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  2. A. Would not attend. (In recent years I have been watching more and more games on TV anyway instead of traveling to Auburn.) B. Would not encourage him to play no matter the circumstances. Maybe he gets the virus and doesn’t have symptoms.. maybe he gets it and is only mildly sick.. or maybe the worse happens.. ventilator .. dead... dead is dead and no amount of money can bring that back.
  3. i am pretty sure trump needs no help in anyone making him look bad. he is doing one hell of a job already. my anger with trump is what he says and not what others say he did. you people mostly admit he is a crap person so to post this makes you look less than honest when it comes to your boy.
  4. boy you kill me . i watched armed white men take over a state capital and not one single thing happened. not one. ot on the news anyway. and let me tell you i have worked in one way or another for the federal government and coming on federal property like that will get you thrown under the jail. and before you start blubbering about riots and looting. those guys broke the law and did it to willfully intimidate people and got a free pass. and you never say a single word about the right wingers.etc rioting and tearing up stuff. Conservatives forget history in discrediting Trump protesters 5-6 minutes Today, thousands of people assembled in streets around the world to protest the presidency of Donald J. Trump for the fourth straight day in a row. While the vast majority of the protests have been peaceful, spurts of violence have drawn the attention of the media. Reports of protesters throwing rocks and bottles at police in Santa Ana, stories of property destruction in Oregon, and a video of a physical attack against a Trump supporter in Chicago are a few examples of the recorded violent reactions to Trump’s election. President-elect Trump responded to the demonstrations by tweeting: Trump’s supporters also perceive these protests as “unfair” because they claim there were no riots following Obama’s election. According to conservatives on social media, “Republicans have jobs and responsibilities” and therefore couldn’t engage in civil disobedience to voice their discontent with the 2008 and 2012 elections. With this perception of the Obama elections and subsequent claims of “ Republican acceptance,” Trump supporters are now demanding the same “fairness” for Donald J. Trump’s presidency, “We sat through do nothing politics for 8 years, the least they can do is go shut up and sit in the corner for 8 themselves,” on Trump supporter explained. However, these perceptions do not reflect what actually followed the election of our country’s first black president, much less the difference between why people are protesting Donald J. Trump’s presidency as compared to Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaHow Trump can get his mojo back Trump confirms 2018 US cyberattack on Russian troll farm Democrats see convention as chance to underscore COVID-19 message MORE’s presidency. Obama’s election in 2008 was preceded and followed by violent attacks and property destruction targeted against minorities. Kaylon Johnson, an African American campaign worker for Obama, was physically assaulted for wearing an Obama T-shirt in Louisiana following the 2008 election. The three white male attackers shouted “**** Obama!” and “n****r president!” as they broke Johnson’s nose and fractured his eye-socket, requiring surgery. More frequently, Obama’s presidency was marked by effigies of our first black president hanging from nooses across the country, for example in Kentucky, Washington State, and Maine, or being burned around the world. What Trump supporters fail to remember is that following Obama’s election, property was destroyed across the country, for example in Pennsylvania, Texas, and North Carolina, and a predominately black church was torched in Massachusetts. In 2008, anti-Obama protesters lashed out against minorities because of their discontentment with a black man being voted into the office of president for the first time in our nation’s history. Conversely, in 2016, anti-Trump protesters are holding mostly peaceful demonstrations because of their discontentment with a man, who has ostracized minorities, being voted into the office of president. And while anti-Trump protesters have engaged in mostly peaceful demonstrations against the president-elect, pro-Trump supporters have been responsible for a wave of attacks against Muslims, Latinos, blacks, and the LGBT community. According to Mark Potok, senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center civil rights group, there haven’t been “such a rash of hate crimes in the United States since Barack Obama was elected America’s first black president in 2008.” Muslim women are reporting having their hijabs ripped from their heads, while immigrant children are being bullied. Trump’s name and slogan, “Make America Great Again,” are being found alongside swastikas and anti-minority messages in graffiti around the nation. Ultimately, demonstrators are not protesting Trump because he is Republican. They aren’t protesting him because he is a white male. These protests are because of the bigotry his campaign has emboldened and the fear of discrimination his presidency has the capacity to perpetuate. Mehlman-Orozco holds a Ph.D. in criminology, law and society from George Mason University, with an expertise in human trafficking. She currently serves as a human trafficking expert witness for criminal cases and her book, “Hidden in Plain Sight: America's Slaves of the New Millennium.” Follow her on Twitter @MehlmanOrozco The views expressed by Contributors are their own and
  5. Oh I agree. I want all the liars gone. I want term limits and the end of Citizens United. I dont just want one side punished. I want DC Cleaned up. If my favorite person in DC is a liar, let him go. If my favorite person is corrupt, they must go.
  6. if this is the truth then he should pay just like everyone else. but when the main guy gets away with lying every single day they just let it go? tell me or show me where trump is held accountable for his actions. if you do not get them all why get anyone? and yes i believe all should be held accountable but it is not happening and this holding some accountable and not others will not work. it just adds to the resentment on both sides.
  7. And Nike from the right.
  8. Our pandemic response is already a train wreck and getting worse. The irony of this is that Trump's slogan is"Make America Great Again. He's turned us into a laughing stock.
  9. I have always said that the beginning of the end for Al Borges was after Aromashadu, Obamanu, and Mix graduated following the 2005 season. For whatever reason, they had recruited very poorly at WR during that time and Brandon Cox did not have the weapons he had in 05. Outside of the GT game in 05 he was pretty solid. 06 and 07 were rough in the passing game. Borges took the fall and then the Tony Franklin experiment happened. 🤢🤮
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  11. Actually, someone else used it a few days ago and I liked it. (Dub maybe?) Are you aware of the reference? (It is in the dictionary.) I am sorry you feel like you are being "talked-down to", but that's your problem, not mine. It's the sort of inferiority-based reaction that I might expect from a MAGA (along with the apparent literary ignorance).
