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    What a unique and fresh take on Gus. Thanks for the new insight.
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    I know Wes on a professional and personal level. Great guy and coach. He was a great basketball player for Auburn back in the day (2nd all-time assist leader) and has experience as an SEC assistant coach at Mississippi State and has also had stops at UAB and Nebraska. He was an Associate Head Coach under Chris Beard (Texas Tech) at Little Rock and was promoted to head coach when he left. He has HC experience which is always helpful. It was some tough shoes to fill at LR and probably got the job before he was truly ready to take on coming off an NCAA tournament appearance. He has always LOVED Auburn. He’s a good recruiter and will tremdously help fill a void as an assistant. This is a great hire for Bruce and the men’s basketball program.
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    I know it’s Saturday but it’s still a little early to be drinking.
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    Stay strong and keep fighting. We're all behind you.
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    We NEED Pappoe more. He is a linebacker, we'll always need those more. If you don't think so, just ask me!
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    The planet on which Roc Thomas was lighting people up every touch is a different one from the planet I live on.
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    Fake News!!! Pete Thamel said CBP would be fired. He’s never been wrong!
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    There was a meeting between the 3. One point after the bowl game Stidham was going pro. Was talked into coming back. I even warned this place about Stidham going pro. Lets hope AU(Gus) lives up to their promise, something he has a hard time doing.
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    My view, which differs from many, is that Auburn is not a sleeper. Auburn has the talent to compete with anyone. I will be attacked for this thought but Auburn's struggles and strengths are brought on by scheme, game plans, adjustments, and lack thereof. Just look at our losses over the last 2 to 3 years. When we decide to look bad or make stubborn boneheaded decisions we do it up right. While there aren't many college head coaches on this forum there are a good many folks who watch and say, "What in the *(&^ are we doing". To me it often isn't whether we are talented enough but a matter of what our talent is being asked to do; or more importantly what they aren't being asked to do. On the other hand, you can't argue with how we look when we are clicking on all cylinders. Steele has done a tremendous job on defense. Gus has put up great offensive numbers we have not seen before. I just wish he would take the next step and incorporate some different things into his offense so that we can reach the next level without being so predictable. Part of that wish is not putting the whole offense on one player and having more than 5 different plays regardless of who we are playing. That to me is the missing piece we need to be consistent and be a very good team every year. What would Lincoln Riley or Dan Mullen do with the offensive talent on this team in comparison?
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    We got Stidham for two players to be named guess this fulfills the trade..😁
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    Here is the thing with this. If these two kids commit to Auburn, AND START RECRUITING FOR AUBURN, then we can tell the confused PE teacher bye bye. It would be EPIC not just because they are studs but because the faucet for other studs in this class gets opened much further. To me the key to this is not only the commitment but the recruiting after the commitment. Pap can practically be in Athens in 30 minutes from his house. Even if he committed I will not feel comfortable unless I see the recruiting of other kids taking place by him. Then I think it will be over.
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    Auburn got to 10 wins for the first time in 4 yrs, beat their two biggest rivals, and won the SECWest and was able to hang a banner to show off the accomplishment to future recruits. Those accomplishments not only solidified CGM's job, but the staff as well - and that's a good thing. I'm grateful that we aren't having to break in an entirely new coaching staff with new schemes, philosophies, personalities, etc. Now all CGM has to do it keep moving in a positive direction, show some consistency and get this team to a 10+ win season this year.
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    So the kid who should still be in high school, who signed early and has had only a handful of SEC caliber practices is already a complete bust, but a different kid who is just a junior in high school, is our best hope? You serious Clark? Some of this stuff just can't be made up.
