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    Jeff can you try to not antagonize the medical staff? We don't need our closest source to the program to be run off. Sincerely, The Rest of the Board.
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    Depends on which faction you ask: Kodi Hater - "The receivers dropped the ball because they weren't coached right" Gus Haters - "The receiver missed the ball because the route was so simple he was bumped out of place by the defender." Grimes Haters - "The receiver didn't have time to get open because the OL couldn't sustain their block"
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    Talked with an assistant coach tonight: Bo has impressed with his “ability to improvise and keep technique even under duress, throw with accuracy, and master the offense.” It’s more of a testimony of how good Nix has played than an indictment on JG. Gatewood should and will get “plenty of touches.” Coaches still like JGs leadership and think he is “almost unstoppable inside the 10.” I’m thinking about a 80:20 split for Bo/JG at this point.
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    Gatewood looking great. Obvious leader for the team. WR group 1 look incredible. Offensive line Driscoll still a concern IMO. RBs are awesome. Defense, young and going to make some coverage mistakes. Worried about pass rush. DBs thin. Noah is my favorite player. Carlson looks more confident. Should be interesting with punt returns. Probably Tutt as he looks comfortable. looking okay on injuries. Knock on wood.
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    From what I've heard and from my own perspective and opinions, I think JG and Bo were just about even coming out of Spring. It seems this summer has been more beneficial to Bo. I don't care who starts, who takes more snaps, or who finishes as the starter. I want a competent offense with a leader at QB. One that can pile up yards and score in the RZ. I want the spiteful play caller to return and the offense to pile it on. Whomever leads us there has my support.
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    This is the type of stuff that makes me really pull for Gus to make it and stay at Auburn. Maybe him loosening up off the sideline will help him to loosen up on the sideline.
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    Not going to post specifics but a few general observations: 1) OL did better at pass blocking today 2) The defense should dominate this year 3) it seems more and more likely that Bo is going to start but both looked good 4) Seth is amazing 5) FG kicking was off today. We will need this to be on in order to win games with our defense.
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    Somebody should take that hammer, shine it up real nice, turn dat sumbish sideways, & stick it straight up Pat Forde's candy ass!!!
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    To me, it comes down to C, RG, and Gus. I'm not worried about QB, RB, or WR.
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    Okay folks. Our Tigers begin prep for the opening game and the 2019 Season today. Thus it is time for the annual Nip Watch. Let us know when you experience the sights-sounds-smells-or whatever lets you know that The Nip is not far away!!! War Eagle !!!
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    Love Tre Smith, but not just for the punt block, for the 100+ yds he put up in the IB when Caddy and Ronnie were both hurt.
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    Can those of who do it please stop using positive news on players to take jabs at other players. Uncalled for & poor form.
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    OK had enought I will start another thread. Keep it civil or it will be locked as well .................................this is really unbelievable
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    I want Gatewood to do what he wants to do. He was very loyal throughout his recruitment, even through an OC change, and worked his butt off this year to be QB1. If he wants to be QB1, go for it.
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    You referring to kicking our asses at playing golf or just kicking our asses in general....but on a golf course?
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    Great video, reminds me of Remember the Titans with the song choice. Enjoy!
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    Millions of dollars to make two small white triangle disappear. Thanks, putz!
