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  2. is this cat crazier than i am? did i miss something? i thought he was a dem? or is he just no explaining himself very well?
  3. What is his new position at FSU? Hope he didn't leave for the same job. Hate this....really liked the combo of him and McGriff working together on the secondary
  4. anyone that supports trump has absolutely no moral authority to sling insults.go smoke one and chill francis.
  5. Well that's sweet. Not realistic, but sweet.
  6. I know. I just thought that statement was funny when put into the context of recruiting. Along the same lines, teams could use Bama's success at o-line to negative recruit against them for QBs. "Don't go to Bama, they can't prepare you for the NFL because you'll never get pressured in the pocket." Anyway, I agree we were decent in pass protection, but establishing a good running game would help too because it would allow us to be more unpredictable and force defenses to play us more 'honest'. That's on Gus to do what it takes to get us back where we should be in the running game.
  7. I believe Corey Raymond just agreed to a new extension too.
  8. Not strange at all. Depends on the site who reported it. I've seen recruiting sites say almost the exact opposite of each other watching the same prospects in All Star weeks.
  9. We normally see them pretty regularly in the Lowcountry, but not many this last year. The only other place I've seen one is... Lake Martin.
  10. That’s strange - I thought I read where he had established himself as RB1 during the practices. I assumed he just didn’t have a big game like Evans did
  11. would coach steele not get to help pick the new db coach since he would be coaching under steele and needing someone that will fit in his schemes?
  12. Look at the bright side, I'm WAY more ashamed of you.
  13. Because Auburn should be home to anyone that has ever coached or played there
  14. This makes me sad, but good for him!
  15. 1917, for me, as an example of filmmaking, was extraordinary. It didn't quite grab me emotionally like I expected, but that might say more about me than the story. Damned good movie by any measure. Damned good. And one of the most beautiful, striking sequences I've ever seen on film. Full disclosure, I am a total sucker for war movies. I will watch The Lighthouse, but I didn't need to see it in the theater. My opportunities to see grown up movies are limited, and with only a couple exceptions throughout the year are reserved for best picture nominees. Fortunately, I also got to see Uncut Gems and Knives Out, either of which could have been nominated. Uncut Gems 100% should have been. It's insane that Sandler didn't get a best actor nom.
  16. I think it was more about during the week than the game.
  17. It doesn't. We are done at DB in the class. The only target he had a major relationship with was McKinnley Jackson who we weren't getting anyway.
  18. I think they fully realize that and truly don't care right now. O will get a mulligan next year and he'll deserve it. After that will be interesting. But in the current era, 2 years from now might as well be 10.
  19. BREAKING: Gus announces new DB coach - JB Grimes!
  20. You really raise the quality of discourse around here, Mikey. Way to add valuable content to the conversation. If we win 15 games in 2020, it will 100% be because Gus ceded most of the control of the offense to somebody who knows what he's doing. And that person will get credit for the offense working, and Gus will get credit for finally putting a stop to his ego ruining what should have been great seasons. Literally the only thing preventing Gus from being discussed in the same breath as the great coaches in the game is his lack of self awareness and the humility to let someone else get it right. He'd rather some play that he drew up with his salt and pepper shakers win one particular down than his football team win a game with somebody else's play calls. Not sure why you so badly want your fellow fans to be inferior people, but you only degrade yourself and others' opinions of you with stuff like this. Here's to hoping that you can be less obsessed with other fans and refocus your thoughts on football while posting in this forum.
  21. How does Woodson leaving effect the rest of the class?
  22. Which is stupid because his coach rotated him out every time he got going in the game.
  23. 🙄 Deflect, excuse, dismiss, accept, enable. You are no better than those you enable.
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