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    Why are you so upset that many people are excited about the addition of JS? Now, if we would've missed on JS and kept the same core of QBs last year, some of you would still be upset. I just can't fathom why people are upset that we have a guy who can actually challenge SW for the starting position. Now, if this guy would've chosen LSU or Texas A&M, we would be shaking in our freaking boots or bitching about it.
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    That's the first reason. The second is dumping an unconscious teammate in his dorm room after having the s*** beat out of him and not calling a coach or a doctor to check on him.
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    What if Woody is named the starter? Here's how I see it. We know what Sean has done in the past. We know what Stidham has done in the past. We know, right now, Stidham has a bigger upside than Sean. So here's the three possible scenarios. 1. Stidham is named the starter... it's met with a collective shrug, because it was expected, and we have a great QB 2. White is named the starter... certain people freak out but most are ok because they realize that if he beat Stidham, he played better than him in practice, and we have a great QB. 3. Barrett is named the starter... everyone is shocked, but there is a lot of excitement because we know he beat out Stidham and White and we have no idea what is is capable of... and we have a great QB.
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    Guys, this is a solid schedule filler. We are already playing Oregon out of conference. We pick up Tulane instead of Jacksonville St or Samford. You have to have a few down weeks to let people heal and get young guys playing time. How can we complain about every schedule decision that is made. I think Tulane is a solid choice for a NON- marquee out of conference game. Some people here just look for reasons to complain ....
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    Oh dear. If anyone has read my thoughts on this before, feel free to stop now. How many times has a healthy Sean White competed against an upper echelon team as the starting QB? (I add that second disclaimer because Gus, in all his infinite wisdom, didn't actually let Sean start against Clemson last year.) No, we haven't been an average team the last few years. In 2015, when Sean got his first ever snap as a college QB in the 4th game of the season as the starter, we were a bad team. Duke Williams was WR1. Behind him were such legends as Tony Stevens and Marcus Davis. We had a center who had never played the position before, and who had the starting QB- and game plan- changed on him in week 4. We had nothing but freshmen at RB, HB and TE. Well, except Jovon Robinson, who magically couldn't find the field for most of the year. Sean was supposed to succeed on that team? As a redshirt freshman? And yet, he actually played really well until he got hurt. We were a much better team in 2016, thanks in large part to Sean White. We were a freaking top 10 team going into the UGA game! That's not "very good"? Despite Gus crapping the bed against Clemson? But Sean got hurt again and we never stood a chance against UGA or bama. And then Sean started off great against OU, but got hurt yet again. So yes, the dude is injury prone. He misses 30+ yard passes on par with most good QBs, especially when he's throwing to freshmen. No denying it. I just don't understand why people have to take it further than that.
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    Gentlemen, KD is not in any trouble with the coaches or the law. It is a personal issue and that is all I am gonna say. Yes I do know what it is. He will be back for the fall. Just let it go.
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    He can't name a starter until Sean is given the chance to compete for the job. Yes, everyone in the world knows it will be one of the two, and most likely which one, but both need the chance. If not it will cause animosity amongst the team. We need to remember how much Sean is loved by his teammates. It needs to appear he is given every opportunity to winbor lose the starting position.
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    I'm so sick of the QB pissing matches... Jesus it never ends. I'm happy to have had Tyler a part of the team. Maybe he's healed enough to go make an impact somewhere else. Best of luck Tyler.
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    JJ never had a real QB Coach, pretty much what he is saying without saying it
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    The WRs were that bad...To be fair, they probably are just understanding what a forward pass looks like.
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    It was about a 15 yard throw and about a 10 yard run where he made a guy miss and pushed through a tackle into the EZ. JF3 looked smooth catching the ball. Think he also had 1-2 screens that he picked up first downs. He was open almost all day. He creates separation in the slot and is good with his hands. He also caught one for almost 40 yards between the hashes over DeShaun Davis. Super throw by Stidham, great catch by Hastings.
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    After the last two years your damn right I'm excited with having JS on our side
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    Why is Jovon still hanging around Auburn, and why was he "spotted" at the athletics complex on signing day. He doesn't need to be anywhere near our program.
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    In those 20 minutes he caught his only career touchdown in the National Championship game vs Oregon. We saw bigger improvements from that position last year than we'd seen since Kodi was a player, let the man do his job.
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    The first game not being a power is going to be huge for Stidham. Get some game reps before Clemson.
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    Kyle Davis is pretty good but I'm really more concerned with where Kyle Allen is. We need him making more one handed grabs this season!