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    Auburn Basketball Bruce Pearl named 2018 Red Auerbach National Coach of the Year Updated 1:40 PM; Posted 1:40 PM Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl was named the 2018 Red Auerbach National Coach of the Year on Saturday. (Julie Bennett/ Bennett) 0 shares By Tom Green Auburn coach Bruce Pearl was named the 2018 Red Auerbach National Coach of the Year on Saturday by the Jewish Coaches Association. Pearl was award the annual honor on Saturday in San Antonio during the JCA's annual meeting, which was held in the same city as this year's Final Four. Pearl also won the award in 2010. Pearl guided Auburn to a 26-8 record this season, and the Tigers went wire-to-wire in the SEC to take home a share of the program's third-ever SEC regular-season crown and its first since 1999. In his fourth year, Pearl also helped Auburn earn its first NCAA Tournament berth since 2003. The Tigers were a No. 4 seed in the Midwest Region, and they defeated College of Charleston in the first round before bowing out against Clemson in Round 2. Pearl also guided Auburn through tumult this season, as the Sept. 26 arrest of then-assistant Chuck Person amid an FBI investigation into the criminal influence of money on college basketball ultimately cost two of Auburn's best players, Austin Wiley and Danjel Purifoy, their eligibility during the season. Tom Green is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde.
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    "Seven Auburn football players were selected by the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame (NFF) on Wednesday as members of the 2018 NFF Hampshire Honor Society, which is comprised of college football players from all divisions of play who each maintained a cumulative 3.2 GPA or better throughout their college career. The group from Auburn includes tight end Pete Berryman, kicker Daniel Carlson, offensive lineman Casey Dunn, long snapper Ike Powell, offensive lineman Braden Smith, holder Tyler Stovall and linebacker Keenan Sweeney." WDE
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    Wife and I celebrated 35 years of marriage ON Aug 21, 2017. I am now retired from Pastoring , but this is the cake my Church i was Pastor at gave us on our 34th when we were still there in Service. I miss being behind the Pulpit terribly, but most of all i miss being heavily involved in individuals lives as their Shepherd. The picture is from when we 1st got married in a simple Church ceremony at my home Church in West Mobile ( Whistler ) Al.
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    This was one of my best friends. He is a guy I played football with. He is a person I would get alot of insight from when I posted and I'd stand on the word of what I said and i didn't care who someone would say was an insider because I knew I was getting things from the horses mouth. He was one of the pride and joy from Florence Alabama, NOBODY out worked this guy. Nobody here has to get what kind of person he was from any second hand talk.....I can tell you a hundred stories about the kindness of this man......I just thought I'd write this. I'm gone again. Man I'm so hurt
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    My daughter, Meg, and I attended the Auburn-Arkansas softball series. Meg is my 22-year old daughter who has a genetic condition that presents like high-functioning Down Syndrome patients. A few years ago, I caught the softball bug. She noticed what I was watching and joined me watching the regionals and super regionals. For the last two years, Meg has been A FAN, and so have I. We drove over to Clearwater, FL to see Kaylee Carlson pitch a perfect game against Ohio State. This year, we set our sites on the Arkansas series. We stayed with my sister in Marietta and drove down for the games. The rain forcing a Saturday double-header saved four hours of driving and was great! Getting to the game was much more pleasant than for football. There were shuttle golf-carts that were very welcoming for Meg, who has hip joint issues. The drivers were probably Auburn students. I can confirm that they were WONDERFUL, extending un-self-conscious hospitality. Jane B. Moore Field is a lovely venue! Meg and I instantly felt at home. The scale of everything was approachable and personal. During the break of the Saturday double-header, I was able to pick up box seat tickets for the second game, which is really helpful with my old hips. I remember attending a few baseball games in 1976. The atmosphere here was similar. The crowd ragged on the opponents, but only in a friendly way. Everyone was displaying friendship and hospitality... and a love for our Auburn ladies, who dug deep to win the series. I got to shake Philip Marshall's hand. I have been reading his columns for about 30 years and agree with and admire his principles. The autograph sessions were wonderful. Meg was able to get pictures with all of her favorite players. Alyssa Rivera, who went to Meg's Lake Region High School was WONDERFUL. That being said, Kaylee, Makala, K. K., Kendal, Tannon, Taylon, Courtney, Victoria, Morgan, Justus, and the others were not to be outdone in hospitality to two rapt fans. I have pictures with all of them hugging Meg. The announcer said the sessions would be "approximately ten minutes," but the players were there for the duration. As long as fans wanted to meet them, they were not leaving. If Meg wasn't with me, it would have been one of my best Auburn sports experiences. With Meg, it was my best Auburn Sports weekend EVER. I thank all the players and Coach Dean. Meg and I are already plotting our return. Bless you all and we will be watching! Beat Aggies! War Eagle! Bob Sammons Class of '76 Winter Haven, Florida
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    He is either going to continue to kill it on the recruiting trail and win pretty big or that program is going to explode in huge flames. No middle ground. AU coaches, T-Will, still feel extremely confident about Owen.
