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  2. This is completely arbitrary, but this is how I separate Auburn players. Tier 1. Legends: Award winners, NFL greats, record setters, championship team members. People nationwide know these players. Examples: All 3 Heismans, Tracy Rocker, Takeo Spikes, Cadillac, Dansby, Carlos Rogers, Kevin Greene. Tier 2. Star Players: Not as decorated, but all SEC level performers. All Auburn fans and most SEC fans know who they are. Examples: Groves, Rudi, Stephen Davis, Frank Sanders, Greg Robinson, Kenny Irons, Nick Marshall, Darvin Adams, Dameyune Craig, Will Herring, Heath Evans, Lutz. Tier 3. Unsung: Solid players who won't be remembered outside of the Auburn family, but were crucial players nonetheless. That's what we are discussing here.
  3. Being sung isn't a self-given attribute it's a measure of the appreciation of the fans. Kodi was pretty beloved. He has his own version of Auburn legend, a lot like T-Will.
  4. Should have 10 pages of comments and gratitude tbh
  5. You can't sit Dinson right, should Smoke start over Thomas?
  6. Amazing! Love the support from the team for their fellow teammate in there. Great to see
  7. I didn't know this. War Eagle to them both- on the off chance they're seeing this. It's all in jest.
  8. I think uncle or great uncle but not real sure about that. James Owens was the first black football scholarship player. Basketball player Henry Harris was first overall, he beat Owens to The Plains by one year.
  9. I’ve always liked Florida outside of Auburn. I probably started watching football as Spurrier took over so I got to see them really take off. Florida is the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in and I’ve been to LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, Bammer etc. That being said I hope Dan Mullen falls on his face this season. I hope Gus beats him like he was still coaching Miss State. I’m tired of hearing how great Mullen is because of 4 weeks in 2014. I hope they run him out of town the same way they ran Zook, Muschamp, and the shark humper out. He’s a low life piece of garbage just like Urban.
  10. Right over my head. That being said it still wouldn’t surprise me if he got 1/3 of the reps the last scrimmage since it was primarily the 2s and 3s.
  11. Hah, yeah I tried to warn everyone that was thinking Cord might end up #2 behind Stidham last fall camp that he couldn't throw. I think he understands his role and it's good he's here.
  12. Man, still seems unreal that Quentin has already passed. You just never know when it's your time.
  13. It was kind of a joke playing off of @GwillMac6 ‘s post. Surly you don’t think I was serious! 😆
  14. I posted that article 2-3 days ago and we’ve already hashed it’ out three ways to Sunday!
  15. Get it out...don't sugar coat it...say what you think...
  16. From what I’ve read Sunday’s scrimmage concentrated on the 2nd and 3rd teams which would make sense with Cord getting the majority of the reps. I’m sure Appleton will see some time against Samford and maybe Tulane or Kent handing off to Malik and MAR.
  17. Antoine Carter, Marcus Davis, Kris Frost, Will Herring, Cooper Wallace, Quentin Groves, Kodi Burns
  18. Siposs made a light-hearted jab at folks calling Cord the team dad because he is older than Cord lol.
  19. I totally agree with him that our defense has to take the next step. A good coach has to think like that if for no other reason than to have the players wanting more. Like Cole said, the inexperienced linebackers aren’t accounted for in the Athlon DL rankings. Neither are a whole bunch of other variables including: depth, SOS, TOP, garbage stats, and many many more. We will be stout but I don’t know about Athlon’s ranking. I actually didn’t realize our 2010 defense was so stout on run defense. One of my unsung heroes that I have yet to post though was Antoine Carter..He, being a DL, ran down a Heisman RB and forced a fumble through the EZ which helped us get back into the game. Was a solid player year around as well.
  20. Both of the two thrown his way
  21. Hhhhhmmmm, I didn't hear her say "I am sorry for lying about being an India".
  22. Agree. I think the best part is the team reacting like they did. That's special.
  23. Just pointing out that CKS recognizes that this is a new season and makes it pretty clear that last season has nothing to do with it. Still potential until facts supersede it. I'm not trying to be argumentive; just thought what Steele said was related to this topic.
  24. Was it Owens grandfather who earned the first scholarship for a black american player at Auburn?
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