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  2. Gameday Signs - Iron Bowl Edition

    Bama fans think that is BIG "houndstooth", not PLAID !!
  3. What is the key to an IB win?

    Secondary HAS to play awesome.
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  5. Oral History of the Kick Six

    Gave me goosebumps all over again. Thanks for posting.
  6. Goodbye, Al Franken

    Franken Second Accusation being met with Silence on Capital Hill. Add 2 More Total of four... While some are applauding him for asking for the Ethics Investigation, I suddenly came to the realization that he will likely skate on all this. If Hastings and Rankel can skate, he certainly will too. WTF is wrong with these people????
  7. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Day everyone! Beat !
  8. Plays you want to see...

    There goes Davis.....
  9. Like any who dive in without reading directions, I missed this thread when I dove in to AUFamily (formerly AE) by recommendation of my only (lurking) brother who lives in Japan and follows recruiting, mostly. I am Danna, ToraGirl (TORA is "TIGER" in Japanese). This was Christmas Day 2010...and as it's Thanksgiving Eve, it just goes to show that holidays give me a bit more playing time. I've shared in other posts that I grew up in Auburn, caring nothing about football, daughter of a botany professor. Went to the AU Child Study Center adjacent to Haley for K, then Dean Road, Boykin, Drake, AJHS, then AHS, class of 1984, AU, class of 1988 (elementary ed, concentration in Spanish). AUM, Masters/elementary ed) 1998. Very, very blessed with countless opportunities to travel and serve worldwide (Africa, Japan, Costa Rica, Germany, Austria, one day in Slovakia, England/Wales/Scotland, one day in France, Ireland, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Victoria BC, Nova Scotia/Montreal...all over the US...just do not take these times for granted and only list them in case anyone wants to talk travel) with my family (pastor husband, AU, 1987...MDiv and DMin, Asbury, 1994 and 2004). Teaching and preaching don't draw huge salaries, but flexible hours and meeting lots of people are definite benefits where time and connections are concerned. I am a Kindergarten teacher and that plus leading worship/small groups/occasional local Hispanic outreach etc. keep me happy and hopping. Two beautiful children...a Faulkner U senior and an AU freshman. 😍 My Auburn stories are more hometown. As a child, I remember the Kopper Kettle explosion and having to meet for church at the Village Theater, now a bank, while Auburn UMC's stained glass windows and more were being reconstructed. I was in high school and entering AU in Bo's time, as well as "Sir Charles" and the better days of Chuck Person. Auburn High School proms were held at the old Foy Union, and I taught myself to parallel park on the tight circle driveway there. The nasty AHS class of 1983's grad shenanigans took our AHS lawn graduation away for posterity and we had to march to receive diplomas at the "new" (now demolished, I think) Student Act building. 16 years later and settled in the Montgomery area (now, just north in Millbrook), we did see the ball drop millennially at Toomers Corner while the Japanese family was here...very memorable. I miss the Eagle Cage between Haley and Parker, SaniFreeze, James (the soda meister) at Toomers, Denaro's ("pay what u think it's worth" pizza and pasta), the Hungry Hunter, The CoffeeBanque, and the Bootery, where I sold shoes during classes and on Saturdays so that Mr. Childs could attend every home game. I miss the quarter system and $4 student section tix., no drawing needed. I miss some AUsome professors in foreign language and education...specifically Dr. Jose Escarpanter, Dr. John vonEschenbach, and Dr. Sonny Dragoin. Saw some wonderful FREE (?) concerts...Lionel Richie, Pointer Siaters, Chicago, Alabama at the Coliseum during those years. I DON'T miss getting a ticket from the AU police while driving down a prohibited street (heavy-pedal, I confess) while on the way to pay another ticket for parking in the wrong zone, which was labeled such only after the ticket was issued. 😁😣 Although my mom, a retired AHS biology teacher, still lives in Auburn and laments the "annexation of everything", I love seeing all if the new stuff, even though you still can hardly find a parking place no matter when you go downtown. The Arboretum (where we got engaged) is stellar and now a showcase, and Mama Mocha's on Gay St. has a rock-your-world menu. Auburn is home, and I'm so glad Daddy answered the call in 1968. It's a great but uniquely pressure-filled place in which to grow up. I'm so thankful for this site, for all who administrate, encourage, and enlighten, and for the ties that bind us all. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to everyone!! War Eagle always! Beat West Vance!!
  10. Bama Injury Update

    Alabama practice report: Injured linebackers all practicing By Matt Zenitz For the first time since getting hurt against Florida State, Christian Miller and Terrell Lewis were present and practicing during a media viewing period on Wednesday. So was fellow injured linebacker Mack Wilson, who has been working back from a foot injury suffered against LSU earlier this month. It's no doubt a positive sign. While coach Nick Saban said on Monday that he was unsure whether any of the three will be available for the Iron Bowl on Saturday, he didn't rule out that one, two or possibly all three could be back for the game. All three were in black non-contact jerseys, which is to be expected. Here are some other notes from the media viewing period: -- Left guard Ross Pierschbacher was also present for practice for the first time suffering a high ankle sprain against Mississippi State Nov. 11. Like the linebackers, he was in a black non-contact jersey. J.C. Hassenauer was still working as the first-team left guard during contact drills. -- Wilson lined up as the dime linebacker with the first-team defense. -- Star defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick was again practicing and seemingly moving around fine.
  11. Auburn might have a back up plan

    is that a cheap plug for GMac and Marcus Spears show on the sec network every mondays?! lol
  12. Gameday Signs - Iron Bowl Edition

    Which one's Updyke? They all look the same.
  13. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    “Sources say” UCLA.
  14. Plays you want to see...

    Don't really care the plays, just want this to be the result after the game
  15. Who will be this Iron Bowl's unlikely hero?

    That one he dropped in the A-Day, not only could I have caught it, he'll I could have thrown it to him.
  16. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Chip Kelly is a great coach. I definitely don't want to see him in the SEC--though I think UF would be a better fit for him than UCLA.
  17. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Did not know. Thanks.
  18. Auburn might have a back up plan

    That's what I figured. Just kind of thinking out loud.
  19. Auburn might have a back up plan

    I don't think anybody is worrying about that. Gus leaving Auburn is a bammer pipe dream, nothing more.
  20. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Four letters... N C A A. Oregon would be in permanent cross hairs if he went back.
  21. Barkley Statue Unveiling

    Jesus Christ, bunch of whiners on here. #facepalm
  22. Leath - Pearl Relations

    This is so weird
  23. Auburn might have a back up plan

    Jimbo. He is far more likely to come here than TAMU. The 39 million dollar buyout was proven to be IF he gets fired from fsu. Not if he wants to leave them on his own to another job. He also is who out of the big name candidates would be more attractive than petrino. That is why this whole article is garbage. Petrino will NEVER be the head coach at Auburn.
  24. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Mississippi StateMissouriAuburnFloridaGeorgiaLouisvilleLSUClemsonVanderbiltWashington StateStanford 55
  25. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    Trust me, I'm in the Mikey," WE NEED LINEBACKER CAMP"!!!!
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