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  2. 1) The Steele Dossier was approved by a FISA court and used in Congressional investigations. That makes it newsworthy. 2) The Hunter Biden story is not being suppressed. It's being verified (or debunked). Rudy G. screwed up here. He's admitted that he gave it to the NY Post because they wouldn't fact check the information. However, the Trump camp was working to feed the Wall Street Journal, a much more trusted publication, the information and letting them vet the article for publishing. Because Rudy got impatient, he gave the stuff to the Post and the WSJ backed off. htt
  3. The emails, THAT THE BIDEN CAMPAIGN HAS NOT ONCE DENIED have been very telling. The more sane media members are beginning to see that the Russiagate was just total BS based on rumors only an idiot could believe. The dossier was a piece of very poorly made election smear that was paid for by the HRC Campaign and the DNC. They employed a foreign national that was a known bad source for Intelligence. The piss tape? How f'in stupid do you need to be to have ever bought into that as reality? Well apparently abot 80% of the MSm and almost all of the Democrat Party did...sadly. I
  4. "advocates work to dismantle Electoral College" They will continue to fail. A whole bunch of States would have to vote against their own interests to abolish the EC. Ain't gonna' happen, legally. An armed coup could force it but that's the only way and I think such a coup wouldn't have any interest in voting procedures. They'd already have control.
  5. I have Alien Gear holsters for my Glock 43 and mid-sized frame Glocks and both are top notch. I also have a suede Glaco IWB but I prefer the Alien Gear.
  6. No reason to quote everything else as it's pretty spot on, though I would add that west coast migration here also extends down to Austin/San Antonio. I don't know that a 3rd party would rise up so much as the Republican party would revert back to being more centrist. I think if Trump loses and takes the Senate with him, along with a bunch of state houses, that you'll see a rush for politicians on the right to gain control over that "traditional" conservative mantle in the form of Reagan/Bush.
  7. With Gus Malzahn as his OC. Burrow's OC has Teddy Bridgewater playing high level ball on an NFL team with Robby Anderson as his top receiver and Mike Davis doing his best Christian McCaffrey impression. (Which, I must admit, is damned good.)
  8. When did you finally figure out the Steele Dossier was full of non verifiable garbage? Did you always know or did you let your precious media steer you in the wrong direction? It would be nice to let more facts come out. The suppression of this story is pure bias of the media.
  9. The thing I can't understand about so many who support Trump is that when he says he is "draining the swamp" they actually believe it. All he's doing is draining what's there, but his blind supporters don't look at the other side where Trump is refilling it with his own nasty water. Not sure what you can't understand about this, but until there is credible evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden, and not conjecture or wild accusations, there's nothing to admit. That family is so in love with itself, the only thing Don Jr. has any chance of nailing is Ivanka.
  10. I have a question that may be unpopular. We hear the argument for Gus that "He is still learning" or "He is still a green head coach"....So what if Gus hired an OC outside of his tree who runs a completely different Offensive scheme....Could Gus ever do that? Could he ever truly give up the Offense completely to a Steve Sark or Art Briles type of player...and be the CEO coach that Saban has been? Would he be able to turn the corner if he did? I know this will probably never happen, but I wonder how it would be.
  11. Cam willed a 8-5 team to a national championships. Debate over.
  12. I agree. But we don’t have both. We lack the assassins mentality. I’m tired of hearing recruits en masse refer to their recruiter from UAT, UGA, and Bama as ‘all business’ and ‘relentless’ while referring to the AU recruiter as a ‘cool guy’ and a ‘chill dude’. We need more alpha on the recruiting trail. All in my humble opinion.
  13. 62 Male Enterprise, Alabama 1981 Music Education
  14. I hate that the author hedged his original correct answer.
  15. Huh. A bunch of trump voters suddenly have issues with nepotism. You silly geese. You turkeys. You little stinkers. Always saying the craziest things. (At least H. Biden's unearned positions weren't actually in US government. That would be almost as bad as whoring out the Oval Office to sell beans.)
  16. Gotta chuckle at the "Oh sh**" moment for Carlson's team and whoever else is behind this nonsense when UPS publicly said they have the package. Probably doesn't matter. Anyone who cares what they have to say will just lap up whatever comes next. Maybe a literal canine consumption alibi? "See, this is why President Trump don't keep dogs in the White House."
  17. Stoops announced Gatewood will start against Georgia this weekend. Excited for this. I hope he lights it up! Not only that, with NCAA allowing everyone to keep a year of eligibility, Joey still can play 3 years at UK including this year. If he needs it of course.
  18. The thing I don't get is how you continue to wallow (revel?) in the inability to separate fact from conjecture.
  19. He had a lot of great songs, this one just seems appropriate today.
  20. Billy Joe Shaver, an outlaw country music firebrand known for a string of hits and a career that spanned decades, has died after suffering a stroke
  21. Today
  22. This. Bo does not see the field good OR his mind is made up before he even throws. I have lost count how many times he's missed open WR's.
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