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    The moment everyone has been waiting on. My complaints of a Gus run Auburn Football team in the current state of 2018. Please excuse the ramblings if they appear in this post. Gus as a head coach - I think he’s a tremendous ambassador for AU. A good man and a good coach. I think he’s a little to introverted to ever be accepted as a true Auburn Man. I think he’s to reactionary to critics as he seems to want to make people happy. Offensive scheme - I love our base offense and scheme. The complaint about route trees I understand but when the play action is working the deep pass game is devastating. Only real complaint about pass scheme is on shallow and intermediate crossing routes you need two receivers to put the linebackers in limbo not just one like we see most of the time. Our pass game has to throw the post or skinny post enough to free up the safeties from just crashing on the deep go or fly routes. Stidham is the first QB not to throw the post or skinny post so not sure if that’s Gus, Chip, or Stidham moving away from it. Our offense as far as blocking scheme and passing tree will only be successful when we are able to run the football. When that is shut down we will struggle but we should be able to run on any team because of our run scheme. However not making the right read on the zone read and not having a QB that can run the keep 10-15 times a game directly affects our ability to match 7 or 8 in the box. Just not enough blockers unless you are able to eliminate one or two on the read. So in my opinion I disagree with everyone else that wants to bring in another “passing” OC. I say bring in another run OC that maybe has some different alignments and maybe a couple more pass concepts out of those alignments. Offensive player usage - can’t stand the player personnel usage by Gus and the pigeon holing of players to specific plays. If they are a running back run all running back plays with them... if they are poor at something work around it. If they are a slot WR they should run all slot routes and speed sweeps regardless if they are the “best” at it. Stop whole package situations for every 3rd down and every 4th and short. Garbage time - please run the entire offense regardless who is on the field in garbage time even if it pisses off the sisters of the poor’s Coaches. They will enjoy their paycheck just the same. Just at the friendly handshake before the game just tell the other coach if it gets to a certain situation that you will bring in some young guys to run the full offense. They will understand because they would like the same opportunity if given. Game time management - in my opinion Gus is just average here not good or bad. 2 minute offense has been decent in his career. But time outs and ending the half and games I’d say he’s pretty average at best. What’s crazy is Chizik was probably the best I’ve ever seen with end of half and end of game time management. One more thing on time management if we call a fricking time out on first and 10 because we can’t get the call changed to the perfect play I’ll flip my lid. Just run the frickin original play call take the 2-3 yards and move on to 2nd down. This goes to the end of game and end of half situations when you only have 1 time out because you tried to get the perfect play called in earlier in the half. Spring and fall practice - all players unless injured should go full speed and full contact. We baby to many of the upperclassmen and QBs that they aren’t game speed ready to start the season. All they have really done is 7v7, normal grouping techniques, a few scrimmage plays, half speed reps, and possibly some thud stuff. This might be my biggest complaint. Auburn has always been feared just because of the toll it would take physically on your team when playing us. Let’s get away from the we gotta get our edge back stuff and just come out with your own players and every other team you play it’s gonna be a war when you play against Auburn. Sometimes the other team can out scheme you, that what Gus tries to do tries to out scheme other teams and he does a pretty good job most of the time but sometimes when they out flank you you just have to hunker down and say we are just gonna punch you in the mouth over and over until you quit and I’m not talking about run play after run play I’m talking the mentality you impose on your own players that I’m gonna kick the guy I’m assigned to ass all game long. Yes at a high level scheme and game plan are ultra important but so is desire and physical play which I think was lacking this year especially on offense. Overall team - please self scout hire some analyst that are better at it. Some outside of the program not GA’s trying to get into coaching that played for Gus. Please be more multiple on defense. I think Steele has brought a great approach of discipline and accountability to the defense but his defense is way to simple. Man to man almost every snap. I’m sure no one can scheme against that all they have to worry about is where a blitz may come from. We’ve all bitched about how predictable our offense is well the defense is 10 times worse. Grading - Gus at AU I would give him an overall grade of a solid B... 2018 I would give him a D+. Inexperience at major positions were more then I thought it would be. We never had that one player or one group step up to be leaders on and off the field. The team didn’t quit and that’s a good thing but I saw very little “desire” after the LSU loss.
