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  2. UAT is 31-0. I have not looked at their schedule but it must be pretty weak to barely crack the Top 10.
  3. Was this tourney televised? I missed it. But, things haven't changed much since I was there over 40 years ago. 👍 😂
  4. At one school it was a scale between -2 & +2 another was 0-4. Using the later, a 0 would mean you made a really bad mental error or a penalty. A 1 means a missed assignment or missed tackle. A 2 means you carried out your assignment but your technique was not where it should be. A 3 is for executing your assignment with good technique. A 4 is for an exceptional play, exceptional effort, or a TO. I'm not sure the exact criteria for run blocking, but the grading would be similar.
  5. We (East Alabama News) have reports that FEMA has denied claims for persons in Lee County, we will donate proceeds so those funds can be distributed to those who need them for the basics, hotel rentals, clothing, used cars whatever those in affected need to get somewhat of normalcy back in their life. We will work with local organizations to identify those in need so the funds go to the ones in need.We had a very successful work day on 3/16/19 with the mini excavator rented with funds from another gofundme and a generous donation from one of the hosts of the two-time award-winning podcast Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, Conrad Thompson. (Ric Flair's son-in-law) I Just had a lady email me with her FEMA denial, these are the folks we are going to help. Families will be vetted before funds are given. If you can't donate please share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  6. Ole Miss has played a strong schedule and also has some big wins from it. However, when it’s all said and done, I expect AU to be higher than them in the SEC standings and rpi. We don’t play Ole Miss in the regular season, FWIW.
  7. This is going to have an impact on the 2020 election IMO. President Trump and congressional Republicans are increasingly outliers in an otherwise emerging consensus across America that climate change is a problem and that the government should pass new laws to address it. The big picture: The shift has been underway for the last couple of years, driven by investor pressure, growing public concern and mounting scientific urgency. In the last several months, the fervor around the Green New Deal is accelerating this shift and accentuating Republicans’ isolation and their internal divisions — as a handful of Republicans break ranks and acknowledge the problem is real. The intrigue: The juxtaposition was on stark display last week. I spent the first half of last week at a major oil and gas conference in Houston (CERAWeek by IHS Markit), where virtually all executives acknowledged climate change as a pressing issue and a few, including CEOs of major oil companies like BP and Equinor, implored the industry to do more and embrace big policy changes. The second part of the week I was back in Washington, D.C., where Republican leaders of House committees held a press conference to criticize the Green New Deal but didn’t discuss policies they would pursue instead of it. Where it stands: After a decade of either questioning or ignoring climate change, some Republicans are slowly beginning to discuss the issue. But for now it's mostly rhetoric and it's not enough to convince the majority of the party, and especially Trump, to change their views. Trump is considering creating a controversial panel questioning federal climate reports. A senior administration official said the government takes "seriously the issue of climate change and it is important that policies and decision-making be based on transparent and defensible science." The loudest voices in the Republican congressional caucus are those who make inflammatory or bizarre statements, such as likening the Green New Deal to genocide and responding to a question about climate change by explaining photosynthesis. Between the lines: Those remarks aside, a fundamental difference persists between what most Republicans say should be done about climate change versus almost all other leaders: mostly status quo with incremental bills versus more sweeping policy changes. Republicans say what they’re supporting now — relatively narrow bills on topics like carbon-capture technology, hydropower and nuclear power — is sufficient. Zack Roday, spokesperson for Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said: “I disagree that those are minor bills — solutions that reduce emissions while expanding America’s renewable energy options matter.” Bigger policies that could more substantially reduce emissions are unpopular with most conservative lawmakers: a price on carbon emissions, regulations or subsidies. Matt Sparks, spokesperson for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said: "Conservatives are leaning into the debate on our future. ... But whether it is a carbon tax or Green New Deal, the conventional conversation in Washington today has impacts that hurt working Americans." Almost everyone else says far broader policy changes are needed — including most oil and gas executives, other parts of corporate America, scientists, the United Nations, Democrats, economists, environmentalists and youth activists. There’s big