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    He had to replace a legend and did so by becoming one himself. Life is so precious and my heart goes out to Rod and Paula as well as their family and friends. Rod's voice much like Jim Fyffe, will never be forgotten. https://youtu.be/sHq7SQ_B0hI
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    This became true when we made the Final Four, but the CWS berth made me do the research. Auburn has now made each of the following: - College Football NC game - Men's Final Four - Women's Final Four - Men's Baseball World Series - Women's Softball World Series Only 5 teams in the history of American Collegiate Athletics have done so. Auburn, Texas, LSU, Oklahoma, and Georgia. SPREAD. THIS. STAT.
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    Steven Leath enters the Transfer Portal.
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    That's right, gang. Your least most favorite frenemy is celebrating another arguably successful rotation around the giant ball of fire that is currently making life so pleasant across the South. "Why the hell should I care?", you ask? I feel you on that. I do. But listen, there's something in this for all of us, which is a great chance to help out somebody who all of us actually do like. For my birthday, I would like everyone to go show @AUsince72 some love. I know that a lot of folks have been extremely generous to the Bramblett family this past week, and it has been amazing to see. The response was so amazing, in fact, that the goal amount for that campaign has been raised multiple times. It's time to give 72's campaign a big push, too. Even after we all celebrate him KICKING CANCER'S ASS, he's still going to need our help. https://www.gofundme.com/help-fund-nathan039s-cancer Whatever you can give, gang. No amount is too small. WAR DAMN 72!!! EDIT: In addition to cash, SHARE ON SOCIAL. You don't have to tell anyone it's for my birthday, though. Could get confusing and awkward...
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    Just wanted to say, today begins my last week of radiation (week 7). Though I'm in lots of pain at times and feel so miserable in general, I am still so uplifted by those who pray for me and those who ask me for updates. After this week ends I get six weeks of recovery and then finally another PET scan. Please continue to pray as my blessed hope is NO MORE TUMOR! Thanks again and I love you all AUFAM!! War Eagle!
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    If by mutual you mean he was told to GTFO and he replied, "Ok," then yes, it was mutual.
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    I keep seeing a (very) few bring up the "we had to" encore on the $49 million. Completely disagree. No we did not. "Blackmail" or fear-based decision-making, however you view it, seldom and should never pay off. Here's hoping future contract negotiations for anyone concerned include benefits for BOTH sides, and are tied to future benchmarks, not past performance.
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    Gus hasn't won any national titles as a head coach. Big difference between drawing up plays for the GOAT and managing an entire football team. The 2010 title should have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on anyone's evaluation of Gus's tenure as Auburn's head coach. Dabo? Lol. This is what Dabo's career looks like: 9 wins 6 wins 10 wins 11 wins 10 wins 10 wins 14 wins, national title runner-up 14 wins and a national title 14 wins and a playoff appearance 15 wins, national title, arguably the greatest football team of all time. With a true freshman at quarterback. Currently has what could be the greatest recruiting class of all time, plus that quarterback is coming back. There is absolutely no comparison between Dabo and Gus. None. For example, Gus didn't go 10-2 last year. He went 10-4 two years ago. And those 2 regular season losses were 2 of the most shameful, humiliating crimes ever committed by an Auburn football coach.
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    Best Twitter post after we went up 13-0: "If Auburn loses this game they'll fire Malzahn."
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    Okay, I give up. I've been trying to find the 10 things that are different in these 2 pictures and I can't find a single thing.
