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  2. I would be in favor of an investigation as to why the intelligence was so poor regarding defenses at the location. From the detailed accounts I've seen; they flew into a hornets nest; and the Green Beret that died was likely dead before the plan hit the ground.
  3. The hater in me sees this as a $10 mil smokescreen to cover up all of the bad that comes from their athletics, but I can't help but appreciate it, smokescreen or not. Even the worst of us deserve credit when we do good, and in this case, bama done good.
  4. You don't. It has to be hosted online, somewhere. Upload it to some form of social media and then link it.
  5. You have a point. Perhaps I should have given more detail. In the global economy, we can not simply, artificially raise wages, only in our country. We have to raise wages on the global level. We have to create consumers capable of more than just subsistence consumption. Production demands consumption and, vice-versa. Balancing leads to growth. Which is why, a one-sided economic theory is inane. We need to stop the widening gap between the relative values of labor and capital (on a global scale). Exploiting cheap labor promotes limited, narrow economic opportunity and interests. I disagree with your assertion that all workers do not deserve a living wage, a wage at least in line with what is required for shelter, food, medical care, basic needs. If we have to supplement wages with welfare, who are we really benefiting? Ultimately, we are talking about human beings, not disposable inputs to production. Ultimately, better societies will create more productive, safer, higher quality of life, environments. Perhaps, if we balance the interests of society and capital, we can achieve much more than simply focusing on one or, the other?
  6. SECCountry Interview Link also includes AU offers over the weekend.
  7. How that POS gets away with it, I'll never understand. And, no, I'm not interested in trying to put myself in Stoops's shoes, so I'll take my self righteous ball and go home now
  8. Admittedly a huge character flaw on my part. I have serious trouble putting myself in the shoes of others when it comes to understanding, coping, etc. If it makes sense to me, it's hard for me to imagine it not making sense to others. I will say, I never got the impression that Mayfield was a knucklehead... an a**, definitely, but he came across as smart to me... just totally full of himself. It does seem to be a trend when it comes to the best QBs. It also speaks to the way Stoops runs his team. There's no way he doesn't know the personalities of his players, and not keeping a reign on the key to your team's success is just stupid... but we already knew that character isn't a priority for Stoops.
  9. Yup... and Chandler was a mess for a while, until he figured it out and started nailing his blocks. I honestly haven't analyzed Stove's downfield blocking to see how he is with that. Smith hasn't played enough to know how versatile he is. As for Kam Martin... well, the "catch" in the Georgia game tells me what I need to know about how ready he was last year. I think we have a lot of guys who have the physical ability and are getting there mentally. Hopefully this year we'll be able to mix it up a lot, without substitutions, and see some things like downfield blocking, that haven't been a strong suit for us since 2010. If not, that will be our Achilles heel.
  10. Go to site above Push the "New Posts' button Drag/drop your picture into the frame provided Click the V-shaped down arrow - then click "Get Share Links" Copy the text link called BBCode(Forums) past that into your post here. Hope this helps.
  11. For you. Not saying Mayfield isn't a knucklehead- I got the distinct impression during the bowl game that he absolutely is- but you can't make a blanket statement like that. People grow up under infinite circumstances and battle infinite demons. Jerry Sandusky's son is a child molester. Why? Almost certainly because his dad molested him. Turns out it wasn't that easy for him not to molest kids, too. Not saying it's okay, obviously, but you're wrong to say that it's easy for everybody to walk the straight and narrow.
  12. Especially one that was in the state Auburn's was in when Pearl took over.
  13. That seems to be the case all too often with coaches in big-time college football and the NFL. They may be very good at what they do but fail to be successful due to circumstances beyond their control.
  14. They are either just potshots at libs or they are of a nature that there's zero chance any substantive conversation is coming from it. The regular forum is for serious, thoughtful discussions. Libs getting their comeuppance because of getting too political at the Oscars/Emmys/Grammys/BET Awards doesn't reach that bar.
  15. I guess I just don't get the mentality that someone with a huge future ahead of him would even put himself in that position. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's not hard to not break the rules, especially when you have so much to gain. Of all of my friends in college at Auburn, I think I can name 2 who actually did anything that the police could even consider arresting someone over, and even then there was no violence and no ones health or life was in danger. We went out, had a good time, etc, but there was always a driver, there were always a guy or two to help you steer clear of danger, and whenever we did something that was harmless but stupid, there were always quality lookouts. Oh... and for the record, when I was in school in the 90s, there were quite a few public intoxication arrests. That was when a bar couldn't stay open in Auburn for more than 6 months before the city found a reason to shut it down. The Supper Club only survived because it was outside the city limits.
  16. I notice some threads are being moved from this forum to the smack forum. Not clear why since the topics themselves aren't smack. Guess I'm wrong but it seems a thread becomes smack after resposes. But it is interesting that the replies in the smack forum are a whole lot less even though the topics are interesting. Clarification appreciated.
  17. Ashley. Stidham can't throw the ball on his back.
  18. Someone posted earlier they got nervous when power 5 teams come after our recruits, I would be nervous if none were doing that myself!
  19. Where in hot heck did he get that projected depth chart? Deshaun was our starter at MLB last year. Tre and Darrell played OLB when we had three on the field. I don't expect that to change unless we shift to some four LB sets with Tre shifting to the second ILB spot. Anyway, I do agree that it should be a position of strength so long as the depth holds up.
  20. Best tackler in Fayetteville IMO
  21. No... you gave three reasons, against each of which I provided valid, logical arguments and your response to those arguments was "no". Is your "no" a "I reject your reality and substitute my own", or are you prepared to lay out some logic as to why my arguments are inaccurate?
  22. So that's a good reason they should not be moved from GITMO to a "detaining state?"
  23. We not only need size, but that size needs to be willing to get his hands dirty. We need a guy that will box out, defend, and fight for loose balls. We need toughness on this team in a very bad way! I'm also hoping that Davion Mitchell is going to come in and take this team over. To me, Harper would be better coming off the bench as an offensive spark plug if we had a try point guard that can run the offense and get everyone else involved. There's way too much 1on1 street ball, especially when we are trying to come from behind.
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  25. I think the Trump administration is intentionally distracting the media. From what? That is the question!
  26. I'll use yesterday as an example. Because it was early in the season, I feel like they let Veach swing away with a runner on second and nobody out. It was a great opportunity for her to get experience in a pressured situation. I know she's a good power hitter, but she, along with everyone else had struggled to come close to squaring a ball up. Later in the season, say in the SECT in a similar situation, I think we see a bunt there to get the runner to third with one out. I think that was an adjustment that could've been made earlier in the game with a few hitters if the game mattered. I also think we might see a little different lineup in the future against a great rise ball pitcher like her. And because Good was throwing strikes, we looked to be more aggressive early in counts, which isn't really our style. So, that was an adjustment we made that didn't really work in our favor. I think they used this game as a fact finding game. I'm certain they wanted to win it, but it felt like they wanted to win it a certain way rather than by any means necessary, which is understandable and reasonable this early in the season. A loss in this game didn't matter much at all.
  27. The point is that Trump barred media outlets from a press briefing. Those news outlets are all reporting on the Russian involvement in our elections. I'm sure this was Bannon's decision. Trump thrives on media attention and spends more time talking about media than any other topic, besides himself.
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