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  2. Brad_ATX

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I could absolutely see a place like Kansas, Rutgers, or North Carolina going after Gus if we were to fire him.
  3. Oh crap my bad. Way too many tigers posting here haha. Now I feel like a fool. Oh well, my apologies. But yeah I would totally be down for Bill. #1 reason? Because he shown that he could build something out of nothing . SomethingGus nor Gene has ever did.
  4. WHERE did I say that?? Are you confusing me with someone else? Possibly AUTiger25?
  5. Lol, you got him confused for me bud.
  6. doc4aday

    who loves and supports the team?

    I support this team with heart and soul, each and every player on the roster. It is not their fault, but the fault of poor coaching that seems to never change. I will miss the first 3 quarters of the game tomorrow to pick up my sister at the airport. I hope and pray when I do get to tune in to the game, that I will be pleasantly surprised.
  7. You know how much he would ask for to come to Auburn? Pete Carrol left USC with sanctions..I want a winner but not someone who is going to cheat. Also, he made the biggest one head move in Super Bowl history lmao. I can’t let that go.
  8. ellitor

    2019 3* OG/C Kingsley Eguakun (Miami)

    1. Depends on how bad. & 2. If Gus is let go, who the new coach may be.
  9. reddevil9335

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Long time lurker and reader. I would call the following in this order and make them tell me no. 1. James Franklin 2. Mario Cristobal 3. Bill Clark
  10. Because you just said we should go after the Bob Stoops and Jimbo Fishers of the world . Jimbo had a big buyout that the aggies paid in addition to make him one the highest paid coaches in college. But now you are advocating for Clark (whom I would be all for) based on what he did at UAB and the high school level and mention that it would be reasonable in regards to what Auburn would pay. That seems to be the opposite type of hire from someone who says we should be going balls to the walls looking for someone. Clark has done an admirable job at UAB, but he has zero experience at the power 5 level, which you also seemed to prioritize in your other post. This is why I say things like experience is so subjective .
  11. Currently making $7.5 mil a year at Patriots. Just made my stomach turn after knowing Gus makes close to that.. I wonder if Pete Carroll has any interest at all in coming back to collegiate level..
  12. doc4aday

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    last of a dying breed in atypical cars!
  13. JDUBB4AU

    What do you want to see against Ole Miss

    Air it out , onside kicks , have fun and play hard . Forget all the crap us fans say . Kick their ass
  14. ellitor

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    Despite most predictions being for AU gotta think Miss St may be the actual leader since he has gone to see them the past 3 weeks, twice at Starkville & now once on the road.
  15. doc4aday

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    not sure they would, but mentioned their names for a wish list!
  16. doc4aday

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Kiffer is on there; just forgot about Matt Campbell...Thanks!
  17. How? This was my post on Clark on Tuesday: He's washed up and won't adapt, its that simple. Bill Clark is the guy we need. Very good at defense, and very cheap. He's coached all over Alabama would be able to recruit top Alabama prospects.
  18. A win is what I want to see. I don’t care if it’s 49 - 48 or 3 - 2. I don’t care if we do it on the ground, through the air or by special teams. Just find a way to win.
  19. Negotiate the buyout
  20. Vhsco88


    AuburnArkansasKentuckyLSUMissouriAlabamaMichigan StateTCUClemsonOregon61
  21. You just did a complete 180 in your opinion in the last hour lol
  22. AURealist

    What do you want to see against Ole Miss

    Cox Cat. Whirly Bird. Lots of 3rd and longs. Red Zone goose eggs. What can I say? I love the classics.
  23. He's won at every level. He's built UAB from the ground up. And your BOT sank every dollar into Gusatv's buyout. Good luck landing a sure-fire head coach. there aren't that many around and they are very expensive. Coordinators are hit or miss. Steele & Chizik are/were good coordinators, but made bad headcoaches.
  24. Heck why don’t we go after Bill belichik then . Might as well if we are talking fantasies .
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