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  2. Agree. Don't think we will find out but people are "saying" that isn't the reason.
  3. If he got in trouble again I’m not sure how hard the coaches will push to get him back.
  4. I know I'll get some people who dislike what I'm about to say but I don't blame Julien for this loss at all. Without him we wouldn't even have the lead in the first place he had 3 of our 4 RBIs. This loss, IMO, is squarely on Thomspon/Smith. They made some REALLY weird decisions concerning the pitching in this game and I still don't get them. Jack Owen struggled for the 4th and 5th inning and barely made it out without giving up the lead and should not have came back in for the 6th the way he was laboring in the 5th. Then he gives up a lead off walk and you still don't take him out. Then after the single, you bring in Anderson to pitch to TWO guys and then yank him for Greenhill in in the SIXTH inning! Why not let Anderson pitch longer? Why bring in Greenhill to pitch to three batters in the sixth inning? And then Fitts who had pitched great so far gives a lead off double and you yank him like he had been getting rocked all over the field to bring in Burns who has never pitched in relief in his college career and we all know has had a sore shoulder to try and get the meat of their line-up out? Julien made an error but Burns was getting hit harder than Fitts was and I don't think should have been making his first relief appearance against some of the best hitters in the NCAA. If you hadn't burnt Greenhill in the 6th inning he could have came in as your CLOSER and tried to close out the game if Fitts had given up another hit or a walk or something in the ninth. Just bad management of the pitching from our coaches.
  5. MSU game was a mess on and off the field. Not one of the coaches and players best weeks. Lack of leadership on both sides. As far as the transfer portal? Kids face any kind of adversity and they bolt. It's a good rule that has got out of control. I don't think it's the lack of playing time or the position, Jibunor was going to line up all over the field. Maybe the coaches can get him back? If not, oh well.
  6. PAC pulling out all the stops to become relevant again......hoping AU does not help them....
  7. Not to mention guys who can get to the quarterback might be the 2nd-most valuable commodity in football after the quarterbacks themselves. There's gotta be something else going on imo.
  8. Unfortunately the guy is to smart to waste his money on an athletic facility......
  9. Hope we find someone who can play 3rd by next season....been a liability all year.. ..and it is well known that in baseball the ball will find your weakest defensive p!ayers in the most crucial moments which was proved again last night....
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  11. So I was trying really hard to stay awake to watch the whole game and I made it to the bottom of the 9th before the first pitch. Briefly woke up an hour later to turn off the tv assuming we won. Woke up this morning in a chipper mood and opened Facebook... I bet we lost because I fell asleep.
  12. And let me explain something to you fifty. Just because I post a response to a post does not mean I'm addressing you specifically. I'm addressing the person in the video making yet more excuses for Gus. You posted something with someones opinion, I commented on it. Isnt that the point of a message board?
  13. I hate it for him. Was going to be the hero of the game and ended it as the goat.
  14. Tough loss, but hopefully we got that out of the way. Just remember if we didn’t have EJ to start the game it would have played out differently. Just remember there are only 8 college baseball teams still playing. 3 weeks ago none of us thought it would be us. Enjoy the moment folks!
  15. Gus doesnt need anyone setting himself up for failure. He has done a FINE job of that on his own.
  16. Gus almost certainly is, but it's hard to feel bad for a guy who found a way to lose like he has. You keep on messing up on most other jobs, someone's going to eventually step in. Unfortunately, that someone in this instance is a board of out of touch old people who dont know any better.
  17. I know alot of Auburn fans dont like to hear it, but this program might really be cursed, in a weird way. We're allowed to have these miracle runs, but they dont amount to anything due to some otherworldly force. Have arguably the best Auburn team in 2004 and 1. the NCAA chooses to completely look over our schedule for Oklahoma 2. USC happens to cheat their ass off right at that time I dont know what's worse between Samir choosing to to close out with his legs versus his arms, Edouard ignoring the cool breeze of a guy sprinting past him, or...that guy's leg going out on the kick return vs FSU (you can replace this with a dozen different figures from that FSU game). We just arent very lucky once you get past a certain point it seems. A glass ceiling, if you will. All that being said, there's something admirable and noble in supporting your team whenever, however. And thankfully, (sans the football team), we have a modicum of consistency of success in baseball, basketball and I guess....equestrian? The payoff is building up, we just need to have it spill over.
  18. Stephen Davis, Stephen Davis, and Stephen Davis. Maybe Rudi. If Rudi would of played another season i think he would of been in SERIOUS contention. Just like i truly believe Tater Tot coast Auburn and Stephen Davis a Heisman. He ran for almost 100 yards every game and he only got to run the ball like 2 out of the 4 quarters of every game his last season in Auburn.
  19. Yeah, you're not speaking within the context of the conversation. We are discussing the weird belief that some on here have that ANY lead at ANY point in an athletic contest means you have a win secured. To lose that lead is "choking". Ludicrous. Teams jump out with first drive TD's or an early 5-6 point lead in basketball all the time, then go onto get trounced. Because the other team was better, not because they "choked".
  20. That was a tough one in the gut. Rise up and get after them on Tuesday. House money.
  21. Hurts to be so close, but got to forget about it before Tuesday. Hopefully we get some bats going. Seems like when we get so close , we are worn out from getting there that we can't play our best. Here's to beating Louisville.
  22. Mikey

    Oh No! AL.Com!

    I didn't feel attacked. You made a good post.
  23. I admire your cause. Another angel just got their wings. You and George Bailey are 1 of a kind. Clarence is proud of both of y'all! lol
  24. That's because the pack attacks Gus more than they do T-Will. When they turn on T-Will, I'll back him as long as he's at Auburn.
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