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    ... take a break or leave but stop it with all the insults and criticisms of other posters and players. I'm just a nobody on here but it's ridiculous reading multiple pages of posters who can't find their way to a PM. Now we've lost another member who brought an informative viewpoint and a perspective that we all need sometimes, all because a poster wanted to try to get cute with the insults. I come here for information and to have fun. I have zero inside info and so I lurk, post when I feel like it and try to make someone else smile when I can. If you're on here just to be critical and pick an argument with someone then I feel really bad for you. I have gotten to the point where I just skip a couple of posters on here because they're either self promoting, attacking or just ultra sensitive. I'm just trying to get everyone to think before you post and stop with the insults. When you think about it if you aren't able to enjoy coming on here then why are you doing it anyway?
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    Being happy with 8-4 or 9-3 is the problem...
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    He called a good game. It would've been a blowout if we make all the throws, but such is life! Good game!
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    I see & notice everything lol
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    Let's get it! Try and be positive and if you don't think you can, it's okay to sign off and log in later. War Eagle!
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    My only real concern is self-destruction. Hoping our running backs had a football under their arms all week as they went to class, were at the dining hall, etc. learning to love that little ball and protecting it with their lives....
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    PMARSHONAU: College football on the brink ByPHILLIP MARSHALL Sep 25, 8:48 AM Share107 Comments You can blame soaring coaches’ salaries. You can blame those coaches for selling NFL futures to prospects as much or more than they sell education. You can blame whoever or whatever you want. But the fact is college football as we know it is tottering on the brink. At Houston, a quarterback decides to sit out the rest of this season because his team isn’t good enough. One of his top receivers joins him. To hell with teammates who have a season to play. It’s a popular thing to sit out bowl games. The 13th game of the season is too dangerous, somehow more dangerous than the 12th game or 11th game or 10th game. And now politicians are getting involved. California is on the verge of passing a law that would allow student-athletes carte blanche to be paid for the use of their names or likenesses. New York wants to force athletes to receive, in cash, 15 percent of the revenues for athletics. Politicians in other states are considering similar bills. If these things come to pass, get ready for the first million-dollar quarterback signee. Get ready for players to transfer because they can get more money in another program. Get ready for education to truly take a back seat. College football is not the NFL, where it’s about individuals who happen to play for teams. College basketball is not the NBA, where it’s even more that way. College athletics weren’t meant to be like that and can’t survive like that. Sticking with football since it’s September, such a system might work for a handful of programs. For most, it would mean a fast trip to irrelevance and the dismantling of not only football programs but athletic programs in general. Does anyone believe Auburn could recruit enough businessmen to put up the kind of money it would take to compete with what Alabama would be able to offer not just the stars but everybody on scholarship? Texas A&M? Georgia? Florida? LSU? I can tell you the answer. It is no. The great myth is that college athletics programs are rolling in money. They are not. They pay football coaches millions now because that’s what the market demands. They build facilities, the vast majority of them with borrowed money, because that’s what it takes to keep up. If playing college football is all about getting ready for the NFL, the NFL needs to form a farm system and let those with no interest in the college experience go play for money out of high school. News flash: If you do that, most who take that route won’t make it. They’ll be left with no money, no education, nothing. But, by dang, they’ll be able to get money for their names and likeness. Are people ready for the College Football Players Association? Are they ready for the first strike? Are they ready for stadiums that aren’t half full because the allure of college players playing for each other, their families and their schools is gone and what is left is second-rate pro football? Are they ready for a coach who disciplines a player to be sued because he is potentially hurting that player’s livelihood? Are they ready to hear a player is choosing one school over another because he can make more money there? As a result of playing college football, thousands of young men have college degrees they never would have had. They have learned lessons of teamwork and accountability. They have been trained and taught by the best of the best in the best facilities. They have had academic help if they needed it. Those who are good enough can parlay it all into playing their games for a living. Most aren’t good enough, but they have experiences and relationships that they cherish for a lifetime. College football players receive scholarships that pay for their schooling. They eat the best food and live in nice places. They get, in most programs, in the neighborhood of $5,000 a year to spend as they choose. Yes, the work hard, remarkably hard. But the return can last a lifetime. Yet, lawyers, seeing the potential for windfalls of their own, would have you believe they are exploited. Ask the kid who waits tables at night and will repay student loans for years if he or she believes anyone is being exploited. 107COMMENTS College football is on the edge of abyss. If someone doesn’t come to their senses, it will soon be something for the privileged few if it’s for anybody at all. And that is really sad.