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    Meet Gus Malzahn, a swole football dad listening to Kodak Black Gus Malzahn is not sitting around on his hot seat. The seventh-year Auburn coach knows his job is on the line this season. He's also not shy talking about it. He's also not sitting still, allowing the world to dictate his next moves, whether it is taking over play-calling on offense, lifting weights and cardiovascular workouts, or listening to rap music. Oh, yes, this Auburn coach is trying to redefine his tenure at Auburn, and not just his legacy among the fans. He told players, eye to eye, he wants to be more open with them. He wants to share his feelings, his past and listen to some rap music along the way. "He’s been in the weight room when we're down there for player-run practices," senior defensive end Marlon Davidson said. "He’s doing curls and stuff, and I’m like ‘Man? Am I seeing this?’ He’s just different, he’s a different person now. Like, coach Malzahn in 2016 to 2019 is totally different." Malzahn began a new workout routine in April, just as the Auburn basketball team was making its run to the Final Four and his football team was wrapping up spring practices. Video of him performing a core workout surfaced via Auburn's official social media accounts. He joked he didn't know the camera was there, and openly blushed and wished he could wipe the images from the Internet. "I’m trying to get in shape," Malzahn said at the SEC's spring meetings in May. "I hadn’t worked out in about two years." Malzahn could be seen on a treadmill or riding a stationery bike early in his head-coaching tenure at Auburn. One wouldn't confuse him for an out-of-shape, 50-something has-been, but the man accustomed to being an athlete his entire career, and playing basketball with coaches and players in the past wanted to change his most recent unhealthy habits. That means no more Taco Bell runs during the day or night to grab a cheese-covered burrito, but his routine of drinking up to 10 cups of coffee remains. There are cheat days, however. The super fan of Mexican food admitted last week he was headed to a famous Mexican restaurant in his hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas after wrapping up SEC Media Days. Oh, and his expanding palette for music? Malzahn is not afraid to crank up the music in the weight room or on the practice field. It started during Auburn's preparations for the Music City Bowl in December. Rap music blares across the speakers before, during and after practices. Yes, the man whose favorite musical group is The Cars, a relic of 1980s pop, is trying to connect more with his players. Like a man trying to be hip for his teenage son, Malzahn realizes he has to be more like a father to his players. "This old head coach, I'm going to start sharing my heart," he told the team in the spring. "You're going to know me better than you've known me before. I'm going to put everything out there. That's what you deserve." He might also be the goofiest dad in the SEC. Every dance move or silly moment of the coach caught on tape goes viral. Video surfaced in 2014 of the high school coach dancing at an amusement park to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." It was a family moment, an attempt to entertain his daughters in the mid-1990s, but the video shared at a high school function at Shiloh Christian in Springdale, Arkansas more than 20 years ago re-surfaced on YouTube. And apparently that side of him is popping up more often in the Auburn Athletics Complex. He's comfortable being who he is around the Tigers, but he's also trying to broaden his tastes. "We were in a team meeting right before practice and we always play music right before to get our mind ready," Davidson said. "And we were listening to it and he was like, ‘Ain’t that Kodak Black?’ He said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve listened to that before.’ It was funny. The most important season of Malzahn's tenure begin Aug. 31 against Oregon in Arlington, Texas. With him solely running the show on offense for the first time since early 2016 and a revitalized connection to his players, he hopes it produces a winning formula. "At the end of the day, coach Malzahn, he’s there for us, and he knows that his players have his back, regardless," defensive tackle Derrick Brown said. "So I mean, we’ll go in Week 1, and hot seat talk, it is what it is. We’re going to play for each other, we’re going to play for coach, and we’re going to do what we do.”
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    Aggies wanted Domio to visit them badly today. Instead of the 90 minute drive there, Domio & his whole family took the 10+ hour drive to AU.
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    Don't forget the left is just as bad. I didn't vote for Trump and won't vote for him in the next election and I get attacked here regularly by the left cause I'm not a far left supporter either. Mean they are turning community events for children into political hate events for example, that isn't cool left or right to me: You want people to speak out against white supremacist/alt right groups, but get slammed if you feel the same about Antifa.Left politicians refuse to condemn their violent actions and even refer to them as courageous Americans now. You want confederate statues and chosen flags condemned (Betsy Ross/Gadsden flag for example), but don't want statues like the buffalo soldiers, Grant, Sherman, Custer or the current US flag condemned despite basically committing genocide on a people to add those stars. Hitler even praised the US on its handling of the Native Americans. Shouldn't be surprised by Cruz. He learned with the Beto race that there are many conservative Democrats in the state of Texas. Course those are attacked by the modern left, just look how the justice democrats go after the conservative democrats in their own party. I know one of the democratic reps out of San Antonio has been targeted by them multiple times and on top of their hit list. Lol, people are upset that Trump said go back to your country (lol, which I have had a minority say to me before) yet we have a minority woman beat a 92 year old Hispanic man with a brick while yelling go back to your country and they don't try it as a hate crime? Look at the Illinois fairs..... break a contract with Confederate Railroad by orders of a Democratic governor cause it might be insensitive. Yet they are keeping Snoop Dog on a fair ticket with an album cover that shows the current president dead on it. I think some are gonna be offended by that also. Truth is both sides need to get their s*** together, need to find some consistency, and find a way to meet in the middle. But, identity politics rule the day at the moment so race is the key to the next election. Which is probably why I will vote for Aubie for President.
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    Thank you Jimbo for calling a really dumb last five minutes.
