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    Add Jarrett Stidham as a primary recruiter for Fields along with Chip, Cam, & the Wootens in your minds folks. JS has done a fantastic job here Developing a rapport with Justin. Whether he is here 1, 2, or 3 years JS is a very active recruiter when prospects come in & is doing everything he can to help build AU up after he is gone.
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    I was defending Nick Marshall today at work against another Auburn fan. He said that he never wants another QB who can't pass again. That pissed me off. Nick was one of the smartest football players I've ever seen at AU. Never really made major mistakes and he is the most underrated player in Auburn history. This dude saved Auburn football more than anyone after that 3 win season. I will straight up say he is probably my favorite player in Auburn history and AU fans who wouldn't want him back are crazy. The dude can straight up ball.
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    Trust me as a high school coach unless you are at a big high school or a regularly playoff/championship type program it's just normal life. The football factory high schools have much more to worry about but they also get paid and many don't have to teach. Personally, I wish high school football would step back. Cut out the super schools like IMG. Stop the out of state games. No more ESPN Friday night lights stuff and let's these 15-18 year olds be hometown heros. If they are good enough colleges will find them. Just my opinion on that.
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    yes damn straight especially at home. We have lost to some of the worst uga teams and it sucks
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    Should be excitement if we have a QB better than Stidham. Hate when fans start playing favorites. Give me the best guy and if the coaches get it wrong time will tell and we can meltdown then.
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    This is correct. FSU feels they made up ground but they put a full court press on JF to commit without any success. We still look good. It is gonna depend on the season like everyone has been saying. If he commits to us today it still won't be solid until he sees we have coaching stability and offense is thriving. I feel good about our season very good actually so that is why I am very confident we sign him.
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    Dameyune Craig is now and always has been about himself. He's not an Auburn man (if that term has any meaning beyond simply attending Auburn). He's a dude you might like while he was in the room because he's gregarious, but he's also a dude that would 100% stab you in the back of it moved his career forward. He's been angling for an OC position for as long as he's been a coach. Instead of doing the work and learning the craft, he's tried to shortcut it by hanging his hat on recruiting and jumping ship every time he sees something shiny or pouting every time a position doesn't fit his preconceived expectations. I don't have any love for that dude. He's worse than James Willis, who jumped ship for Bama. At least Willis wasn't actively anti-Auburn. Craig is exactly that when he thinks it works to his benefit. I would hope that any mature kid could see through his BS. Regardless, I look forward to another round of Craig's unabashed ambition, trying to move up in his profession only to fall back down the rung. It's almost a foregone, but it's still entertaining. Craig, you were a better QB than you are a professional, and you were only a good enough QB to play in Canada. Maybe he should try for an OC spot in the CFL?
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    Josh is our Pastor's Kid. This really boiled down to...Auburn making an offer. He was AU all the way if you know the family.
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    Marsh's high school coach is Jere Adcock, one of the most respected names in alabama high school football. He's coached at Decatur for 20 years. His teams are always hard nosed and he knows talent when he sees it. Multiple players to D1 over the years and even NFL...Jerraud Powers and Rolando McClain to name a couple. If he says it, believe it to be the truth. "Before Marsh left for the Auburn camp, Decatur coach Jere Adcock had a feeling his star linebacker would leave with an offer. “He’s that good,” Adcock said. “We’ve had guys in our program play in the SEC before, and he’s as good as any we’ve had here. Smart. Athletic. Great character. He has everything you need to be successful.” “The young man is active in a lot of different things — a whole lot of things that are extremely positive,” Decatur coach Jere Adcock said. “He’s about as well-rounded of a student-athlete that we’ve had, and he’s one heck of a football player. An extremely intelligent, humble young man with a ton of natural talent: That’s the best way to describe Josh.” “He’s one of the best linebackers we’ve had here in our program, and over the years, we’ve had some darn good ones,” Adcock said. “When you watch film, you notice that Josh almost always is around the football. “That’s not just from skill and athleticism. It’s a product of instincts and football IQ. That young man plays the game extremely well. He’s a dang good one.” “He’s just an extremely humble kid,” Adcock said. “No level of success is going to change that. And that’s why his teammates love him. He’s always going to be a team-first kind of guy.”