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    Some people just want to bitch
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    Ok folks. You have seen my numerical posts about net positives & post season play but this ain't that. This is my emotional, coach-sensical reaction to this team. Yes no matter how this season ends it is a net positive statistically & progress wise however, on the whole it has been more disappointing than anything. As a former coach this team is not enjoyable to watch right now. They have shown little developmental progress to this point. They have played 30 games. Besides Wiley the freshman are not green anymore. They should be showing more focus & awareness in their game play right now. On D they don't communicate effectively at all & show very little fight or toughness on screens. The offense looks lost at times when it's easy to identify & play to whatever D the opponent is in. On to the end of the UGA game. That was awful on so many levels. First, why in the world was TD the out of bounds guy? Even though he has had some "What the?" moments this year he has been the most effective driver on the team as a whole this season & was having a good night driving the ball. Down 1 the play is to get the ball to 1 of your best or most physical drivers and let him go to the whole to score or get fouled. Even a challenged 2 or 3 foot lay up has a better chance of going in or being fouled than a 23 foot open jumper. I don't care if UGA knew it was coming I would have ran an iso for TD to score or create & dish to Wiley. That's another thing. Why in the world was Wiley not in the game for rebounding and/or to be the dump man? It makes no sense at all. Yes UGA could immediately foul him & put him on the line but TBH if they were going to do that they could do it to many of our guys. The play call was bad for sure but here's why I feel it was worse than most already see it. If you are going to run the play we ran it should have been Bryce on the ball side screen & curl not Harper. Bryce was 5-7 from downtown while Harper was 2-7. Further, the play ran is what you normally run for a wing. Bryce is used to catching the ball off a screen & shooting. That's not Harper's game. Harper is a spot up or dribble pull up 3 point shooter. Just bad game management coaching all around. On to recruiting. Yes Pearl has pulled in some studs. That was based off his Vols legacy. Pretty soon that's going to wear off and recruits are going to say, "That's great and all coach but when are you going to win at Auburn?". No matter how this year finishes AU has to get to the NCAA Tourney next season to keep his sizzle going with recruits to keep getting studs otherwise recruit will dip some at the very least. In sum, yes this year is a net positive but the lack of player progression & questionable coaching has made this a year where disappointment overshadows any progress. Win, lose, or draw I want to see a smart basketball team dad gum it!
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    could care less about the married woman stuff. Leaving a team mate unconscious is disgraceful. Taylor could have died for all Jovon kne and he left him for dead. thanks to the coaches for getting rid of him.
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    The only thing I took from the QB drills is that Sean White has soft hands. His ballhandling looks like a guy with fantastic hand-eye coordination and like a guy that has played a lot more football than anyone else in the drill. As for the others, I like Jarrett's and Woody's throwing motion when they're pushing the ball 10-15 yards down field. They both look like the ball comes out quickly with velocity. Seems like the QB position is moving from "completely debilitating liability" in 2015 to "a positive depending entirely on the health of QB1" in 2016 to possibly a strong and deep group in 2017? That would be a nice change of pace.
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    I'm fine with SW starting, he's been in the program 4 yrs and he is experienced, knows the system, knows his team mates, knows SEC defenses and he has played in live action at a highly competitive level in the last 12 months. These are all things JS has not done. I'm not sure I care to see Gus throw a QB to the wolves aka Clemson/SEC caliber defenses right out of the gate. I'm apprehensive about JS I guess.
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    Didn't just move ahead, but left him standing there holding a clip board
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    What kind of kick return policy do they have?
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    Well, first its a bit premature to say no NIT because those bids haven't gone out yet and with 18 wins we are certainly a possibility there. It may be a long shot but its still possible. Considering what he inherited when he got here, no he's not. He patchworked a team together the 1st 2 years he was here because the previous staff left the program worse than they found it. Building the program takes time, but we are starting to see some improvement for sure. First winning season for Auburn basketball since 2009 would indicate to me a move in the right direction. It's not all there yet but its a lot closer now than it was 3 years ago. The next two years I expect the improvement to be dramatically better each of those.
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    why in the heck weren't you at the game. Doing laundry.....you should be ashamed
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    win fewer then 9 games yes he will more then likely be gone no more 8-4 seasons especially if we lose both uga and bammer games. I'm tried of winning only 8 games with the talent we have
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    I like Sean's toughness, accuracy, and competitiveness. He was clearly the best QB we had last year without question. I argued for him and his abilities with many, but he has deficiencies, just like most. All that said, JS is clearly a more polished QB. He will elevate our team to the level we should be at, if our play calling is elevated as well. Play calling and execution, IMO, are the keys to this years team
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    Didn't Jeremy Johnson have a good spring game? Not sure if the spring is an accurate indicator of a QBs skill in a live, game scenario.
