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  2. Jeff Sessions hates him some Andrew McCabe

    Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and took money from foreign adversaries gets to keep his full pension but Andrew McCabe, who worked honorably for 21 years, loses his? 6:19 AM · Mar 18, 2018
  3. I’m always amazed that folks who think government is inept at almost everything believe they are adept at deciding who should live and who should die. The higher the risk at stake, the lower the margin of acceptable error. You seem to think an opinion contrary to yours on the topic is derailing the focus.
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  5. Sunday tip

    I would love nothing better than spending my first Sunday off from work with Auburn getting a win over Clemson. Regardless of what happens tomorrow at least we're not UVA.
  6. Official Tournament Thread

    you can do that on a bracket....... I WILL NOT STAND for this disrespect to such a fun part of the year! lol
  7. Acronyms for fun and profit.
  8. Softball vs. uat game 1

    Interesting thing I found - only 12 players have at least 20 ABs this year (next highest are Tissier and Maresette with 7 ABs each), vs 15 in 2017 and 14 in 2016. Tissier and Fornis should both have played at lot more at this point imo. It's actually pretty surprising Fornis wasn't given more of a shot last year when we only really had 1 solid OF starter for the first part of the season. And Tissier could be next year's starting catcher, might want to get her some ABs and give Shea the occasional rest.
  9. Sunday tip

    Gotta hit shots. Gotta let’em fly. Gotta go fast and get points in transition. Hit freebies. That’s our only game. It’s gotta work.
  10. AUF Anglers

  11. Official Tournament Thread

    I don't do brackets anymore, I just pull for the teams I want to win, enjoy the games, not paying any attention to the official odds and expert opinions. Much more fun this way.
  12. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    Women finish 16th in the NCAA championship. Auburn had only 1 (one) swimmer make the finals in any event, finishing 7th in the 100 free. SEC schools finishing ahead of Auburn -- Tennessee, A&M, UGA, and Kentucky. Other powerhouse swimming programs finishing ahead of Auburn included Minnesota and Louisville. The ladies work hard, compete ferociously, but as a team, the talent just isn't where it ought to be. Time for a coaching change.
  13. AUF Anglers

    We’re in prespawn officially. Been catching the girls right on the grass line, about 2-3 feet from shore
  14. Official Tournament Thread

    Ha! Its too much for me, especially this year with AU actually in. I pick with my head, not my heart, and I'd rather just be a fan and root for mayhem (and AU of course).
  15. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    It actually reminded me a lot of Devil’s Harvest in terms of flavor combined with mouthfeel. Perhaps SoPro, Parish, and Abita have developed a new style. Southeastern Not Quite North East Delta IPA. Or commonly known as SENQNEDIPA.
  16. Official Tournament Thread

    They have the buffalo wild wings button at their disposal! lol
  17. Official Tournament Thread

    Broadcasters seem to have some kind of evil magic they use on FT shooters and place kickers.
  18. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    That’s looks really weird.
  19. Official Tournament Thread

    seriously dude!!!! happens every dang basketball game I watch in college!! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  20. Official Tournament Thread

    You can probably blame Nessler for the outcome as well haha. Davis waz 8/8, I believe, and Nessler follows with “He doesn’t look like a 70% FT shooter.” Davis then misses 3 out of his last 4. Typical broadcasters jinx
  21. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    You are spot on. The cans haven’t made it here yet. That’s’s Envie. I can’t complain.
  22. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Here we go
  23. Official Tournament Thread

    Brad Nessler was AWFUL on that call. My goodness he has lost it. He is so boring now. That should of been a reaction for the ages by the announcer but he barely showed any emotion at all. I MISS GUS JOHNSON CALLING MARCH MADNESS!!!!
  24. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    I thought I had a picture, but my Envie tallboy was from Lakeland. I thought the flavor was fine, but the mouthfeel wasn’t like what I’d had in bottles.
  25. Official Tournament Thread

    MAN Houston has a terrible rate at these buzzer beaters late in games in the ncaa tourney..... Phi Slamma Jamma was like YUUUUP been there dude.
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