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    Not the response most of you guys were looking for. RESPECT.
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    I didn't want to say this given how when I say something it can go left.....but this is football!!! You can't prepare for it by saying we're not going to get our guys hurt because even when you're taking it easy guys get hurt. You just have to go out there and give it your all. And us sitting at home need to appreciate these guys more. Injuries suck but they are going to happen. Only way is to not play but then you won't get's a risk to this
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    Reading your summary of this thread put me in mind of a Robin Williams routine where he would play both sides of the conversation. Man I miss his comic genius.
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    WON'T HE DO IT!!!! Oh my goodness! I am ecstatic with joy! I needed some great news today and this was it! PRAISE GOD WHO IS A DELIVERER, A WAY MAKER AND A HEALER! Hallelujah somebody!
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    Been saying it till I was yellow I the face.
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    Owen Pappoe is ‘born different,’ but it’s nothing unusual for Auburn’s 5-star freshman linebacker Tom Green - Ask those around Auburn’s football team about Owen Pappoe, and you hear many descriptors. Freak. Smart. Athletic. Physical. There’s another word that has been tossed around frequently when describing the Tigers’ five-star freshman linebacker — different. “He’s just born with it, I guess,” junior linebacker K.J. Britt said. “Some people are just born different.” Just don’t tell Pappoe that what he’s doing — and what he has done since arriving on campus in January — is out of the ordinary. The 6-foot-1, 219-pounder went through spring practices and made a strong early impression on his teammates and coaches with his instinctive play and speed on the field, and he continued to impress in the offseason, when he would consistently “bug the crap out of” linebackers coach Travis Williams — in the best way possible, of course. Pappoe was a constant presence in Auburn’s athletics complex during the summer, whether it was in the film room or in the weight room, where he has been described as an Olympic-caliber lifter. “He’s a freak, man,” safety Jeremiah Dinson said. “I actually workout behind him. I can see him working out, and I’m just amazed, man. The guy is strong. He’s fast. He’s got all the abilities to be a great player.” Pappoe’s dedication and effort in the offseason has carried over into fall camp with early results, as he has been seen repping with the first-team defense at outside linebacker alongside Britt. Williams made it clear this summer that Pappoe would play right away and be a factor at linebacker — along with Britt, Chandler Wooten and Zakoby McClain — but few seemed to expect this fast of a rise from the Lawrenceville, Ga., native. “That’s surprising,” Britt said. It’s a topic Britt and Pappoe recently discussed, and while Pappoe’s ascent may be somewhat astounding to those around him, it’s just par for the course for the former top-25 recruit, who was the No. 1 linebacker prospect in the 2019 class, the Tigers’ highest-rated signee according to the 247Sports Composite rankings and who set Nike SPARQ (speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness) scoring records at The Opening in high school. “I don’t think so,” Britt said when asked if Pappoe is surprised by his own rise. “I think he’s just used to it. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing is different, so I mean, I think that’s just his lifestyle.” It’s business as usual for Pappoe, who is set to become the first true freshman to see significant playing time at linebacker for Auburn since at least 2012. The Tigers have not had a true freshman start a game at linebacker since 2014, when Tre’ Williams made a spot start against LSU for an injured Kris Frost. In short, Pappoe appears to be — yes — different. “It’s very impressive,” senior defensive end Marlon Davidson said. “He’s a different high school player. You see a difference out of any high school player. You’ll have some high school players and you go, ‘OK, it’s going to take him a year to be developed.’ But with him, it’s like, ‘Man, he could come in now and play for us.’ You know what I mean? He’s just a different athlete. He’s a different kind of guy. He takes football seriously. He takes everything serious…. So, it’s like there’s never a falloff. He’s just a different type of guy, man, and he’s a freakish athlete, too.”
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    Worm at 5'7 is about as thick as a RB gets at that height. He is arguably pound for pound the strongest player on the team.
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    We will have a stable some of the best backs in the country. Maybe even the best in the land. I think we will be in great shape this season as far a RBs go. Get Mr. Williams well and MAR in gear to go along with Boobee, we will run down defenses throats this season and beyond. I hope we go to LSU and run for 275 yards and pass for another 250 and beat those corndogs in BR. A win there is long overdue and I have a good feeling it will happen this season.
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    Could have paid for baseball and softball upgrades that are desperately needed and deserved. Florida building new stadium, Auburn slightly changing logo. This is why we are behind.
