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  2. Marcus McNeil
  3. I think he meant Antuan Jackson who just transferred out.
  4. If I never have to look at Kramer's hair or his mom again, I'll die happy.
  5. I'm not sold on Stidham just yet. Give me Cam. 2nd choice Bo. I don't understand the op's question. I think all answers should omit qbs and rbs.
  6. Really I meant only one player...probably should have clarified..And omitted cam and bo
  7. Yes. Also I forgot to mention qb which is a must get also
  8. Glad you said it not me but I sure as heck agree.
  9. Man, it's hard to read that and not question the kid, but he might as well take his shot I suppose. And, hey, if he lands at Michigan as the only RB in his class, then dumb me for ever doubting him.
  10. Peterson? wait..we lost Alec Jackson from Montgomery?
  11. Same group of money people who I will argue hand picked Jacobs. All that Jetgate did was make them more careful about their actions getting out. Nope... that's the point of charity, if you ask me. You believe in the mission and you trust those on said mission to do what's right. I don't question a single organization that I support. Giving them money doesn't put me on their board or give me the right to question their leadership. If I feel they aren't completing the purpose that I am supporting, I can stop giving, after all. Unfortunately, when people get money to the level where other people stop telling them "no", then they forget that they are not experts and their opinion is not always right or even relevant. One of the big problems we have in this country is that we have too many people who value the ability to pay for something over the knowledge to actually do it. I doubt Auburn will ever have trouble raising money, athletically or otherwise. Alumni LOVE Auburn and even if they have to do a 10-1 replacement for those who overstep their place as a donor, it shouldn't be hard. Personally, I'm really interested to see what happens when one of these people who think they run the school calls the new president to tell him how to do his job.
  12. And now we get to hear that the University of Florida is the only SEC school to win a national championship in each of the big 3 sports. Jeremy Foley is getting a lot of the credit for that. Hmmm....
  13. Probaby should have omitted him to not make it so easy but it's not like we need a QB even though he IS Cam.
  14. Who is the darkhorse recruit? Trey Hill?
  15. Like E mentioned we have been very good/consistent in regards to recruiting with Gus. I believe we win the SEC and this could catapult us into an elite level. Atm we have a very good shot at getting 2 top 25 players and a dark horse for a 3rd. Now we need players at positions of news like safety though. It is encouraging Monday is still communicating with us but we are a long shot atm. Safety OT and dline are needs for this class. It is not a very deep class at DT and alot of the top DE around South have already committed elsewhere. Losing Jackson hurt us with our DT depth which was looking good before he left.
  16. Im kinda sentimental when it comes to sports. Corso has been around for as long as I can remember. College Game day is a fall saturday staple for me....well kind of,...I dont watch it all the time, but still.... As Corso goes, so does college game day, when that goes, those fall saturdays will be a little empty in the mornings for me. I just cant imagine many who could step in for Corso who could match his character or entertainment.
  17. Jetgate...A different AD and different times.....some lessons learned I hope. JMO but there is not always more money out there.....only a select few who give big money to athletic programs and as you note, the quid pro quo is that they expect to have some say so about what goes on. Don't know what your philanthropic habits are but I bet that anyplace where you make large donations...Auburn, your church or whatever, you want to know how it is being used and want to be sure it's being used in a manner you approve of. For Gouge and of their primary roles is to raise money for AU from the big donors. Gouge is departing of course and when JJ hangs it up, his successor needs to be someone who can keep the big bucks flowing to the Athletic Department.
  18. He wants to go somewhere where he is RB1 & maybe the only RB in the class.
  19. got a crystal ball for michigan state this afternoon. lol alrighty then. This kid is all over the place.
  20. Because for the most part the natty game next year class bump is a myth. The real bump, if the team stays consistent, comes 4 classes after the natty or natty game appearance. 2014 would have been our bump class but the 2012 season & coach turnover nullified that. Even still we have had 5 or 6 top 10 classes in a row under Malzahn which is the best run for AU in the recruiting site era.
  21. Nope, not kidding. There's always more money out there. We have a group of people who's money has afforded them WAY too much influence and most of the negative things that have happened to the program (other than players acting a fool off the field) can be traced back to them. See Jetgate as a prime and one of the more public examples.
  22. Went to FSU. Graduation was a sad, sad day
  23. Looks like he only has a couple of mid level offers. I suspect there is something amiss here (grades, coachability, something) . Maybe he picked BB to focus on. I think he is being overlooked b/c he is skinny or something. Wish we knew.
  24. No clue. There's been very little on him since the article in the OP. Only offer remain Illinios & Tulane.
  25. Why could we not get our 'bump' in recruiting in 2011 and 2014? For the life of me....whatever that means.
  26. Most recent rumor on softball board I follow - Baylor.
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