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    http://gridironnow.com/auburn-qb-joey-gatewood-doesnt-celebrate-signing-works/ Earlier this year, I wrote a column about what kind of worker newly signed Auburn QB Joey Gatewood is; Wednesday was a great example. Wednesday morning, Joey – I call him Joey because I’ve known him for years now, watching him mature, helping develop his game as his quarterback coach – sent his paperwork to Auburn with no ceremony at his school. He is in work mode. Most high school players celebrate signing day as the incredible accomplishment it is; not Joey Gatewood. I try and visit the signing day ceremonies of all of the college-bound quarterbacks I train so that I can enjoy the moment with them and get a picture of this very special day. The only picture I got with Joey was later in the day when he was in Boost Sports Performance in Jacksonville, FL working out as hard as he ever does. Joey didn’t celebrate, Joey worked! Denny Thompson and Joey Gatewood. (Photo credit Denny Thompson / GRIDIRON NOW) This is the kind of young man who is heading to Auburn. Auburn is getting a guy who on the very first morning of his Christmas break, was in my training facility getting back after it again. He received several hours of personal QB work from me, followed by a couple of hours of lifting and training with some of the top trainers in the southeast. I try not to write too much about the guys who I personally work with as a quarterback coach, but I am amazed by what Joey’s mindset is right now. I personally picked him up before his 9:00 AM session Thursday morning and didn’t leave the facility until after 6:00 PM. That’s how it always works with Joey – I pick him up when I am starting my day and take him home when I am completely done. Joey is willing to sit in one place all day in order to put three hours of work in. I’ve made my prediction before on how I think the Joey Gatewood era will go at Auburn and I will say it again: Joey will leave Auburn with a Heisman Trophy! I know that sounds like crazy-talk to say about a 17-year-old who doesn’t turn 18 until April, but I’ve never seen someone with the skillset of Gatewood combined with his work ethic and focus. I know that a 6-foot-5, 230-pound Auburn quarterback will instantly draw comparisons to Cam Newton. Heck, even Gus Malzahn compared the two Wednesday. I want to set the record straight: Joey isn’t going to Auburn to be the next Cam Newton, Joey is going to Auburn to be the first Joey Gatewood.
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    Mods, I don't quite know how best to get this information out so if you need to move it I understand. I've been a long time member of AU Family and before the merger, AE. Its with a heavy heart that I wanted to let the Auburn Family know that my Mom passed on Tuesday. I knew her as Mom, but most of you may have known her as "Patsy from Center Point"...yes, that Patsy, the one who sparred with Paul Finebaum daily when his Birmingham radio show was just beginning and for years to follow. What most don’t know is that she was an antagonist early in Paul’s career at the Birmingham Post-Herald. Paul, for a long time, had a photo of Patsy taped to his computer monitor at the BPH labeled “my favorite Auburn fan”. Mom really enjoyed sparring with him on air and with her pen and Paul was happy to reciprocate. More importantly, her relationship with AU football players from the late 70’s thru the early 2000’s is her greatest AU legacy. She called them all “her boys” and they all greeted her as “Miss Patsy”. She loved them all no matter what happened on the field and mothered them when they were down as a surrogate mom. Mods, I send you this because I know some of "her boys" are members here. We’ll have a memorial service on January 20 in Center Point, AL...as was her want...no funeral, just a celebration of Patsy’s life. PM me for details on the service if you want. Thanks from our entire family. War Eagle! --Warbird82
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    Prayers sent to the Texas QB.
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    I would say he is an average to above average recruiter. I'm not too disappointed in the hire, he is a very good coach that can and will develop our talent and have them ready. He also will bring back that nasty streak we've been missing.
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    Tough decision for most Auburn fans on who to hope loses in tonight's game. For me it is real easy. I want UGA to get blown off the field. They have not won anything in 37 years but they look down on Auburn like they are a far superior program. I hope they get their little feelings hurt tonight in a big way. A win by them will make it miserable living around these barking necks and just make it harder on Auburn as well. Bama is Bama. We deal with it like the rest of college football every day. The last thing we need is UGA getting a trophy. Hoping for some bulldog butthurt tonight. Who is with me?