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    It's Jeff's favorite hobby. Arguing for the sake of it. Looks like he wants to take others comments & see them as a negative about his man Joey when they aren't.
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    Hypocrisy at its finest. Ironic how you and Titan will have a hissy-fit regarding “whataboutism” (and posts of a similar nature).... as long as either of you aren’t the ones spewing it. 😂😂
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    A final wrap on the guys playing summer ball.Jack Owen finished strongly in his last two outings with Chatham in the Cape Cod League. He threw 5.0 innings of relief in his last outing to earn the win, allowing 1 earned run on 4 hits. He finished his summer with a 14/2 K-to-BB ratio and had a .174 BAA in his last two appearances.Ryan Bliss played 10 total games for Brewster in the Cape Cod League. He finished with a .286 BA (12-42), 8 runs, 2 RBI, 2 doubles, a triple, a HR, 5 stolen bases, and 8 Ks to 2 BB. His final slash was .286/.333/.452. He also had a 9-game hit streak when he finished playing. He played 2B all summer.Brody Moore played in 26 games for the Elmira Pioneers in the Perfect Game Summer League. His final stat line was: .301 BA (31-103), 18 runs, 15 RBI, 4 doubles, 5 stolen bases, and 12/11 K-to-BB. He had 9 multi-hit games and a slash of .303/.386/.343 in their regular season. He played SS almost exclusively for Elmira.Brooks Fuller had a very strong summer with Santa Barbara Foresters in the California Collegiate League, helping them win the CCL Championship and the California State Championship. The Foresters will play in the National Baseball Congress World Series starting today. In 5 appearances, Brooks has a 3-0 record with a 2.05 ERA in 22 innings pitched. He's allowed 5 earned runs on 16 hits, struck out 19, walked 7, has a WHIP of 1.045, and a .198 BAA. Brooks might have had the best summer of any Auburn baseball player, and it should be no surprise if he's a serious factor in the pitching rotation on next year's squad.A trio of players were on the Charlottesville TomSox roster in the Valley League. Carson Skipper made 3 appearances (2 starts) and finished with a 1-2 record and 7.87 ERA in 8 innings. He allowed 10 hits and 5 walks while striking out 14. Skipper had a strong start to his summer with his first two outings but allowed 5 earned runs on 6 hits in 2 innings in his final start of the summer.Peyton Glavine finished his summer with a 2-0 record in 9.0 innings pitched in three relief appearances. He had a 1.00 ERA, allowing just 1 run and 4 hits while collecting 13 Ks to just 3 walks. He was used for multiple innings in each appearance, the longest going 4.0 innings, and all were in close games. Great to see him get some innings and be successful.Devin Warner played in 9 games for Charlottesville. His final stats: .258 (8-31), 7 runs scored, 2 RBI, 2 doubles, 13 K, and 4 walks. He spent most of his time playing RF.Ed Johnson and Will Morrison played for the Danville Dans in the Prospect League. Johnson played in 27 games, mostly at SS. He hit .226 (19-84) with 22 runs scored, 6 RBI, 4 doubles, 3 triples, 7 stolen bases, and 19/15 K-to-BB. His final slash was .226/.356/.345. Will Morrison made 3 appearances, all in relief. He was 1-0 with a 3.00 ERA in 9.00 innings pitched. He allowed 3 earned runs, 7 hits, and 0 walks while striking out 7. His WHIP was 0.78 and his BAA was .206.Jackson Henderson played for the Xenia Scouts in the Great Lakes League. Henderson's final stats were: .242 BA (15-62), 11 runs, 2 doubles, 1 HR, 8 RBI, 8 stolen bases, 13/8 K-to-BB. His slash was .242/.385/.323.Chase Hall is playing for the Strasburg Express in the Valley League. He's played in 16 games, all at C. He's hitting .192 (10-52) on the summer with 6 runs, 10 RBI, a double, and 2 HR. He walked 6 times and struck out 12. Strasburg is still playing in their league's playoffs.Ryan Hoerter has played for two different teams in Kenosha, WI, his hometown. His stats are somewhat difficult to come by with his second team, the Kenosha Kings in the Wisconsin State League. From what I can gather, between the two leagues, he's 3-2 in 19 innings pitched, allowing 8 earned runs, 16 hits, and 6 walks while striking out 19. Incoming early enrollee freshman Johnny Ceccoli played for the Alexandria Aces in the Cal Ripken League. He finished the summer hitting .154 (8-52) with 6 runs, 5 RBI, 2 doubles, and 2 HRs. He had 21 strikeouts and 14 walks. His slash in the regular season was .143/.354/.333. Not great production, but it should help him this coming season. Steven Williams did something similar in the summer between HS and Auburn. Williams hit .213 in that same league in 2017 before coming to Auburn and having a fantastic freshman year. Not sure if Ceccoli will have the opportunity as a freshman that Williams did, but I like him wanting to play his summer ball at this level and test himself. Think it says a lot about him, and I won't be surprised to see him have an impact next spring.All in all, a solid summer with some great experience for guys who didn't play much this year. The late run to the CWS probably kept several other guys from playing in summer leagues, but I'm not complaining. They will have a few weeks "off" before fall ball starts. Looking forward to that.
