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  2. I used to live off of ware drive that intersects Shug. People speed so fast down Shug and there arent many lights so if you aren’t paying attention, it’s easy to read end someone turning. I hated that when I lived there.
  3. This....................Clemson is in the 8th spot at the moment 6 strokes ahead of us. We tee off at 11:00 am tomorrow 1. Oklahoma State: -12 (290-276-286--852)T-2. Texas: +13 (298-290-289--877)T-2. Stanford: +13 (291-287-299--877)4. Oklahoma: +16 (305-287-288--880)5. Wake Forest: +17 (296-297-288--881)6. Vanderbilt: +18 (307-288-287--882)7. Texas A&M: +20 (296-287-301--884)8. Clemson: +28 (302-292-298--892)9. SMU: +29 (308-293-292--893)10. TCU: +30 (311-295-288--894)11. Ohio State: +31 (297-296-302--895)12. Pepperdine: +32 (312-291-293--896)13. Auburn: +34 (292-294-312--898)14. Cal: +35 (292-301-306--899)15. USC: +36 (304-304-292--900)
  4. It's in the middle of Auburn during daylight - no way he fell asleep unless he had a seizure.
  5. And I have no doubt that all who crossed his path felt similar generosity and kindness from him. You can just tell he's a really great human being. I'm sorry to you and all who are feeling this loss even more acutely than those of us who weren't as lucky to know him.
  6. Oh, meant to we start tomorrow with a clean slate? Or do we have to climb into a spot from where we are?
  7. Was the weather a factor bc it looks like a lot of teams (especially those that teed off later) had bad days?
  8. When I was in college there were plenty of guys who maybe weren't going without eating but was going without everything else and LMAO that NCAA is feeling pressure.. like everyone says only a few play professional sports but there are many that generated millions for their school and literally was given around 30-60,000 dollars of stuff....that doesn't cost the college mind you, it's just that somebody else could've been given the opportunity to pay them....And players like Zion could've profited without the NCAA but NCAA sure profited off of him
  9. As someone who met him, just your average person, your average student still finding their way. He was a great man and u could ask him advice on anything and he would tell you exactly like it is. Reminded me of my dad blessed that I was able to talk to him several times one on one for 30+ mins
  10. Thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences, and to those who passed along all the kind words from around the web. Never met him but there are people in the public eye who you just know are exceedingly decent and who just make you feel better about things. Rod was one of those people and this really hurts. He definitely feels like family.
  11. This article is CBS sports. Same clowns that had a mustache blathering on nat'l news after we won the '84 Sugar that "real champions score touchdowns".
  12. I remember being 6 years old in Montgomery and the YMCA wouldn't let me play football until I was 7. My mother talked them into letting me play. Got home from school and she let me know I would get to play for the Seth Johnson Bees. Fell on the floor squalling. "I dont want to play for them. I want to play for the Green Bay Packers ". He and daddy Ben have left a lasting impression on me and on the city of Montgomery. I actually got to play ball with him when I was 7 as many in my neighborhood did. RIP Bart!
  13. Some propose to "fix" a system that works about 99% of college athletes.....why do that for a handful of student /athletes who might be able to made a few buck selling autographs or their own tee shirts? .....except at bama of course where they would have autograph day and charge $1000 per 'graph and have the REC members lined up to get their caps signed. But of course none of that has anything to do with Emmert who does not make the rules on stuff like that...And of course a couple of the conference commissioners make that kind of money too, for much less responsibility so like him or not, Emmert's salary is more or less in keeping with the excessive salaries paid at most levels of college athletics.
  14. Absolutely fantastic post. Very well thought out. WAR EAGLE!!!
  15. We're in but we fell apart the last two rounds like I never ever have seen. Today we shot +24 as compared to the first day at +4. I mean we had three player shot 80 or better today. Tomorrow we need to get into top 8 to get into match play
  16. Amazing, I thought we choked right out of it. +24 today. One of the. Worst scores amongst all teams. Hoping it means we got that rd out our system.
  17. Understand if forum rules against fundraising exist and apply here but this link was tweeted by Auburn Baseball broadcast partner of Rod’s, Andy Burcham. It’s to support Shelby and Josh.
  18. Tweeted out by the real Andy Burcham for those of you leery of fundraising scams but wondering how to help
  19. Am I looking at the golf scores correctly? Looks like we are in the top 15? Golf? Buehller? I looked early and thought we were out of it.
  20. Good points. Contrary to what was said earlier, student athletes aren’t going hungry. Can’t say the same for myself when I was on the college Ramen Noodle diet. There is too much pressure on the NCAA to allow players to profit on their likeness though and the players like Zion will soon be able to profit.
  21. That’s a good point A4E. Interesting that the playoff contenders have easy schedules again.
  22. Trip me out that when you bring him up many say he wasn't really a QB or he couldn't throw.....I don't care what positions he played or had to change he produced and on the field he was amazing in my eyes. One of my faves
  23. Today
  24. @cole256 & @Tigerbelle It is easy to say that the system is broke and it should be fixed, but how do you go about the change in your opinion? Currently a student athlete gets lower admission requirements, a free education, housing, meal plan at a facility that is better than the average students, free access to tutors and mentors, free gym usage and trainers, early enrollment in classes, a stipend and they can still apply for financial assistance in the form of grants or loans for starters. These of which being just the official perks of being a student athlete. When athletic scholarships started most of these things were not in place but as it became more profitable there were more inclusions. Not saying there is enough but just pointing out the fact. The concept of selling music or art work was interesting but I believe it would lose merit as any student athlete who also was an artist or musician and majored in those areas would be able to do the same thing. The idea of being forced to go to college is interesting but it would be easy also for the leagues to require a degree to be a professional in their sport. Schools would quickly put in required classes. As with almost any profession a degree is required. If athletes were able to do endorsements how does that work as far as boosters. Also say an Auburn player signed with Nike how does that work with the Under Armor contract. Do all student athletes need to sign a non-compete cause with the University? Is setting up a pension for student athletes the avenue to go? Is some sort of medical insurance plan an avenue? If so is completing your degree a requirement to qualify? If a student athlete has an endorsement that negatively impacts the University how does that work? If a student athlete is allowed to have endorsements, etc. Do they have the right to have an agent? Are agents gonna then push kids to certain schools and how do you curtail that from happening. Will it create more of a Professional sports model of operations? I get the draft point but that is a different argument. I think one easy area is to disperse funds to the players for video games where they use their likeness. 50/50 My point being the system is far from perfect, but how do you make it better without hurting what it is? I absolutely believe it can be improved, I just do not have the answers. Not looking to start a pissing match, just seriously interested.
  25. Love ya doc, given everything that’s going on right now, just wanted u to know that from me, sincerely
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