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  2. defensive line can be 'more dominant

    Win an SEC Championship based on the DL then we can talk. wde
  3. Chickens-Home-Roost-Etc....

    They probably feel like all the Catholics that loved and adored JFK. Trump's behavior is not new to the office he holds. Neither party is clean. I think his behavior awful. I think Trump's personal life has been littered with shameful acts. The lying to me is even worse than the act itself. However, I also know that most of the evangelicals I interact with voted for him not for him, but for what he could do for the court compared to what HRC would've done. Neither candidate was a bastion for the Christan faith.
  4. I really do not know how he has a leg to stand on if he never signed it, or his attorney didnt sign it for him, maybe? I file all this under...KARMA. If WJC can get drug thru the wringer on his thing with Lewinsky, then Trump can as well. Hope all those evangelicals supporting Trump have a great day today AND Sunday night... I pretty much hope they: openly discuss supporting a whoremonger, openly discuss crapping on your wedding vows, openly discuss how supporting as much effects your testimony, and openly discuss how all this reflects on the Body of Christ during bible study...
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  6. Unfortunately I'm accutely aware of this fact.
  7. Reminds me of West Virginia RB Noel Devine. I wish i didn't remember Devine, because he slashed us. The WORM is anticipated and much welcome by this fan.
  8. Wouldn't it just be easier to teach people who Joe Hooker was? Counter ignorance with education.
  9. The Epitomy of Trump Hate

    Friend of a friend works at that salon, and they welcome everyone. Some people like the place because they are so inclusive, but now they're upset because they included everyone. Freakin' hypocrites. Apparently Obama got his hair "styled" there also. I must have missed the conservative "outrage" over that!
  10. In my world Facebook is how i communicate with most of my own family. Brought me back in touch with old friends that i haven't seen in decades and may never had seen again. Some live in the same county, some in Europe. I thought it was ridiculous till 2011. There has been some drama too, but by far a very positive for me.
  11. Well, this is probably not a bad idea. Was it influenced from other religions or seen as a sore from those within. I honestly thought the school was in Indiana. Point is these changing of mascots due to insensitivity(or calls for changes) have been happening well before social media. I never even heard of this place.
  12. You are not going to have any luck with this effort.
  13. Love you all, but get real with facebook

    Old school here. I don't get/need the social media thing. Well, except for this forum.
  14. Will California Split?

  15. Yeah, let's at least start at the actual source of this problem. This is a diversion from focusing on the people actually responsible. 'Course, they are very rich.....
  16. Russia and Trump

    Well, it would certainly help people to perceive he's against such a regime, and is not being blackmailed by Putin. (For one example)
  17. Mens 2018-2019 Season

    Well, we just got good news on Purifoy. Still waiting on Heron and Wiley. I thinking Heron leaves, and I think Wiley’s decision won’t be decided until he gets feedback from the draft combine. Recruiting for this class is pretty minimal. We will likely only take one HS recruit, Stretch Akingbola, in this class because the numbers won’t allow more and the class isn’t as strong as the next two. Akingbola is a 2019 recruit that could reclassify to 2018, which is likely to happen. Depending on Heron’s and Wiley’s decisions, we might go into the transfer market for a grad transfer or a true transfer if there is a need and a suitable player. We will add Samir Doughty to the team and get Purifoy back after a few games. The depth chart right now would look like this, assuming Heron and Wiley return: PG: Harper/Mitchell SG: Brown/Purifoy SF: Heron/Doughty/Dunbar PF: Murray/Okeke C: Wiley/McLemore/Spencer/Akingbola Now, if Heron and Wiley return, I’d expect to see 1-2 current players transfer out in search of more playing time. But so much of the roster decisions hinge on the decisions of Heron and Wiley.
  18. A lot IMHO but the changing attitudes and being PC also weigh in. Here is an example of how crazy things can get.
  19. Men's Roster Breakdown Through 2020.

    Good question. I would think so, but I’m not positive. Don’t think it will matter either way, but that would be something of note if he somehow didn’t leave for the draft after next year.
  20. Really? Nothing has changed? So the fact that our intelligence community, the FBI, and leading legislators on both sides agree that the Russians did in fact attempt to influence our electoral process isn't enough reason for you to dissociate ourselves from that country's leader?
  21. softball vs. Alabama State

    They'll both probably pitch relief this year but only after Coach thinks Kaylee and Makayla are both tired and need help. Who he goes with will probably be a gut feel based on his years as a pitching coach and who he thinks has the best "stuff" that day.
  22. All Things NBA Thread

    TURN BACK THE CLOCK DWIGHT!!!! Party like it is 2009 tonight!!! lol WOOOOOO!!!
  23. Purifoy eligibility

    We are like the darlings in a sense in football. The Darlings didn't show up every week but when they did it was always memorable. We don't receive top billing but we are capable of stealing the spotlight from those who do. I do believe Bruce will make us consistently relevant in March.
  24. Purifoy eligibility

    BTW ... the articles about CBP and Leath talking ... why would it not be CBP and our new athletic director? I still can’t help but feel Leath made this unnecessarily personal towards CBP (those idiotic emails he sent random fans) plus some other bad thoughts I have.
  25. The only climate change is that Hillary lost. Never heard much about Russia anything until week 2 November 2016.
  26. The climate has changed since Obama did it. I don’t have a problem with the congratulation. But with the recent events, the team who tries to keep this prick under control, Thought it was not a good idea. He either overlooked or disregarded their advice. He needs help more than he knows.
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