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    Big donors have been pushing for this for awhile. They want to make sure we have Bruce lock down for a long time
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    What are you talking about? Our entire 2 deep on OL is mid to high 4 stars with 5 star Ashley. Oh wait my bad Harrell wasn’t a 4 star so maybe I’m wrong on the entire 2 deep. Asa was what the number 6 back in his class and chose AU over Bama and everyone else. Kerryon was a 5 star on most sites. Tre Mason 4 star. Jovon was a 5 star. Everyone needs to stop with the whimpering and complaining about every detail. Our recruiting has never been better. Our offensive numbers have never been better. Bamas offense was the highest scoring in the conference last year. What happened when they played a good defense. Lost 26-14!!! UGA was steam rolling their pansy schedule what happened when they played a good defense. Lost 40 -17. The thing is if you are playing top defenses and you put up 24-30 pts you have to be in at least a position to win a close one at worst. UGA got a mulligan for their game plan and we played poorly with the early turnover in the red zone with a chance to go up 10-0 or 14-0. Auburn hasn’t and probably never will be a team that wins 11 games a year for multiple years. The schedule is just to tough. Bama LSU and UGA every year. And history it was bama UGA Florida and Tennessee. We are about 50 percent on UGA Bama LSU and Florida since Dye came to AU. We have a winning record against Tennessee. As I’ve mentioned before what is there to complain so much about? We have a respectful coach, although has some weird paranoia’s but a good man it seems and treats the players excellent. Stop looking across the state and trying to match what they do. We aren’t them and I don’t want to be them. Sure I’d take the dominance they’ve had the past 10 years but I don’t like the attitude or entitlement they have. They are in for a very rude awakening in the near future and last recruiting cycle although a great class is showing signs of chinks in the armor. Mom2kid this wasn’t meant as disrespectful and most of your post I love just so sick of the constant coach bashing. There was no one harder on Gus then me after LSU last year and UGA the year before. But what about the other 9 or 10 games where he out coached who many on this board say are better coaches?
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    As someone who has experienced 2 generations of substance abusers in our family and raised the second generation as a guardian, Zeke's parents and other family members are dying on the inside. It's truly amazing how the hold of these substances can take over a life and literally destroy it. For a recovering abuser, it only takes once to relapse and we've been through it several times. I sincerily feel sorry for them and him and pray that someday he will be able to overcome this.
  25. 9 points headline: "Former Auburn Commit, Reuben Foster, Arrested Again For Domestic Violence. "
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    All QBs, at some point, have to be drop back passers. They have to be able to drop back, manage the pocket and make an accurate pass. When it's 3rd and 13 we won't ZR out if it.