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    That's fair but the flip side is also he is young, hungry, and driven. Plus it's like JGT said tonight. If you're looking for a way to get away from the Good Ol' Boy network, this is how it's done.
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    Only Auburn fans can see their team land a top-ten recruiting class and go off the deep end in despair. Good grief people it's time to celebrate, not get all down in the dumps. I suppose some of you, had you been around then, would have blown your brains out the year Pat Dye didn't sign a single player from Georgia and doomsdayers were screaming about a "fence around the state" and we'd never again get somebody from there. The class we got is good enough to beat the class UAT and UGA got. We may have to work a little harder but that's no big thing. Working harder and smarter is what Auburn has always done and we'll continue to do it.
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    Leath> Gogue already in my book. Hiring a outsider? That is NOT the Auburn way that it has been done for years and I for one welcome this hire and much needed change.
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    That's definitely the type we need with Gus coaching.
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    IMO, Grimes is a very good coach. A technician that makes his players better. That said, we are going to need some help with recruiting. Maybe the next Offensive coach will be a HR recruiter that can cover some OL recruiting.
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    Looks like Toomer's has been rolled upon hearing the news. Check it out:
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    Good morning all, I hope this thread finds you in better spirits than yesterday with the new year. Like I have done all season, for every game I attend in person I wanted to share my thoughts in general, as well as some observations that maybe the TV cameras did not catch. I would like to reiterate, these are general thoughts, some in perspective to the game, and others on the atmosphere. For the final time this season, here we go: Weather: Yesterday and this week were absolutely frigid. I enjoy the cold, and I was not having fun waiting for MARTA. This is the coldest it has been on record for 40 years in Georgia. We went straight into the stadium for warmth, instead of tailgating. Mercedes Benz Stadium: This was my first time in the stadium. For the most part I really enjoyed it. I am still not sure if it is that much better than the old one to justify tearing the old one down, that really wasn't that old, just like the old Braves stadium, but that is a topic for another day. The food was phenomenal in the stadium however, and extremely cheap for stadium food. They do have an echo issue in the stadium that needs to be addressed, but the experience overall was really good. Chick Fil A always does a great job with their football games and this did not disappoint. Not a bad job for a turnaround time of 12 hours with the Falcons having played the Panthers the night before. Auburn fans: This one is a little disappointing to be honest. We were vastly outnumbered. It was hard to distinguish navy blue jackets from black, but judging by the camera lights that UCF fans use before kickoff, it was 70% UCF fans with the stadium no where near capacity. The Auburn fans that were there were just not in it. No one stood up, or got loud. UCF fans: This piggybacks a little off of the Auburn fan topic. They really showed out, and were fired up. To them, this was their national championship. They wanted to be there. they were excited to be there. Their team fed off of this. It really seemed like it was a home game for them, and Auburn is only 1.5 hours away. I will give them credit, as much team spirit as they showed, they had a lot of class. No issues from them with the exception of one intoxicated lady, but every fan base has those. Auburn players: From the warm-ups to the actual game they just did not seem like themselves. You could tell they did not really want to be there, and Tray Matthews said as much after the game: "It's very hard to get motivated for a game like this, especially if you go out how we went out, you know? We lost in the SEC Championship and it broke our hearts. We had to think about that the whole time. I mean, bowl games are great; this is a big bowl game and we had a tremendous time and the people have been great, but you're not playing for a championship anymore. That's when it comes down to what's inside you, playing for the team and what's on the back of your jersey and what's on your helmet, the AU, but it's kind of hard. You got a lot of distractions and you're not playing for a championship. It's a difference. It's definitely a difference." For the team, the season really ended with the SEC Championship. There was more life in the Auburn defensive sideline than the offensive sideline though. This team as feeds off of the fans, and as fans we really did not help them out at all. Officiating: Overall I was not very pleased with this crew. A lot of blown calls, on both sides. I can distinctly remember three blown offensive holding calls missed on UCF, as well as a facemark missed call on Auburn. Not to mention, Deshaun Davis' fumble recovery and touchdown that was negated. Turns out that touchdown could have really helped us as we just needed to kick a field goal at the end of the game instead of a touchdown. But, this is part of the game. The referees are human and are prone to error. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes: Auburn just was not in the game from the beginning. I have no earthly idea what was wrong with the offensive line this game other than not wanting to play. To me, the offensive line is the sole reason why we lost the game. Not because of the play calling. Not because of our turnovers (although the offensive line contributed to this). Definitely not because of Jarrett Stidham as I saw some posters calling for his head surprisingly. The man was harassed all game. Blown assignments all over the place with people getting beat on their one-on-ones. I do not want to harp on this too much as there is not much of a point in doing so. Casey Dunn: I sure hope he is okay. I never like to see a senior get hurt in his final game, much less an injury with potential to be quite serious. Same with Nick Ruffin. I could see how upset he was on the sideline. Prayers it is nothing serious. Moving forward: I will post a thread with more on this later on. I did not want to make this longer than it needed to be, and we are about to enter the dead period for this forum anyways, so spacing this out might be better. We have a lot of players returning for the 2018 season, and the potential for a fully intact coaching staff. Not to mention a solid recruiting class. For me, the eyes will solely be on the offensive line, as well as special teams. How well can we replace 4 starters on the offensive line? With Grimes' guys graduating, how well will Hand's recruits do with their development? How does our punting and kicking look? We now have 8 months to ponder this. But one thing is for certain. This season, it has been an absolute pleasure to be on this forum with you regular posters. I look forward to 2018 with you.
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    I disagree. We don't need it quick. We are barely in it for just a couple guys left this cycle. The right thing to do is take our time and get the right coach for the job. If it happens quick, great. If it takes a month, great.
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    Can we just let him come in and start working before we start being critical of the hire?
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    Yup. Every season, we have people say "Gus has to win X number of games or else." I don't buy into that. We play in the toughest division in football, we have the best team in the SEC East (and now a national title contender) on our permanent schedule and we somehow manage to keep scheduling at least one really tough OOC opponent every year. (Seriously?? We get freaking *Washington* as a top-15 team?!?!?! After two years of Clemson during the greatest run in their history?!?!) Anyway, there is no shame in losing to Clemson, or bama, or uga. But getting dragged like we have so many times the last few years? The joke ass game plans we threw at Clemson the last 2 years? The Cox-Cat, 11 sacks, 117 yards of total offense?? Giving up a 20-point lead to Ed Orgeron's mighty Bayou Bengals?? Playing injured players in our most important games because we have no depth in year 5 of this regime, all while watching our biggest two rivals go to the national championship in consecutive years with rookie QBs, not to mention watching Clemson get into the playoffs this season with one??? Oklahoma fans probably aren't embarrassed by Lincoln Riley today. You can be prepared and play well and still lose. Gus doesn't do that very much, though.
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    May each and everyone of you have a joyous Christmas spent with family and friends. My prayer is that we all truly celebrate THE meaning of this season. God's gift of pure Love, THE Savior of The World, Lord Jesus. "For God SO loved..." Be safe All and from my family to your family Merry Christmas!!!🌲
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    I know many of us including the Doc and his lovely bride of 31 years will be on the roads traveling to see loved ones over the holidays. Let's all say a prayer for the Auburn family out there they might be on the roads this Christmas. Prayers for safe travel are always appreciated and do work as we all know. You never know when an Angel is there providing protection for whatever may be in harms way. We will be traveling from North Carolina to Louisiana for the holidays and know good folks will be praying for our safe passage. I would like to hear from any of you that will be traveling and will say a special prayer for you and your familie's safety while on the roads over the Christmas season! Merry Christmas & God Bless! The Doc!
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    I love this new leaf AU has turned over. We have a fresh new Prez that walked into a snake pit in this Athletic Dept the moment he stepped on campus. He was able to systematically cut out a tenured Athletic Director who was so damn entrenched in the system that he did everything in his power to dig his heels in so deep that we thought he could never be ousted. Bravo Pres Leath! Now we have a young, energetic Athletic Director completely without Auburn ties (he is not an "Auburn Man") that's a good thing IMO. Greene comes with a fresh set of eyes, with new, innovative management skills, and I feel like he'll take time to evaluate the Department as a whole and he'll be able to make substantial cut backs to a bloated AD. I'm celebrating today for a seriously bright future for Auburn!
