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  2. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    Sometimes a little struggle isn’t a bad thing to have. Film will show these guys where to get better. Two turnovers and still score 42 is not to bad especially the fumbled exchange at the two yard line. Hope we get got all the kinks out this week instead of waiting till next week. Now it’s beat uat time. That’s all that matters. I got faith in them . War Eagle 🦅
  3. KY @ UGA

    It is a great test of their mental fortitude and resolve.
  4. University of West Florida

    UWF here in Pensacola, just started a football program playing their first season in 2016. Well, in their 2nd year they not only have a winning record, but they made the playoffs in division II. They came into todays game with a 7-3 record and the #6 seed. They traveled to Wingate [NC] today to play in the opening round of the playoffs. Well, they started an hour after the Auburn game, but it was available for streaming on ESPN3. West Florida defeated Wingate [who came into the game at 9-1 and the 3 seed], 31-0 AT wingate. West Florida set a new record for getting to the playoffs in their 2nd year. The head coach at West Florida is Pete Shinnick. His previous school [UNC Pembroke] made the playoffs in their 3rd year, which was the record before UWF broke it this year. What a start to the program for UWF.
  5. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    CKS schemes well for mobile/dual-threat QBs, but it makes me anxious because on the front we are maintaining lanes and gap integrity and also, we have to be solid and disciplined on the back end.
  6. 2017 Volleyball

    Last home game tomorrow at 1:30 against moo state
  7. 2017 Auburn Soccer

    I really enjoyed watching them this season. Congrats ladies. War eagle!
  8. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    While it took longer than hoped, glad Martin was used throughout the game. I think the starters got about the same as was planned in terms of plays and production. J. Davis needs to be on the field more. 1st 2 drives when replacing dinson, he caused 2 turnovers.
  9. Injuries keep piling up for Tide

    Worried about Williams and Dinson for us.
  10. KY @ UGA

    Oh, I agree. But... Do they hang around into the 2nd quarter or 4th...?
  11. KY @ UGA

    They will be fine. KY doesn't have enough to stay in the game with UGA.
  12. Injuries keep piling up for Tide

    You just HAD to start this thread before our "cupcake" matchup, didn't you?
  13. KY @ UGA

    Honestly curious to see how thuga bounces back in this one.
  14. Bammer Lookalikes!

    Tora girl straight fire. She has owned this thread. Hahahahahahahah. Nick Saban bass player

    $PUAT **Scandal Plagued University of Alabama at Tuscaloser**
  16. Bammer Lookalikes!

    I see @ToraGirl is at it again. Wasted no time lol.
  17. Bammer Lookalikes!

    @ToraGirl has been saving up all season!!

    Kill em tigers . Raining blood
  19. KY @ UGA

    State Farm throws an early pick. UGA defender gets away with an ugly PI at the 3 yard line. KY gets a FG. Up 3-0.
  20. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    My hope, among these others: 1. Added humility going in next week. 2. Added overconfidence by our "guests". 3. Lots of hidden mojo and moves that lay veiled today.
  21. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    fromm just threw a pick. The calls for eason will get louder now.
  22. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    you me and most of the fanbase brother!!! Our bad history vs running qbs transcends whoever our coach is at the time! lol. I still have nightmares of MATT STAFFORD of all qbs killing us with QB draws in 06. who I swear has never run that well in his college or nfl career since that day!

    Correction: BEAT uat.......
  24. Bammer Lookalikes!

  25. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Word. We’ve got plenty of 4 Roses, no fear of running out.
  26. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    AU wins . On to west Vance ... we are coming for you tide.
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