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    Lol... Im here at A-Day with Worm
  28. 9 points March 28, 2018 By Greg Ostendorf AUBURN, Ala. – Bruce Pearl and his Auburn basketball team returned home from San Diego last week, the day after losing to Clemson in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. It wasn’t the ending the Tigers were hoping for, but the 2017-18 season will be remembered for a long time for what this group accomplished. It also set the tone for the future. We caught up with Pearl this week to ask him about the season, his success at Auburn and what the future holds for this program. You’ve had a week to reflect. How will you remember this season? Pearl: "1960. 1999. 2018. Regular-season championships are hard to come by, and against all odds, this team made history. 84-53. That’s my next t-shirt. While I am humbled, blessed, thrilled, proud – that’s history. The last thing I remember is 84-53, and I’m going to remember that all spring, all summer, all fall, until we get started next year. I want to utilize that motivation to recognize what we’ve got to do to get better." Was there a moment or game in particular that stood out? Pearl: "Little did we know that getting off to the start we got off to was huge. Beating Tennessee at Tennessee and then Arkansas at home. We beat Ole Miss, and then we went to Mississippi State. Pretty early on, I went ‘You know, we’ve probably already done some things that not many people in this league are going to do.’ Like winning at Tennessee and winning in Starkville. And as it turned out, nobody in the league won at Tennessee except us, and only one team won in Starkville including us and that was Tennessee, and we turned out to share the championship with them. "So early on, we got off to a great start and won at some really tough places. And then at the end of the year what I realized was that without the Jungle, without sellout crowds – our last three wins were Kentucky, Alabama and South Carolina. Our last three wins in the league were at home. We had won on the road, and we had 10 wins away from home during the season. We obviously paid our dues and did what we needed to do. But coming down the stretch, three of our last four wins were at home where we were injured, where we were really depleted. We played seven guys against Alabama, eight guys against South Carolina, and if it wasn’t for the best home-court advantage in college basketball, we don’t win a championship. Our fans and the Jungle and sell-out crowds hung that banner because at the end of the year, we weren’t good enough to do it on our own. Now early in the year, we were." Is this what you envisioned – the sellout crowds, the Jungle, the passionate fan base – is this what you envisioned when you first got to Auburn? Pearl: "That’s what I wanted to get to, but the home-court advantage is more than I thought it would be. I had no idea the Jungle could be as loud. I had no idea the building could be as loud. Our fans are packed in tight. The standing-room-only concept allows us to grow the crowd. The gameday experience at Auburn is as good as anywhere in the country. I see it every Saturday in football, and we saw it in basketball. We saw it. It’s beyond my expectations of what it could be." Did you think the results would come this quickly? Pearl: "My hope would’ve been that we could’ve been competitive sooner. Our second year was disappointing, but we had a number of injuries. That team could’ve been really good. Other than that, I think three out of the four years we made the kind of progress you’d expect. Our first year, we won three games in the SEC Tournament. We made progress. Our third year, we won 18 games, second-best in 14 years, with four freshman starters. We made progress. And this year, we won the championship. With the exception of my second year, I think we made progress every year." You always encourage your underclassmen to test the NBA waters if possible. Why is going through that process important for the players? Pearl: "I expect four or five guys to put their name in for the draft and get evaluated. Fans should not push the panic button. That’s just part of the process. Our job is to help get them from here to there. Until they go through the process, they don’t know how far or how close they are to being able to realize their goals and their dreams. But going through the process now, and if the information they receive is that they’re most likely not going to be drafted, it just puts them in a stronger position next year." You have the potential of this team coming back and adding pieces like Austin Wiley, Danjel Purifoy and Samir Doughty. How excited are you for next season? Pearl: "I’m very excited about the young players that we have in this program. The fact that we accomplished what we did this year with only one senior, Patrick Keim. There’s a chance that we could return a roster that will be preseason Top 25 for the first time since 1999. It’s easier to get it going than it is to keep it going, and I’m excited about the prospects of keeping it going." This team likely won’t be picked 4-14 again next year. How do you keep that chip? Pearl: "There’s history to be made in this program, and there are both team and individual goals to be had. This group is capable of more, and they know it. But right now, let’s get through the spring and finish up the semester. We’re going to start our offseason training program right after the Final Four. We’re going to go through the month of May where we’re going to have several players working out for teams. At the beginning of June, we’ll put it back together, and we’ll defend our championship." Greg Ostendorf is a Senior Writer for Follow him on Twitter: Follow @greg_ostendorf Love me some Coach Pearl.
