in that kind of hell twists a man. Your opinion is tainted.
  4. amsterjam

    Upon Further Review -Ole Miss Game

    Woody, John, Jason, Jonathan, Zeke, Kodi, Kiehl, Tyrik, Sean and Jeremy say hello back?
  5. AURealist

    How Would You Fix This Team? Pt. 1

    Probably gonna regret this, but.... How are you going to fix the team, 'fifty?
  6. aujeff11

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    A dissecting ten minute video of what started the incredible fight between Ingram, Rondo, and Paul. Pretty interesting. I love the chippiness in tbe early season basketball games. I want MOAR!!
  7. GwillMac6

    Legatron waived by Vikings

    Hopefully he can have as long of a career as Sea Bass did for the RAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDERS. WAR DAMN LEGATRON!!!!
  8. Texan4Auburn

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    Lol, at that age for me I was living with OU grads on one side and Nebraska grads on the other. Those cats were running up 10 plus win seasons every year. So 4 losses was HUGE! Your damn right I would of ordered the firing of Pat Dye! With or without the net. Hell probably mediocre now cause we didn't fire Dye.
  9. PowerOfDixieland

    Malik Miller

    God it's hard to tell anything in this offense, Loof. Excruciating in fact.....
  10. I like it fam. This is how you do it right here baby!!! WOOOOO!!!! OOPS!!!! I guess I should of prefaced it by saying when is the last time a WHITE DUDE who was bald won big at this level. BUT when you are right you are right. James Franklin and Shaw are big time!
  11. David Shaw Charlie Strong
  12. AUTigerTime

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Yea, i realize we got those 2 for another year, but you obviously don't want to be starting true freshman at OT. So it'd be better to get some in this year to get the coached up some. It seems almost certain that we HAVE to go the graduate transfer/JUCO route if we don't get some quality tackles in this class. Besides Troxell, we're not going to have anyone at Tackle in 2020 (baring freshmen).
  13. I do not trust Bald Head Coaches. NEED MORE SWAG!! haha. Clarke Looks to much like Finebaum to me. RUXIN UNCLEAN!!! RUXIN UNCLEAN! I can never unsee that now! lmao. Besides James Franklin when is the last time a Bald Head Coach ended up being good at this level? I will hang up and listen! lol
  14. As long as Gus is not at Auburn next year it is a win for all of us and I will be happy. Whoever is the next hire will be better than Gus. And for that I am excited about the next era of AU football.
  15. Yeah...good luck with that! My wife and I were fantasizing what we’d do with that money on the way over to Nashville.
  16. Heh. Sarcasm. Long? Not long. Took less than a year and a half. Not long at all. His team looks over the hump to me. What more do you want? The posts in this thread are filled in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over in facts. Don't leave any out. AU was 14-0 two years before they were 3-9. Gus had (and has) the entire AU military industrial complex at his disposal. Brohm had to build his team in a cave from scraps. Brohm wins bowl games. Gus does not. You know, just for facts....
  17. Hey Ichy... thanks for the hit brother. Always lets me know I'm in a good place. Check out the Natural Hair Movement and their beliefs over white women and curls. Then hit us back with one of you masterful written pieces that you are so good at. Absolutely loved your thoughts on everything else so far, learned so much from you.... keep up the fight by educating others... we can do this man!
  18. AUDevil

    Anyone have info on injury to Boobee

    He's not a 1-A high school QB any longer...he's learning to run how an SEC running back needs to run to protect himself. I think he'll improve, hopefully before something major happens.
  19. ChltteTiger

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    Also keep in mind AU got jobbed in '83. We were #3 going into the bowl games; we barely beat Michigan, the two teams ahead of us lost (#1 Nebraska, #2 Texas), Miami the #5 team who beat #1 Nebraska jumped into the final #1 spot. While everyone was disappointed with the final poll, there was a mountain of optimism for the future.
  20. The biggest frustration we have with gus is not living up to our (and his) expectations. He consistently loses games he shouldnt, and although he wins games he shouldnt he doesnt do it often enough. Many have question Brohm and whether he is the real deal or not-idk. Im buying into Bill Clark more and more though. And the number one reason-consistency. He consistently wins and builds programs up. Whether it was at Prattville, JSU, or UAB hes shown he can win. I think he’ll end up somewhere in the SEC this year but i do hope auburn gets him soon
  21. DaddyBoyAU


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  22. ChltteTiger

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    The kickers name was Robert McGinty he transferred to Florida and had a hand in Florida's upset of unbeaten AU in '86.
  23. aubiefifty

    How Would You Fix This Team? Pt. 1

    if i win that billion plus in the ga lottery i just bought tickets for i will fix the team no problem.
  24. alexava

    Anyone have info on injury to Boobee

    You watched any football lately? I don’t know how any player on the field finishes a game much less suit up and do it again the next week. But. Yes some guys get hurt more than others. I don’t know how labeling them injury prone matters. I never liked people calling Cadillac injury prone.
  25. AuMarine


    Bought tickets with 3 friends.. we each put in 10.00. We can hope.
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