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  2. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    We did what we should've tonight. We were better at every position and didn't turn the ball over Mizzou is awful. Next week tells the tale. MSU will be motivated WDE!
  3. Does Auburn take a step forward tonight?

    shameless bump
  4. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    Glad to see the O improving!
  5. #4 Penn State in trouble

    Penn State made 21 the hard way
  6. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    I'm with Dag on this. Nice win though.
  7. #4 Penn State in trouble

    Wow! Penn State pulls it out. What stood out to me was, those are two well coached football teams. What a game!
  8. Mississippi State vs UGA

    I live in a Memphis suburb just 5 minutes from the Mississippi state line, so there's plenty of MSU fans I see on a daily basis. It was amusing that everyone dusted off their MSU gear and were wearing it proudly this week after smashing LSU. I'm expecting them to put it all back in the closet after that drubbing tonight.
  9. #4 Penn State in trouble

    So many near upsets today...
  10. #4 Penn State in trouble

    Amazing last 2 minutes.....two gutty drives....and PSU survives...
  11. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    Glad pettway could rest. Kj looked good . Great team effort . Next week is real test.
  12. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Known Buddy for over 50 years
  13. #4 Penn State in trouble

    Man thar Barkley is a player.
  14. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    Where was Pettway?? Good game though
  15. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    Hope you're right. We'll just have to see. I expect the bell ringers to be looking for blood next week. We'll see if the wildcat works against a real SEC defense I guess.
  16. #4 Penn State in trouble

    Iowa blocked a FG and immediately drove the field to take the lead at 19-15 with just over minute....quite an ending.
  17. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    Looks like #4 is about to go down. well maybe.....still a bit of time left.
  18. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    It was just Mizzoo, but I don't think we could have asked for more. The O looks to be improving. The D played well. The Leg is getting back into true form. Gus didn't wear that stupid sweater vest. It has been a good day!
  19. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    We did what we should have against Mizzou. Something we did not do against GSU and Mercer. We improved for the 1st time tonight. Going forward, we should put a beat down on MSU like UGA did. wde
  20. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    As Stidham improves our offense will improve. I see good things in the future.
  21. Mississippi State vs UGA

    we all did
  22. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    Auburn looked decent tonight against a terrible Mizzou team. Next week should tell us where we really stand. War Eagle!
  23. Not expecting us to dominate . I am expecting a hard fought victory
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