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  2. Ulm injuries

    Ok, thank you. He has made some big plays this year and I hope he will be cleared.
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  5. 2018 4* LB JJ Peterson

    Nice! We need the future of our linebacking corps now. Tre is going to be gone soon and the next torch bearers will be gone next year. It would be nice to replace Tre with another 5 star
  6. College GameDay headed to AU

    2013 IB is similar to 2017 IB are eerily similar and I don’t want to get my hopes up.
  7. hope we see Willis and Igbinoghene

    He does have pretty poor vision but by all accounts he’s probably the fastest (or at least the fastest that doesn’t do anything else significant) player on this team. It’d help if we gave him actual return plays from time to time. Not everyone can improvise like a Quan or Chris Jr
  8. New Bulletin Board Material

    Auburn’s bulletin board material being an L away from being the first Auburn graduating class to not beat Alabama in my lifetime should be enough
  9. Ulm injuries

    Kind of a concussion vs stinger situation. Got his bell rung and had a twinge of numbness when he was first coming back around. Usual protocol is 24 hours without symptoms to go again .
  10. Ulm injuries

    Update tues night: think chances dinson plays much higher now.
  11. New Bulletin Board Material

    If a player needs bulletin board material for this week............................
  12. Moore or Jones?

    I am not going to argue the dynamic of when a fetus develops individual rights (becomes a "baby" if you prefer). I will concede that the question of "life" is an open question that is not adequately resolved by any point in the gestation cycle. (After all, it's simply a matter of time and engineering before a fertilized egg can be brought to term, ex-vivo.) My position is that, regardless of whenever that happens, the diploid / zygote / blastosphere / fetus / baby remains subordinate to the woman's right of self determination. I understand how and why you might disagree. And I do appreciate the arguments against my position but, that is still my position. Mother comes first. Even if you could demonstrably prove that life begins at conception, mother comes first. (That's not to say I wouldn't agree to reasonable compromises/restriction regarding the regulation of abortions.) If my basic position seems unnaturally cruel to you, consider that our culture has no problem with bombing or burning children during the course of executing our foreign policy. Such cruelity is arguably "evil" and it certainly should be avoided, but there's nothing particularly "unnatural" about it. It's the Amerian way. Hell, it's the human way, for that matter. Titan and I have had many debates on this topic. Frankly, I am not sure I can restate my position any better than I did in our last such discussion, so I don't plan to re-try. I am traveling to Birmingham for the holidays and when I get back I will try to find the link to that discussion for you. Until then, I will have only my phone (or my sister's crappy computer) so I won't be able to respond with more than a sentence or two if at all. Meanwhile, War Eagle and Beat Bama!
  13. Plays you want to see...

    Victory formation would be nice at the end of the game not the half
  14. end the hot seat talk

    When training my dog, the first time he let me know he needed to go outside, I was happy, gave him a pat on the head, but I never felt the training was done.
  15. Leath dang sure came in and immediately hired Lightfoot, Franklin, White to investigate the AD. With the Golloway lawsuit, the softball Title XI and sex schandle, FBI Persons indictment, Track coach racial discrimination and physical altercation case.....Now we have an AD on the way out the door, 1 BB coach under indictment and 2 more on suspension, with 2 of our top players suspended indefinitely. And the head BB coach hasn’t been as forthcoming as the Prez expects. I’m not ready to judge Leath too harshly at this point, the man has had a lot on his plate. Now
  16. Moore or Jones?

    "I am voting for Moore with the hope that the senate refuses to seat him which then falls back on Kay Ivey to nominate Sessions replacement." Amen!??
  17. Moore or Jones?

    Does that mean you reject the science behind vaccination?
  18. Moore or Jones?

    Seriously? (I waited to reply because I wanted to give you some time to re-think this.)
  19. What a mess Leath inherited, I hope he knows what the hell he’s doing. To be forced to be so closely involved with the athletics side right off the bat from the moment you clocked in on your time card is gotta be rough for any man. I hope he knows how hot the frying pan is at a place like Auburn.
  20. end the hot seat talk

    JMO. Add Gus to the AU AD Search Committee. Same for Coach Pearl or the coach of the next highest revenue producing sport. What do the coaches of the 3 highest revenue producing AU sports programs need more of and less of from the next AD?
  21. FCC Announces Plans To Repeal Net Neutrality

    Good grief. That's embarrassing.
  22. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Mississippi StateMissouriAuburnFlorida StateGeorgiaLouisvilleLSUClemsonTennesseeWashingtonNotre Dame 47
  23. FCC Announces Plans To Repeal Net Neutrality

    Wait until they finally figure out the personal implications of the Republican tax bill. But hey, as long as we...... keep those immigrants out! .......... drain the Swamp! ........bring back coal! ....... MAGA!!!
  24. Who is to say that the Prez isn’t behind this. I have a strange feeling he just wants to clean up the AD and if there is any doubt he’s kicking ‘em to the curb. I would hate to lose coach Pearl but getting a grasp on the AD seems to be a higher priority with all the mess that’s boiling around.
  25. There has to be some proof of questionable actions that spurred the suspensions of two coaches. Surely to goodness President Leath didn’t just go off half cocked, did he? And can someone please tell me who the hell chose to suspend two of our players for this long? The NCAA? AU Complaince Director our of caution?
  26. The Other Side of the Coin

    Damn. I've learned so much from you.
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