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  2. We should be spending more anyway. We have similar revenues as a number of top teams in our conference but spend about half as much as they do.
  3. It absolutely why. That and some just hate that in the future people won't have the control over others they once had. Great thing about it nobody cares about the complaining demographic. They don't matter at the least
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  5. MAN you miss so much when you are flying all day!!!! lmao. OOPS!!! HELL YAH SCHLENK!!!! so happy the Hawks got Kris Dunn off the books. Hawks are all set to contend in the east again. And this time I bet if they are healthy get a lot better seed than fifth for next years playoffs. Tristan Thompson time on the Hawks is right up there with other legendary Hawks like Melo and Rasheed Wallace! lmao. Good looking out Arch!! You the fam and brodie now!! !WOOOO!!!
  6. I just saw what you were talking about. GREAT trade for the Hawks. HUUUUGE MASSSIIIVE upgrade from Kris Dunn who was such of a bust of a signing. Delon Wright is a very capable backup PG. A really good one. Perfect backup for Coop to learn under his tutelage and emulate how to be a good professional backup PG and stick in the league for several years as a rotation player. Schlenk keeps on pushing all the right buttons for the Hawks.
  7. He will absolutely be the permanent back up PG sooner rather than later and will be running the second unit for the Hawks eventually. Kris Dunn will most likely start the season as the Hawks backup PG but he is on the last year of his contract and there is no upside with him. He is not a floor general and is just known for his defense. He cannot shoot the 3 either. He played almost none all of last season and once he did come back he was a healthy scratch for almost every remaining regular season and playoff games and was benched in favor of a old Lou Williams.
  8. Coop was literally mocked in the first round in almost every mock draft. Thor was on a lot of them as well. So yes it is a huge shock that at least 1 of them did not pop in the first round. Hawks are a really good team who just made the ECF WAAAAAY earlier than expected. They are way ahead of schedule and were not even close to full strength all of last season or in their playoff run. BUT I want our players on as bad of a team as possible so they get tons of playing time. Look at Okoro last year. Was on a terrible team but he led all rookies in minutes. That is what I want from our guys.
  9. Great looking out fam!!! loved this!!! Suprised this has not gotten more traction here. This is the type of inside stuff I want to know!! BEHIND THE SCENES BAY BAAAAAY!!!!
  10. Oh yeah. That's definitely why people are upset 🙄
  11. Fantastic. Do you want to list what you had for lunch or something else as equally useless?
  12. Tre Donaldson is announcing August 19 I believe.
  13. I just think about us playing Oklahoma. Drums up the same emotions as our trip to Missouri a couple years ago. There's just nothing there for me. I don't know any OU or Missouri fans. There's no history. There's no bragging rights at stake. No connection.
  14. Man, there are some mean dudes (guess their dudes) on here.
  15. You guys are getting crazy in here lol. CRT is something I don’t even think about. It’s a complete non-issue in America today, and is waaaay down the list of things that are actually troubling America right now, and need solving. The video in the OP is an old video from years back of a crazy woman giving a talk to a group of middle aged+ folks. It’s not being taught in schools and white kids aren’t being taught to hate themselves and their race. That’s all propaganda meant to make you mad and afraid, and it’s working perfectly from what I can see in here. Ironically, all the far r
  16. I think that is just the paid ones. The free ones generally average a lot.
  17. I bass fish a lot more than I used too. 👀
  18. I saw them flying on the side of I-75 south in Florida last week as part of a Sons of Confederate Veterans monument. I’ve seen them flying on residential flag poles throughout rural AL, GA, MS, SC, NC and FL in the last two months. However I’ve seen fewer and fewer over the last 20 years of traveling the same roads. On the flip side I’ve been treated with disrespect more often by black Americans since the election. Honestly I think we are headed for a reckoning as a nation. Not looking forward to it.
  19. In the totality of this thread, a lot. I didn't really have to tell you that now did I? You and others have lied consistently, doing precisely what the Joy Reid's of the world are thru obfuscation and deflection. No one cares what you deem CRT to be or what some supposed academic paper says it is supposed to be. The OP is regarding how and what is being taught. Learn the difference and you'll be fine. Peace
  20. They don’t care about tradition. The Iron Bowl won’t be touched but I wouldn’t be so sure about TDSOR.
  21. Spot on, OP. We can blame a lot of this on the NCAA and their silly rules, but the conferences stayed loyal to the NCAA for some reason. They all could have bolted. Who was stopping them? They should have broken off and formed their own league where players could be paid like the NIL. The BCS was the first step towards this corporate CFB garbage. The completely backwards rules and not putting together the correct championships led to the playoff. My biggest gripe about this is that ESPN controls the sport. Better yet, Mickey Mouse runs the sport. The sport is too centr
  22. I think the only motive behind this is for the SEC to dominate and to dictate to the NCAA and this is just one step. They will be able to dominate the NCAA if OSU and Clemson come aboard. A case of the tail wagging the dog and any other consequences be damned.
  23. Agreed. With the recent trade it looks like it’ll be Delon Wright as the backup PG with Coop and Mays battling for that third spot, as Kris Dunn is now gone and I imagine it’s less likely we re-sign Lemon Pepper Lou at this point.
  24. We live in a nation now where everyone wants their rights (get some money now) and nobody wants any responsibility (play out your eligibility, get an education, then go to the NFL or go to work). You know, boring traditional college athlete stuff. College football has become big business, really big business. After working (41) years after college for "for profit" companies, one thing I can assure you of is that companies are absolutely ruthless when it comes to increasing profits at the expense of any and everything else. What does this mean for college athletes? It means that they are
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