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    @lkeel75 Hi... I'm sorry for the late response, we were out of town with his high school at a 7v7 tournament at USF. He played both sides of the ball but more defense than offense. He was the Corner Back specialist this weekend, which he enjoys! Shaun is doing great! He is working hard, getting bigger and just training to be better in this upcoming year. I know that people say he is good and doesn't need to go as hard but that's hard to tell a person like him that because he doesn't understand that. He has a goal he is attempting to reach that he is focused on. He will arrive at Auburn this Thursday, July 20 (which is his bday) he will be there for the cookout as well, he wont leave until Sunday. This is the last oohrah so he has to be back in time for practice! He wants that state title!!!!! Also, just so you guys know, we have an ESPN game scheduled for September 22, 2017. I hope you guys are able to watch. Attached are some pics from this weekend:
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    The reincarnate of Tristan Davis. Lets just hope they find and leave him at one position. TD could've been dominant if he wasn't switched around every 6 months.
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    The Smoke commitment was a bug surprise to coaches and all of us. Big time get and was not the good news worm was talking about. Smoke was planning on committing to Clemson before his visit to Auburn. Harris will be AU very soon unless Ohio State decides to give him a committable offer. Even if OSU does we still get him in the end. It is going to be a very good month for recruiting.
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    BOOM as big as a BOOM can be. Kid is a elite ball player. Logged on this AM and got goose bumps when I saw he committed. Damn fine job by this staff.
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    I wish the kid would stop draggin my heart around, but I get it. Our offense is just learning to fly and he's got to see how it goes. If we don't do well, then we willl be Free Fallin and he won't come around here no more. But Gus Won't Back Down. He's going to keep Runnin Down a Dream.
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    Thanks. I don't expect much of a response but I did miss the Auburn chit chat around here. Lot of quality posters on here and also a lot of sunshine posters as well. I asked to be banned a little while ago because, quite frankly, I created arguments without fail even when I wasn't trying to and that was never my intention. Just give me a clean slate and I'll be appreciative. I'll count to twenty if I get my panties in a wad. Thanks.
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    That is a stigma that will have to be eliminated if Auburn is ever to be consistently good/great.
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    Y'all be careful what you wish for. We don't want ANY news to come out this summer! Lord, please let it be a quiet summer!
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    So this is nothing new to our lives as Auburn fans but recently it seems to have gotten louder and more arrogant than ever. There has been a theme on local sports radio lately where bama fans call in and remind Auburn fans how much better their program is and has been. The hyperbole will make you vomit. I've heard this stuff all of my life as an Auburn guy and most of the time I just blow it off. Recently though it did get me thinking about what the numbers look like since Bear left. Admittedly, Bear Bryant had his way with us for most of his tenure at bama so I thought lets look at where the rivalry has been in the last 34 years since his departure. Below are the numbers and some commentary by me. I plan on sending this to our local radio host to get his opinion (he is a bama grad). I would love to hear thoughts on this. Thanks. Addressing the “Auburn just can’t compete with Bama” myth. Since the end of the Bear Bryant era at Alabama in 1982, Auburn has competed at a very high level against its chief rival. In fact, prior the juggernaut of Nick Saban’s arrival in 2007 and his subsequent unprecedented run beginning in 2008, Auburn had the advantage in most every category. Even with the recent run of Saban dominance (who incidentally is 7-3 against Auburn), Auburn still compares very favorably to one of college football’s so called “bluebloods” in the last 34 years. The series is dead even at 17 to 17 which says a lot about Auburn’s ability to compete even with the Saban run. Consider the numbers below and form your own opinion… All numbers are since 1983, the first year without Bryant coaching at Bama… Total Wins UA 314 AU 282 – Difference of 32 wins. Do the math since 2008 when Saban hit his stride and it’s a difference of 39 wins to Bama meaning Auburn actually had a slight advantage before the current Saban run. National Titles UA 5 AU 1 – this one is of course one of Bama fan’s favorite arguments to point out in any conversation pertaining to these two teams. Consider that 3 of those 5 came in the last 6 years though and when Auburn won in 2010 there was only a 2-1 difference. Also consider how difficult it can be to win a national title under normal circumstances. What Bama is doing now with Saban is unprecedented and will likely not be duplicated by any school in the near future. While Auburn only has the one title, they have been very close on multiple occasions to others including ’83, ‘93, ‘04 and ’13. Bama has had some other close calls as well but it shows the difficulty in judging these things solely on national titles. Even blue bloods Ohio State, Michigan and USC only have a TOTAL of 5 between them in this time span. SEC Titles UA 8 