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  2. Auburn might have a back up plan

    is that a cheap plug for GMac and Marcus Spears show on the sec network every mondays?! lol
  3. Gameday Signs - Iron Bowl Edition

    Which one's Updyke? They all look the same.
  4. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    “Sources say” UCLA.
  5. Plays you want to see...

    Don't really care the plays, just want this to be the result after the game
  6. Who will be this Iron Bowl's unlikely hero?

    That one he dropped in the A-Day, not only could I have caught it, he'll I could have thrown it to him.
  7. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Chip Kelly is a great coach. I definitely don't want to see him in the SEC--though I think UF would be a better fit for him than UCLA.
  8. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Did not know. Thanks.
  9. Auburn might have a back up plan

    That's what I figured. Just kind of thinking out loud.
  10. Auburn might have a back up plan

    I don't think anybody is worrying about that. Gus leaving Auburn is a bammer pipe dream, nothing more.
  11. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    Four letters... N C A A. Oregon would be in permanent cross hairs if he went back.
  12. Barkley Statue Unveiling

    Jesus Christ, bunch of whiners on here. #facepalm
  13. Leath - Pearl Relations

    This is so weird
  14. Auburn might have a back up plan

    Jimbo. He is far more likely to come here than TAMU. The 39 million dollar buyout was proven to be IF he gets fired from fsu. Not if he wants to leave them on his own to another job. He also is who out of the big name candidates would be more attractive than petrino. That is why this whole article is garbage. Petrino will NEVER be the head coach at Auburn.
  15. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Mississippi StateMissouriAuburnFloridaGeorgiaLouisvilleLSUClemsonVanderbiltWashington StateStanford 55
  16. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    Trust me, I'm in the Mikey," WE NEED LINEBACKER CAMP"!!!!
  17. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    That, my friend, is becoming a chronic curse on Auburn and linebackers going back to the 2011 class. I'd say '15 and '17 were exceptions, but normally we go from "what we gonna' do with all these linebackers" in April to a hand full of nothing 10 months later when signing day rolls around. It way past time this got fixed!
  18. Auburn might have a back up plan

    If Gus were to take the hogs job I wonder what Auburn's plan would be as far as candidates?
  19. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    Jeff Holland was. He played games with us until the moment Boom became our DC and then he was locked in even though he did not commit till signing day.
  20. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    HOPEFULLY he signs and ends up being worth the headaches....HOPEFULLY
  21. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    Hard to understand how a few months ago we were in the top group for so many, and now struggling to fill the spots. Especially with our LBs playing so well this season.
  22. Ulm injuries

    Lying about the severity of his injury so he can play in a big game.
  23. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    lol we are not in exactly in a good spot with any other studs which is why we are going back to him. I am for it. because he is a stud player. I def want him bad in this class.
  24. Chip Kelly to Florida?

    So, why doesn't Oregon make a push to bring Kelly back?
  25. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    Right now we're in trouble at the position for this class.. There's time to add a quality LB or two, but it's getting hard to see just who that might be.
  26. Today
  27. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain

    With that being the case, I hope we have more stable LBs on the board
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