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  2. Are the law students literally raising 200 million dollars based on their decision to attend the program
  3. I agree with your points on race and integration. Integration of professional sports made them the value they are today. When baseball integrated they allowed players but no team from the Negro League was allowed to be added and be an owner. Every modern day professional golfer should forever thank Tiger Woods for the money they are making now. Trust me I have gotten into it with racist Auburn fans, there rationalization is appalling. Being the first person in my family to get a college degree in 2 generations it has a different value for me too. Sadly there is a population of people that are not worried about fair.
  4. I love your optimism Doc. I wish that I could share it but the rate at which we are missing on OL guys that we appear to want is getting pretty discouraging.
  5. Well they are. They appointed a commission to study the subject not even a month ago. Coaches like Bruce Pearl are very vocal about his players getting some profit for their likeness, and the talk will soon turn into action. Did they have a better alternative available and if so, why didn’t they take it? I don’t think the athletic scholarship is meant to be a golden ride into an extravagant living. It should be practical. Is attending law school the golden ticket? Those students are forbidden from work year one and regulated internships afterwards, study unGodly hours, forced into student loan debt, and ultimately find the job opportunities are not as great as they thought they’d be. Maybe they should get a stipend too.
  6. While I respect your opinion sir, I disagree. My post was nothing but a tribute. At the time the person my OP was about stated that lives were wasted, I argued that was ridiculous, as the soldiers, sailors and airmen do what our elected leaders order them to do. Funny thing is, Tex wasn't around to tell this poster that he was wrong. My guess is because he agrees with the politics of this other poster. To say any lives were wasted is beyond the pale!!! To say my statement that people on this board said "lives were wasted" was political is laughable. Anyway, I will be up in the morning to muck some horse stalls, ride my bike and spend the rest of the day on the lake. I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day!
  7. I just found out about this devastating news, what a terrible tragedy. May God comfort his family in their time of need. RIP Rod and Paula.
  8. Thank you for sharing this. I know John and even though I never met Rod I always felt like I knew him, personally. I can't even watch the video, yet. This week, after it all sets in....
  9. He never lost sight of what was happening in the game and was a few plays ahead. Watch the "prayer at Jordan-Hare". The throw is 60 yards in the air; the ball is caught and everyone in the stands and on the sideline is losing their mind. In the middle of the bedlum, Marshal is running down the field and yelling at the offense to stay on the field and has two fingers in the air pointing at the sideline to tell them to go for 2. I spoke to Dameyune Craig last Spring just after he came to A&M about Marshall's football IQ. He said Craig was a savant when it came to football awareness ; and that he was one of the smartest players he'd ever coached.
  10. Well Tex, I was born at night but not last night. I've mucked some horse stalls today and my horsesh** detector works excellently. I doubt you have a tribute post on your Facebook page and if you have one, I really doubt it is "absent any politics." My doubts are bolstered by the evidence of 30,541 posts from you. Anyway, I grow weary of this, you have a nice Memorial Day.
  11. Not if you’re going from Sanford where that shell is towards College. If you turn right at ware, you have to just slow down and hope the person behind you is paying attention.
  12. Moore is going to be an absolute terror along with Handy on the DL. Our defense will keep us in many games this season. If our offense picks up where it left off after the bowl game and spring game, things could be very interesting a good way for us in 2019. A very good 2019 will bring in the OL talent we need.
  13. Today
  14. First LMAO at the people that argued with me and saying they agree with you when you say the system is broken as well but asked how it can be fixed. Now to answer your question I haven't sat down to even start thinking of how to fix anything but I find it appalling that so many is good with the sports where people of color dominate are so regulated in college but the sports where white people dominate aren't. That clearly the sports with the people of color like I said on every level of management are left out except for white people have to run it and make major decisions and shut up and be happy with what you get.....And look at this thread....look at how many DO NOT CARE. Not coincidentally you will find that most of the time it's white people that doesn't care and black people that do. Who you think is going to win that? How do you not have a problem with that? You cannot deny it's unfair. Yeah it for the old white men to stay rich and in power forever. I'm sure there's a bunch of ways that could work. This system is best....why? Because minorities weren't looked at as equals and back then people bought teams for 10,000 dollars so now they are in charge? No, I'm too educated now, I will not ever accept anybody telling me or my people to be happy with scraps. Most don't even know what a week is like for a D1 college athlete and is so quick to say what they deserve. Also like I said having a college degree means different things for different races but that's where the line is drawn huh? We're not worried about fair then right? Like it or not these chains will be broken one day
  15. Prayers for Rod and Paula and all of their families and loved ones and the young person injured also. They will always be with us is thoughts. God Bless .
  16. Aren't there separate turn lanes in every direction at that intersection?
  17. This..................the better teams teed off early
  18. The top teams had the early tee times, besides BYU. So the teams playing better in general shot ether.
  19. I used to live off of ware drive that intersects Shug. People speed so fast down Shug and there arent many lights so if you aren’t paying attention, it’s easy to read end someone turning. I hated that when I lived there.
  20. This....................Clemson is in the 8th spot at the moment 6 strokes ahead of us. We tee off at 11:00 am tomorrow 1. Oklahoma State: -12 (290-276-286--852)T-2. Texas: +13 (298-290-289--877)T-2. Stanford: +13 (291-287-299--877)4. Oklahoma: +16 (305-287-288--880)5. Wake Forest: +17 (296-297-288--881)6. Vanderbilt: +18 (307-288-287--882)7. Texas A&M: +20 (296-287-301--884)8. Clemson: +28 (302-292-298--892)9. SMU: +29 (308-293-292--893)10. TCU: +30 (311-295-288--894)11. Ohio State: +31 (297-296-302--895)12. Pepperdine: +32 (312-291-293--896)13. Auburn: +34 (292-294-312--898)14. Cal: +35 (292-301-306--899)15. USC: +36 (304-304-292--900)
  21. It's in the middle of Auburn during daylight - no way he fell asleep unless he had a seizure.
  22. And I have no doubt that all who crossed his path felt similar generosity and kindness from him. You can just tell he's a really great human being. I'm sorry to you and all who are feeling this loss even more acutely than those of us who weren't as lucky to know him.
  23. Oh, meant to we start tomorrow with a clean slate? Or do we have to climb into a spot from where we are?
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