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  2. Sir it is different and you know the distinction between the two . Don't play dumb. There is a difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy. A “democracy is run by people and republic is run by the laws of constitution.”
  3. You are a fool for believing a mock trial where only one side's account is given
  4. Well it would still work in our favor if so. Right now you got Nick Eason over at Clemson slamming our staff and sowing doubt toward the longevity of their tenure. Best way to stop that is to win.
  5. MLB.com released their newest edition of the top 250 draft Prospects. Irish-121 Crotchfelt-160 Stanfield-182 Murphy-201 Burkhalter-207 Barnett-209 No Sonny.
  6. I probably shouldn't have posted it. Figured since people claim they actually saw it rather than hear-say and it's more of a funny rumor (banned from the sidelines, lol) than malicious like racism or cheating I'd post it. Mods can obviously delete if need be
  7. I see Megan Rapinoe is scheduled to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Brandon. What a disgrace! Honor a person who hates America. Perhaps Brandon should ask Subway how that worked out.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasnt separation of Church and State the foundation of this country?
  9. That “rumors” thing appears to have flown the coop this year. At least, if it applies to everyone on the board….
  10. Today
  11. We're doin' great, Joe...keep thinking we're being "noble" by paying out the wazoo for gas (and everything else). 🤡
  12. I could conceivably agree with that, but it depends on how you define the "right". The current "right" is on the high road to fascism.
  13. Wait until some poor woman gets arrested for trying to cross a state line (and it will happen). The political reaction will be epic. Who needs a 4 year Trump clown show ? Thanks to him, we've got one that might last decades. I feel for the human suffering that's going to feed it though.
  14. Well - like Einstein said - everything's relative.
  15. And I think nonborder states tend to exaggerate the issue.
  16. See? You lumped me in. Tucker is a dumbass. Keep painting with your brush.
  17. I’m confused by this. You’re conceding that Auburn is going to field less talent for the foreseeable future, but advocating for Harsin to keep his job. Makes me think that you’re ok with Harsin downgrading our roster for a couple of more years, and putting us in a tougher situation with whoever coaches next. Why?
  18. I don't assume until after I read. Maybe you need to consider what your posts imply - if not state outright - before posting them.
  19. Hold up. I've heard multiple people state on On3 that they witnessed one of our boosters go over and yell at Tommy Tuberville one time during an Arkansas game. In turn Tubs banned said booster from the sidelines after that. I know we don't do "rumors" around here, but multiple people claim it happened. No clue, but always found that interesting. I would think if you're paying a s*** ton of money you'd get sideline passes, so it doesn't seem far-fetched to me that they could at least be standing there.
  20. Ay, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your safe space, my bad guy. You can go back to your regularly scheduled Tucker time
  21. Such are the things that leverage the failure of a democratic experiment.
  22. Definitely too early for even a guess at this point.
  23. If you give me a coach who’s like a guaranteed floor of 9 wins, who’s decisions will occasionally net you an Alabama win or an ugly Alabama loss, I would take that. The latter was the best attribute of Gus + you tack on an extra win or 2. now Lane could still flame out. Who knows? But I would trust him to do more with less talent wise than many options…and I think we might have to field less talent for the foreseeable future (not calling for Harsin to be fired)
  24. Hope he doesn’t listen to you and will commit to us early
  25. The Alabama and Auburn games had some ugly analytical decisions, but the stuff he pulled was the difference between being top ~7 and being top ~15. And that wasn’t with a particularly talented team. In a macro sense, that was one of the better coaching jobs of the season
  26. Man I was really hoping @SurfingTiger would come back with an attempted retort. Too bad he seems to have tucked tail and run after his ignorant rant about the 1st amend
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