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    Belle, what do they need to make ends meet for? They are living in free housing with free food and free entertainment while going to school for free, as well as a stipend, often, to spend freely, and athletic gear from the school and bowl games alike. The argument is that college football players are already being paid in the form of all this free stuff. You're right, they have less time on their hands to work a job, but they are not paying expenses like the average college student. Do you think that other people on campus don't bring in money to their school? What about students as potential donors to a school one day? You don't think we should pay them now for the money they may bring in later? What about theater and arts students that often put on shows that brings in a few thousand dollars? They shouldn't get a cut of it too? The point is that it is a school. These players are free to play college football if they would like, and try their hand at the NFL without going to college. Although it's difficult to do, that is an option for them to choose. There are plenty of things in life that I have to do to ensure my future success in which I don't get paid. Why should college athletes be any different? Because they work hard and generate money for the University? Tell that to all the other students on campus who participate in research projects, SAE Formula team, business competitions, building science contests.. Try telling that to the AU Marching Band who sell albums every year and don't distribute out the money they make freely to all members of the band. Tell that to the Auburn University Singers that hold 3-5 shows every year and bring in roughly $10,000 on the weekend plus money from all other events they do. Students don't see a dime of that to spend as they wish. How about the students that speak at Auburn Development Campaign events that are literally there to raise money for the University by using their business talents and savy speaking and schmoozing to rich donors and don't get paid a lick. Plenty of students have talents that make the University money and they don't ever get paid for it. If you're going to make a standard for one group of people, you have apply the same standard to others.
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    A quality SEC win on the road, with a true freshman quarterback, how close was it not supposed to be?
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    Night, y'all! Been fun...be safe!!
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    I think JG wants to help “Auburn” more than people realize. The guy has been a team player his entire life
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    To be fair, it's tougher than it looks. What the hell is that thing made of, anyway? Editor's note: JMR did not in any way participate in nor approve of this post.
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    It's not about happiness but reality for 2019. Did you believe this team was going to win 10+ games this season facing this schedule?
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    My thumbs down didn’t mean offended. It meant I disagree. I don’t get offended by anyone unless they attack me personally. This is just a bunch of amateur opinions on here. Nothing to get offended about. Plenty to disagree with though. 😂😂😂
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    I’ll take another blowout. Any win would suffice. I only watched Florida vs Miami. I wish they had not lost Franks for the season. He has always sucked imo.
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    Schwartz is quicker than a hiccup. He is so fast he can hit the light switch and be in bed before the room gets dark
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    4-0 with a big win on the road! WarEagle, everyone!
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    Nastiness across both lines
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    One could at least let the backup try one series, huh?
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    This loss was on a crap performance by the O line and 3 picks by a freshman QB. Not “blaming” anyone in particular, but it was execution more than play calling in my opinion. Could the plays have been better - sure, I think that can always be said. But the players have to execute as well.
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    Bo is a freakin true freshman, but as always, the starting qb is the least popular guy on the team if the o isn’t performing up to par. He needs to settle down sure but he sure as hell isnt “pathetic”
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    He'd have to sit for a play at any of those places. (If that.)
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    Don’t act like you all weren’t thinking it .
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    People aren't satisfied with what Whitlow is accomplishing while being RB#1? He's finding holes, breaking tackles, blocking and in general doing a fine job. I think he's the starter for a reason and there doesn't appear to be anybody in the wings that is better. DJ looked good against their reserves while running with our reserves and could be #2 but he's a way back due to injury and inexperience.
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    This post feels like the final round on SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy...like Sean Connery is going to finish with “Suck It Trebek”.
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    Yep. Gus has proven over and over he will not do 'work on stuff' play calling. If we're successful running early, we'll be running all day. Nevermind LSU is next.
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    The improvement in LSU’s offense this year is stunning.
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    Ridiculous...even Gus didn’t lose to...oh wait...
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    So.... Ceedee Lamb is pretty good. I am very much enjoying Jalen's success. As good as bammer is (unfortunately) this is proving that even the mighty Napoleon himself may not be the best judge & developer of QB talent. Since AU is likely not in the playoffs but bammer is guaranteed to be in it, I'd SO LOVE for Jalen to knock bammer off!
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    Wow, what a Richard Cranium comment.
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    God forbid we put someone out there on offense who's fired up and has something to prove.
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    Just being honest Oregon’s defense is better. Florida hasn’t exactly played a daunting schedule. Their toughest opponent was a mediocre Miami team and they should have lost to Kentucky.
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    Amazing weapon for us................speed kills
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    AU is second in the SEC in rush defense while leading the SEC in rushing. This has to make Pat Dye excited.
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    The lack of development of our WRs is alarming. I don't care what anyone says. We've recruited that position as well as any on the team, both in terms of quality and quantity. Whether it's scheme, skills/technique development or both, we have a coaching problem.
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    There are those on this board who seem to think so. Funny that he has actually implemented many things that we football idiots wish he would....and they turn out successful. AUFamily should be credited for these wins.
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    My mom in my profile pic is wearing a white dress as Miss Auburn. She fueled my love for Auburn. So I'm keeping it. With you in spirit, though. 🙂
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    Not so much for me. My favorite player is Boobee for 2 good reasons.