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  2. I recently ran across a guy who farm raisess Wagyu cattle near where I live and was telling me about how great they are. He claims Wagyu has spoiled him to the point to where he just can no longer get excited about regular angus style steak or burgers anymore. No doubt they are a top notch quality meat, and I was sold on the sounds of it....Untilllll......... I find out its $55.00/lb for a Ribeye!! So I understand it costs a lot more to raise, and alot more goes into raising them...but dang!! LOL......I am just wondering, if anyone has tried Wagyu and has an honest opinion on them. Are th
  3. Is that cut something we have always done? It seems different than how it looks on game days... Or did the guy have vision problems when cutting the grass?
  4. Yesss. I used to use Dale all the time for my burgers, and if too much, yes that sodium really kicked in. I now use a steak black seasoning blend, dry, that I sprinkle on hamburgers that really seal in juices and gives it a very good flavor. Who ever thought a 3* player would get so many pages.
  5. Can you have both? If our D-line is getting pushed around, then wouldnt that bode well for the O-line and Vice-Versa? I expect our Oline to get Smoked by the D-line BTW.
  6. Well, the guy in the top picture is John Bennette https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_R._Bennett who is on record that he hates Muslims and would absolutely hate the people in the bottom picture. It's very likely his wife agrees with his views and it's also just as likely he's spreading his hate on to his children. You can make whatever inference you want on the photo.....I just find the similarities to be amusing.
  7. Thanks for updating us E. But I guess it's better to get positive teases, than these negative ones we get too. Such a roller coaster ride in recruiting....
  8. CPS arrested the Nebraska defensive end after the Cotton Bowl for child abuse.
  9. I’m ready to see Tennison on Defense and Javarrius on Offense. Been seeing some really good stuff about them. We really get to see our team play tomorrow with a real offense and competent coaching staff. Ready for it.
  10. 10 years ago if you’d been told the nominee of either party was sharing polling data with Russian intelligence would you have been as likely to dismiss it as unimportant?
  11. Went to Montana for a conference 3-4 years ago and stopped at a liquor store in Bozeman-Had found Pappy and Eagle Rare 17 on the shelf there previously. They didn’t have the real premium stuff on the shelf but they did have EHT single barrel at slightly below MSRP. I bought 10 bottles and spent the next three hours or so getting supplies, packaging, and shipping back to my house in AL via UPS. Wifey not super happy with me about the way we spent that afternoon😔
  12. For sure. I once ordered a big shipment from a shop in Rome that I had visited. It included a sixer of Westy 12 which I don't even know how they had it. Anyway, sure, no problem, they send it... but they don't package it worth a s***, a bottle breaks and leaks all over the place, customs intercepts, no go. So they try again, except neither of us knew that they couldn't ship to a residence in Georgia. That was on me, because this tiny little craft beer store in Italy in the early aughts didn't know jack about shipping to the US. So *that* package is returned to them, and they're like what
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  14. The Haley Center is the biggest "meme" on Auburn's campus.
  15. Bills making it through AL legislature to allow shipping to residences in AL. That will potentially greatly expand my options for all alcoholic beverages if it goes through.
  16. We did not sign any pitchers in this class nor do I think we bring in a transfer if Lowe, Penta, Dismukes, and Yarbrough all stay. I could see us bringing in a transfer if one of those four leave though. We have two more highly rated pitchers coming in the next class too. Denver Bryant and Kelsey Schmidt are the two with the most power in the 2020 class. Cox and Packer are probably good for a few HRs a year but will mainly get on base with line drives and groundballs. Geraghty, who was highly rated out of high school, is a pure slapper. I’m not familiar with Falisi’s stats. I’d love
  17. Stand to reason that he may share info but hard to imagine it being anything of real value.
  18. There are teaching moments is each kids life. If we as parents miss them and/or dismiss them, we are not doing them any favors and the parents usually pay for it later. JMO.
  19. I’ve been looking at this and got to some local outlets and found an interesting article. This was the 3rd mass murder in Indianapolis since the first of the year. I have not seen any national news on these stories of, as you call them, *well regulated militia*. I’m curious if you have? https://www.wthr.com/article/news/crime/fedex-shooting-is-third-mass-casualty-case-for-impd-this-year/531-eed8a086-564a-46e7-a333-333cde4ec9de Note that the definitions of mass *shooting* is malleable as it can be 4 or more gunshot victims as a mass shooting (Chicago has one or two each weekend) as
  20. Don't forget 0-2 in women's basketball and 0-1 in gymnastics bringing our overall grand total to a whopping 0-10. The pitching has gotten worse this year. No mental toughness. Hudson was a great player but obviously not qualified as a coach. A change has to be made. What is so crazy is that Butch was supposedly a great pitching coach. He needs to get involved ASAP and make a change in the off-season
  21. I do a good grade hamburger with a couple seasonings and some sauces. To me the key is Dale's sauce & bacon bits mixed together. Bacon bits give the fat needed to counter the higher grade burger. Have to be careful with Dales because it will absolutely over salt it if you aren't careful
  22. Based on what I saw on the signing, unless he brings in a transfer, none of these signed players were pitchers, or if they were, it was not their primary position. I didn't see the video, so that may be more telling, than what I only could relate to technically. Based on the current starters avgs and production, I can see some Freshmen ladies either taking over the position or definitely pushing the starters. Especially at C and 2nd, and 3rd. We have got to get more power in the lineup. It would be interesting if our current freshman had power numbers coming out of HS. It cou
  23. Most folks I know who favor arming to the teeth as part of their identity are more fearful of their fellow Americans.
  24. @steeleagle is correct, but we are not sure who will stay for another year. Based on the video, it would appear everyone is leaving, but I imagine we will get more details on Senior Day. If they do all leave, we will have LF, RF, SS, and 1B open. I would also say 3B and C are open based on the number of different players seeing time there. The only spots with a full-time starter returning are 2B and CF. Packer and Cox will be pushed by these newcomers and will need to earn their starts.
  25. Pettaway looks great on film. Not really sure about the competition though. They are in slooooow motion.
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