  12. I dont see how all OOC games can be cancelled b/c there are some state rivalries that need to be played that are not in same conference. GA/GT, FL/FLST, SC/Clemson. So i would think SEC could keep 1 OOC game, and then fill in with other SEC teams, depending on what the SEC conference determines how many games the SEC will play. ANd it would be critical that all SEC teams play the same number of conference games too....
  13. A.) No. I have spent 4 months in my house in self-quarantine because I take care of my family who are elderly. If I get it, they might get it, and if they get it they'll probably die. B.) No to everything. Just because my hypothetical son is in the greatest shape of his life, the complications from having Covid are still so unknown and the complications we do know are pretty dang bad, that I will not want to risk not only his career but his future quality of life for a game that doesn't pay him. Take the year off completely, hope that we get a vaccine, and that we get this under control.
  14. I am new here and I know this is off topic, but does anybody know what is being done to the east upper deck?Have seen guys working up there the past couple weeks. Looks like they are doing something to the seating in sections 110 - 114.
  15. You have to require masks. You have to test players and staff almost daily. You have to give players choice of opting out for additional redshirt. Coaches, head coaches should accept a pay reduction to help offset lost commerce. Or just pay them a minimum amount and extend their contracts a year. Is canceled season better? Maybe..
  16. For all his flaws, still one of the least objectionable Republicans. Sad!
  17. What I appreciated is that Unanue stood by his remarks and didn't feel obligated to apologize or give in to the boycott crowd, because nothing he said warrants an apology. Takes some courage of conviction to do that in today's environment. Now I need to try some of their cookies...
  18. With the NC game being canceled, will the Tigers other 3 non-conference games also be canceled? Acorn State, Southern Miss and UMASS.
  19. Chrissy Teigen and More Celebs Join Goya Boycott After CEO Praises Donald Trump 28 Emily Tannenbaum July 10, 2020, 2:00 PM Chrissy Teigen is the latest to join the Goya boycott after its CEO praised President Trump. On July 9, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue gave a speech at the White House to announce plans to donate one million pounds of food to food banks across the U.S. in honor of Trump signing the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative executive order. However, he faced swift backlash for saying “we're all truly blessed to have a leader like President Trump.” Video of the speech quickly made the rounds on social media, with many consumers upset that “America's largest Hispanic-owned food company” would support a president who has called Mexicans rapists, puts immigrant children in cages, and continues to attempt to dismantle DACA. “We're all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder," Unanue said. “And so we have an incredible builder. And we pray. We pray for our leadership, our president, and we pray for our country, that we will continue to prosper and to grow.” The latest to join the #BoycottGaya movement? Cravings author Chrissy Teigen and more celebrities. “FUUUUUUUCK,” Teigen tweeted on July 10. “A shame. Don’t care how good the beans taste though. Bye bye.” “The next step republicans will do (mark my words, they did this with my equinox tweets as well) is say you aren’t supporting the workers if you boycott," Teigen continued. “You ARE. They should never feel they have to work for someone who agrees Mexicans are ‘vile’ ‘rapists’ - **** this guy. Support the workers by empowering them to be stronger than this absolute bastard. I will personally do what I can to financially ensure these farms can carry on without them.” In another reply, Teigen added, “You think they're going under? I see a new Karen every day spouting off in a Trader Joe's who will gleefully buy the beans. Don't worry about ******* GOYA.”
  20. If Tennessee replaces North Carolina, then Auburn will play 9 SEC games. Will the UT game count in the conference like the other 8 games?
  21. I said not one word or made one value judgment about whether or not schools should open in-person. My comment was in regard to the implied equivalence between homeschooling and online public education...they aren't even in the same area code. There are online schools (not affiliated with a public school district) that have a canned curriculum with built-in assignments, and the teacher does the grading and monitoring. Teachers for those schools know exactly what they are signing up for, as do the students. That is not the case with public schools who are scrambling to be able to offer both in-person and online options. We didn't become experts in virtual education in two months' time, and our district hasn't announced any specifics for what is happening this year. I want to see workable, enforceable and safe options for returning to in-person school. I want to know what the ground rules are so that I can make an informed decision if I am asked to teach online or in-person, and parents should also know what the particulars are before being asked to make a decision one way or the other. If we spend the year hopscotching back and forth, it's going to be a train wreck, imo. Kind of a "doer of many things, master of none" scenario. I've said before, there are no good options...just varying degrees of crappy ones.
  22. The outcry is largely coming from the Latin community. They are, by far, the largest consumers of Goya. You can have an opinion just like I can, but I'm not part of the community that's been attacked by this President. My voice matters far less in this matter.
  23. You have the choice and freedom to do as you wish, even if the act of "defiance" is a bit childish. If you like the product, but the product. If you don't, don't. Making those decisions soley due to the political bias of the CEO is petty. Same thing with Nike, Chik-fil-A, etc...
  24. "So honestly, I feel like you and I don't get to tell the Latin community how to feel about this." I was not aware that either one of us told the Latin community how to feel about anything. I like Goya frijoles, so I am entitled to have an opinion.
  25. I remember the hype around that class when we signed them. Great haul indeed. I always considered Courtney Taylor an enigma in a good way. Nothing about his measurables really stood out but he consistently made great plays and often in the biggest moments.
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