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  2. Sean White dismissed

    Someone hit the nail on the head!
  3. New softball assistant coach

    It think I am as excited about this hire as I was about the HC.
  4. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Know exactly what you are saying Scot. Said in another thread that I did a ton of yard work the 2nd half of all 2012 games. Yard of the month in Sept., Oct., Nov. My home was within walking distance of JHS. Lot of angry people leaving the game early stopped for a beer and watched me work to calm down.
  5. Ask Alexa

    Can confirm this. It was freaking hilarious. "'South Park' is triggering people's Amazon Alexas and it's seriously NSFW"
  6. Ask Alexa

    Amazon has come out with the Alexa Silver; Here's the add:
  7. Sean White dismissed

    If -Stidham gets better -Willis is shown *this season* to be remotely as good as we hope -and we have another body behind that 3 deep then I will be too, I suppose. I'm less concerned about RB depth than the way our coach has been handling it.
  8. Sean White dismissed

    These comparisons between anything football related to Auburn and Alabama are an exercise in futility. Any comparison relative to the product both teams put of the field, or the consistency, or the quality of the coaching staffs, or the development, or player evaluation, roster management, fundamental training, etc. just makes no sense. If both teams or HC's were in any way similar in program development, stability, experience or overall production I could understand trying to make comparisons. But there just aren't enough similarities to make an honest assessment.
  9. Ask Alexa

    Alexa has horrible tastes. Apparently you can tell Alexa to roast someone in the room and she'll just go and go.
  10. AU vs Mizzou - Weekly Presser

    KJ will play against Mizzou. Marlon and Slayton are "hopeful". Darius James is questionable to say the least. Over/under on KJ lasting two quarters?
  11. Sean White dismissed

    He did beat those guys out. I won't disagree with that, but you also have to put an asterisk to his name when you mention him. When he was healthy..and guess what? He wasn't available for a lot of our quality opponents. I think 1 full game against a quality opponent and that was LSU. Again, Alabama has had several years of productivity that has been shown on the field, all season. You can choose to ignore that fact if you want, but it's the truth.
  12. Sean White dismissed

    Agreed. Even if former AU players (Bo/Mac/Charles) or former AU coaches/AD (Dye), or former BOT's (Lowder) or even big $$ Donors are giving advice or playing a part in laying directives to the HC, what qualifications do they have to tell him how to do his job? I mean if it comes down to the point where the Administration feels the need to send people to give the HC advice, offer input on the offense, or talk some sense into your HC and then carry it a step further and giving him direct marching orders to step away from his offense altogether then isn't it time to just cut him loose? To be honest, I'd feel insulted and that ex-players or ex-coaches were sent to analyze and critique my coaching. He's the damn coach, let him do his job or can his ass.
  13. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    I can also agree that it helps. You just need to find your mix first. Don't drink your angry alcohol watching the games unless you want to be working in the yard to calm down.
  14. Sean White dismissed

    Cooper Bateman was at bama 4 years and transferred to Utah. He may or may not play football there. Parker McCleod is a walk-on at UGA. He is from Georgia. David Cornwell is the starter at Nevada. Barnett is the backup at ASU. Tyler Queen is at West Georgia. Woody Barrett is at Copiah-Lincoln. JFIII is at FAU. Sean White's destination remains to be seen.
  15. Sean White dismissed

    Here is the issue in my opinion and it is like this at a lot of schools....the higher ups...the big money guys donating to the school and football program have egos bigger than their bank accounts. Each one of them thinks their money should let them call the shots. Which in a way it does because if they make the donor mad then he may decide not to make that contribution. In a sense some of the higher ups would rather have Auburn fail because the HC was not their choice and wants to prove everybody wrong. Texas has been a perfect example of this.
  16. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    My heart says Auburn 20-3 My mind says Missouri 56-0
  17. Our D is nasty this year! Here's some stats.

    Go back and read what I said. I said you can't say you are the most loyal fan. You can be a huge fan and not go to games, but for the purpose of my conversation, I was being compared to someone on here that doesn't go to games that (at the time) said I was not loyal. Everyone's priorities are different, and Auburn is higher on mine than most. This has since been squashed so I don't know why you feel the need to yet again bring it up when all parties are shaken hands and walked away.
  18. Sean White dismissed

    We will have to agree to disagree. I can beat the dead horse of SW's production (when not injured) and how he beat out those who were rated higher (ie: WB\JJ). I can point out that SW beat out JF3 because he was a better player. I understand that we have lost some QBs in the last few months and that is horrible considering just a few months ago we were talking about our great depth at QB. It wasn't that long ago I was talking about how great this depth was ( ) but I was worried about it as well. I also understand this is a results based business as well as a "what have you done for me lately" business. So if we do turn things around and end up at IB with 1 or 2 loses, then do these coaches get some praise or will they always be the root of all problems?
  19. New softball assistant coach

    I'm excited by the hire of coach Dean and Gerry, as well as the recent baseball pitching coach. It appears we're doing good things in some offseason sports ie. Softball, Baseball, and Basketball 🏀.
  20. Sean White dismissed

    I’ve thought about this as well. Not that I want to dive into some conspiracy theories, but I got a couple of theories about this issue myself. Sometimes I wonder if the “higher-ups” that make the final decisions want Auburn to succeed? It’s a crazy thought, but we’ve seen some crazy and irrational decisions made on the plains recently. It makes no sense why someone with no coaching experience would be making coaching decisions.
  21. Sean White dismissed

    @TitanTiger, you are comparing attrition rates between Auburn and Alabama, care to compare results? This is a results based business, if you can not correctly evaluate QB talent and develop that talent, you lose. Gus needs to do better at both. This year's recruiting results will be interesting.
  22. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Count it a W on our way to a 5 win season!
  23. Indeed! Nutt's obviously got daggers for OleMiss and Freeze.
  24. Today
  25. Sean White dismissed

    But AU coaches have had seasons when they didn't have 1 productive QB. Did they all come in overhyped? You can't forget that variable. You can have your point, but what you are saying and what I am saying is completely different in nature. I am not saying you aren't going to miss on QBs, but to not have a single productive QB in multiple seasons is unacceptable. To say Alabama is miscalculating at QBs in comparison to AU is not true. I can't speak on what those other guys are doing post Bama. What I can say is every Alabama starter since 2009 has been very productive, so at the very least attrition has been caused due to the fact of better on-field production. That is the truth. Those guys who left were not better than the starters. You just sat there and said that is not necessarily true when I can show you stats that prove otherwise. Whether they were better at their next destination is null and void, as it doesn't diminish my original point that they transferred because they could not beat out the named starter at Bama and rightfully so.
  26. Ask Alexa

    Finally got around to asking. She seems to prefer Bud. "She's" total sellout. Product of programming? Only claims to be female in character.
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