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    Gus came in right away and had tremendous success, but it was a perfect storm/lightning in a bottle situation. He had the perfect line, FB, and TB to be a strong run team. Then entered Marshall who was the most perfect ZR QB that could've been created. Combine those circumstances with the fact that defenses hadn't figured out exactly how to play/defend the ZR and we werw impossible to stop that year. IMO, because of that success, Gus thought he had the golden ticket. He finally had an offensive scheme that no one could figure out. He recruited for that scheme, he developed plays for that scheme, and became tunnel-visioned/obsessed with duplicating the 2013 result and proving to the world he belonged. In doing so, the natural progression of an offense and it's evolution was greatly affected. If 2013 hadn't happened, we would have looked similar to the Arky ST/Tulsa offenses, IMO. Most likely, by 2015, we would have evolved into something similar to Chad Morris' Clemson offense. However, Gus kept trying to chase the lightning he found in 2013 so he didn't tweak the the O after 2014 hoping JJ would be the next Cam. Again in the spring of 2016, instead of evolving, we bring in JF3 trying to find the next Marshall to recapture the 2013 success. It was another fail. By this time, the 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 classes had all been dedicated to bringing in players that fit the 2013 offensive mold. Unfortunately, DCs across the sport had universally figured out how to defend the ZR (attacking the mesh and gap exchanging the OLB and DE) as well as how to take away the IZ run game preferred by "spread" teams (TITE fronts). So even when Gus wanted to "move" away from, I'm not gonna say evolve just yet, that run-heavy, IZ/ZR/QBPwr scheme he didn't have the personnel available to be successful due to the previous 4 years of recruiting. However, beginning with the 2017 class (Stidham, Sal, Boobee, D. Barrett, Noah, Shenker, Alaric), the 2018 class (Gatewood, Hill, Joiner, Schwartz, Williams, Shivers, Shed, and Fuqua), the 2019 (Nix, Fromm, Deal, MAR, Sheffield, J. Johnson, and Farrar), and the direction and wants of this 2020 class (Hudson, Evans, and pushing strongly for Williams, Louis, and Capers), we see a dramatic shift in direction and focus of the recruiting efforts. If 2013 hadn't happened, I think we would've shifted in this direction 4+ years ago and possibly had evolved the offense and scheme that much quicker. This is just my thoughts and opinions.
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    Removed the religious debate.
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    I have always been a big fan of Nick Marshall, but compiling the footage and data for this video made me appreciate him even more. Just image what Auburn could have accomplished during 2013 and 2014 with the defenses Auburn has possessed the past two seasons under Kevin Steele. Auburn scored at least 30 points during 22 of their 27 games from 2013-2014 but lost 4 of those games. With a better defense, Auburn is 24-3 rather than 20-7 and would have likely defeated FSU in the National Championship game. Nick Marshall was an impressive athlete who shined at the quarterback position in Gus Malzahn's offense. The mere fact Malzahn built his offense around Marshall is a testament to what kind of player Marshall was at Auburn. His calm demeanor was always refreshing as he rarely appeared to be rattled under any circumstance. Marshall was never too high and was never too low. He was the type of player in the neighborhood everyone would pick first to be on their team. He was a leader by example and always wanted the football in his hands when the game was on the line. I believe he lived for such moments and his overall career at Auburn verifies it. Hope you all enjoy the video... https://youtu.be/AXNgxxVCPO8
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    Stay the hell out of Iowa..............please
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    For those that can’t see the memorial just know that it’s a wonderful, wonderful service.
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    He is? He has pledged 10M for this. And has said he will get a Apple team together to help with the "technical" details. Make the place a "smart" place. Another donor has challenged Tim to up his donation to match the one he will give. Think it's another 5M.
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    Grieving! I went as part of a group date to the Valley High School senior prom with Rod and Paula, then dating, 1984. Have connected with him since and laughed about that night. Who would have ever dreamed that he would become the Voice of Auburn? She was so quiet and sweet. Just caught the news and am crushed. Stunned. Prayers rising and will continue. May an outpouring of love and support flood this family and all involved. Only prayer in times like these...nothing else. Until the Lord lays specific ways to help on our hearts...Revelation 21:4. (These are the Rod and Paula I remember.)