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    KJ is only the latest Auburn RB to be underappreciated by the fans. Hopefully he gets to put that to bed this season.
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    If you need anything at all, and I mean ANYTHING don't hesitate to pm me. As you told me with mine "Cancer doesn't stand a chance against a tiger". Stay strong brother
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    If I were Gus I'd be soooo tempted to trot Cox out to QB the first play of ADay just to f with you guys...then I'd have him shift out to hback.
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    We don't have it yet. We thought we did a couple of years ago as well. We don't have a qb that has played in a big time game and performed well on the roster
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    Don't know for sure but maybe he is where he is supposed to be at the time he is supposed to be there and catches it when they throw it. That's my guess.
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    Other people, like me, end up marrying one.
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    Glad to see that one of the top initiatives at ISU was to increase diversity in all areas. With his PhD in plant pathology, he may be able to provide serious input on our tree situation too.
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    Carlson sets down Ohio State in order in the 6th and that's the game folks. Auburn wins 8-0 in six innings. Carlson goes the distance and gets a NO HITTER AND PERFECT GAME.
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    The coaches had been making mistakes for a while now. Made it hard for all the qb's especially when that first play up the middle didn't get more than 2 yards
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    I won't be satisfied until we play only the top 12 teams in a season...and he better win at least 11 of them or else.
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    You know exactly what I'm talking about. Him sucking the life out of the O by micromanaging it even to the point of coaching all the O positions making his assistants stand by and watch which is what he did from 2014 though a good bit of 2016. Gus needs to do what he did in 2013 and that was successful for him record wise, be a CEO coach and let his assistants do their jobs. Also let Chip do the pass game by himself because Gus's passing schemes are just too simple & not spaced well enough to be effective in today's college game.
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    This should be music to everyone's ears. Smart kid, doing everything he can to get better. Not to mention, he's a long, rangy linebacker, which I already like.
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    Please God don't let JF3 be a starter as WR, if he is, our WR wonderkids aren't as good as we thought.
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    Take care of yourself lion. Listen to some good music. Stay active, take some walks. Eat good food. Anything you can to stay in good spirits. The way chemo makes you feel sucks, but what sucks even worse is the helplessness that comes with letting cancer take over your life. People always focus on the physical strain that cancer puts on your body, but even more damaging IMO is the mental strain it puts on you. You'll have good days and bad, it's just really important to keep everything in perspective. And above all else, Cuck Fancer.
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    Current QB situation. JS - Looked good in the scrimmage. He did not make any mistakes. He did not take contact. Coaches said they have enough info on JS they did not need him to go live. Translation: JS is our main guy this year and we can't afford to get him hurt. SW - Participated in 7 on 7 with no contact. He has a metal plate in his shoulder now after his operation. Translation: This could mean he is bionic (for those that remember the 6 Million Dollar Man) or that he will never start again for AU. Coaches are saying they will wait to name a starter until after SW has had a chance to compete. Second Translation: SW is one Whirly Bird throw away from being either Backup #1 or Backup #2. WB - Physically, he is the biggest of our QB's. He is almost built more like a LBer than a QB. He went live in the practice Saturday. He stats were 0-4 with an interception. Translation: Don't think twice about Coach T-Will spending 20 minutes working drills with WB after practice Saturday. They were just getting to know one another. MW - True Freshman, should be attending his HS Formal soon, but chose to enroll early. 3 Star kid, many thought was an afterthought for AU on signing day. MW has quickly picked up the offense and is reminding people of Nic Marshall. He went live in Saturday's scrimmage. He had 4 possessions and led the offense to 3 scores and threw 2 TD passes. He was elusive and made some nice runs. Translation: MW is one more scrimmage away from potentially losing his redshirt year. We know how fragile SW is and in the SEC anybody is one hit away from being on the injured list. Things can always change, but, this is the way I see things today.
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    The OL has to pass protect 10x better than last year. They were not very good last year most of the time. Especially against the blitz.
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    I'm sure coach Dye probably gets a little change for doing these articles and being a Guest on a radio show or something but I wish he would just be a silent observer. Love everything he has done for AU but eventually you have to put the old stud out in the pasture to graze. War Eagle Coach.