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    Like it or not, Carl wasn't elite at AU. He was VERY limited in his flexibility which hurt him with his pass rush, he had shorter arms which limited him in his hand fighting and being able to disengage(why he looked like he was being held). Also, his inability to secure tackles was a huge knock(think OU game). To me, he doesn't have the necessary tools to be a good pass rushing DE in the NFL.
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    The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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    Hey Guys! Well Shaun is again a State runner up in the 100 and 200 meter dash! We are proud of him. Here is the link to watch the 100 meter dash finals: http://fl.milesplit.com/videos/210605/boys-100-finals-section-2 The 200 race hasn't posted yet on the site that I am allowed to share on this site. Below is my letter to Shaun in regards to his State Championship placing: Track & Field is the hardest sport to prepare for.... but I've watched you battle with the BEST of them since you were 5yrs old & be their coaches undercover worst nightmare! They congratulate you but they really don't want to see you win. & through it all I watch you remain humble, show good sportsmanship & go further than most have & will go! You have been in the state finals every year since your Freshman year as a top contender in the 100 & 200 which speaks volumes!!! People can say what they want but they know they can't sleep on you. & what people say or think doesn't validate you...See what people can't take from you is your ❤️ & natural God given talent. You were born with it, you didn't just acquire it! To be a legitimate 2 sport athlete & to be a top contender in both is amazingly special! You are BLESSED! Congratulations son on being State Runner Up in the 100 & 200 meters for 2A! You had an awesome season & you closed the track season with US#6 & FL#5 top time in the 200 meter dash! In your words, you will be back... now off to football we go... we gotta eat! ❤️ you baby 😘
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    Since it slow I thought I would put this in football. Like or dislike Gene he seems to have his priorities in order. Article by Mike Bainchi in the Orlando Sentinel todaya How many times have we rolled our eyes over the years at possessed, obsessed football coaches like Urban Meyer who tell us with straight faces how important it is to spend time with their families? And then, astonishingly, you get a chance to look into the sincere eyes of Gene Chizik — a college coaching lifer who decided to really and truly do something about it. “It was time — time for me to actually walk the walk,” Chizik, the former national championship-winning head coach at Auburn and ex-defensive coordinator at UCF, told me the other day. “My son is a sophomore in high school, and I’d seen two of his baseball and two of his football games in the previous two years. It was time for me to hang it up and go be a family man, a husband and a father.” Three months ago, Chizik announced his resignation as the University of North Carolina’s defensive coordinator and moved home to Auburn, Ala., where his family has been living even after Chizik was fired as the Tigers’ head coach in 2012. At 55, he could have easily parlayed his success as UNC’s defensive coordinator into another big-time head-coaching job, but he chose family over football. The seed to his resignation was planted in August when he was putting the Tar Heels defense through its paces at fall practice and noticed proud parents moving their excited kids into UNC’s freshman dorms. That’s when it hit him: His two twin daughters — Landry and Kennedy — were doing the same thing at Auburn and he wasn’t there to help them. After two years of being a FaceTime father and long-distance husband who worked in North Carolina while his wife Jonna and three kids were in Auburn, Chizik is back home now and just finished a stretch of watching his son Cally play in 22 straight high school baseball games. “I absolutely love football and I have always loved it since I was 4 years old and sitting in my dad’s lap watching the old Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings,” Chizik says. “Football has been extremely good to me and my family, but up until now I had no regrets about any decision I’ve ever made in regard to my profession. “It reached a point where I didn’t want to have any regrets in regard to my family either. This was an opportunity for me take the last 2 1/2 years of my son’s high school career and be there with him and, believe me, I’m loving every minute of every one of his games. I’m never going to get these games back; I’m never going to get these days back.” Chizik didn’t want to be like so many football coaches who miss birthdays, forget anniversaries and skip dance recitals just so they can sleep in the office and spend 18 hours a day figuring out which way a silly ball is going to bounce. One of the most heart-wrenching coaching epiphanies I’ve ever witnessed came two decades ago when the great Jimmy Johnson returned from his mother Allene’s funeral and tearfully laid the groundwork for his retirement from coaching. On the day his mother died, Jimmy wasn't there because he was too busy preparing for the Miami Dolphins’ next game. On the day of his mother's wake, Jimmy wasn't there either. And when he finally arrived at the funeral and saw his two sons and his cancer-stricken father, that's when the iconic coach realized there are many things in life more important than 3rd-and-3. That’s when he realized that no man lays on his death bed thinking to himself, “I wish I had only spent more time breaking down special-teams tape.” “My mother's funeral made me realize that I need to spend some time with the people I care about,” Johnson said then, his voice cracking. "Coaching is 15 hours a day, seven days a week. And I've done that for the last 34 years. It cost me spending time with my sons, and it cost me a marriage. “There's a time you pull back and say, `Be with the people you care about. Don't short-change them. They love you. Give them just a little bit back.' You hear football coaches list their priorities, and they always say religion first, then family and then football. And yet they work at football 15 hours a day, seven days a week. And they spend an hour a week at church and two hours a week with their family. To me, that tells me football is first, and everything else is second.” Gene Chizik isn’t willing to make football his God any longer. He has recognized what others before him couldn’t — or wouldn’t: That being addicted to football can be just as devastating to families as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. “It’s all-consuming,” says Chizik, the former Florida Gators linebacker who’s been coaching since he graduated from UF in 1985. “It envelops your life 24/7. It doesn’t end when you go to church, it doesn’t end when you step in the door at home, it doesn’t end when you take your kids to a baseball game. It never ends. And that’s why I had to drop the anchor and get off the ship.” These days, he is drawing up a new game plan and it has nothing to do with improving his team’s pass rush, disguising its coverages or begging 17-year-old high school recruits to sign with his team. “My game plan now,” says this happy, stress-free, born-again ex-coach with the perpetual smile splashed across his face, “is to get up every day and figure out how to be a better husband and father.”