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    He's not Tim Jackson and he sounds like someone out of AU's normal comfort zone. I'm hopeful.
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    I don't think it does... Speaking from experience, cancer treatment, even when it doesn't have a lot of side effects, knocks you on your ass, and it takes months to get back to 100%. His energy levels could be light years better than what they were when he left.
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    "Noah Cain" What you would say the dentist numbed your mouth with, shortly after he just numbed your mouth with it......
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    C- at best. Played with such inconsistency there is no way it could be B-. We were lucky to have KJ. He made that OL look better than it was.
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    Part of our problem is, Gus sees no difference between high school and college football.
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    Below is the list of positives for moving to a two QB system: Any questions?
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    I live just outside Athens, GA in Oconee County. I live, work, & play with many UGA fans. I'm going with NorthGATiger. There is no way I could continue to live here if UGA wins the championship. Also, I couldn't use the "Meet Pam" meme anymore if they win.
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    I think we've struggled developing it to it's fullest though.
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    Not worried about personnel so much. Development & usage of said personnel, on the other hand....
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    I'm sorry to inform you that Worm will not redshirt.
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    Well... They DID beat the team that beat both teams in the NC game... Bammers claim national championships with less credible reasoning...
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    Where were you when we were ranked in the top 5 after kicking the crap out of Bama and UGA? Yeah yeah you told us so... big whoop.
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    I can just see Tim Jackson standing in front of his bathroom mirror practicing his soul handshake and trying to figure out if it's "bruh" or "bro." Dumbass...
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    Glad we hired atleast one guy from buffalo considering we missed on Turner Gill
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    Or maybe Gus’s was looking at all the OL talent sitting on our bench that were doing so bad that fans actually thought we had no talent, and decided to hire back a coach he knew could teach how to be great lineman like GR and SC. I like the hire. I don’t think Gus fired JB I think with the cancer scare JB decide to reconsider his priorities like spending time with his son. Also I think that a few are forgetting that Chip spent time with JB while he was here for his GA days. Maybe JB was actually Chip’s choice. Anyway I like it for the near future. I would be willing to bet that our OL will totally shock most of you next year. They will be very good and JB will be a big part of that.
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    I'm pulling for Giant Meteor.
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    51...Born at 8:20 on 8/20...Nashville, TN before Daddy was hired at Auburn. "Ovviously" female (huge fan of "Esqueleto"--Nacho Libre) Grew up in Auburn, daughter of prof dad and Auburn High biology teacher mom. Wanted to attend college anywhere BUT Auburn...BUT... AU class of 1988, Magna grace of God...AUM, class of 1998 Masters, Summa, more grace of God. Met husband at the Wesley Foundation, married at home church Auburn United Methodist in 1989, and have been happily loving and serving wherever possible together and with our two children (now 18 and 21) since. Teach K in Elmore County, have a passion for multicultural kids and travel, and lead worship where my husband pastors...our planted church turns 12 on September 17 this year. (www.welcometowellspring.com) Love this board, in all its craziness. You guys...and girls...are wonderful. And to paraphrase Psalm 84, better is one day in the house of AUBURN than 1,000 elsewhere!
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    Don't underestimate it. He is a good talent developer that will take the corners which will allow Brown(a very good talent developer) to focus solely on the safety position which will need that focus next year
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    You title the thread “Quit Complaining “ and then go on to tell us how screwed we are.
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    Am I the only one who doesn’t care how the SEC does as long as Auburn wins?
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    Let's go!!! Nice late Christmas gift!
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    The best decision they made was getting the guy who has direct ties to the $$$$$ blanket and a past that includes a gag order stemming from their days at LSU. Saban is a damn good coach but he wouldn't have 5 titles if not for their ability to do whatever they want on the recruiting market. And for those who refuse to accept he's a supported coach by Emmert and the NCAA scroll down to the LSU portion of this story from 2013. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaab/2013/04/02/ncaa-president-emmert-previous-cases-uconn-lsu/2047607/
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    There is nothing that saddens me more during bowl season than seeing a senior injured, possibly serious, to end his college career. Thoughts with ya big Dunn, you were the key to the attitude change on the o-line this season. WDE
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    Refs do that enough for all of us...
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    SEC's start to the bowl season....