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    Auburn star impressing with leadership, commitment to diet Matt Zenitz - As committed as Marlon Davidson has been to his diet this offseason, Auburn’s senior defensive lineman hasn’t been able to completely give up one of his favorite snacks. Candy. That came up last week at SEC Media Days. As the preseason second-team All-SEC selection talked about the challenges of cutting back on certain foods, he smiled and pointed at the pocket of his suit jacket. “I’ve got a 3 Musketeers in my pocket right now,” he said. Davidson isn’t eating those as much as he used to, though. Burger King and Zaxby’s have been cut down on as well. While there may be an occasional 3 Musketeers bar, people around the Auburn program have been impressed with Davidson throughout the offseason — both for his leadership during the team’s summer workouts as well as for his commitment to getting into better shape. “I used to hate greens, like I didn’t like greens at all,” Davidson said. “I couldn’t eat salads. I couldn’t eat those types of things. ... But now I’m starting to do that more often and it’s starting to fuel my body more. It’s like bringing all my joints together, to be honest. My body feels way more better now than it did when I wasn’t eating it. I feel like I’m at my all-time high right now. I feel like if I played today, I don’t know, I’d probably have a historic game. That’s how good I feel about eating greens and taking my nutrition serious and just being great.” While Davidson is still the same weight as last season — 278 pounds — he was already down from 19 percent body fat last year to 16 percent body fat when Auburn began this year’s summer workouts. The belief at Auburn is he’s trimmed up even more since then. Still, Davidson has gotten stronger, too. His power clean is up to 355 pounds from 330 pounds last year. In addition, he squatted 500 pounds this summer after maxing out at 485 pounds last year. “I believe Marlon is one of the best overall football players that we've had come through Auburn in my time there,” Tigers coach Gus Malzahn said of Davidson, who posted 46 tackles and 3.5 sacks last year. “He'll be a four-year starter, which is very, very rare up front at Auburn. He's a vocal leader — not just defense, offense — but really one of our team leaders.” Like his roommate and fellow defensive lineman Derrick Brown, Davidson could have turned pro after last season. Some people told the former five-star recruit at the time that they could see him maybe going as early as the second or third round of this year’s NFL draft. Instead, like Brown, Davidson chose to return to Auburn. And like Brown — who has been on a salmon kick this offseason — Davidson continues to improve his body as a result of eating better and trying to cut back as much as possible on Burger King, Zaxby’s and those 3 Musketeers bars. “Man, you can pull up a picture from last year and look at a picture now of me with my shirt off,” Davidson said, “You’d be like, ‘Man that’s crazy,’ how much my body has changed by me just doing the little things.”
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    I hope Pat Forde thoroughly investigates whether or not Bruce threw a barbecue for the customs agents that handled Stretch's papers...
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    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see JC Shurburtt the main South Carolina guy switched his crystal ball pick to AU. COME ON LAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS BRING HIM HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE IN CLOOOOOOOOOSING TIME NOW!!!!!!!
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    I'm going to give Kaleb Kim all of the blessings I can muster. War Eagle KK!!!
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    Sorry for ranting guys. I am really trying to stay positive but when I hear things like the staff is trying to figure out if Seth can be the guy? What the hell? What is there to figure out with that one? If it can’t be done seek help! You’ve been doing this now for the last seven years.
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    It is looking better but even though the JUCO players look good on paper there is a big jump from JUCO to SEC. I am tickled with these players but I have seen JUCO players not workout in the past so trying to stay level headed until we see these players work out.
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    Did a double take on that one.