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    And the lack of a program. Each year is a toss up. There is no guiding principle, no foundation, no direction, no focus, and no identity. We don't have a football program. Each year is unknown. We never seem to build or develop towards the future.
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    I can. I’ve loved AU football all my life. Been through the valley of losing 9 in a row to the Tide, through undefeated seasons, 3 win seasons, and title seasons. I hate what’s happened and continues to happen to our program in terms of these negative cycles, but I will be at the Music City Bowl cheering for and loving my Tigers. Some will choose not to, and I get that. It is what it is for now, and the foreseeable future.
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    I want to preface this post by stating as fact that "I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A COACHING CHANGE"! I just wanted to let the folks in the back hear this loud and clear! I like Gus the man. I have spent time with him and his family and they are class act people. Kristi is a fantastic woman who embodies the Auburn way as much as anyone I know. The girls are even more Orange and Blue and Gus just wants to be successful in spite of himself. (LOL) However.........don't be shocked if he's still here in 2019. Don't be shocked if he's not. There's more moving parts to this circus than Ringling Brothers could have ever put together. As much as it pains us to see our rivals flourish at a time when we could be eye to eye with them we must also remember one very important thing! There's a group of young men over there who have and will put their physical abilities on the line to represent our university as best they can given the circumstances. Stick with them while we all focus on the root cause of the problems we have. I know you will. Gus has really hurt this program.....but he didn't do it on purpose. He truly wants to win football games and I believe he loves Auburn and being the head coach at AU. Let us not get past that in all of this. Contracts and buyouts are set up by agents who make money off of the deal. It's in their best interest, along with the coach, to get the best deal possible so both walk away happy. As much as we hate this deal we need to also place blame at the feet of those who decided it was a wise move from the university side (LEATH!). As much as we want to bash Gus for his lack of coaching ability we need to hold others accountable as well. More so in my opinion. As bad as it is (and it's pretty bad) we still beat two top 25 teams in 2018. It's not 2012......but it feels like it. We played hard every Saturday and these young men never gave up the fight. They gave it all they had and in the end it didn't work out (a myriad of reasons but we all know that). Keep up the pressure! Don't let mediocrity win the day! I was working at Clemson when Tommy Bowden was going through this same ordeal and look what happened there. They took a chance on Dabo and he's created a machine up there. It took some gut punches but they got there. War Eagle everyone! No sunshine pumping here......just a fact! Stick behind these players and keep the people responsible in the cross hairs. They get paid a lot of money to produce....and the product isn't where it needs to be.
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    What the heck, I haven't been here in 4 days and the last 3 pages are about Gus and next to nothing about Pappoe. PLEASE take this worn-out debate to the ZILLION Gus threads in the football forum. My God.
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    Chip is the hinge-pin. There's no way he works another year under Gus, period. Why hasn't he been let go yet? 1)moving on to another job without being fired 2)the head fish is moving on, so it doesn't matter anyway. There's probably more scenarios, but this story has legs. I'm calling my shot: By end of week, Gus takes job at Texas Tech with negotiated $ with Auburn. He leaves all nice and warm, saying Auburn is Cray cray and he's excited for the opportunity. Chip moves on to the OC position at TN. Auburn goes full-court press on their replacement (whom they have already received commitment from) and saves face with a splash hire...enduring two days of a bad press news cycle before turning hope around before Christmas. put it on the board. If I'm wrong, pretend I'm Finebaum.
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    Saban would be worth every penny and you know it.
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    Thank you guys for your support guys..... some fans on this blog need to fans of the opposing teams. Ridiculous how fake some of these fans are & the way they carry on. There needs to be a lot of changes & we all know that. Sometimes you have to look at things in a positive manor. Im proud of how far my son has come this year no matter what anybody else thinks . I have faith that things will get better. For those of you that show genuine support #WarEagle the others need a reality check to see if you are really true Auburn fans!