AU 7 – again, until the Saban run this was in favor of the Tigers and even with the run by Saban its still only a margin of one title. Also consider that in this 34 year time span Florida would probably be considered the second most dominant program in the SEC and they are tied with Auburn at 7 SEC titles in that span. Unbeaten Seasons AU 3 UA 2 – Even if you want to take away the unbeaten ’93 season for Auburn due to probation its still a tie. Unbeaten seasons are extremely difficult in college football. Just ask Steve Spurrier. The Gators have exactly zero undefeated seasons during this time frame along with LSU. Tennessee has just one themselves. Wins head to head when both teams finish with 9 or more wins AU 8 UA 2- of all the numbers, this one stands out most. Over the last 34 years, when these two teams are both really good in the same season, Auburn has dominated the head to head matchups with both of Bama’s wins coming over 20 years ago. Let’s consider the series overall record which goes to Bama by 10 wins at 45-35 with one tie. To hear some Bama fans talk this series has been as lopsided as Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt (75-31 UT). Not even close to comparing. Take the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, the Wolverines own a 10 game series lead as well and that rivalry is frequently referred to as one of the most competitive in college football. Georgia has a 24 game lead on Georgia Tech for more comparisons sake. There is no question that with Saban’s run of success Bama has had two dominant runs against Auburn. Bear’s run in the 60’s and 70’s and now Saban’s. Even so, during this current run by Bama the Tigers have managed a national title, 2 SEC titles and nearly a second national title. Also consider that for much of the rivalry’s existence the Tigers had to play the Iron Bowl on one of Bama’s HOME FIELDS. The fact is that since Dye resurrected the Auburn program and put it on even ground in the 80’s Auburn has competed head to head with the Tide about as well as any rival could hope for. Alabama fans and media have done a fantastic job of building up a mythology around their program and making it seem as though the rivalry is very lopsided. The numbers just don’t bare it out. Both teams have had coaching issues over these 34 years so neither get to make excuses on that front. Nick Sabans don’t grow on trees and the likelihood of Auburn landing a comparable coach is slim but that goes for the rest of the SEC as well. The Alabama program is and should be very respected for all of its accomplishments. It has had the benefit of two of the greatest coaches to ever walk the sideline and that is to its credit. However, for a school that for so long had so much less resources available and to this day has some built in disadvantages, the Auburn Tigers have done just fine.
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    Now I'm even more annoyed we lost Coach Crimedog to the Rebs but the man couldn't turn down a guaranteed 3 year, $3 Mil a year contract.
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    austingolson73 Thanks to all my teammates and coaches for voting for @darrellw_ and myself for the "Hard Fighting Soldier" Award. This is one of the best awards I've ever received. I hope I can continue to be a positive influence in my community as well as serve our God in a way that makes him proud.
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    Harris will be an Auburn Tiger no matter what. Even of he waits to commit or if he commits to us before July is out which I expect. His mom prefers Auburn he loves Auburn and Twill.
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    Half of this board is afraid of the hype that comes with being competitive with the king of the hill . Want respect ? Earn it and quit vying for the underdog role . Too much little brother syndrome , IMO. Act like you belong then show it .
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    I personally don't care which QB starts, as long as it is the one who gives us the best shot to win. I don't think we know enough yet to say who that is. What I do care about is the fact that people are putting SW down and speaking as if he is not a capable QB. That kid is a warrior. He plays with skill, intelligence, and guts. He's had some bad breaks and played in a failing offense. I will admit that I am excited to see what Stidham can do, but we owe respect to SW. He has earned that. May the best man win.
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    During the seven seasons associated with the Gus Malzahn offense... * Auburn has won 76% of their games when the Tigers attempted more passes on 1st down than 3rd down. * Auburn has won 67% of their games when they did not have more pass attempts on 1st down than 3rd down. * Auburn has attempted more passes on 1st down than 3rd down in only 35.5% of their games under Malzahn's offense. * During the games with more pass attempts on 1st down than 3rd down, Auburn had an overall pass rating of 161.2. During the games they did not, the Tigers had an overall pass rating of 135.4. This also included a 25% drop off in scoring when Auburn failed to have more pass attempts on 1st down than 3rd down. * Auburn has won 81% of their games with an average of at least 7.5 yards per pass attempt on 1st down. * Auburn has won 84% of their games with an average of at least 7.5 yards per pass attempt on 1st down and at least 7 pass attempts on 1st down during a game. * Auburn has an average pass rating of 145.3 on 3rd down during games the pass offense had a rating of at least 150.0 on 1st down. * Auburn has an average pass rating of 124.8 on 3rd down during games the pass offense had a rating of less than 150.0 on 1st down.
