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  2. Bammer Lookalikes!

    You and WFE12 are hitting my old tried-and-true favorites! Love this crazy movie also!! Will play off of yours...
  3. All I have to say is that's a really strange mix of folks. Wondering where the recommendations came from? Hoping they come up with some good possibilities but guess I'm not much impressed with what I'm seeing right now. Newsletter&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_campaign=171120_093810_Auburn Tigers&utm_content=Link&liveconnect=A2-68-2F-D8-79-4A-74-C5-FB-B1-B9-B4-46-88-E9-4C171120_093810AuburnTigers
  4. 2018 4* LB JJ Peterson

    Since AU has pretty much not recruited JJP in a month moving the thread to the Rivals section.
  5. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    Always nervous with these rivalry games. Think its gonna be a lower scoring game due to both defenses being very good. If we have our offense clicking I think it will be in the 27-21 good guys range. If we can't move the ball I think its 27-17 turds.
  6. What is the key to an IB win?

    I think the key is going to be the deep ball. We have struggled against good corners to hit the deep ball. If we can find a way to connect on some long passes then that will force them to back the safety up for help and give KJ room to work. If their corners shut our WRs down then we are in for a rough afternoon.
  7. 2018 3* WR Anthony Schwartz

    It's our West which he already knows the landscape there very well & the No Defense P5 Conference
  8. I think its a crappy article, but give credit where credit is due. Homie, you exceed the article itself
  9. 2018 3* WR Anthony Schwartz

    If he's a take. He's not a slam dunk take for every coach.
  10. See, that's my point. I'm sure you'll go back and edit your post now - but this shows that you've already taken as true that which the article itself qualified as "may." What does this "pattern of doing business with money launderers" even mean?
  11. My Challenge to You (Alabama Edition)

    Really hope Chris Davis gets to be the honorary mic man for this game. Uga hated seeing Nick Fairley out there. They need to introduce Davis with him standing beneath the goal post in the south end zone and let him retrace his steps while leading us in a "War Eagle!" Somebody make it happen
  12. Wow, hate to lose Coach Glasco but I missed the news that ULL had fired Lotief. I saw the earlier issue about him complaining for gender equity, just missed the follow-on stuff about him actually getting fired.
  13. A history of doing business with money launderers is hardly "useless information" or "irrelevant". And the point of the article is to demonstrate Trump has been directly or indirectly involved with money launderers. Money laundering is illegal. You really don't get that?
  14. Bammer Lookalikes!

  15. I'm suggesting it contains useless information that's irrelevant and representative of a failure to smear our President. What's the point of the article? Is Trump a criminal? What are you attempting to prove?
  16. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Charlie will be taking the
  17. Goodbye, Al Franken

    I don't know. It's hard to say - how many accusers does Trump have now? And we have hard evidence on both. Sounds to me like both should go.
  18. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    This. If we win the IB, AU will have 3 more quality wins than ua after the SECCG. .
  19. Ulm injuries

    Just as a change of pace it would be good. I think we did it once in the uga game too
  20. What is the key to an IB win?

    For the defensive line
  21. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    On the other side of the weekend: Though it may represent a lack of imagination on my part, I can't picture Mr. Manson resting in any way, in any realm of any universe.
  22. Ulm injuries

    Thanks. I figured after the Georgia win, I had 2 weeks before this place became a paradise or went straight back to the nightmare it became earlier in the season. Here's hoping we beat bama so I can stay around
  23. "A**holedom" ?? I thought we were referring to the propensity of making intelligent, thoughtful arguments. But having said that, you are indisputably correct. I am a bigger a**hole than Ben. But fortunately, we're on the same team.
  24. Inside the numbers with Bama

    And if you take away the Clemson game, where Stidham and our Line were still getting comfortable in the new offense, that all shifts pretty heavily in our favor. In fact, it's hard to compare Auburn, statistically, to a team like bama, who returned their QB and didn't change their offense up much. The first 3 games were basically an entirely different Auburn team than the one that played the rest of the season, because it took those three games to get everyone comfortable and clicking, as can be expected with a brand new QB and a new offensive scheme. The best thing you can do is compare head to head results against like opponents in the middle of the season. By looking at that, we're pretty even across the board. Other than against LSU, Stidham had the better QBR against like opponents and overall. He also has more yards/attempt and more touchdowns. Hard to compare backs, since they run 2 (technically 3 with Hurts), but since Johnson leads the SEC, without playing in 2 games and limited in a couple of others, that seems like a foregone conclusion. We obviously own them in the kicking game with Carlson who can kick 50+ yarders while their kicker doesn't even try. The real battle is going to be who has the better lines and the better D.
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