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    Thought I'd say hello from the National Title Game. Rocking my AU hat of course.
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    I think he just rolled the ankle ie sprain day to day but his spring is over.
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    The sooner our fans realize CGM is an offensive coach running his show with his men and that he is tied to a very lucrative multi-year contract at AU the better off they will be. Give up to notion that he will ever take a hands-off approach while he is the HC. Forget him ever trusting someone else to take full control of the offense, he will never give it up, he will always orchestrate and direct it according to his philosophy. I'm fine with it!
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    Man, I wish I knew who this perfect coach and football team you pull for are, because it sounds fun and I wish I could pull for them, too. Unfortunately, my coach and team lost 4 games last season, 5 games the year before, and 6 games the year before that. Which means they have things they can get better at doing. I realize an Auburn football forum is a ridiculous place for fans to talk about what those things might be, but until you offer a better solution, we'll be here doing this. But keep fighting the good fight.
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    First, for an OP that was intially scoffed at, funny this turned into a legit discussion. Props! As for Gus' trajectory... I feel like he has it in him to be truly great. Among the greatest even. ...if only he can grow past a handful of fatal flaws, which have been discussed to death on this board. Unfortunately (so far, for 4 years) the operative phrase for Gus is "if only".
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    Finally I understand some of your analysis.
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    Defending division champs return arguably the best quarterback and defense in the league, after soundly beating the only other team in a 2-team race who might have more question marks than we do? A sleeper? I'm not asking for any predictions that we win the conference or even the division. But a "sleeper"?
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    Wait, are some of y’all actually surprised by this or are y’all yanking my lariat? This was always going to happen. The fact that he’s not going to hire an agent is the best news we could have expected.
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    No major injuries as I'm aware. Day to day stuff. nasty weather plus how we ended the season set up for less than spectacular optimism. That coupled with the 7-on-7 stuff, injuries, and the drops and poor passing gave the appearance of a not-so-wonderful A-day. No the sky is not falling and we can still be good, but it is not incorrect to be a little concerned. In the end though it is a glorified scrimmage, and it was extra vanilla. We shouldn't be Debbie downers about it. my opinion, we will win a lot of games with our front 7. We will some games with Stidham. The three or four that could go either way will be decided on how well our O Line can get it together. Here's hoping! War Eagle!
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    Good point. I actually think NB will only be out 6 weeks. Structurally speaking, he should be good to go come fall.
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    Not sure how I feel about Gus "narrowing down" the RB field. Next thing you know there's only 1 Back getting 98% of the carries, even with a broken arm, hurt leg and mononucleosis. He should be EXPANDING the RB choices. I kid, I kid...sorta...
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    The reality is, fifty, most people appreciate what you do. In fact, in the Spring, I would say that number grows to almost 100% (and the ones that don't just like to complain in general), because there's nothing to be discussed except what you and other random news posters bring to the table. The only time I've seen you have detractors is in the season where some people just want game discussions, and even they don't dislike your content, they just want it to have it's own home... but I believe that group is highly out-numbered by those of us who appreciate you doing the leg work for us on all of these pieces and think it's fine just the way it is.
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    He is our second best perimeter defender besides bryce. He can lock you down. He was going to get a lot better. Him and dunbar are not even in the same league. Davion was going to end up being a star for us. This is a big loss. When him and bryce were in the game together they would totally lock down the other teams guards a lot of times. He had a better freshmen season to me than harper.
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    He’s an outstanding ball handler, plays good defense, and can run the floor. This is a big loss and he will start for a good team for sure. Hate this a lot.