disagreement about what that policy should be and how to ensure a big reduction in greenhouse gas emissions doesn’t cost too much. Energy costs are traditionally regressive: hitting poorer people more. There's certainly no consensus that it needs to be the Green New Deal, which shows how far some Democrats have shifted to the left. The proposal is a non-binding resolution calling on Congress to pass a 10-year plan drastically reducing emissions and creating government-run health care and job guarantee programs. At the Houston conference, energy executives and other experts, including Ernest Moniz, President Obama’s former energy secretary, said the proposal is unrealistic. Yet amid the criticism, there was widespread agreement the government should be acting more. “I think there is a general acceptance in the energy industry that there should be some kind of pricing on carbon emissions,” Charif Souki, a pioneer in the natural-gas industry and founder of Tellurian Inc., a Houston-based gas export company, told me on the sidelines of the conference. On the Green New Deal, Souki said: “This is a bunch of aspirations. Tell me how we’re going to get there and tell me how also we’re going to provide electricity to a billion people who don’t have it.” Yet he said the debate around it is healthy: “That’s part of democracy.” Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.), who is the top Republican on the new select committee Democrats created to discuss climate change, is looking for new bipartisan policies, according to spokesperson Kevin Roig. One includes making changes to the Climate Change Technology Program to focus on "technologies we can truly commercialize that will result in” lower energy costs and emissions, Roig said. That program dates to 2002 and is led by the Energy Department. Its website isn’t working, and among the only information I could find about it is this 2006 report. What we’re watching: whether Republicans support new, more substantive policy, including a price on carbon emissions. Two House Republicans, Francis Rooney of Florida and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, support a carbon tax — out of nearly 200 GOP House members. The Climate Leadership Council, a group backed by former Republican politicians and oil companies, has a plan to tax carbon emissions and send the money back to consumers. The leader of that group, Ted Halstead, predicts the Senate will introduce a bill on that policy later this year — with Republican support.
  8. Obviously Trump didn't directly cause the shooting in New Zealand. He's just a "symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose" - according to the shooter's own words.
  9. Bunts and stolen bases are just part of baseball, and that's what's so great about the game. Both of those offensive options helped us win yesterday. In the past Auburn had very poor technique when bunting and it hurt more often than helped. Everything has improved with better talent and great coaching. I'm all for doing whatever works and Gabe has pretty good judgment on when to use them.
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  11. Trump, daughter Ivanka and sons Eric and Donald Jr. agreed to dissolve the controversial foundation late last year after the attorney general’s office filed suit against the charity. The Trumps also granted the AG’s office oversight of disbursement of the remaining $1.7 million in charity funds.
  12. Saw article. But dont know what the hell it was about.
  13. i have been listening to WJOX this morning (its actually listenable with barker gone) and its all AU basketball....people just gushing over how we played in the tournament
  14. It was lovely...just a small glimpse...and still prolific this morning.
  15. What type of Tournament was it? Single elimination or double elimination. How many participants were there and were there any bye’s or automatic qualifying. 😂
  16. Well a lot of people on Twitter seemed to think Florida got screwed so...
  17. A huge crowd of supporters turned out to meet the team at Toomers last night. All the coaches and players mingled in the crowd and talked to people. Even Gus was in the crowd. The toilet paper rolling was the best I've ever seen over many years. It was like walking in snow.
  18. There are lots of studies of the effects of altitude on athletic performance but looks like SLC is marginal compared to Denver, etc. Nobody is gonna make a physiological adjustment in just a few days but they will know what it feels like shooting in lighter air. I used to travel to Mexico City regularly and one thing I learned, was to pace myself walking up two or three flights of stairs....hardly any of my customers had elevators. As noted by you and others, our depth will help and expect BP will rotate guys as much as game conditions allow....should not affect the outcome of the game....just gotta hit those 3s. ..
  19. Trump has dismissed the legal action against his foundation as politically motivated:
  20. She'll fit right in. Donna Brazile Leaves CNN After Leaks Reveal Campaign Collusion
  21. I talked briefly to Okeke at the Toomer's Corner celebration last night. The players are excited about going to SLC and seeing the snow and ski resorts which most have never seen.
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