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    First of all, I have lived in Arkansas. I was there when he made his run at Shiloh and grew into the national ranks at Springdale with the Springdale 5. You talk a lot for someone who doesn’t even know the variables of a place. Have you ever stepped foot inside of the state of Arkansas to make such generalizations? Like here, Gus is a polarizing figure at Arkansas. Half the state loves him; half the state hates him. The majority of the state hated him once he left Arkansas and ended up at Auburn. His dislike was exacerbated when he recruited the likes of Dyer and KF to Auburn successfully. He did himself no favors when he returned to Arkansas State. Now, during the 2017 season, a good amount of their fans were curious about his motives. They were suspiciously open to him coming there. Mike Irwin, who is one of the most trusted media figures on the hill, called Gus’s bluff and knew it was a maneuver to get leverage and security at Auburn (rightfully so). Another thing to consider was at the time, Arkansas AD, Jeff Long was at odds with Gus. When Gus made the trip back to Jonesboro, he wanted the Arkansas gig, but he was passed up for BB (who was a quality hire at the time). This did not sit well with Gus (insider information, Arkansas politics, blah, blah). Anywho, during the tumultuous 2017 season Long finally got the boot. More of it to do with his hiring of BB and the failure of a contract, but insiders also reported there was a hand to make room for Gus as a clear way to satisfy Gus’s worry as well. They offered him a significant amount of money and autonomy. The fans wanted him to prove that he loves the state, so why not take this offer once and for all. Now, seeing how Gus moves in the past, I seriously doubt he honestly wanted to go to Arkansas. Gus knows it is terribly hard to win at Arkansas and one of the biggest critiques he got from the fans on the hill and the hogville brass which was against the hire is that he was not winning with Auburn talent and he needed a DT QB to win. However, once again, they were at a prove me wrong mindset. I don’t know why you think Arkansas has a "poor little ole me" mentality, but they do not. And they don’t respect Auburn. After Petrino came and was successful there, they know their heights, and they expect to get back to that level, so just being happy with the Shreveport bowl is egregiously inaccurate. Gus knows this, as well. Gus did not want to go back to Arkansas. Period. He knows he has it good at Auburn, despite all of the hooplas that surrounds his name. Arkansas now knows that too, and he is very much disliked by the majority of the fanbase now. He still has his Springdale loyalist, but they are few and in between. Sorry about my rant to the others out there. But I wanted to displace baseless generalizations.
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    Again, if this is his best team, 8 wins or less should not be occurring. This team gets top ten talent. The funny thing is being the king of the hill is much harder. Two things: yes Clemson and Alabama have more talent, but they also get everyone’s best shot, EVERY WEEK. It is not just about out talented people. Expectations are high. You don’t get the luxury of people being okay with have weeks off. Auburn fans don’t get that. A lot our fans, would rather be the underdog. I hear it all the time when we are ranked high in the preseason. That stuff needs to stop. Go to Texags. They aren’t whining about the schedule. In fact, a lot of their fans are happy about the move to the SEC and to face the best talent week in and week out. They are at a point where they feel they have the facilities, they have the coach, there is no reason why the can’t be SEC champions. The funny thing is we use to look down on Clemson . Hilarious. The difference is they won win they had their most talented teams. When we had serious talent E.G. 2014,2015,2017 We don’t jump on opportunities . We can’t get over the hump because we either lose games we AREN’T suppose to lose or we let competitive games slip away. Well, if you want to get to the Clemson or Bama status (which they haven’t always been at), you can’t consistently do things like that.
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    No. Losing 5 games a year with an atrocious record against or rivals (and a .500 record against MSU) since then is unacceptable.