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    Who 'jumped out' to Mel Kiper Jr. from 'phenomenal' Auburn defensive line? Updated on Mar 28, 2018 at 04:07 PM CDT By James Crepea One Auburn defensive lineman made a big and consistent impression with ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. The network's lead NFL draft analyst said Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown, who had 56 tackles with nine for loss including 3.5 sacks with two forced fumbles as a sophomore last season, is "the guy to watch" on a "phenomenal" defensive front this fall. "Derrick Brown is an unbelievable talent," Kiper said. "He's the one that jumped out. I mean I circled him in just about every game I saw. Derrick Brown, Derrick Brown, I'm looking at the circles, he is a guy that definitely jumped off the page. ... He's got rare, rare talent. Brown will be eligible to enter the 2019 NFL Draft if he chooses and the same goes for Auburn defensive end Marlon Davidson. Fifth-year defensive tackle Dontavius Russell will be in the 2019 draft regardless. Where Auburn's D-line aims to improve to be 'more dominant' in 2018 Early 2019 mock drafts range on projections for Auburn's defensive linemen with Walter Footballprojecting Davidson as the No. 14 pick. ranks Russell No. 9 among defensive tackles , with Davidson No. 7 among 2020 defensive ends and Brown No. 8 among 2020 defensive tackles . "That is a phenomenal group," Kiper said. "That to me is like what we talked about with Ohio State, Clemson is going to have an incredible defensive line returning with all those kids. Clemson and Auburn are going to rival each other in terms of great, great defensive lines. ... I think that Auburn defensive front, as I said will be along with Clemson, producing an awful lot of NFL prospects."
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    I'm not sure folks are saying the offense has been consistently great though.....No one with an ounce of football knowledge could make that statement and stand firmly behind it because it is completely wrong on so many fronts. Consistency has been lacking at Auburn for damn near a decade. Maybe the time has come when we will see some consistent 10 win seasons from this group of coaches? The foundation is solid, the depth is there, the coaches are more experienced/seasoned and every one of them knows their job......just getting out of the "on the job training" phase is huge IMO. I think people (myself included) have come to the realization that the past seasons are in the past and for sanity's sake it's best to move on. I don't ever expect the day to come when Gus totally relinquishes his hold on the AU offense, why would he? Offense is in his blood, it's what got him the HC job at a P5 program in a power conference. I'll not vehemently defend Gus and gloss over his deficiencies, I'll not perform mental gymnastics to make him appear to be a better head coach when I know the buck stops with him and the success or failure of his team falls on his shoulders, I'll not create a myriad of excuses every time the team falls short . But at the same time, I've resolved myself to the fact that he's here to stay for a long while - I intend to make the best of it and party my ass off once the season kicks off.
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    If I've done my job to the best of my ability, there is nothing that an offense will show that we haven't seen and repped. Yes, execution is on the player, but not being prepared to execute is not. We have been woefully unprepared when a defense adjust to take away what we are doing. That is not execution. Period. Running a jet sweep into a 9 man front that has shifted in the direction to the run because everyone knows the play shows a level of preparedness that our opponents have had for a few years now. Our offense has not shown the same level of rediness needed to counter the elite defenses we face.
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    So ya'll think a player that has played 18 college games should dictate the offense more then the OC and head coach. We go plenty fast when we go to hurry up. Now if we are going to a full pace game maybe a couple checks won't be bad but the check with me at the line has never bothered me. One thing that does bother me is a time out on 1st and 10. That really drives me bonkers because you can just run a standard give and get 2 -3 yards then get in a better play.
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    We aren't getting Webb. This is a huge pickup at C.(Kid is in) He is a monster and plays big boy football. Smart and mean. Love this kid.
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    They are getting a lot of pub from the media. Putting us up there with the Clemson and Bama’s of the world. Shout out to CRG. We are going to severely need them this year.
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    She doesn’t know ”shake”, but she loves to have her paw held.