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    One of my fav's was always Craig Sanders,he was great on kickoff coverage.
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    Can't see who wrote what...then you get to A4E's and you just know.
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    Shaun Shivers, track star and football star As you’ve probably heard, Shaun Shivers is lightning fast. The 3-star Auburn running back commit brings track speed to the 2018 recruiting class. And I don’t say that as the common football cliche you hear about fast players. Shivers is actually a track star who plans to be a multi-sport athlete on the Plains.... This summer provided Shivers an opportunity to flaunt his skill set on a national stage. Shivers participated in the 200-meter dash at the Prefontaine Class in Oregon where he qualified for the finals in the event. Speed is 3-star RB commit Shaun Shivers’ biggest weapon on the football field. He placed sixth with a time of 21.08 seconds. For some context, that time would already put Shivers in 20th of the 35 qualifying times posted at the 2017 SEC outdoors, and — in case you forgot — Shivers is going into his senior year of high school. The national track experience set the Auburn commit up nicely for his multi-sport future. “The experience was so nice, running against all the fastest kids in the nation,” Shivers said. “Oh yeah, it was a real good experience.” With the summer track schedule complete, Shiver has turned his full attention to football. That doesn’t involve recruiting unless, of course, he’s the one recruiting other 2018 prospects to Auburn. Kentucky and Utah continue to recruit Shivers, and Kentucky has one of Shivers’ high school teammates Keontra Smith committed in the 2019 class. But Shivers gives all coaches the same message. “I’m 100 percent Auburn, that’s all,” Shivers said.
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    Is the spelling of Stgidham yours or theirs?
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    This guy is a pure football player. Seems to play within the scheme and knows his reads quickly. Solid hard nosed player that has a good skill set. If you can't appreciate a player like this then I'm not sure what you like about football except the winning part. There's a heck of a lot more to football then winning which I think this kid can help us do a lot. For the disappointed star gazers... there have been 2 dominating teams in all aspects of the game from AU in my life time. 1988 and 2004. The 2004 team had a sprinkling of 4 stars but the vast majority were 3 and 2 stars. 3 star players are legit SEC level players. Now do you want an entire roster of 3's nope but this is definitely not a wasted scholarship.
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    Gus' tight coaching connections: Briles and Freeze, he needs to find better friends.
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    That's awesome, didn't really expect to see his name on here. He's my grandfather (Pops!). As far as your comment, I believe he played at less than 150lbs at HB/DB.
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    Cam not being #1 negates this list.
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    This game was the single most disappointing game that I've ever watched. When Sean was obviously hurt, he has to be replaced. I don't care if we have to call a fraternity brother out of the stands to run three jet sweeps and punt. We have to be better than this game. If Gus throws up another one of these, he seals his fate. Let's hope that he gives Chip the keys and Stidham stays healthy.
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    From what I have been told, Gus has been very hands off so far and that he is pleased with what Chip has done in such a short time.
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    With due respect Auburn ain't surging til we get some big wins on the field to squash some of the effects of the negative recruiting we are being hit with.
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    If he leaves after this year we probably won the championship
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    In Pasadena I was with my gf and had to just peak as they passed by. When they walked by my gf would ask if I saw those whores... I said "nah where were they"
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    I always appreciate the kids who really want to play for Auburn. Sounds like this kid really bleeds orange and blue. Can't wait to see him on The Plains.
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    Thanks Ellitor. We will be coming stateside next fall and I hope to attend my first Auburn football game or two. Been a fan since Bo's freshman year and have never been to a game. Will be bringing my teenage daughter to the games as well so we can visit the campus. She could be a future Tiger soon.
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    With a QB like Stidham and with TE's who can catch and RB's that can catch out of the backfield you can take some of the pressure off the O-line with quick passes. Pass protection is about how well the O-Line works as a unit but it is also about play calling. To often in last few years we were in 3rd down and obvious passing situations making it more difficult for the O-Line. A good OC can keep D-Line off balance with right play calling.
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    I'm hearing night kickoff. Finalizing plans with the networks through SEC office last I heard.
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    I was there also. Getting more confident by the minute. Actually met JF for first time 2nite. Kid is very mature also and seems like a college senior rather than high school with the way he presents himself. I stand by my statement top recruit for us in this millennium. Cam is the best, but this kid is special trust me and will be ready to take over should Stidham leave next year.
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    Yup, Thanks for the scare.