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  2. Things I've learned from this thread... 1. I need to try Buffalo Trace. That's it. Short list.
  3. Yup. Gus had better learn no more 1-2 HS OL in a class. He better be taking 4 or so every class even if the guys aren't his top 4 wants.
  4. It doesn't matter today. Let's savor the quickest and potentially the most potentially fruitful hire I can recall in years...
  5. I don’t give a f***k about the English lesson but what good team or player he ran away from & waddle did it ever time he touched the ball against us. Is ever opponent dbs Usain bolt or jus our dbs slow like the fl slant for td or ga over the top on the 1st drive or the waddle game but y is his affect different on the game vs flash
  6. Yah! You got TWO coaching their mid-season SUPERBOWLS right there. Mmmm hmmm.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
  7. You didn't watch much AU football this year, did you? Best tackling team we've fielded in a long time, especially in the open field.
  8. Will this hire produce a championship caliber Offense or is he just a comfort buddy?Winning is all that matters ,especially when you realize what these coaches make money wise ! Auburn defense coordinator (~2,000,000).Entertainment is what people pay for and I often wonder if it is Truly worth it but I still watch it anyway.
  9. Kinda hate the long breaks between some of these games. Maybe exam time or something? But seems we came out cold against Furman which was not a bad team and St Louis on the road is a reasonable challenge. One more 8 day gap this month.....maybe a chance to work on shooting perhaps but I will be glad when the team gets to a more "normal" schedule of a couple games per week beginning end of December. Just seems like the play flows better when the team is playing every few days.
  10. I think he's a REBEL bear... joey Freshwater is that you???? πŸ˜‰
  11. Because of the headache in the locker room he could be based on his current behavior in high school. This isn't an EASports video game where you simply take the highest rated players you can. This is real life where things like personality have to fit with the program as well.
  12. Yayyyyyyy...that little bit of pixie dust I needed for Christmas, watching lots of other fanbases get their vacancies filled and their hopes stoked. #carousel
  13. Why is he choosing between 2 schools if he is already committed? I don't fault the kid at all for choosing alabama. It is his life. But for the life of me I don't understand why you say your committed to a school and then you are choosing on signing day? Just politely say "I want to say thanks to Auburn for recruiting me but at this point I want to open up my recruitment and take my time make the best decision I can make on signing day." It just seems like this is the better way to handle these situations instead of then inevitable flip... unless you want to do it out of spite.
  14. I mean there was a reason he is the #1 qb in AL why not recruit him. I know he has some bad attitude problems and looks like he doesn't care a lot but he is the #1 qb for a reason.
  15. Sometimes you just have to let the dang mechanic take over, no matter how much you think you know....leave it to the paid professionals.
  16. Again I never said anything about a shutdown defense. I am saying to make offenses drive it the long way by reducing YACs. By going the long way you have a chance to get off the field by forcing 3rd downs, turnovers and penalties. Thank goodness bama got penalties in the game anyway. I know those receivers are talented but if our dbs are as good as people say they should certainly minimize YACs. I am not asking for perfection I know there will be mixed tackles and not properly leveraging but a good defense will minimize errors reducing YACs.
  17. Glad we’re bringing in quality guys that can hopefully contribute immediately. The fact that we’re bringing in essentially a signing class number of OL all from JUCO should be a red flag 🚩
  18. Because jucos aren't a slam dunk. There's a high miss rate with the higher rated jucos historically.
  19. It's hard to tell because this isn't even close to English or any known language, but did you really just ask if Waddle was faster than the dude who broke a world record held by Usain Bolt?
  20. No. If a student athlete is on a scholly playing football he might as well get the football full ride since that's how the NCAA counts it anyway. The athlete can then play baseball without having to take up any of the baseball's 11.7 schollies that have to be divided up between roughly 30 players.
  21. Depends on who you believe.
  22. Maybe if Memphis hires another HC instead of promoting him he will come here. I wasn't sold on Morris, but after reading what the majority here say and after a few discussions, I am excited about the hire. Hoping to see some good changes next season!
  23. I think you have that backwards. The "scholarships" for baseball are not full rides. No kid is playing football & baseball on baseball scholarship. This is correct. Any 2 sport students playing football has to count to the football 85 & 25 limits.
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