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  2. I read that 1 Oklahoma State football players and so far Alabama has 5 players that has COVID-19. How in the world are we gonna have football this year?
  3. I actually get being in that position. It's how I felt. I couldn't vote for her. But I couldn't vote for him either. So I voted third-party. This year I will be unable to vote for Trump again. None of the reasons I couldn't vote for him have changed and he's managed to only prove virtually every concern about his ability (or lack thereof) to lead this country to be right. Whether that translates into another third-party vote or just an outright Biden vote to send the GOP leadership bereft of a spine or a set of balls a louder message I'm not sure yet.
  4. I am a simple dude. I see a gif of the ROCK and I hit the like button! WOOOOO!!!!! LFG BAY BAAAAAAAY!!!
  5. Having experience as a career politician doesn't "qualify" you to be a leader of the greatest country in the world. She was disliked by so many that she lost to possibly the least likely candidate we've ever seen. She was a horrible candidate. No, I didn't vote for Hillary. Now, or ever. No, I also didn't vote for Trump. Casting a vote for a dude that has risen the bar of creepiness that may surpass slick Willie himself, who is too old to realistically be considered for POTUS, and has shown clear signs of potential early onset dementia because you don't like the incumbent? Funny how you think that isn't a spineless co-pout. We should have done better than Biden. The last 4 candidates to lead our country have been the worst choices we have put forth to the voters, and Trump was 2 of them.
  6. Agree, we had an assistant coach that wanted money, money to steer kids after they turn Pro. Big difference between what he was doing and all the crap everyone else has been pulling.
  7. Jay Tate was saying Marco Domio is the only player that hasn’t reported.
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  9. I bet if most people count "real friends", outside of immediate family, they could not fill up the fingers on half a hand. JMO Brad but that was crap question.
  10. Okay? That's him kneeling before the anthem, which he then stood up for. That is meaningless.
  11. Hillary was as qualified a candidate as we've seen in ages. She was a bad campaigner and many people decided they hated her for reasons that had nothing to do with her ability to lead the country. But she wasn't a bad candidate. At some point, it became ok to say "Well, it was either him or Hillary, and I couldn't vote for her." That is a spineless copout.
  12. Originally Marilyn. Rewitten for Diana due to a misunderstanding between Elton and Bernie. He basically asked Bernie to write a tribute for Diana's funeral very much like he did for Marilyn. Bernie misunderstood and wrote the lyric to Candle in the Wind and Elton decided to keep it that way. A multi-million dollar misunderstanding by the way. Wish I could make a mistake like that. Goodbye Norma Jean is the one for Marilyn which is the one above. Goodbye England's Rose was for Diana.
  13. Trump is definitely a symptom and not the disease. But the disease is stupidity and fear. It's not politics. If people really just wanted an antidote to business as usual, they've had countless better options over the years. There will be a better option in every election going forward. Bernie Sanders was a better option both times. But that's not what people really want. That's an excuse to justify something much darker.
  14. Someone could make a very interesting trivia question out of Auburn's most memorable Matthews play.
  15. Not specific but just like many kids due to the crazy times we’re in it could be at any moment.
  16. Fantatic saw Billy numerous times once in Auburn front row.............. one of my all time favorites. In his younger days he could put on one frickin concert. This how Billy look like when I saw his concerts and he always played in front of the band and the hair.....................
  17. Does he have any timeline for commitment?
  18. Definitely remember the heyday of Elton. Empty Garden was haunting. Anyway the answers are Lennon and Marilyn.
  19. Is there a mask big enough for the picture cards? Are there materials less conducive to gum-interference? Asking for a friend on behalf of many coaches... 🤣
  20. Great song and movie. Love Brian and Cusak so win/win for me.
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