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  2. RunInRed

    SEC Network UGA Takeover

  3. One player that you never hear anything about is Prince Sammons. I know he was a 4 star recruit and has excellent size for an OT. Anyone know what is up with him? I really thought he would make a push to play OT by now. WDE! Doc
  4. SaltyTiger

    Economic Health and the Yield Spread

    Stay there and you will do well HVAU. Think you commented that you are only forty.
  5. Proud Tiger

    Economic Health and the Yield Spread

    It is a reasonable yardstick but not 100% accurate by any means. If you play the market don't bet the farm on it. There are a lot of other factors and a lot depends on which stock(s) you follow. Personally I never invest in bonds but to each his own.
  6. To your point about bear market predictors, absolutely. Although I did see some bulls give some stinkers around 2007. We're definitely in long game mode for our retirement savings. I've got a daughter that is not too far away from using her 529. I have moved to a more conservative position for that, but we're definitely not ready to jump ship on the stock market just yet. I'm rooting to make more money, but given my political leanings and demand-side philosophies the future of this market could be illuminating, having the potential to further substantiate my ideas or weaken me adherence to them.
  7. Are you sure he wasn't? lots of unproven speculation here. No indication the ambassador was in the private meeting so he is just doing talking points.....unless you know something the rest of us don't. I'm open to facts.
  8. No, I should not be. I choose to ignore manufactured outrage. You'd be much happier if you did the same. I sincerely hope you'll consider the advice. I have no problem admitting I support the POTUS. I've supported every single POTUS in my lifetime.
  9. Proud Tiger

    FBI Lied to FISA Court?

    New documents show that either the FBI lied to the FISA Court ot were ignorant of the facts. Another bit of truth comes out.
  10. Today
  11. You should be. But I guess that would make you uncomfortable to admit you support such an atrocious president.
  12. AlaskanFAN

    AU after a 10+ Win season

    I agree on Horton and Harrell, both are road graders and having them flank either Kim or Brahms will be good. I think Grims gets more out of Tega in the few months he’s been here than Hand ever could and we will see good Tega vs UW and a great Tega by UGA and the turds. If Driscoll is as good as everyone is saying and with SEC school facilities, summer weight training and nutrition program he could be a fantastic pick up by the coaches. But like you said who is behind them? Not a lot of experience. And who is gonna snap the ball and make all the correct blocking calls at center - Kim, Brahm? That is going to be a really good battle come August! I feel how the line goes, how our season goes, boom or bust. I believe we can Boom. Just got to avoid the injury bug.
  13. SaltyTiger

    Remember This Pic?

    I understand that and agree Brother Homer. I tune you guys out when you blame on fresh air and clean water on our political affiliation.
  14. Thanks for the post and links....and like you I'm an amateur but an old one who has been managing his retirement funds for quite a few years. And.....I've watched bear market predictors cost their clients huge amounts of money by giving investment advice based on technical analysis that usually recommended loading up on bonds and of course, those prognosticators who gave advice after the recent election that a recession was imminent. . I guess if you are a trader rather than an investor and your time-frame is short, then there might be some merit in trying to outguess the market though trying to outguess recent markets has been a fools errand since big market swings have been based more on emotional things like DT's crazy tweets or "trade war" rumors.... and less on good economic performance. Just my view, but I'm glad to see the Fed trying to normalize interest rates and getting out of the business of propping up the stock market. Even progressives voiced concerns about that …. And of course, this great piece of crystal ball gazing.... And one other opinion matter how much you know or think you know, you can't out smart the program traders and their virtually instantaneous reaction time in the market. JMO but taking into account your age and retirement plans, develop a balanced portfolio that won't cause you to lose sleep ….and where you will not need to jump up each morning to see what DT has tweeted, or some dem has said in response in order to "protect your investments". Good luck.
  15. doc4aday

    AU after a 10+ Win season

    I am smarter than the average bear!
  16. bigbird

    SEC Media Days

    'Cause it's too damn hot for a penguin to just be walking around!
  17. creed

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Football has many dynamic properties, heart, coachability, intelligence and one that any engineer can understand, F=MA , which is why I didn't play college
  18. Yesterday
  19. NolaAuTiger

    Remember This Pic?

    Well that’s why I asked which ones you have personal/working knowledge of. I think those would be easier to discuss. Trust me, I’m not trying to have a pissing battle. For example, are you familiar with hydro fracking and Obama’s disclosure policies?
  20. Southwest

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Agree Bo Barry Earl
  21. ODL. No, I am not concerned Elle and unhinged rants from the left will not change that.
  22. Bomb. Better than I remember from recent history. I prefer it to Hopslam.
  23. Gowebb11

    AU after a 10+ Win season

    You are correct about the importance of the O-Line, but we are not destined to be hapless there. Constant 3 and outs is not in the cards. Horton and Harrel are really good, Tega played some solid football last year, and the Driscoll kid can play. Gus’s offenses have done very well with a lot less up front than we have this year. I am concerned about the center position, and this is not a year we can absorb a lot of injuries, though.
  24. KolchakAU85

    Pumped about coming Baketball season

    I'm really excited as well. I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I'm not dreaming. It's an exciting time.
  25. SaltyTiger

    Why Russia Will Help the Democrats Next

    After about 4 paragraphs of the article I was tired of the stuff again Brother Homer.
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