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    Good morning all, I hope this thread finds you well. It is now Thanksgiving week! We are smack dab in the middle of what I call the "big three" (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). For those that know me personally, I love the holiday season. Christmas in particular. Actually just yesterday I spent the whole day putting up the outdoor Christmas lights. But don't worry, I do not actually light them until the day after Thanksgiving. I have to do it now because the project takes me about 5 hours to complete and I still have the indoors to accomplish as well. But enough about me and my childish wonderment. Let's talk some Auburn football! For the final time in this regular season (and potentially this season depending on where the bowl game is located), let's get started shall we? Atmosphere: Saturday in itself could not have been more perfect. The temperature was cool, with little to no breeze. The sun was setting, just could not have been more pleasant. Everyone was in a relaxed mood to watch the game, as it should have been with it being Liberty. The stadium was not packed, as expected. For starters, we have not filled out any stadium, Washington included. Secondly, it was the tune-up game the weekend before Thanksgiving where most students had left for home to be with their families. The eagle flight was a little botched as Auburn played a senior day hype video at the same time so no one knew the eagle was flying until it was too late. Auburn Marching Band: I wanted to put this at the front of my post. You know, as fans on this board, we are really big fans of Auburn. We have to be to put in the time to write on a message board when we have other things to do with our free time. I am not sure we hold a candle to our marching band. You need to remember how hard/long they practice, and they have a Fall camp just like the football team. Win or lose, they are at every single game to the very end. You think it's rough when it's hot and humid at a football game? Try doing it in the full marching band gear. And where they sit, the sun is the last place it hits before it sets over the stadium. They are a big reason I am there so early to every football game, to support them. For their final performance at home, the Auburn marching band choose to do their AUTLive Cancer performance with Bruce Pearl (this performance he was not present being in Maui). I am really glad they chose this performance. Why? During the performance, they ask all cancer survivors to please stand, and my father just happened to attend this game. His just finished his last radiation treatment the Monday prior so I was really proud to have him stand. You really do not understand the word "cancer" until you or a family member has it. Many members on this forum are going through it right now. It can turn your life upside down, and it meant the world to me for the marching band to team up with Bruce Pearl for this performance. Thank you. Auburn's Performance: Auburn played as expected in this game. It was a fine tune-up, and gave our defense the first shutout since the Alabama A&M game in 2016. What a way for the seniors to go out. Stidham seems more confident in the pocket as of late and I am not sure why. I am happy to see it however, and it rubbed off on his teammates. Malik Willis looked as impressive as he has been all season, including A-Day. He was allowed to air it out, and the pass the Anthony Schwartz should have counted in my opinion. Seth Williams flat out is a stud. But more on him in a bit. Anders Carlson returned to form as well. The most memorable moment for me was when Stidham scored on a rushing touchdown. He had the biggest smile, and when Chandler Cox came over to congratulate him, they appeared to have a really special moment together. It is hard to explain really, just something to go back and watch. Seniors: This game was a bittersweet moment to be a part of. It is always fun to watch Auburn in any sport, much less football, but at the same time it was sad to watch out seniors for the final time at home, plus any juniors that declare early. I really hope some of the football players are reading this that are graduating, because it truly has been an absolute honor to watch you grow the past few years. Through the ups and downs, I still loved every moment watching you on the field. I am really glad you chose to play at Auburn, and I hope to see your return for a game or two. We all welcome you back with open arms at any time. Future stars: For me, I am really excited for our freshmen and our freshmen redshirting coming back. This year we played more freshmen than any other year. That will only pay dividends moving forward. Seeing the redshirt freshmen play in the second half really took away some anxiety of the seniors we have leaving. And for the current freshmen playing, they have looked like veterans all year. Seth Williams would have to win the freshmen MVP for me. As many have seen from my posts the last few months, this guy is a stud and will continue to be. How we stole him from Tuscaloosa is beyond me but I am glad we did. Interesting Tidbit: On the car ride up, we were listening to the Tiger Talk show and Trovon Reed was a guest. Very well spoken young man and in my opinion, I really wished we switched in him DB much earlier in his career. When asked what his favorite season was, want to guess what season it was (attended 2010-2014)? 2012. Why? He said because that year it made everyone closer and want to fight for one another the following year, 2013. "Typically you have one guy in the locker room thinking they were the best of everyone, and in 2012 we all sucked." Everything has a silver lining and that season prepared that team for 2013, when no one expected us to do well just like no one expects us to do well next year. You never know. Iron Bowl: Auburn is not predicted to win this one. The spread is 24 points as of this post. Alabama has been lighting it up all year where we have taken a few stumbles along the way. Is Alabama beatable? "Of course." - Deshaun Davis. Do I have hope we can pull off the upset? Yes. Why? Because I do have that hope, and that is a very powerful thing to have. You will lose every game you go into thinking you will lose. I know our seniors don't think that, so why should we? We have the talent and the experience to do it. We have done it before. We have nothing to lose. So let's open up the playbook and take risks. See what happens. You never know. Upsets happen every week. You don't need to have faith in our coaches, you need to have faith in our players. It can't hurt for us to rally behind our guys one more time this season. Only good can come from our support of them because they do see what we say about them. And I, for one, believe in them. So let's show our seniors how much we believe in them, and support them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all, and by the way:
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    ...the 5th Anniversary of the greatest final play in a college football game ever! Go and wish your favorite Fighting Updike fan a Happy KickSix Day!
