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    WAR EAGLE.... Fall Camp is here❗️
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    AU Family, I am asking for those inclined to pray for my family and me, please. I have recently been diagnosed with at least two types of colon cancer. I have a Pet Scan scheduled to get more info, so I really know very little about it at this time outside of I have at least two malignancies (one removed surgically). Not even sure of their names yet as #1 they're hard to pronounce & #2 they've been sent to another lab for "2nd opinion" testing.... I really don't worry about myself as I am loved by Jesus Christ, who is my Lord and Savior, so to me death on this Earth merely means I have won the race. Regardless, I know that I will beat whatever it is and so far I have had tremendous Drs, Nurses & Technicians who give me great confidence. With that said, my greatest concern is for my family. I have a wonderful wife and two awesome twin girls and my only fear is her having to finish raising them by herself and, as I'm still here, I don't want to miss them grow up. So, please pray for us and if you're not the praying type, that's okay, I appreciate any kind thoughts and words. God bless you all and thank you.
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    I'm a cancer survivior. I'm also a doctor and have personally seen miracles. My two cents: Embrace this experience as an opportunity to lean on Christ. Love your family like you've never loved them before. Don't be anxious, but instead be filled with hope. My family prayed for you personally tonight. War Eagle!
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    Here is another '20' number qb. And plays for Auburn!
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    I've hated how the program and some fans have basically cut Coach Chizik from the respect he deserved...brought us a NC and a lot of exciting times to the 'Plains'....hearing him on SEC channel, it is very evident he has a lot of knowledge and insight that could benefit Auburn or any program in the country...glad he was able to speak with the team...
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    Had to wait til the end of practice and the press conference to say this but I'm glad no one was missing for something stupid they did over the summer or some mystery reason. We sure could do without the drama from that.
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    How we are the most fickle fan base when you got places like UF firing coaches who are wining their divisions? In my lifetime , Auburn hasn’t fired a coach who didn’t have it coming to them.
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    This video brought back a lot of memories for this old man. I had a history class in Samford Hall with Jackie Burkett. We both thought it was pretty boring so we cut class and went uptown to one of the several pool halls that lined College street back then. I was a pretty good pool player back then and we would battle it out playing 8-ball. He introduced me to the game of Snooker which to play was a lot harder than a normal pool game. The table is bigger and the pockets are smaller. All I can say is football was not the only game he could play which I routinely found out. Jackie played for the Baltimore Colts for several years. Great guy and fun to be around. Tommy Lorino was also a great friend, even after we both left AU. Tommy had a Golden Rule B-B-Q place near I-85 in Auburn. He put his son in business there. My wife and I were passing through Auburn on our way down to Orange Beach and stopped by the Golden Rule for something to eat. The decor in the restaurant was pics of most of the players in the above video. I asked the little waitress that waited on us if Tommy ever came in and she replied he is back in the kitchen. I asked her to tell him someone he hasn't seen in a while was asking about him. Well out came Tommy and we had quite a reunion. Tommy passed away recently unfortunately. He was also an SEC official. His job was head linesman because even at his age he was the only one that could stay up with these young receivers today.! Tommy passed away May 22, 2016 so rest in peace Tommy and God bless you . WDE!!
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    Part of the appeal of college football is visiting the campus and seeing the different architecture and setups of these campuses. Going to Atlanta or any of these other big cities takes away from the overall “college” feel to me.
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    It's here again ladies and gents! Auburn Football has returned to the practice fields in preparation for the 2018 season. It is once again time for some doting of each and every one of our man crushes. Last year in the inaugural thread we had some perform as affection rookies and others as amorist veterans. We can do better. Let the infatuation begin! Here's the gist, this thread is for you to select a football player/coach that you will follow throughout the season, and HOPEFULLY, post something about your "Man Crush" as often as possible, touting stats and achievements, contributions. In other words, after a game, start some banter about your guy and support him relentlessly. Man Crush Rules: 1. Man crush must be a member of the team or coaching staff 2. You can only have 1 man crush 3. You must stick with your dude all season (unless he is kicked off team/academically ineligible/etc.). If your dude gets injured or temporarily suspended, you gotta stick by him through the tough times. 4. first come, first served. 5. You can't be crushing on someone else's man. I'll get us started. I'm crushing on TD Moultry. Here's the official list: ValleyTiger - TD Moultry Maverick.AU - Shaun Shivers Auctoritas - Arryn Siposs bigbird - Javaris Davis abw0004 - Jeremiah Dinson djg0017 - Ryan Davis McLoofus - Deshaun Davis GwillMac6 - Jamel Dean WFE12 - Joey Gatewood AidiAU - Nate Craig-Myers auburnphan - JaTarvious "Boobie" Whitlow AUld fAUx@ - Eli Stove Barnacle - Bill Taylor NorthGATiger - Kam Martin AU80cruiser - Darrell Williams AUBwins - Jarrett Stidham WarEagleHunter1221 - Nick Coe WarEagle2423 - Chandler Cox api1957 - Montavious Atkinson aujeff11 - Darius Slayton 3rdgeneration - HC, Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III GBAU83 - Will Hastings johnnyAU - Shedrick Jackson AUsince72 - Prince Tega Wanogho gr82be - Anders Carlson AUinGA44 - Jamien Sherwood AUpreacherman22 - Asa Martin EclecticTiger - Big Kat Bryant mcgufcm - Derrick Brown toddc - Matthew Hill AlaskanFAN - Marlon Davidson LKEEL75 - Noah Igbinoghene WaynesAUworld - Anthony Schwartz Ber798297 - DC, Kevin Steele triangletiger - Dontavius Russell tigerchris - OL, JB Grimes Tiger Refuge - CJ Tolbert DAG - Malik Willis passthebiscuits - Jack Driscoll jared52 - Andrew Williams AU Is Gold - Daniel Thomas I_M4_AU - OC, Chip Lindsey augolf1716 - Sal Cannella cammycam2 - Seth Williams McFU - Mike Horton tomtomwde - Jordyn Peters AUMASTERS - Marquel Harrell AUBritt - Tyrone Truesdell The following 1st and 2nd teamers are still left: Jalen Harris, Marquis McClain, Devan Barrett, Kaleb Kim, Calvin Ashley, Austin Troxell, KJ Britt, Richard McBryde, Chandler Wooten, Christian Tutt, Traivon Leonard, and Smoke Monday. Others to keep an eye on would be Richard Jibunor, Zakoby McClain, and Roger McCreary.
