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  2. Have we gotten a final list of visitors and activities (especially since there is no BB, BaseB or SoftB)?
  3. Baseball vs Kentucky game 1

    Often, when a season is over, games like last night are the ones you look back on. Win most of them and you're playing late into tournaments. Lose enough of them and you're sitting at home watching other teams on the TV.
  4. AD praises Pearl in probe

    That aspect is a good bit puzzling. We don't know what, if anything, they did or are accused of doing. Surely now that the season is over the situation will be resolved quickly. Frankie Sullivan was a fine player and representative of Auburn , I'd hate to see his reputation smeared over something Chuck Person did.
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  6. Finally believing in Nate-Craig Myers

    I like how he is taking responsibility for not getting the opportunities! Work hard and shine, NCM!
  7. AD praises Pearl in probe

    Well I’d say that’s a pretty good indication of where Bruce is at in regards to his safety at AU. Like Mikey and others have said, if Bruce was gonna get axed, it would have happened by now.
  8. The Epitomy of Trump Hate

    Unfortunately, most of the country seems to be embroiled in nothing more than Political Tribalism. They can see nothing but evil on the other side and cannot see evil on their own side. This must end. Everyone is not evil. Being Conservative or Liberal doesnt make anyone evil. Only mental cases would think that way. But there are so many now these days. We just need to slow down and listen to both sides. I kind of came to this conclusion backwardly. I found my self as a Conservative that reached a point where I could not reconcile what I was seeing with what I was hearing in the echo chamber. I havent listened to Hannity etc in maybe 10-12 years and I cannot any longer. I found that the Right just talks about things, they never intend to anything about. Balanced Budgets and Fiscal Responsibility are two very profound examples. On the Left, they are constantly crying about Corporate America and the 1%. In 2008 they get complete control of DC exactly nothing to stop Wall Street from being predatory. They prosecuted no one. They gave banks slaps on the wrist. They did pass a more or less toothless Dodd-Frank. This bill was authored by two of the worst offenders in DC of Collusion with the Banking Industry and did very little. The Brainless Reps are neutering even that piece of legislation in a full out rush to create another 2008 financial crisis.
  9. Baseball vs Kentucky game 1

    Coker not living up to his pre-season build-up...the "cobra" thing. Need him to step it up now that SEC ball is underway.
  10. AD praises Pearl in probe

    No comment about the other two coaches ? Looks to me like folks are doing their best to forget them. I don't understand that situation at all.
  11. Post a picture

    Fished an old grass farm pond when I was 12.............If I had a dollar for every cotton mouth I stepped on ewwwwwww...........Was just blessed never bitten as the wet ground and waist high grass leading to 3acre pond was their home........I too have dreams still of stepping on many wearing me red ball chest waders.
  12. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Exclusive: It Won't Be Long For Five Star LB Owen Pappoe
  13. The Epitomy of Trump Hate

    Lol, I remember the conservative lot trashing Hillary over a haircut, the salon, and the cost of the cut. How this part of the board works. Just like you don't see a bunch of people on here screaming that the kid that was serial bombing Austin is a terrorist. Make him brown, put his acts into a conservative city, change all the targets to white (only reason he got whites was cause of a tripwire, not directly delivered like the ones to minorities... different story. Hey for fun let's look at some of collegiate writings: Things one of his friends said about him Potentially had some conservative whack job bombing my city for the past 3 weeks and people are upset about social media posts about a salon and Ivanka lol.
  14. Softball vs Kentucky

    thanks for the correction and the on-site observation. The ball would have to hit the fence at precisely the right angle; I'm talking another half inch, maybe quarter inch, and it goes on over.
  15. Russia and Trump

  16. Softball vs Kentucky

    That was Anna Gibbs tonight. In person, you could see it hit the wall and no pole.. Well hit and you don't see that often.
  17. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    I agree with you 100%. Baptisms should not be taking place in the athletic complex. This is not a good look for an athletic program at a public university.
  18. Taylon Snow

    It is a shoulder issue.
  19. AD praises Pearl in probe

    This is the best news of 2018 for AU so far!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I love it. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!
  20. Baseball vs Kentucky game 1

    I don’t get the Greenhill thing. Apparently he has mono but he’s had it for about 2 and a half weeks nice so what’s the deal? I’ve had that before and was done with it in about 4-5 days. I would think with a training staff like we have he would be fine by now. What’s up? We’ve lost our last 3 games. Time to pick it up boys, no excuses. You shouldn’t lose games like tonight. Once in a while sure it will happen, but we can’t freak out when we’ve got a late lead. Happens in a lot of AU Sports and if baseball wants a trip to omaha, they can’t fall victim to that.
  21. AD praises Pearl in probe

    Exactly. Give CBP a raise ASAP.
  22. Russia and Trump

    It's a long story. I was thinking about starting a new thread in the whatever(?) forum to talk about it. If only for theraputic purposes . But, if not's raining in the morning, I've got some digging to do - and hauling crusher run in my wheel barrrow. (Since my tractor's stuck, or did I already mention that?). No, it's not a Deere, it's a Yanmar - the company that has made all the John Deeres up to about 35 hp from the 1990's till now(?) Yanmar is most known for their sweet 3 cyl diesels - very popular marine diesels. Specifically, it's a 30 year old Yanmar 336D 4wd with front end loader and (usually) a 5' blade on the back. (Which I had thankfully removed for some reason, so I have lots of room to dig my trench.) I live on mountainous property and did a dumb thing I should have known better to have tried. And then my quick, instinctive solutions only made it worse, before I stopped to think about it. Funny, seems I've been here before. Moral: Life is a physics lession. Beware of the pop quizzes. The only thing I am going to say about the dogfight is that I had to literally break it up while stark naked and barefoot out in the yard - having run out of the shower when my wife started screaming. And these aren't drop-kick dogs - 60 lbs, 53 lbs and 43 lbs, two of which are Pibble crosses. Thank God the little female had dropped out when I arrived. I swear as God as my witness and as an Auburn alumni and fan, I am telling the truth. I don't drink much liquor but I've got wine, sherry and sake if the beer runs out.
  23. AD praises Pearl in probe

    Fabulous news!
  24. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    the video is on Facebook or the Baptisms. Who are the 3 players? Noah Ig?????? is one, i think?
  25. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    I didn't see anything on his sleeve; not a Cross, or a picture of a Bible or anything.
  26. Good call. She had a great game tonight.
  27. McCrackin again played a great game. Had one of the best at bats of the season. 8 pitches into the at bat, the count is still 0-2. 8 more pitches later, she hits a RBI single/double on a full count. In the at bat, she absolutely crushed the ball that cleared the top of foul pole but hooked foul. Casey also bare handed the flip from Dowell on the Web gem double play. Have yourself a game girl!
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