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  2. There’s probably some truth to this but it doesn’t explain losing to teams like San Jose State, North Texas and Colorado State. Any program that typically recruits in the 20–30 range should win those. Our recruiting rankings on paper really aren’t that much different than before they joined. Petrino and Nutt’s best teams did usually have some key players from Texas but every time we’ve won 10+ games it was also because we had an unusually great class from in-state than normal that carried the team. To succeed we need to combine some 4* players from surrounding states but also can’t miss on our top Arkansas players either like the Matt Jones or Darren McFadden types. Arkansas has produced more great basketball players than football lately which doesn’t help either.
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  4. Kodi Burns will be ready to move right in when Gus retires after the 2030 season.
  5. Yeah didn't realize that was his alma mater.
  7. I know many believe in the power of prayer, but praying for the Pubbie senate to impeach and remove from office is requesting a major miracle. A loaves and fishes level of miracle. I don't see it happening.
  8. Too much malzahn stank on him!!!!!! Lol ew ew ew ew!!!! Stay away!!! Run for your life!!!! Hahaha. Forever un clean bird!!!? Forever un clean!!! Haha.
  9. I'm a Christian. And I'm conservative on many/most issues. I no longer call myself a republican but at least on the national and statewide level, I tend to vote for GOP candidates. But yes, I don't knee-jerk defend conservatives, Republicans, or Trump out of any sense of tribal loyalty so I can see how that might be confusing for some.
  10. Wait, so you’re a Christian and a Republican? Could never guess either of those from your posts!😂
  11. bigbird


    I'm tired. That is it.
  12. Another that will be good someday soon and one that AU would look at is Eli Drinkwitz. I don't think he is ready for AU or the SECw yet though.
  13. I think LK would kill it at AU and I doubt AU would ever give him a look. Sadly, the same could be said for Baby Briles.
  14. I will let Nola argue his case. I never pretended to be an attorney and he is
  15. Nope. I respect his intellectual thought and we often have good conversations. Respect is earned. I still believe the laws are already on the books, which is what I said from the beginning. The challenge in this case that NOLA speaks of is a civil one due to loss of profits by another company. Not necessarily one of emolument law. Monster difference.
  17. Until we change DC or Steele changes schemes, we won't have many INTs.
  18. A couple of questions because I respect your opinion... How do you think Kiffen would do at AU? And do you think AU would ever ever hire him?
  19. Auburn Alabama Georgia Texas A&M LSU Florida Missouri Utah Clemson Boston College Wisconsin 57
  20. She is Houdini. How she and her cronies stay out of jail escapes me.
  21. Ignore the facetious use of the term "dumb." Focus on the body of the OP - specifically the point re wealth tax being a "wash" absent proper amendment.
  22. Auburn Alabama Georgia Texas A&M LSU Florida Missouri Arizona State Clemson Boston College Wisconsin 54
  23. You are right. My mistake and I admit it. But my engagement post still stand and was a civil question.You also said there was no need for a legal challenge.Nola seems to disagree but you are civil with him because you know you are outmatched.
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