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  2. Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    yes! in 3 matches. reigns first. then cena. then elias.
  3. Good read here for those in the middle. (Some choice language)****-you-i-like-guns-2/
  4. Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    Wait....he went more than an hour? Holy crap!
  5. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    That's what I was wondering about. I'm a little surprised Hawke struggles internationally, considering he came from Australia.
  6. Future Opponent Scouting

    In looking through the Irish roster,I just noticed their best hitter last year was Morgan Reed from Maylene,AL. Played for Briarwood Christian. Hit .369 last year with 59 RBIs. She's a senior this year.
  7. MSU baseball coach fired effective immediately.

    David H. Murray - 75 minutes ago Mississippi State will officially terminate the second-year baseball coach's employment Tuesday morning. Cannizaro’s dismissal is per sources with cause though University officials have yet to state on record what said cause is. An official statement is forthcoming. The University will place pitching coach Gary Henderson in charge of the 2018 team for the remainder of this season. Mississippi State opened the schedule over the past weekend with a three-game sweeping at Southern Mississippi. Cannizaro, 39, was hired as Mississippi State’s 17th head baseball coach on November 5, 2016. His hiring was made the same day nine-year head coach John Cohen was formally presented as athletic director. Cohen was able to take Cannizaro away from Louisiana State where he had spent two seasons as assistant coach and recruiting coordinator. If the weekend was lost, that season was a success on the whole. Though taking over with only days left in fall training, Cannizaro and retained assistant staff were able to keep the program on track into 2017. Cannizaro became only the second Diamond Dog coach to record 40 wins in his first year. The Bulldogs went 40-27, 17-13 SEC, and split four games in the SEC Tournament. Assigned to the Hattiesburg Regional as a #2 seed, Mississippi State lost its opening game to South Alabama before running off four victories in two days. The doubleheader sweep of host Southern Mississippi on elimination day provided the 13th NCAA Regional championship in program history, and sent Cannizaro’s club to Baton Rouge ironically enough where they were swept in super regional play by the eventual national runners-up. Also in his one year Cannizaro was able to score four wins in as many meetings with Ole Miss. His Bulldogs swept the regular season series in Oxford, and took the neutral site matchup as well in Pearl. The ’17 team, though not able to defend the 2016 SEC Championship won by Cohen’s last club, did take other series from Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, and Texas A&M. Cannizaro is a Tulane alumnus and Green Wave All-American player with eight playing seasons in professional baseball and two stints in Major League ball with the Yankees and Rays. He spent five years as a scout with the Yankees before going to college coaching. Henderson is in his second season at Mississippi State. Hired by Cohen in the first place he stayed to coach Cannizaro’s pitchers. Henderson can handle SEC coaching of course as he was Cohen’s successor at Kentucky for eight seasons, and before than an assistant at Florida. The Diamond Dogs have a day to recover from the stunning change of management. They are scheduled to play at Jackson State on Wednesday evening with a 6:00 start, weather permitting. Due to stadium construction the first home game will be March 6, and with an interim manager. A player-only meeting was reportedly held Monday evening.
  8. Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    Unfortunately jordan had a injury that forced their hand. He might need neck surgery. Very serious. I would be down for that to! I would love a Kurt Angle vs Rollins match even more.
  9. Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    I haven't seen Raw yet and won't until the end of the week (traveling for work). But agreed, getting him naway from Jordan will do Seth wonders. I'd dig a Seth vs Finn vs Miz Mania match for the IC.
  10. You are a DA. Go back and read the ******* posts. It's people like you that get me labeled as 'arrogant'.
  11. You and Proud make for a natural match. It's no wonder you've become his apprentice.
  12. Hogwash. Your post claims that school shootings are unique to America. Clearly, your are wrong about that. "Unique" was your word, own it like an adult should.
  13. Yes, Obi-wan. But I doubt that's true for the majority of slaves in the South at the time.
  14. Do you know what "abstract" as in an abstract argument? My post concerns rhetoric and logic -not about whatever it is you are talking about.
  15. Basketball Probe

    In the case of some of those coaches you listed as examples, they had systems built around them to insulate them from wrongdoings so the HC could retain his plausible deniability. I believe part of the reason for the institution of that rule is to give the NCAA a way around the claim of “I didn’t know” excuses that HCs were using. If Bruce can show he promoted compliance and thoroughly monitored his staff, that’s how he will get around that HC responsibility rule. If he can show he acted and did an adequate job of policing his assistants, he will be fine. It is assumed Pearl will be questioned by the FBI at some point or be involved in their investigation, and I believe that’s the hold up between Bruce and Auburn. Like you said, I don’t think Bruce’s issues are related to the FBI but moreso how he was running his program when one of his assistants violated NCAA rules.
  16. Did you really need to quote my entire post just to say that?
  17. Post a picture

    Dude. I wish my current house had one. Just make sure you have screened windows, because that thing will suck some air in.
  18. Come on people let’s vote for our AU speedster for hs male track star of the week, and show him how we support our players!
  19. It would be straightforward if that line was truthful, which of course it is not. Here's a link in which I count 21 school shootings that were not in America. We are not unique or alone in the school shooting business. Here's a sample from that page, in case yet another link won't work for the Left. April 26, 2002 Erfurt, Germany 13 teachers, two students, and one policeman killed, ten wounded by Robert Steinhaeuser, 19, at the Johann Gutenberg secondary school. Steinhaeuser then killed himself.
  20. Whites Shoot Up BLM Protest

    If it bleeds it leads..... Get the widow on the set, is the head dead yet?..... kick em when they up, kick em when they down.......Dirty Laundry. Chicago is ignored now cause it only mattered when Obama was President and it was used as an attack on him. Chicago has since been stripped of its gun laws... you can conceal carry, soon ranges and stores will be in the city limits etc. So without the laws nobody can point and say see they don't work! They also now can't point and say see less gun laws works! There is also little news about the fact that many of those shootings are over street corners that sell Oxy to white privileged kids from the collar counties and the universities. And how the hell did a two year old post get pulled for this given the recent ones like Vegas, Texas Church shootings, Florida High School
  21. 2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Any other thoughts on this kid? Not a fan of his size but he plays big and it wouldn't be terrible to get a 4* RB to add to our class. TIFWIW but he has two CB to Auburn right now
  22. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    Coaching in the bigger picture -- recruiting. Marsh was a really great recruiter -- especially elite foreign swimmers. At this point, Auburn's recruiting just isn't competitive even in the SEC, much less nationally. Great kids, work their butts off, but just not elite.
  23. Basketball Probe

    If I understand this issue correctly, the issue of CBP at this point is not about the FBI probe, which had to do with Person and the two players. The issue with CBP is an NCAA rules thing. According to NCAA rules, even if a head coach is not aware of illegal activities going on, he is **responsible** for ALL that occurs regarding his team. Thank you Rick Pitino and Hugh Freeze and Art Briles, who all denied even an inkling of the stuff going on at their institution. Personally, I really don't think CBP knew about the dealings of Person and Adidas. But as far as the NCAA is concerned, that does not absolve him from responsibility. And with his show-cause history ...... this is a really crappy mess. Person really did a number on us. May he live forever in ignominy.
  24. 2019 Recruiting Thread essentially kicking dirt trying to find something to write about. Essentially says we have To Nix committed and we might take a local 3* QB if JS bails before his senior year. Which I didn't think JS would before this year's draft prospects at QB started to pan out. Not a lot of stellar college QBs at the moment.
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