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  2. That's a nice contribution.....but far cry from Boone Pickens (160M+) and Phil Knight (500M) …......but every little bit helps
  3. I get what you are saying but Gus is the head coach. When things happen its the head coach that gets the credit or the blame, fair or not.
  4. Maybe he did something and entered the transfer portal before the coaches had a chance to"boot him off of the team". Hate to see him go but if he breaks the rules, see ya!
  5. I don't feel like this is on Gus though as he let's Steele have full autonomy. It would be more on Steele if anyone. But this would not be like Steele which is why I am wondering, like you, if there is something else going on.
  6. Last night hurt. Bottom of the 9th like watching the last two minutes of "wrong way Bo".
  7. You barely addressed my post. We agree on so much and you don't even see it. I completely agree with you that some of the uber wealthy (and the government) often use their wealth and power to maintain their wealth and power in a way that intentionally hurts others. You and I should both be working to correct that. Do you see the difference in working to reduce poverty versus working to reduce income inequality? They are not the same thing. I certainly may be wrong, but, based on what politicians in both parties are discussing, income inequality IS a partisan issue. I agree with you that poverty isn't a partisan issue.
  8. Big Canada has made some good plays at 3B during the course of the season too. It's not like he's been terrible there. Now, the throw was what it was because the baserunner was involved in the process. Hindsight being 20-20, he should have tagged the runner but that's water under the bridge now.
  9. This is what I was saying. If he got in trouble again, he should have been booted. A good, real good player transferring is a bad PR hit. Not one Gus should take unnecessary. Lord knows he has enough bad press on his own.
  10. C is still a weak spot. This right here is enough for huge concern. A injury to a tackle? Man. The guards are real good. They have to be a lot more consistent. The C position will be the Achilles heel again this year I'm afraid. Just not a upper SEC guy on the team.
  11. Are you referencing the DUI he got, or was there another instance? I feel like if he got in trouble again Gus would have booted him. That is one thing I really admire about Malzahn is he does not tolerate getting into trouble and has no issue booting a player.
  12. I would hope that if Jibunor got in trouble again he would have been dismissed. Not the bad PR of transferring Gus and AU will take. But that is just me.
  13. He is? He has pledged 10M for this. And has said he will get a Apple team together to help with the "technical" details. Make the place a "smart" place. Another donor has challenged Tim to up his donation to match the one he will give. Think it's another 5M.
  14. Ahhh. JGT speculated he wouldn't be surprised if he did so that's where my thought came from.
  15. Agree. Don't think we will find out but people are "saying" that isn't the reason.
  16. If he got in trouble again I’m not sure how hard the coaches will push to get him back.
  17. I know I'll get some people who dislike what I'm about to say but I don't blame Julien for this loss at all. Without him we wouldn't even have the lead in the first place he had 3 of our 4 RBIs. This loss, IMO, is squarely on Thomspon/Smith. They made some REALLY weird decisions concerning the pitching in this game and I still don't get them. Jack Owen struggled for the 4th and 5th inning and barely made it out without giving up the lead and should not have came back in for the 6th the way he was laboring in the 5th. Then he gives up a lead off walk and you still don't take him out. Then after the single, you bring in Anderson to pitch to TWO guys and then yank him for Greenhill in in the SIXTH inning! Why not let Anderson pitch longer? Why bring in Greenhill to pitch to three batters in the sixth inning? And then Fitts who had pitched great so far gives a lead off double and you yank him like he had been getting rocked all over the field to bring in Burns who has never pitched in relief in his college career and we all know has had a sore shoulder to try and get the meat of their line-up out? Julien made an error but Burns was getting hit harder than Fitts was and I don't think should have been making his first relief appearance against some of the best hitters in the NCAA. If you hadn't burnt Greenhill in the 6th inning he could have came in as your CLOSER and tried to close out the game if Fitts had given up another hit or a walk or something in the ninth. Just bad management of the pitching from our coaches.
  18. MSU game was a mess on and off the field. Not one of the coaches and players best weeks. Lack of leadership on both sides. As far as the transfer portal? Kids face any kind of adversity and they bolt. It's a good rule that has got out of control. I don't think it's the lack of playing time or the position, Jibunor was going to line up all over the field. Maybe the coaches can get him back? If not, oh well.
  19. Today
  20. PAC pulling out all the stops to become relevant again......hoping AU does not help them....
  21. Not to mention guys who can get to the quarterback might be the 2nd-most valuable commodity in football after the quarterbacks themselves. There's gotta be something else going on imo.
  22. Unfortunately the guy is to smart to waste his money on an athletic facility......
  23. Hope we find someone who can play 3rd by next season....been a liability all year.. ..and it is well known that in baseball the ball will find your weakest defensive p!ayers in the most crucial moments which was proved again last night....
  24. So I was trying really hard to stay awake to watch the whole game and I made it to the bottom of the 9th before the first pitch. Briefly woke up an hour later to turn off the tv assuming we won. Woke up this morning in a chipper mood and opened Facebook... I bet we lost because I fell asleep.
  25. And let me explain something to you fifty. Just because I post a response to a post does not mean I'm addressing you specifically. I'm addressing the person in the video making yet more excuses for Gus. You posted something with someones opinion, I commented on it. Isnt that the point of a message board?
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