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  2. Hopefully we won't have to find out but the OL and FR QB have me a bit worried.
  3. Just looking at the still in the OP, that's a man who looks like he's been through some serious s***. Kaleb Kim as a freshman: Kaleb Kim now:
  4. I almost did this until I googled him and saw that he got indicted on a sex charge. Figured Klein would be a funnier option.
  5. McLoofus


    What is it about putting "I bet this won't get even one share" on Facebook memes that makes them catnip for grandmas
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  7. How much different are the playbook/philosophy/concepts for the OL between the 2010 offense and the 2017 offense? How much overlap is there? Just curious if it's realistic for this team to be able to run both depending on who's at QB. Even if the concepts are way different for the other skill players, it seems like we're deep enough- or at least have the numbers- to platoon them if necessary. Probably too many logistical issues, particularly with adequately repping two young QBs, and I've been as critical as anyone of Gus's inability to decide on an identity and go with it. But these are two fully formed identities that he's already had great success with. We don't have Cam, but there's probably more talent around these QBs than that Cam had. We don't have KJ, but we've got a ton more depth at RB than that 2017 team had. And yes, this is totally the football message board equivalent of me playing with my GI Joe action figures. Football, please get here.
  8. Yes, I noted how cool he was in the Man Crush thread... 😎
  9. Welp..... My Crush is at least intelligent & articulate. Now, let's see if he can pave some holes for the RBs & keep the QB clean. War Eagle Kaleb!
  10. Kim, for some reason, reminds me of Bill Belichick when he speaks. The other two look nervous.
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  12. They're already worse because they don't have anything to back it up.
  13. The staff have thoroughly evaluated this guy. They don't see him fitting into their plans. It doesn't really matter how talented he is or how talented the recruiting services think he is. And it doesn't matter if he goes on to have success elsewhere. If he's not the right guy for *our* team then we should not take him. Now, there are a number of position groups where you could second-guess our staff and I would not argue with you. Linebacker is not one of them.
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  15. You don't like Kirk? He is my favorite. The guy has always liked Auburn which is refreshing. He is the only one who saw Auburn as a dark horse in 2013.
  16. Forest/trees. To me, the single least important fact about Auburn football this season is whether or not Bo is a tenth of a second faster than anybody else on the team. What actually is relevant to me is that he is more than athletic enough to cause problems for the defenses he faces. You don't need a stopwatch to know that but it's pretty great that we're even having this conversation.
  17. I got this from a media guy from Auburn
  18. Don't feel bad.....I knew it was Tray Blackmon and you convinced me I was wrong 😂
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