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  2. NolaAuTiger

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    Yes. I sure appreciate it.
  3. SaltyTiger

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    End of the day looks like President Trump will work hard to get his inherited immigration mess fixed.
  4. The haters would never accept that even if true.
  5. bigbird

    2019 3* CB Nehemiah Pritchett

    Give or take...
  6. johnnyAU

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    How did we lose to UGA in 2016? Why are we never prepared for the 1st game of the season, but our opponent somehow is? How did my 10 yr old daughter know what play Gus was gonna run on every first down?....and why does she still know it will be the same play 4 years later? I wouldn't mind Chris Peterson or Gary Patterson as long as we are throwing names around in a fictitious scenario. ~
  7. AUBwins

    Television Shows

    I have recently made an effort to watch a good bit of Netflix series. I would like 1 episode of each until I got hooked on one to finish before moving on to another. Currently on the Frankenstein Chronicles. Slow start but really started getting binge worthy. Only 6 episodes in each of the 2 seasons but interesting nonetheless. About half way through 2nd season.
  8. AUsince72

    2019 3* CB Nehemiah Pritchett

    So, it's 101% of 1/2. I like those odds...
  9. ShocksMyBrain

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    Where we are currently living, Memphis suburbs, versus where we’re shopping in Memphis proper is going to be somewhat of a gamble. Memphis is being gentrified massively right now. We can find a house for $100k, and the next street over is $250k. There’s money to be made right now in the Memphis market. Memphis is in the beginning stages of what Birmingham currently is.
  10. AUBwins

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    We felt that way buying our first home. Getting a really good realtor helped us a lot. She would gladly let us know concerns if she saw them, and she was very good with reading our expressions and thoughts. It really makes a difference to have someone that is looking out for you over themselves. Enjoy it though. Those house visits are some of our favorite memories as a young couple. Interestingly I am feeling the same way as you with the thought of selling our house the first time, but we are not quite ready for that adventure yet.
  11. AU64

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    UNC gradually caught up with OSU and has passed them at 4-3 and Heimlich is gone after a little over 3 innings. Not been a great series for him despite his record prior to CWS. UNC has left a handful on base tonight.....a couple timely hits and they could have taken a big lead....but still anyone's game in the 6th.
  12. aujeff11

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    The Lakers have a lot of offseason FA and draft hype. Going to be interesting to see how everything plays out.
  13. Brad_ATX

    Strozk Escorted From Building

    Had nothing to do with me, I can promise you that.
  14. NolaAuTiger

    Fake News at ABC

    It's never a mistake when FOX does it, though.
  15. If he was, he didn't take the opportunity to give that explanation when he refused to apologize for it:
  16. doc4aday

    2019 4* DE Curtis Fann

    He would be an awesome get for us. With the other 2 studs on board, this would give us a super DL group of recruits.
  17. AUBwins

    Post a picture

    Lunch time walk found this tree with a story to tell
  18. TitanTiger

    Fake News at ABC

    Yeah. Nothing could ever just be, you know, a mistake.
  19. Texan4Auburn

    Strozk Escorted From Building

    Lol, I have a feeling it is an unattainable task. Despite it's liberal reputation Austin does sit pretty middle.
  20. You know, its one thing with adults taking shots at each other (even though many are petty), but to go after a sick child. This guy is one of the biggest POS in the US.
  21. SaltyTiger

    Strozk Escorted From Building

    Need any help?
  22. ellitor

    2019 4* PF Jaylin Williams

    Hard to find them that size anymore & if you do it's still hard to find ones with the athleticism needed to play in Bruce's system.
  23. Texan4Auburn

    Strozk Escorted From Building

    I try and work were there are no liberal, democrats, conservative, or republicans.
  24. Texan4Auburn

    Now Liberal Seattle Has a Problem

    Conservative Dallas developing homeless problem: Conservative Houston tries to address homeless problem: Conservative Fresno homeless problem continues to grow: Conservative Oklahoma City continues to see growth in homeless: I can probably go through and find a conservative with a current or increasing homeless problem for every day of June if you like.
  25. NolaAuTiger

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    No. “Executive order” and “executive bill” are frequently used interchangeably, maybe not among lobbyists though. You should email Bloomberg. They used the terms interchangeably today also. It’s a common occurrence. I appreciate your genuine concern.
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