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  2. Softball in California

    Thanks for the PBP.
  3. Softball in California

    4 and 2 on our West Coast swing. That's not bad. We played some tough competition. I suspect all but CSUN are possible tourney teams. Let's get back home and work on what we have learned about ourselves. WAR EAGLE LADIES!!!
  4. Softball in California

    Say what ?!? I haven't posted or read anything on here that throws anyone "under the bus". We all love this team, so we sit up late and follow the game on computer and comment on developments. Every at-bat isn't a hit, and every comment isn't a platitude. Now what board were you reading?
  5. Softball in California

    What are you posting about? Who is throwing the girls under the bus?
  6. Softball in California

    Called strike 3. That's the ballgame folks. 6-3 LBS.
  7. Softball in California

    OK. 2 outs. Runners on 1st and 2nd. Run scored. Veach up.
  8. Softball in California

    Bloop single to short LF. Craziness. All runners thought it was caught. It wasn't. Draper did score. But Crocker gets tagged out. Waiting to hear more. Brit is totally confused.
  9. Softball in California

    Tannon at the plate.
  10. Softball in California

    Perry singles to load the bases.
  11. Softball in California

    Shea gets an infield hit. Runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out. Crocker in to run for Shea.
  12. Softball in California

    Draper draws a walk. Shea to the plate.
  13. Softball in California

    Olszewski strikes out. Now back to the top of the order for the 7th.
  14. Softball in California

    Fly out to CF. NO RUNS SCORED!! Yay!
  15. Softball in California

    Fly out to RF. Runner on 2nd advances to 3rd with 2 outs.
  16. Men vs. Florida

    A tough loss. I liked that we had a lead in the second half, even though we didn't complete the task at the end. I think that's important. Arkansas is much more daunting than Florida, IMO, but if we are truly meant to win the SEC regular season title, we have to show it against one of better opponents in SEC at their venue. I don't think we'll lose to South Carolina at home, so the game on Tuesday night will be telling.
  17. Softball in California

    Pop up to 1B. 1 out runners on 1st and 2nd.
  18. Softball in California

    Infield single for LBS.
  19. Softball in California

    Base hit for LBS leadoff.
  20. Post a picture

    Never been to Casino's. This was pretty freaking great though. It's literally a neighborhood bar that may hold 60 people. I had just enough time to snag a burger before my flight and I wish I gotten two. I primarily went because Matt's has been featured on travel channel by Andrew Zimmern. That guy is my spirit animal.
  21. Softball in California

    Pop up to short LF. 6-2 after 5-1/2.
  22. Softball in California

    Four pitch walk for Podany. Run scores, bases loaded,. Dowell up.
  23. Softball in California

    Y'all are so quick to turn on these girls. Worst umping ever but you quickly throw our girls under the bus. Sad
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