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  4. Auburn Offense Needs to Change

    A whole lot of nothing . Things would be a lot easier when people realize Gus is who he is. I am guilty of getting into this debate but I find it easier to just accept reality. You are getting a good coach , with the right personnel can possibly lead us to the promise land. Right personnel does not equate to top ten talent either.
  5. Carlson still in the circle....trying for a complete game shutout. SJ leads off with a single....runner on first and no outs Next batter count to 2-2....Ump calls an illegal pitch...and then batter gets a hit.....two runners on base and still no out. Martin comes in with no outs and two runners on base.
  6. Softball in California

    Wow and thanks for the updates. Only way I’ve been able to follow is watching the scores on the sec page and those don’t update often.
  7. Well, while I was elsewhere, AU scored 3 runs...timely hits by Draper and Shea and some aggressive base running. Rivera drives in another run 4-0.
  8. Probably not....but when the whole world sees this, can the NCAA just do nothing? I don't know but lots of schools who are more or less following the rules have every reason to be upset about this. At least 4 schools have fired employees and sat players based on FBI wiretap information and I guess the stuff that came out in CP's preliminary hearing / indictment.
  9. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    You're too nice Belle...he's a worthless piece of s*** working for a toothless and gutless "association". What's ridiculous is that this, just like the Nevin Shapiro University of Miami violations, would have never come to light if it were left to the NCAA. And this, just like the Shapiro charges, will in all likelihood be botched beyond belief by the NCAA.
  10. Why did Holland leave early?

    He could of came back had another beast season and basically guaranteed himself more money with a higher draft position. I appreciate your differing view points though!!! WOOOO!!!!! thanks brother. Just wanted a fun, healthy discussion for the off season and with the combine coming up.
  11. Why did Holland leave early?

    Maybe he cannot stand going to school. Maybe he and his family are dirt poor. Maybe he just had to go chase his dream, now.
  12. McCrackin leads off 7th with a double with no outs. ..we left the bases full in the first inning but since then, have not been able to move the runners around....and lots of ground ball outs. Sac bunt moves McCrackin to 3rd with one out..... Podany walks. Nice to hear the War Eagles from the crowd in the background....some AU family or friends attending. Podany steals 2nd in an attempt to draw the throw and let McCrackin 2 runners in scoring positon with Draper at bat
  13. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    Has the NCAA even been given access to these documents? Have they investigated any of it themselves? Have they sent out letters of allegations to schools? Here's where I'm coming from, hypothetically speaking of course. We know for a fact that two of our players are under a full season suspension for accepting impermissible benefits resulting from the Chuck Persons case. What "IF" we have another player who's name shows up on a spreadsheet in an agents expense report/spreadsheet? How the hell can the NCAA bench one of our players in middle of the NCAA Tournament based off information that hasn't been proven to be factual? I fail to see how the NCAA can take action this season when they haven't even followed their own protocol for issuing a letter of allegations or had the time to follow their own investigative procedures? There are players and programs listed with huge cash payments (LSU looks like up to $50,000 for 2 players) on that one spreadsheet, then they have travel & meals listed with other players - and this is only the report of one single agent for a very small time frame.
  14. Gus congratulates Bruce after the win!

    not mr fred but oooga booga mooga wooga mr magoo.
  15. Latest NFL Mock draft has him keeping on sliding back and this time all the way to the fourth round. It Has carlton going in the first and kj in the second. Listen I am all for our guys making the right decision and bettering themselves with their very best draft position and coming out for the draft WHEN IT MAKES sense. Carlton is going to be a first round pick. That is the biggest no brainer. KJ could not of possibly had a better season than he had this season plus being the bell cow in the gus system there is always a chance you get injured again by being run down and with KJ's injury history he basically had no other choice but to come out. But holland? why? He does not have great measurables. He is not going to be a shorts and t shorts warrior at the combine. He only has 1 good year on tape. A guy like him to have the best chance at going early needs to put as many good seasons as possible on tape for scouts to see where they have no choice but to take you early even if you do not have the desirable measurables. This one was the only head scratcher for me. What say you AU family?
  16. Softball report

    Bottom of 6th....0-0 and AU bats not doing much today.....but AU pitching been tough too.
  17. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    There will be more punishment than a one game suspension if its necessary. It won't be at the level of an entire season suspension, but accepting a meal isn't quite at the infraction level of a player accepting cash payments either.
  18. See my note in another post. Individual FBI agents leak stuff all the time to the media.... How much stuff has been leaked against DT in the past year?... and it's usually personal. So some FBI agent involved in the case sees a chance to take down a couple big time rivals right before the Big he or she leaks it to a couple guys who can and will distribute it to the entire sports world and hopes that these guys don't get away with it.. JMO, this is not about the FBI as an organization, it's about some FBI agent who wants the NCAA to come down on some cheating schools and / or players before the tournament....knowing if the FBI sits on this stuff a year or so, it will mean nothing with the culprits already in the NBA or elsewhere. So now the NCAA has about 2 weeks to decide how to deal with this stuff...before tournament seedings are announced..
  19. Gus congratulates Bruce after the win!

    Do you mind telling me what he is saying, Fred?
  20. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    And why the hell would the freaking FBI give him carte blance access to documents obtained in a federal investigation and allow him to publish them?
  21. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    If they (being the NCAA) truly want to do something about improper benefits then this will be their time after everything is out in the open. We all know that what's currently been released is only the tip of the iceberg. If just a few teams get a slap on the wrist and nothing drastic comes from this then that means nothing will ever truly be done to try and curb the impermissible benefits. Which will probably lead to legalizing a lot of these benefits. In short, it's time for the NCAA to dump or get off the pot. Also if the powers that be want to ever get rid of Emmert how much more do they need to happen under his watch?
  22. And just wondering.....nobody really thinks it's just a coincidence that this list comes public a couple weeks before the conference tournaments and the Big Dance do they? Let me put my tinfoil hat on and I can explain's on nice and tight. So consider that you are an FBI agent working this case and you have the list in your files. You are a Villanova grad....or maybe Xavier......and you notice that none of your players are on the list but instead....there are some big name guys who are playing for big name teams and there might be a chance to get them and their teams eliminated from the tournament without having to beat them on the court. So "leak" the information ...make it very public....and put the pressure on the NCAA to take pre-emptive action against the players and the schools who are implicated now that the entire college basketball world has that information. Can the NCAA do nothing? Can the schools do nothing? Guess we will find out.
  23. Uh that guy does not look like a grown man to me.
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  25. Auburn football tidbits

    I'm a bit uneasy about Auburn's running back situation. However, some improved offensive line play will help there. Auburn is likely to be more pass heavy this year. I still see Auburn undefeated when they go to Athens.
  26. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    The shear fact that the Feds are allowing random media members (Forde/Thamel) to peruse documents obtained through a federal investigation resulting in these two media ass-clowns dribbling out information from those documents for public consumption is sketchy as hell.
  27. Far too armed in the right places? Hardly. I'd like you to enlighten me, are the guns the disease, or the people using them. Statistically, given the number of guns out there, they aren't either, well, if I throw out Chicago, LA, St Louis, and New York, where guns are pretty tightly regulated. Yeah, and how's that working out?
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