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  2. gr82be

    ** Nip Watch 2018 **

    The original call for the Nip...
  3. Mikey

    Scholarship Numbers (Updated 8/18/17)

    Attrition from 8-1-'17 through 7-31-'18. Total of ten. Lower than recent years, but about average for the long term.
  4. Mikey

    Scholarship Numbers (Updated 8/18/17)

    It was at 25 before the DE from Miami didn't qualify. When that happened it opened up one position for Cord. Now we're back at 25 and full up. You can go to the recruiting forum and count the names. There will be 25 if it's been updated.
  5. Mikey

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    How would you know this? If you're not at practice every day and having daily contact with a given player, there's no way to tell if trust has been earned or not. There is a staff of coaches that know this score but we fans are not in a position to know it.
  6. Tigerbelle

    jeremy johnson lands with CFL squad

    Good for him! Hope he's happier now. I know he went through some hard times at AU.
  7. Tigerbelle

    B1G is in trouble

    I was just thinking the same thing....
  8. around4ever

    softball 2018 Fall schedule

    2018 Auburn Fall Schedule Sept. 21 vs. Wallace State CC-Dothan (5:30 p.m.) Sept. 23 vs. Wallace State CC-Hanceville (1:00 p.m.) Sept. 23 vs. Northwest Florida State CC (3:30 p.m.) Sept. 28 vs. Auburn University at Montgomery (6:00 p.m.) Oct. 5 vs. TBA (6:00 p.m.) Oct. 7 vs. North Georgia (1:00 p.m.) Oct. 7 vs. Valdosta State (3:30 p.m.) Oct. 18 vs. Snead State (6:00 p.m.)
  9. Public library computers are for free use... 😛
  10. TexasTiger

    Mark My Word 2018

    Mark my word: AU has at least one freshman RB on the all sec frosh Team. Stidham tops 4,000 passing yards. AU has at least 4 receivers with over 500 yards. AU has two players with 7+ sacks. Gus says we practice well at least 11 pre-game weeks.
  11. gr82be

    Mark My Word 2018

    MMW- Auburn's biggest deficit this season will be 7 points. MMW- Siposs draws a penalty for unnecessary roughness while making a tackle on a punt return. MMW- Willis will get meaningful open playbook playing time against more than one SEC team ( I'm thinking LSU, Ole Miss for sure) MMW- Auburn beats Georgia in Athens and cost the dawgs the SEC east, Florida wins the East.
  12. around4ever


    I think it was all on the pitcher. I don't think Mattingly called for that. It looked like the Marlin players were shocked and not happy about it.
  13. The Plainsman

    Mark My Word 2018

    MMW- Auburn will have TF lead the SEC in scoring. (Little bro Carlson) MMW- AU announces stadium renovation to N.EZ prior to end of season. MMW- Nick Coe is voted a 1st team all SEC player.
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  15. around4ever

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 2

    "Boobie gets loose" "Boobie bounces out" "The defense can't touch Boobie"
  16. TexasTiger

    Ancient Aliens draws higher ratings than CNN

    When you’re flailing, try something new.
  17. Your 2018 Wilson Home Run Champions are @Emily5Car, @LChamberlain44, and @TheMeganWiggins! Congratulations ladies! Congratulations to Jade Rhodes, @jadeashlee08, on her Easton All-NPF 1B selection! Emily Carosone is selected Easton All-NPF 2B! Congratulations, @Emily5Car! Congrats to Emily Carosone and Jade Rhodes on their All-NPF Selections
  18. TitanTiger

    Ancient Aliens draws higher ratings than CNN

    I think you overestimate the appetite of the American public for real journalism. I like the optimism though.
  19. SaltyTiger

    Omarosa probably needs to be prosecuted

    Seeing that in my region of Florida. Seems to be more so in negative ads vs opponent. Guess Trump has DC pretty shaken. Of course that is why many held the nose and voted Trump. Hard to believe we are reduced to the conversation of " non guarantee " about his using the N-word.
  20. TexasTiger

    Ancient Aliens draws higher ratings than CNN

    CNN fails because they think balance is having opposing partisans argue on a panel. If they hired more reporters and did more investigative journalism instead they might make some headway.
  21. tigerman1186

    pick one RB for fantasy league

    The rookie at NY Giants...Barkley
  22. TexasTiger

    Ancient Aliens draws higher ratings than CNN

    Interesting you left Fox out of your analysis.
  23. tigerman1186

    Mark My Word 2018

    MMW: Auburn will loose one of its coordinators at the end of the season. MMW: JWill becomes new DC MMW: Home team will win AU/TA&M game MMW: Marlon Davidson will return next will Nick Coe.... MMW: AU Baseball will make it to Omaha next season MMW: Younger Carlson will have a higher FG ave. than older brother MMW: Auburn will end up with a top 5 recruiting class after winning 12 games. MMW: QB at Penn State will win the Heisman...Stidham will be invited to NYC.
  24. Y’all don’t pay me enough to do that. LOL
  25. Oh my new computer I haven’t gotten yet.
  26. Dual-Threat Rigby

    pick one RB for fantasy league

    Standard I believe
  27. Mims44

    Cam is faster

    Than all other QBs, and TEs apparently. Thought it was a cool lil' article. And awesome to see Cam top QBs for top running speed on offense during the season.
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