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    I just hope they don't get sued by Hanna-Barbera for patent infringement.
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    Latest update... numbers aren't as good this time, but my doctor is blaming it on the chemo and not the cancer. He's still expecting to see great things when I get a CT Scan on the 26th. I still feel pretty normal, so that's a great sign. Tigers are still stronger than cancer.
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    AU's QB depth is light years ahead of last year. Not even in the same galaxy.
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    I think Willis will push White for the 2nd spot but will redshirt. Not going to burn Willis' reshirt unless both Stidham and White do down. IMO. Will say this, if Lindsey is as good of a QB coach as advertised, AU is the best position at QB that it's been in, well can't remember. That good. 3 goods ones on the team, 1 comitted and another in Nix in 2019. That is deep from a depth stand point.
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    I just tiptoed out of the room after putting my expectations to bed. Now they are back there wide awake and screaming for attention. All I wanted to do was eat some Fritos in peace...
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    School Status Offer Visit Auburn Signed Alabama Kentucky Louisville Notre Dame Oklahoma Ole Miss South Carolina Tennessee Texas Well then I Guess Gus is in good company of not being able to evaluate talent.
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    It's only official when the engravers have been contacted about the name plate on his bust for the Future Dual Threat Saviors of Auburn Football Hall of Fame.
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    I guess this is a nice way to make ourselves feel better. Only LSU, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas and South Carolina have more people drafted than us over the last decade with LSU and Bama having TWICE that of us over that timeframe. Yes 14 years in a row is nice, but its petty. We are not in good shape over the last decade. Arkansas and South Carolina having more drafted than us is PATHETIC. Those teams rarely IF EVER get close to top 10 classes. We have had a top 10 class every year 7 out of 10 of those years. I guess if one has orange and blue shaders on, it looks GREAT. But to those who can see the whole picture, that is a consolation prize.
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    Josh Holsey, taken in the 7th Round, Pick #235 to the Washington Redskins, Congratulations Josh! War Eagle!
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    Rudy Ford drafted by Arizona, 208th pick in the 6th round.
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    I love that Christ is already a part of this guys life. May he come down to Auburn and be a face of the program.
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    When it seems one door closes another door opens when God is in control!!!! Shaun has been selected for 2017 Nike Sprint Elite Camp held at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. The Nike Sprint Elite Camp invites the Top 10 high school athletes around the country. As part of the camp the campers race in a 200 meter elite race down at historic Hayward Field in Eugene during the Prefontaine Classic. What an exciting milestone to cross!
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    What I can't understand is how Gus can recruit someone that horses around and gets to close glass. I don't care if everyone else wanted him, this is a recruiting failure on knowing not how to evaluate!!
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    Its hard to maintain balance in coaching...almost impossible. Well done, Coach
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    Watching the game with my 3 day old lucky charm.
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    What do you see as an Auburn fan as being a healthy expectation for the football program? In my opinion here are some medium baselines for the program. Consistently be a Top 25 program. That's means every 4 out of 5 years. Every year we should be in the top 20 in recruiting. Legitimately competing for a conference championship every 5 years (in the championship game). Playoff appearance 1 out of every 10 years. No losing seasons ever unless some tragedy happens. That's my opinion however I would gladly take greater accomplishments. I want to win every game every season. Auburn has beaten all the odds stacked against it. The best program in football as it's arch rival no other team could compete against those odds. The step child in the "Big 6" within the conference by not being the state name school. We more then hold our own within the conference. It's amazing the change in culture for Auburn since the 70s. Teams didn't even respect us enough to even come to our home field. Now we are regularly discussed as a national championship caliber team. We, as all championship teams, need a couple calls a couple bounces and a few breaks to go our way. I say all that to say War Eagle fellas. Let's win us a 'ship this year.