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    There's a joke coaches tell about this very thing, so of course it's obvious to the fans. Here's the short version. Old coach leaving the school tells the new coach coming in that he left him 3 envelopes in his desk, and anytime he has a bad season open the first envelope. Things go well but after a few years he has a bad season, so he opens the first envelope and the note inside says, fire and replace your defensive coordinator. He does and things are good for a few years until the next bad season, so he opens the second envelope and the note inside says, fire and replace your offensive coordinator. He does and again it's good for a few years and then another bad season. So, he opens the third envelope and the note inside says, "Prepare three envelopes..."
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    No offense to any individual poster but the hopeless out look for Auburn football portrayed in these threads is like a pity party. I am glad there are young men still here that want to play for Auburn. Don't worry about the mule being blind. Just load the wagon and shake the line. Hard to be on the same team when part of the fan team has written the next season off a year in advance. Zoloft and PBR to the rest.
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    Dear Iowa State University, We're sorry. We won't take any more things from you ever. Please remove the gypsy curse from us and we will never bother you again. Signed, Auburn
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    Corch, I know you like Gus and think it's better to keep him at least another year, but what is this bug up your rear-end? Jay is a good guy an is not a clickbait type of reporter. Never has been and I think it's highly unfair of you to toss such labels out about him. Josh isn't even a sports reporter anymore. I'm not sure how a few extra eyeballs on his Twitter feed tonight helps him. Guys are working the phones and emails and texts trying to mine whatever they can out of their sources, but even sources (and reporters) eat dinner, go home and take care of families, and such. The fact that nothing has come out further in the last hour or two is not an indicator or anything one way or the other. You know this. Whether you like it or not, there's smoke here. It may not result in Stoops or anyone else replacing Gus this year. But you look silly pissing on everything and yelling "fake news" like some old dude yelling at school kids to get off his lawn.
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    My wife's excited and she doesn't even know who Bob Stoops is. That's what she thinks of Gus. 😂😂😂
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    This is the football forum.
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    The PTB placed a call to President Leath: Then the PTB placed a call to AD Green: AU President Leath had a meeting with Gus - AD Green also had a meeting with Gus - Gus’s response to Leath and Green is the same - Jimmy Sexton, Gus’s agent has been notified of everything going on - As Gus would say BOOM, there u have it, everything since Sunday.
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    Stinger. He's ok. Who's ready for basketball? wde
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    I believe intelligent fans & observers know the score. CCL will re-emerge somewhere else & rebuild his rep. He will kick Gus' dust off his shoes and be fine. I fear instead of letting go of Gus, he will hire Freeze & there will be in fighting next year and it'll only be even more embarrassing. Bottom line is they need to scrap the 75% pass plays 5 yds or less (I HATE THE WR BUBBLE SCREEN!!!!!), they need to realize that the ball can be run outside the tackle box and they need to realize that passes can be thrown 10-20 yds down field (between the hashmarks). Until Gus allows that, it'll be more of the same.
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    Don't you whiners have enough crybaby threads already? Is it really necessary to pollute Every. Single. Thread with sniveling? If there's no news about Pappoe it's perfectly acceptable to move right along, go to the main football forum and join one of the countless weeping and moaning threads there. I didn't bother scrolling back to other pages. The previous 12 (twelve) posts on this page have nothing to do with Pappoe, it's just a wash, rinse, repeat of the same old griping. I thought we were supposed to stay on track, at least in the recruiting forum?