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  2. Obviously Trump didn't directly cause the shooting in New Zealand. He's just a "symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose" - according to the shooter's own words.
  3. Bunts and stolen bases are just part of baseball, and that's what's so great about the game. Both of those offensive options helped us win yesterday. In the past Auburn had very poor technique when bunting and it hurt more often than helped. Everything has improved with better talent and great coaching. I'm all for doing whatever works and Gabe has pretty good judgment on when to use them.
  4. Trump, daughter Ivanka and sons Eric and Donald Jr. agreed to dissolve the controversial foundation late last year after the attorney general’s office filed suit against the charity. The Trumps also granted the AG’s office oversight of disbursement of the remaining $1.7 million in charity funds.
  5. Saw article. But dont know what the hell it was about.
  6. i have been listening to WJOX this morning (its actually listenable with barker gone) and its all AU basketball....people just gushing over how we played in the tournament
  7. It was lovely...just a small glimpse...and still prolific this morning.
  8. What type of Tournament was it? Single elimination or double elimination. How many participants were there and were there any bye’s or automatic qualifying. 😂
  9. Well a lot of people on Twitter seemed to think Florida got screwed so...
  10. A huge crowd of supporters turned out to meet the team at Toomers last night. All the coaches and players mingled in the crowd and talked to people. Even Gus was in the crowd. The toilet paper rolling was the best I've ever seen over many years. It was like walking in snow.
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  12. There are lots of studies of the effects of altitude on athletic performance but looks like SLC is marginal compared to Denver, etc. Nobody is gonna make a physiological adjustment in just a few days but they will know what it feels like shooting in lighter air. I used to travel to Mexico City regularly and one thing I learned, was to pace myself walking up two or three flights of stairs....hardly any of my customers had elevators. As noted by you and others, our depth will help and expect BP will rotate guys as much as game conditions allow....should not affect the outcome of the game....just gotta hit those 3s. ..
  13. Trump has dismissed the legal action against his foundation as politically motivated:
  14. She'll fit right in. Donna Brazile Leaves CNN After Leaks Reveal Campaign Collusion
  15. I talked briefly to Okeke at the Toomer's Corner celebration last night. The players are excited about going to SLC and seeing the snow and ski resorts which most have never seen.
  16. Former DNC Chairman Donna Brazile is joining FOX News. I think she brings opinions in a civil way, unlike many TV personalities today.
  17. Another character marker. (As if we really needed one.) N.Y. Attorney General Calls For $5.6 Million Fine Against Trump’s ‘Self-Dealing’ Foundation Charity was “little more than a checkbook” for Trump’s business and campaign, according to the AG’s office. .......Barbara Underwood, who was AG at the time, said investigators had detailed a “shocking pattern of illegality,” and that the Trump Foundation had functioned as “little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.” According to the lawsuit, among several examples of illegal use of charity funds by Trump was a $100,000 payment to settle legal claims for an 80-foot flagpole at Mar-a-Lago. Trump reportedly spent $10,000 in charity funds on a 6-foot portrait of himself that he hung at his golf resort in Doral, Florida. The charity also paid a $25,000 contribution in 2013 to help to re-elect Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who later decided against filing a lawsuit for fraud against Trump University. Representatives of Trump’s presidential campaign and the charity also illegally plotted to use foundation money to help Trump get elected, the lawsuit claimed, citing foundation emails and statements by charity and campaign representatives. Money raised by the charity to benefit veterans, for example, was doled out to specific organizations at specific times “to influence” Trump’s ‘election for president.’” Checks from the foundation were emblazoned with the Trump campaign logo........
  18. I guess Trump will be blamed for this one in the Netherlands too by a suspected Turkish terrorist.
  19. More on Beto
  20. New Mexico State has a pretty legitimate program from what my understanding. SOS is not good but they've made the tournament 7 times since 2010 and have reached the 2nd round a 4 times. This is going to be a fight. If we are lucky enough to get past NMSU does anyone know what time the 2nd round game would be in Salt Lake City? I'm going to be traveling and want to plan accordingly
  21. FWIW KenPom has us getting knocked out in the elite 8 by UK.
  22. So apparently Auburns online was 20th in the nation in run blocking grade. Anyone who watched our line last year saw us struggle running the ball, so run blocking grade must be a pretty poor metric for offensive line effectiveness. Anyone in the know...does the grade mainly depend on blocking the right guy and not getting pancaked? I'm assuming amount of push or opening holes doesnt factor in to the grade. Thoughts?
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