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    If you'll recall, who was the first team we lost to after we won the NC? That would be Clemson. Time to return the favor.
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    No one here can spin 73 scholly players. Do what you have to and keep both. And lol at MC having grade issues. Get the kid the help he needs. If he is going to class all should be good.
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    Auburn shouldn't do anything one way or the other because of bama, on any subject. Auburn should do what is best for Auburn. Switch divisions if we want to and let bama worry about how to schedule their own games. It makes sense for us to be in the East and play Florida, Georgia and Tennessee every year like we use to. Quite frankly, if we were to play bama earlier in the year or even every other year it would be just fine.
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    It's a BS list. The 2004 Auburn team is better than at least half of those teams. Starting at somewhere around 2009 Bama (which is vastly overrated on that list), 2004 Auburn is easily a better team. And just to show I'm not totally biased, 2005 USC should be on the list as well. They were better than the 2009 Bama team too. Hell, it's possible the 2012 LSU team should be on the list. They would've kicked the crap out of Craig Krenzel's Buckeyes.
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    I was there yesterday celebrating my niece's graduation (the 16th member of my family to graduate from our beloved university, if I might brag a little) & noticed the historical marker on the brick gates at The Corner: placed there by the class of 1917. So, the Corner as The Entrance to Auburn is 100 years old!! I think that's worth noting & celebrating! I wonder if anyone "official" at Auburn has noticed, & maybe they haven't because surely that would have been a story somewhere. At any rate, to all of us Aubies on this Board, Happy 100th!! War Eagle for the next 100!!
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    No...Especially when I see, TAMU, LSU, UA, UGA, OM filling out the other games
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    Bryant will be fine. After all, he is the Markaviest of us all.
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    Hell, we probably prolonged his UGA career at least 5 years 😒
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    "Why was he anywhere near a glass door?!?!"- said somebody in the near future
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    Sounds to me like Gus is getting serious about beefing up the level of talent/experience at all levels of his staff. I think we need to wait and see who fills the holes before looking for the sky to fall.
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    Just for comparison's sake, let's look at how many top rated QBs Alabama has recruited since Saban got there (24/7 Composite ratings): Star Jackson (4-star) AJ McCarron (4-star) Philip Sims (5-star) Cooper Bateman (4-star) David Cornwell (4-star) Blake Barnett (5-star) Jalen Hurts (4-star) He also signed four 3-star kids who never played. He got by after AJ left because Blake Sims (who was really recruited as an athlete) managed to play above expectations as a senior, and they got a graduate transfer in Jake Coker from FSU. Good coaches, good QB developers who have eyes for talent, miss on HS quarterbacks All. The. Time. Alabama was able to weather some of that because they had a tremendously talented surrounding cast, especially on defense. And they luckily inherited a decent starter in McElroy who allowed AJ to develop, and then AJ was a very good QB who stayed through his senior year. And most knowledgeable Bama fans will tell you Hurts was nothing special at QB this year, he just made some plays with his feet and they had an outstanding defense again. Some think he might not hold on to the starting job this year if he doesn't make significant strides in the passing game. I get the the frustration with Gus/Rhett sometimes, but some of the criticism doesn't hold water to me. It's measuring them by a criteria that you apparently apply ONLY to them and no one else in college football.
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    FWIW so take this as you will, but Chip has now idea why Gus signed Woody. Said the kid would never see the field as a QB at AU. Looks like Chip was right. Not trying to bash the kid, just is what it is. This was after Chip's first week on the job.
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    Love this man. He was part of a terrible, perfect storm of a football season. If you believe in God, you understand that He allows trials to come into our lives to shape our character. Chizik has surely grown as a person through all that he's been through. It is obvious he loves his wife his kids. I truly respect him and hope that, one day, he will be again associated with Auburn athletics.
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    for the 10 millionth time, for those that constantly yammer about adding more seats. We have to sell the seats we already have to justify adding more. It would be colossally stupid to add seats to that stadium, when those seats would remain empty for all but maybe 2 games every 2 years (thinking georgia and uat). It would be financially stupid and look ridiculous adding seats for them to sit empty game after game. We do NOT need more seats in JHS. Period.
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    I just want a line to be established early in camp.
