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  2. So you think it is okay? Flaming conservatives are now pro-fraud? And we’re assuming politics based on the University someone teaches at or do you actually have other info?
  3. Go back to the prediction thread from this season. A lot of the nega barners( me in cluded) had us at no worse than 8-4. You do not give us enough credit. We are more realistic than you think. More reactionary than anything.
  4. The bottom was supposed to fall out this year. According to the negatators we'd be lucky to be 3-3 at this point. Some on this board had us at 2-4 by now. That didn't happen. How can anyone predict bad things about 2020 when so many already blew 2019?
  5. I think Gus is willing to take plan Bs and Cs and Ds, but none of those plan Bs and Cs and Ds are willing to commit to Gus. And no matter what e says, Grimes ain't making it happen.
  6. Well, the Wild won, which leaves one certain team as the lone remaining “defeated” team in the league, ouch!
  7. Yep, uncharacteristic of MP, not sure what the issue was. I even paused the game, thinking MP was hurt and we had a backup in, but nope. Another issue, if you are a LAC fan, is how do you not adjust and cover Conner on every pass attempt, lol!
  8. THAT. IS. THE. FRICKIN. POINT. Auburn is such a great program. We are set up so well to succeed that even with every coach since Dye being mediocre at best none of them were abject failures. All of them had at least 1 great season. None were a total disaster. Just think if we actually make a good hire. We can finally get to where we want to go as a program CONSISTENTLY. Which has long alluded us. You are giving our current position to much credit. 4 of the last 6 seasons resulted in 4 losses or more. That is unacceptable for a prestigious program like ours. If it happens again this year......... a change absolutely should be considered. Even if it is not then there is absolutely no way he makes it past 2020 because the bottom will fall out then and there will be no choice. Either get out ahead of it now or just wait for the inevitable to happen in a year.
  9. We are way past due for that. Do you think there's something in the water here that turns a mistake into a one year wonder? We've been very lucky. Before we try this again there had better be some solid reasons for a change and a solid guy to take the job. Look at what bammer went through before Saban got there. Think there's some great gremlin that will protect us from that? There isn't. Things will have to be worse here than what they are now before a change is even considered.
  10. Fine. Then let's have the whiners and complainers root for the Auburn coaches and team instead of griping their lives away. PS: That "satisfied with mediocrity" nonsense is just that, nonsense. It must sound good to the whiners because they type it a lot but it's never been true.
  11. That’s what happens when the media makes you believe that Kirby is building a Bama dynasty over there
  12. @jared52 why did you downvote this post? Seriously. I have been trying to figure this out for over a week man!!! lol. I NEED ANSWERS!!!
  13. Why should we be choosy now? Because right now we aren't in a a bind like we were in when the above were hired. Also, look at your list. How many of them were a success? Dye, who had a solid record at East Carolina before his one year at Wyoming and Tuberville who had great creds as an assistant at Miami prior to Ol' Miss. I'd call Bowden and Malzahn successes but not many others here would. So, by board standards 2/6 of those were a success. I don't like the odds.
  14. You really just totally glossed over this whole thread since you last posted lol.............. When has us EVER changing coaches turned us in to what Rocky Top has become since they let go Fulmer? You literally just had several posters outline how changing coaches always gives us one of our best seasons in history. Come on Mike. Try to play ball and work with us here man. Even when a change will be required do not pretend like your mindset will also change with it. You still will be banging the drum for the WELL PLEASE SHOW US WHO WE CAN GET WHO IS BETTER. All we are trying to say is that is a losing mind set. You cannot not change coaches just because you are scared of who the next one will be.
  15. What part of this that I wrote did you fail to understand? " If/when a change is required, make one" ? A change isn't required now. I'm still waiting for the name of Coach Magic that the big talkers think is just waiting to take over and win 12 a year at AU. LMAO! better check with Tennessee, Florida, etc, etc, etc about that one .
  16. I think, and hope, you are right but I bet GA fans thought the same thing with USC.
  17. College town bartenders at a chain restaurant...just...stop with your beer talk. I do applause your enthusiasm, though. Keep trying, young blood.
  18. Nancy Wallace , professor at Cal- Berkeley ( a flaming liberal) saying “ this kind of stuff is not OK”. Imagine that!
  19. They may start off hit with the passing game, but they are not running the ball on us. We can name our score this weekend.
  20. Hell what more could you want. I got free golf balls, bags, shirts etc etc plus I could eat at Sewell Hall anytime I wanted. Shug took a liking to me cause I was a frat brother and good football recruiter host Love hearing these kinds of stories, seriously. Thanks for sharing. Athletics had already gotten too corporate even by my time at AU for that kind of stuff
  21. In a positive sense, me being as hopeful as possible, this game seemed like a culmination of his worst traits he's displayed this season. You'd like to think, in what was his first real road game of the season (playing in Kyle Field is a joke), that it cant get that bad again. Im the worst possible person to assure you of that with DV being right around the corner, but hes what we got, so we must hope
  22. This. Most of his picks against Florida came from missing a Safety who was sitting in a zone tracking Bo’s eyes. On to the next one.
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