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    So my friend's son, that I have been bragging on for last few years (http://www.hudl.com/profile/7549490/Michael-McNutt) was in AU yesterday and had a great time. He worked hard and turned some heads. They recorded him almost all day doing the drills. Coach Grimes was around him all day giving pointers and talking to him. Apparently they had him going against the JUCO kids most all day. He did good but got beat a few times. He is not a day 1 starter due to lack of good coaching but has the size and desire. Everyone is hoping for an offer but realize that may be just a dream. Anyway, excited for the kid and hoping for the best. Edit: PS My wife wanted to crop the picture because she said it didn't show Micheal's true size. I said but it shows he is in AU. She asked how anyone would possibly know that. ahhhhh some people just don't understand
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    On D-Day, I thought this would be appropriate to post (Per WarEagleReader): Shug kept quiet about it. According to his son Ralph Jordan Jr, “it was hard to get much out of him about the war. Most of what you got had some message, whether it was a life lesson, a commitment, a responsibility or something humorous. He didn’t talk about the Normandy invasion or the circumstances surrounding his wound and rehabilitation. I remember the scars, of course.” That quote is from Shug, Rich Donnell’s fantastic 1993 biography of The Man that should have a home on every Auburn fan’s bookshelf. Maybe their nightstand. There’s a whole chapter in there about Captain—and eventually Major—Shug’s experience in World War II with the Army Corps of Engineers. It’s great. He was assigned to an amphibious assault force. At Normandy, he was in charge of a landing boat. He knew it was finally time when he got orders to tell his troops to “pack all your personal possessions in your footlockers and put the name and address of your next of kin on the top.” They waited. And waited. Dudes threw up. Toilets backed up. Gasoline fumed. He said he always remembered the smell. When Eisenhower finally gave the go, Shug’s ship hit the channel and headed for Utah Beach. “There had been a lot of carrying on the night before, [but] it was silent in those landing crafts. I never saw an atheist or an agnostic when it came time to hit the beach.” Two hours after the invasion began, Shug and his troops scrambled ashore. Shrapnel from a German 88 pierced his left shoulder and upper arm. He kept going. He blew holes in the German’s seawall, built roads, cleared mines. Four days later, he finally got his arm checked out. “It hurt him like hell, but he knew he wasn’t going to die,” Donnell quotes Captain Henry McHarg as saying. McHarg was on the beach with Jordan. He wrote to Auburn president Hanley Funderburk about Shug’s heroism after Shug’s death. “After a while he couldn’t use his arm and broke out in a tremendous fever.” Two days after the medics finally took the shrapnel from his arm—he was supposed to be knocked out with ether, but the doctor only used local anesthetic because he wanted to hear his Alabama drawl—he was back on the beach. “I don’t think it affected my personality at all,” Shug once said of the invasion. “It made me appreciate being here. I saw’em stacked up like cord wood. I could have easily been one of them. I felt like I had been raised right and had an evaluation of the real things in life. The things I saw in the Army just enhanced my feelings and made them more profound.” And as you can tell by the black and white clip below—which I can’t believe exists…which I’ll be forever grateful to Allen Spain for (somehow) acquiring and sharing… which best as I can figure was part of some sort of super-rare film the SEC produced likely in the late 60s about the value of athletics or whatever, and which as far as I know is the only time Jordan ever discussed his military service on camera—it also enhanced his feelings about, and made him even more appreciative of football.
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    I do find it a bit humorous that folks are complaining of their OP's getting deleted while this one still remains.
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    Well folks there is a whole slew of top talent arriving tomorrow for AU hoops but I want to highlight 4 dudes....1. Cooper 2. Boston 3. Kessler 4. Brown (yes he will be here as well on an unofficial)Folks that list includes four of the top 15 players in the country. The nations 1st or 2nd best PG (Cooper) the nations 1st or 2nd best PF (Brown) the nations top 3 Center (Kessler) and the nations 1st or 2nd SG (Boston) Let that sink in a moment. Cooper is a guy we have been on for years. His father is a coach for AOT and helped us land Okoro and Stretch while also coaching Boston who plays on AOT. Boston loves playing with Cooper and has done so for years. We are right there with him and its easy to see why he would want to continue to play with the playmaking freedom in Cooper.Kessler is a face the basket shoot the three Center with real height. We are right there with him as well. CBP is putting the full court press on this one. His family has a house at Lake Martin along with some other good things working well for us.Browns father loves AU and last year kept telling him to look hard at AU. He wasn't really believing him until our run last year. Now he is very interested hence the visit. Folks there is tons of more talent here this weekend spread until 2022 which all love what BP is doing........For decades not one kid like this would have ever done anything other than laugh at AU and now we are on a totally different level.........WDE! those are the words of super honk AU hoops booster Stephen Hooks
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    I agree Gus couldn’t have turned that program around, but I sure would have liked to see him try.