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    We just need to bite the bullet and play UGA in Athens 2 years in a row to get the schedule back how it was. Benefit both teams and they did play us back-to-back in JHS.
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    I think after the last 2 1/2 seasons it's crystal clear that Gus needs to change his offensive focus, because that crap we've seen the last 2 full seasons was nauseating at times. This is the freaking SEC, it's not Tulsa, Arkansas State or high school ball. I seems like the jackass coaches "using elements" of Gus' style of offense are doing a damn sight better than Gus these days. Perhaps using elements of his brain child offense is better than going all in with it and putting some schizophrenic twirly bird/give errrrbody a shot at QB crap on the field? There is a reason the man is coaching for his job this season. A large contingent of the fan base and the AU Administration are no longer satisfied with Gus' style of offense, or his roster management, or his game planning, or his play-calling, etc. As fun and family friendly as it may be for a select few, it does not win on a consistent level close to what the douchebag/jackass coaches are winning. There's no fun in losing, the family gets pissed when they see a product on the field that makes it apparent the man in charge may be out of this league and pay scale for a high caliber HC job in the SEC such as Auburn.
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    By the way, Andrew Mitchell won't get enough credit for what he did tonight. I thought Butch was going to ride him 'til he had to shoot him. That was his first start of the year and he stepped up with a really gutty effort against a loaded MSU offensive lineup..
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    At the highest levels of every major sport, measurables matter. A lot. The greatest example of that for me was a much maligned linebacker we had just a few years ago, who was 6 feet tall, but whose arms were those of a a person 5'9". He could bench press 400 pounds and was a high school tackling machine, but a bust for us. I zeroed in on him every play for the Miss State game his senior year and it was sad. They would send someone out to block him and all they had to do was extend their arms and hold the center mass of his jersey and because of his short arms, he was helpless to shed blocks. His effort was great, but physics won every time. We are recruiting at a high level, just not high enough to consistently compete with Bama right now Example: Bama signs a 4 star safety who is 6'2" and 210 out of high school. He has the wingspan of a guy 6'3 and runs a 4.4 forty . We sign a 4 star safety who is 6' and 175 out of high school. He has a wingspan of a guy 5'11" and runs a 4.5 forty. Over the course of four years and an 85 man roster, little things add up.
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    Based on his evaluation coming out of high school and his athletic abilities, Nate Craig-Myers has the potential to be Auburn's next "star" wide receiver. Auburn has never been a football program associated with great wide receiver play. Occasionally, there have been a few players who have risen to stardom at the wide receiver position but they have been few and far between. During the last 70 years of Auburn football, there have been eleven 50-reception seasons by an individual. There have been ten seasons with a receiver having 800+ yards in receiving during a season. There have been twelve seasons with a receiver catching at least 7 TD receptions during a season. There have been only seven wide receivers to accomplish all three goals during the same season. Once again, Nate Craig-Myers has the potential to reach all three goals during 2017. The Play... During this play the offense faces a 1st & 20 after a holding penalty. The offense comes out in a 1 back set with 3-WR's and the TE on the line. Coach Chris Lindsey calls a pass play with Nate Craig-Myers running a route towards the middle of the field. At the snap, Malik Willis has the time to work through his progressions. Nate Craig-Myers and John Franklin III run overlapping routes to confuse the secondary and to create separation. Nate Craig-Myers runs a semi-drag route over the middle of the field, over the LB''s and underneath safety support. Malik Willis resets his feet before targeting Nate Craig-Myers, placing his pass to the outside shoulder of his receiver. The location of the pass allows Nate Craig-Myers to turn up field quickly in front of the defender over top. He utilizes his athletic skills to maneuver around three possible defenders to pick up 16-yards on the play. His physical build and his skill set reminds me of former All-Pro, Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys. Irvin had decent speed but his strongest attributes were his route running, his ability to catch the ball at the highest point and his physical presence after becoming a runner with the football. Irvin had the knack of coming up with the reception during "clutch" situations, something Auburn needs for Nate Craig-Myers to become.
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    That comment, while appropriate to this subject, was more of a generalization type of commentary. Although I'm glad you inferred what I was implying. As to my position on whether Gus is safe or not, I believe he was in a lot of trouble at the end of last year. However, he has made the moves that have needed to been made as well as the ones he was told to make. He has found a QB, he has let CRL go, he has brought in better recruiters, strengthened his staff, and he has given the reigns over to CCL(for now). So, as of now, I would say his seat has cooled significantly. That may all change this season where he needs to win against the big boys, but at this point, I think he has done all he can to stem the ire of those that wanted him gone. To that point though, many in the minority will still clamor on about how bad he is.
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    Actually was still hurt when he started against dawg . He should not have played at all
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