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    Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 169, July 25, 2018 With the kickoff of the long awaited 2018 college football season a mere 38 days away, the anticipation becomes palpable across the nation, with even greater fervor in the deep South! Join co-hosts Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they discuss with special guest and best in class prognosticator, Phil Steele, what the season may bring for the Auburn Tigers, the SEC, and among the national contenders! Show is up at iTunes, so set podcasts to SUBSCRIBE to Auburn Football All-Access so shows load automatically for you. Should be up shortly at War Eagle Sports Radio as well! Mash below HERE for show at iTunes: Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
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    If you really think you have a Heisman candidate and all SEC QB, why would you ever take him out from under center....,to put a question mark on the field at a critical time?
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    No offense to CTH. I appreciate everything he's done in his tenure at AU. However I hope he finds another place he likes so we can move Porter to RB coach. I think he's the shot in the arm we need at RB recruiting & may be better equipped to combat the negative recruiting we are getting on the trail.
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    Shout out to my niece on Sherwood- she was his “Tigerette”/student recruiter. He’s going to be a good one.
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    It all sounds good. I hope they come locked in. A steady portion of this forum just think we are going to “out talent” Washington. The problem is this is an opening game. Nobody knows that each other really have besides a couple of units . Auburn’s defense will be rocking, but UW secondary is legit . Still I am going to say it will come down to QB play and Coaching. By QB play, I don’t just mean efficiency. I am talking about the means to will your team to victory. JS needs to play like a 1st round pick. Not only that, he needs to lead like a heisman QB. I want to see him be vocal with the boys and coaches. Impose his will like we have seen from many of the top QBs the last few years. Washington will throw the kitchen sink at us. This game is very important because, it will mean a lot to the perception of the PAC-12 and future playoff implications. I expect coach Peterson will have them dialed in. I also expect some serious trickery going on. Either way, it needs to get here already.
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    Okay guys and gals. A little over 30 days until kickoff. Let’s hear those sights-sounds-etc... that just scream Football Season is upon us. ( High in the 70s here in east central Al today...just saying). War Eagle!!!
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    Did anyone else read the thread title before coming in and think, "Huh? We have a guy named Lauren on our team now? lol"
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    Firstly, you have our Lord in your corner. Secondly, you have to maintain a positive attitude. Thirdly, as stated earlier, that is a very treatable cancer and it sounds like your Doctors are on top of it. As my wife told her first oncologist 28 years ago (who told her there was nothing that they could do, to go home and enjoy her young children with the time she had left) "You're crazy as hell, I have 2 kids to raise, I'm not going anywhere". Know that you are in many Prayers.
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    Finally getting to post some pictures from my trip out to Denver. Was a perfect ending to a long summer of studying. Flatirons in Boulder, CO. Really cool formation. Did a little hike around here during our first day. Wife and I met up with some good friends from back home who just moved out West. Went to see the Rockies play. Great time. $23 tickets included $3 beers! Not bad. ** Not pictured - late night Great Gatsby party thrown by a couple stylish dudes known by my friends. Felt like a wedding reception. Full bar, catered food, ice-luge for shooting hooch of your choice, impromptu salsa lessons...hard to top ** What's up Red Rocks? Marcus King Band + Drive by Truckers + Tedeschi Trucks Band. Top 3 show I've ever been to. Seeing Derek Trucks live is a privilege I hope all of your exercise at some time. He is truly sensational. And, so is Marcus King. Seeing them both on stage together was pretty neat. Got to ride around on Monday in my buddy's 1986 Mercedes Roadster. Drove into Park Estes and then into the Rocky Mountain National Park. Selfie game strong.
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    Only problem I have now is we won’t have room for Jalen Hurts. 😌
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    To be fair, Horton has had one foot out the door for 3 to 4 years now.