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    I thought you were supposed to release bad news on a Friday night?
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    When we go a full season without our game plan and performance being a complete embarrassment. An off day where we get a narrow win over a crap team, sure. Playing well and losing to a superior team, sure. 117 yards against Clemson? Losing to Tennessee? 9 points and 15 minutes of possession against MSU? 52 points surrendered to bama? 7 points scored against uga? There are no excuses for any of this.
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    Seeing a little doom and gloom on social media, and on the board. Want to remind everyone that 1.) Auburn is in the College World Series. There are great teams that make it here that go 0-2. I.e. Arkansas. Auburn’s got a chance to win a game here and that would be absolutely huge for this program. 2.) We’re down 3 still with 5 innings to bat. AU is very much still in the the game, and can win tonight if they catch a break or two... 3.) We’re 4 wins away from playing for a national championship, and 3 of those would be against teams that we’ve already proven we can play with. I know it’s only a few hours, but I strongly urge the Auburn Family, as well as the team, to not give up on the dream yet. We’ve come back from much worse. Time to do it again.
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    It looks like Garner was scrolling his twitter feed, saw someone post the article about Carl Lawson and he retweeted it showing his former player some support. Nothing more, nothing less IMO. There is nothing in Garner's history to indicate he would take petty shots at outgoing players.
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    You’ve gotta love this guy and his style!
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    No, just no. Gus has had opportunities and has another. The man needs to produce results to go along with his insane salary. Tired of the excuses.
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    War Eagle❗️ In ghost reading comments about the AU football team, I see a lot of speaking in regards to leadership.... & who will be leaders on this team this upcoming season. I see #Brotherhood as they #RideForTheBrand & I got excited.... mainly because I saw my son stepping up & motivating his brothers! This video was posted today on the AU Football IG page & I just wanted to share! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! #WarEagle🦅 #ImReady4SomeFootball 44519494-08D7-45A6-99A3-E06ACA3A87E6.mov 047A32A1-FA8A-4C22-A27E-4679BEC39057.MP4
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    We just won a baseball game 14-7 to advance to the college world series, and that's what you come up with? There hasn't been a more ignorant statement ever posted here. You are completely clueless. Instead of complaing constantly about the officiating like you do every single game (without really knowing anything), why don't you join a local association and help us make the game better? I guess for some its easier to sit on the couch and complain. I've been officiating football for nearly 30 years and I did basketball for 22 years and I work a full time job 40+ hours a week. I'm extremely proud of what I've accomplished in officiating and I absolutely LOVE what I do. You have no idea what you are talking about and its fans like you with completely uninformed statements like this that are the problem.
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    Just got off the phone with my UNC buddy. I told him I heard on CNN that Auburn University just purchased the state of North Carolina. He said, well that’s fake news. I said, well I could have misunderstood. He said, what exactly did they say? I said, it was something like It’s official, Auburn University owns North Carolina.
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    I don't really think any of the major Gus supporters think 8-4 is ok. They want better just like the rest of us. We all like some things about Gus and we'd all like him to succeed. I'm off an on with Gus but he's off and on as well so maybe that's fitting. I'm just one of the many on here who want Auburn to get what they are paying for. We're paying 10 win money to an 8 win coach. Let's face it, 10 wins isn't even anything to crow about any longer since it takes at least 14-15 wins to win it all. Yet here we are simply wanting 10 wins. I'm old enough to have kept perspective as referred to by @AU64 in an earlier post but my perspective has changed with college football. It's not the same game that Shug and Dye coached. It's changed and we are getting left behind by serious programs. I loved Auburn then and I love them now but if you can't identify your weaknesses and correct them then that's too bad because someone else will identify them for you and exploit them in every way possible. Some of the younger folks here won't get this analogy but we are Bobby Ewing and league is filling up with more and more JRs. We are going to have to get ruthless.
