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  2. Good call. It's 97.6% and Gus doesn't get them enrolled the kids do their work. What Gus has done on this is not take many kids who are high academic risks to not qualify. He's been more judicous about that than Tubbs was. That's not a knock on Tubbs. Signing rules were different then too.
  3. Trump has not "body slammed " a wimp reporter. What are asking Tex? "a wannabe Trump."
  4. Yep but don't tell anybody. That's different and PC, Blacks in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Washington are treated with great respect (sarcasm).
  5. Always have a chance to win a few games with Mize and Thompson...after that...who knows?
  6. There is a 10 run rule after 7 innings.
  7. Coached Dixie Youth for years.3 boys of my own. Would not take a million dollars for the memories and pictures.Would not do again for million. Sure wish the 12 run rule was in effect here. Ugly
  8. Agreed.
  9. Amen, I vote for that. Things are crazy. I have lost track of all the investigations. But the public doesn't seem to care about all the crap going on. They just want action from Congress on things that matter to them and the GOP lead congress isn't producing and the Dems can't do anything except be destructive with their hate for Trump.
  10. Funny. Thanks for the humor. We need more of it these days.
  11. I have been very harsh on Kodi for his lack of recruiting abilities so far but I think this is low risk high reward. He is not calling out any of the perceived starts in our WR rotation. He is calling out a kid who redshirted last year and is most likely pretty far down the WR depth chart still. If it works and he becomes a contributor down the line? great. If it doesn't? O well. We weren't expecting him to be a huge part of the WR rotation to begin with. Hopefully this lights a fire under the kid and we can look back as the turning point in his Auburn career.
  12. So does anyone think we'll be able to make any noise in a regional?
  13. Speaking of Seth Rich...........
  14. This has been Malzahns most impressive feat as a coach is I swear he is batting 95% and above in getting all our recruits qualified so that they arrive on campus on time. This is one of the few who have not qualified. I hate it for alaric and us. He was one of the heart and soul of this class who committed almost 2 years before they signed.
  15. IMO kodi gives a good message but he could stand to heed his own words also....because really he was able to walk into a situation with better production from the qb and better overall talent at wr THAT was recruited by the previous coach. He dropped the ball himself on a couple of big time recruits that was thought to be easy targets....maybe Gus should do the same to him
  16. Well these kids gave it all they had late last night and into the wee hours of the morning. I was worried that they'd come out flat tonight and unfortunately they did.
  17. Do northern states have civil war monuments?
  18. I remember when I tried to explain the redshirt scout team guys as opposed to depth chart guys....I would say don't waste your time with that, but you do have a better board etiquette than me so maybe you'll have more success
  19. Sorry guys/gals but I could not resist I know its not smack but everyone needs a laugh every now and then. That's a fact Jack
  20. My motto in coaching is.... "We aren't going to do this until we get it right, we are going to do it until we never get it wrong"
  21. OUCH...just got home....this is awful. Sure expected a better effort than this. The game last night left me encouraged..but that didn't last long
  22. Google's amazing! You can find all the best people there, believe me.
  23. Do you think Trump's behavior has any broader consequences, or does it meet your standards?
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