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    Should we “recruit” him to contribute to this place? Hit the thumbs up if you’d support a low cost subscription model (as in, a couple bucks a month) to make it happen. Curious if there’s any demand ...
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    Whomever said it, is 100% correct.
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    Exactly. This isn't from a coach. These are direct quotes from posters on AUFamily.
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    What I think? That is soft as hell. At least have the balls to put your name on the quote. Some of these men act like my high school age girls that I work with smh.
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    Trezmen Marshall just arrived on campus.
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    TE recruiting efforts seem to have improved a great Deal, Fromm where it has been in years past. 😁
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    Honestly , Chip Lindsey said it.
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    Keith just CB’d him to AU.
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    I’m ready to negotiate my contract also.
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    Appreciate the OP as always, but I feel like the question is backwards. Can our offense take advantage of our embarrassment of riches at WR?
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    That's ludicrous. Everyone knows Malzahn doesn't make halftime adjustments.
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    Maybe they can remarket it as deer antler spray and everything be okay...
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    Actually terrifying to think about Gus overreacting to this and coming up with some ridiculous scheme to compensate.
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    Y’all are so sweet! It’s our second. Our first was born in October of 2013 so I’m hoping this one is a good luck charm for the team as well. 2013 almost sent me into early labor numerous times haha.
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    Hi. NC State fan here. I have 2 tickets for your game against Northeastern Friday. 1 adult and 1 youth (under 17). You can have them for face value + $5. (only because I had to pay service fees and tax). Total would be $30. I live in Rolesville so I could meet you somewhere. BTW, if any of y'all want to discuss the regional, here is the NC State board. https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina-state/Board/PackPride-Sports-103752 Always liked Auburn. I work with some Auburn grads. It seems our schools are pretty similar. Pull hard for them every year in the Iron Bowl. Y'all's relationship with Bama is similar to ours with the Tarholes.
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    Well, this is some sort of positive outlook from a Kentucky Wildcats writer taking a look at all the draft declaring/withdrawing: (http://kentuckysportsradio.com/basketball-2/the-biggest-nba-draft-decisions-that-remain-across-college-basketball/) Auburn: Jared Harper and Bryce Brown The decisions are coming in fast and furious at Auburn, which had four players on the NBA fence as of this morning but have already had two make decisions. Big man Austin Wiley – the most likely of all the Tigers to go pro – has decided to return to school. Meanwhile in a bizarre twist, the team’s leading scorer last year Mustapha Heron will return to college basketball after initially declaring for the draft – it just won’t be at Auburn. Per Adam Zagoria, Heron will return to school, but transfer. Weirdly, I actually don’t think this is the worst thing for Auburn – assuming Harper and Brown come back. That’s because as good as Heron was (he averaged around 16 a game last season) he was at times, a ball-dominant, iso-heavy player, and to be blunt, the offense sometimes ran better without him on the floor. It also means that assuming that Harper and Brown return, Auburn might just be the “best” version of themselves, a team with a bunch of great guards that create spacing with perimeter shooting, without Heron charging at the basket like a bull in China shop every couple of possessions. Assuming both Harper and Brown return (and neither is projected as a draft pick) the SEC co-champs would return everyone of substance except Heron, and should start the year ranked No. 10 to 15 nationally.
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    My ex wife and I tried to make our daughter and son feel the same way. I think we succeeded. We all tried to get along. My daughter was married last year. She had an outdoor wedding so she asked me if I was okay if she asked her stepfather to walk her down the path to the seating area. Then I would walk her the rest of the way up to the altar. I said yes because he was always good to them and I really appreciated her asking me. Just because couples are no longer compatible doesn't always mean they can't be friends. Glad to see this about Noah's family and glad to hear about yours too.
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    If anyone wants to know how I feel about this weekend......
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    Most of the posters on this board have a decent, if not really good to great, football IQ. Nobody who's been critical of Gus the last couple+ seasons (not counting the ones who obviously just hate him or have some personal vendetta against him) are saying that Auburn should win every game. Upsets, both good and bad, are part of football. Sometimes the other team IS better. Sometimes the other team just wants it more, for whatever reason. Sometimes luck just ain't on your side. We get it and are good with that. Most of Auburn's losses the past 3 seasons have not been for these reasons. When Gus is on, he's as good as any coach in the business. But 2, 3, 4 times per year, he's also the worst coach in the business. If he can simply change "worst" to maybe just "not the best" then this team is capable of never losing more than 1-2 games per year. When you have that type of consistency, you win championships.
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    We can't do that. That is the blocking technique used at Bama. They are the only SEC school allowed to use that maneuver on the OL. Also shown below
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    Took some good ones of my best buddy last night. Google Pixel 2 takes incredible photos too, by the way. I realized I've been under utilizing it.