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    Kid seems smart He ain't comin here unless we have another coach who has enough of a track record to sell him on things. Kid grew up an AU fan but recognizes he needs to view this decision as a quarterback and I think him being aware of that in itself means he knows all about Gus' record of developing QBs as he touched on the QB development aspect of things.
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    Well, if things go south, AU fans can chant, “Let’s play basketball!”
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    It will affect you when an Auburn fan or rival fan, indulging hardcore at the game decides to pick a fight over some trivial matter and somebody gets hurt. Drinking at games has been going on forever but it’s always been limited - you can only sneak in so much through the gates so nobody is getting plastered at the game only. The drunks who get in the game are typically kicked out by the cops soon after the game starts or they pass out soon after. Some people can get creative - I once was able to get a whole 750 ml of Crown Royal into the 2008 LSU game - but usually you share that with everyone. This selling at the game is a recipe for disaster and I’m glad I can still attend an Auburn game without getting sucker punched because I’m cheering for my team. I will not be attending any games at away stadiums where alcohol is being served freely.
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    Bruce Pearl wants to memorialize the late Rod Bramblett at Auburn Updated May 28, 9:42 PM; Posted May 28, 6:44 PM 3-4 minutes Auburn Basketball Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics Auburn coaches Bruce Pearl and Gus Malzahn. Auburn AMBUSH on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in Dothan, Ala. Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics By Sam Blum | SBlum@al.com Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl spoke with the media following his work on Tuesday to star the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, Florida. After discussing much of the business at hand, as well as his team and his future schedule, Pearl was asked about his colleague Rod Bramblett. He provided a heartfelt remembrance of the team play-by-play broadcaster who was killed on Saturday in a car accident. Bramblett was a three-time Alabama sportscaster of the year, and was named Sports Illustrated’s play-by-play broadcaster of the year in 2013. Bramblett and Pearl worked closely together, as he would travel with the team and speak with the head coach pregame and postgame. “You guys knew him,” Pearl said to the assembled media. "And I offer my condolences to all of you because you guys knew him, you worked with him, he was a colleague. And that’s what he was to me, he was a friend. I didn’t get the pleasure of listening to his calls, except I did some amazing football calls. But when you spend a half hour, 90 minutes before every game and you go over the game plan and you go over what you think you’re gonna do, and then you visit after the game and you travel together. Look, Rod cared about you, he cared about your kids, he cared about your players, he cared about your wife. The things I loved about Rod is Rod never apologized for loving Paula and telling you how much he loved her and how much he appreciated her. Didn’t brag on his kids, but you could tell how important it was for him to be a great father. And then the other things that people don’t understand, while he had the job of his dreams, and he wouldn’t do anything other than what he did, I don’t think anybody realized how hard he had to work to do what he did. I mean when you go to football to basketball to baseball, all the preparation, and he never complained. He never complained. That just was part of his job. It just was sad. We’re sad, because, he and Paula are in a better place. But we are not, none of us are. And we all worry about his children. I’m proud of the Auburn family for stepping up and being supportive financially. The coaches at Auburn I know are going to be doing some things to help along those lines as well. And we’ll celebrate his life. He replaced a legend and in many ways he became one himself. “I think there’s gonna be — I’ll be talking to Kirk Sampson and the leadership at Auburn, and I would think at some place at Auburn Arena, or some place over at football or baseball, there needs to be a media room, or some place that we congregate and have press conferences that’s maybe, has Rod and Paula’s name on it. That’d be something. I know Rod would appreciate that.” Pearl hopes that it’s a media room at Auburn that bears Bramblett’s name — feeling that it’s fitting.
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    Thought that was what Brohm was gonna do in the bowl game ?.....
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    I love Bruce Pearl. Just love that guy. He’s unreal.