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    @doc4aday just posted in the recruiting forum he’s been recently tested positive for COVID-19. Doc is one of the nicest, sweetest guys and is a great example of an Auburn man. He’s always positively refreshing to be around when he comes on the board. Let’s pray that the good Lord is with him and that his symptoms stay minor to the point where he doesn’t need to go to the hospital and that he recovers quickly. Godspeed and we love you Doc!
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    Admitted last night. Waiting on cultures, but is looking like a port infection. Appreciate any prayers lifted for us. Thank you.
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    Covid is a non event for a healthy young person. These cases are all asymptomatic. Protect the vulnerable, i.e. over 65 with pre existing conditions, and let's get on with our lives. No reason to shut down the world economy for a virus that has a death rate comparable to influenza. Stop believing the headlines and do the math yourself.
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    Apologies in advance for my MIA status on the boards; life happens. Just dropping in to say hello; hope everyone is staying safe. And hopefully we get some football this fall! RIR
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    Hi 3rd Gen. I hope you're doing well too! We just got the results from my scan and the trial meds don't work on me. So that chapter is closed. However, as I was getting ready to go today, and praying, it came over me to not just go into it "Good news" or "Bad news". There is also a 3rd option. Though the up front answer may not be what I'd want, as long as there's optimism behind it, there's always hope. And knowing that, no matter what, The Lord is in control, there's always still REASON for optimism. ...and sure enough, the Dr said that due to my physical strength and more importantly my attitude, I should be able to go back on 2 of the 3 chemos they used previously (that DID work), just removing the one that destroyed my nerves. Adding an antibodies treatment, I very well could have the same success we had previously. So, that's my message. If you have faith, everything doesn't have to be A or B. Don't let option C get you down. Pray about it....embrace may just be The Lord is the one blessing you with that 3rd option. I love you all. God bless!
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    Positive for staph aureus. Hematology, Infections disease, and the pediatric team want to remove/replace ASAP. Surgery wants to wait and try to treat the infection and try and save the port. Our hematologist will win that battle. She's a pitbull when it comes to James. I'll update again later. Sincerely, thank y'all for letting me lean on y'all. I appreciate the post and PMs from my friends.
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    Hi: I am using an Oxygen Concentrator when I sleep of which helps a good deal. Today was a good day with no fever and less coughing. I really believe that I have a mild case of covid 19 as per my MD. I am keeping a close watch of all monitoring. I have 11 days of isolation left! I appreciate your concern so very much! I am getting a lot of good rest most of the time. Just feel weak though and the smoothies with vitamins help with energy. My sense of smell is very weak of which can be annoying! I will keep all posted of my covid 19 adventure (just trying to have a good sense of humor with this!) My Corgi sir Maxwell is keeping me company. He can stay with me most of the time. He is a funny little guy!
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    Thanks brother! Today (Sunday) is the last day of my IV antibiotics. After 3 more treatments today, tonight I can take the IV out of my wrist (been there since 2 Thursdays ago) and start my oral antibiotics! Can't wait!! According to the Infectious diseases Dr, the oral antibiotics should keep me from having anymore of these situations in the future. I won't bore everyone with the details.... So, at least I can check 1 thing off of my "always have to live with" list LOL!
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    Thank you so much! I am doing ok for the most. The biggest issue is lack of smell. This messes with the taste of food! My weight is only down by 3 pounds of which is not bad. I am glad I am not in the shape as some people in North Carolina. We are having a big rise in cases of covid 19 in North Carolina. Counting down the days when this isolation will end. I am skyping with my wife who is upstairs! This is weird, but the best way to communicate!
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    That's not even remotely true. KJ and Mason are the obvious examples. CAP was a beast in 2014, although I don't remember how he was rated. Irons, Tate. Jovon Robinson and Dyer were as good as advertised- just didn't keep it together upstairs.
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    No issues, thank the Lord. I saw the cancer Dr today and was able to re-start the trial drug as well!! God is so good! Thanks for asking brother.
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    Not so sure about this one. I'm not a Gus fan but Nick came off as having to say something. Gus came off as caring and one who actually listened. Gus was a HUGE winner here. Nick is all business, sure he likes his players but it's all about him and winning. Gus truly does care. Gus is the big winner here.
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    I am EXTREMELY PROUD to be an American. I am Thankful for all the Brave Men and Women that serve our Country in the Armed Forces and those in Blue that keep us safe -secure-and FREE. May God bless and protect them and their families. May God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home. Happy Independence Day !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    Thanks for all of the prayers and thoughts. I am really not feeling as bad as a lot of folks who have this virus. Just having a lot of coughing and some mild headaches. No fever at all today. Just taking Advil and eating homemade smoothies! I love smoothies very much. I get mixed fruit in the freezer section of Sams and pour Ginger Ale with a a little sugar and have a smoothie that does the job. I do hate the 14 days of isolation in that my wife has to stay the distance away from me. Have to sleep downstairs on a bed that is not the best in the world! Godspeed To All! Doc
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    Nothing more than what we self sanctioned. That is the word. We shall see.
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    FWIW, the hospital I was in, in Sarasota, only the hospital staff wore masks. They didn't make any patients wear them at all. Plus, they tested me for covid while I was in there. However, they didn't call me until a couple days after I was OUT of the hospital to tell me the results (negative). Okeedokee... Roughly 75% of people in public are wearing them down here (yes, including the elderly) and most things are open now. Public places are keeping distancing guidelines but only workers/staff are required to wear masks (though there are the occasional scuffles between mask and non-mask wearers). To my knowledge there's been no outbreak due to the relaxed atmosphere and Florida was supposed to be a hotbed. No reason for giving this info other than a FYI... As far as any agenda I may have, I simply admit that I am one of those who feels this has gone beyond keeping the country safe and veered into multiple agendas, political or otherwise, of powerful people. Just depends on what type of governor or mayor you live under as to how you're being "allowed" to live at this point. BTW, my wife has an uncle in Knoxville who apparently has it, and has been very sick for 3 weeks (type 1 diabetes, smoker, over 70). He keeps testing negative for it but his Dr insists he has it. You just cannot trust any of the info out there unfortunately. It's being skewed, again for various reasons I won't bore everyone with. Just some real world info based on our personal experiences lately. Hopefully it's helpful to someone. Thanks friends & God bless!
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    Waiting till we get the initial culture final reading to make a determination on treatment vs surgery. We should have that by this afternoon. Surgery say that after reading the ultrasound he has pretty much exhausted his available neck/upper chest veins and that's why they don't want to do a replacement. He's had port catheters in his subclavian, internal and external jugular on both sides and all are showing signs of scarring. They are afraid of further damage to them. They told us we are treating him to frequently and using the port too much and might need to stop his prophylaxis treatments and only treat him for severe bleeds. Yes, the same necessary, permanent disability and possible death preventing treatments. That makes a whole lotta frickin sense, huh? To exacerbate things, since he was diagnosed with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) on our last admission, the docs don't want him to be on opioids so they are just giving him Tylenol and tramodol (which is like tic-tacs for him). He's still have pretty bad breakthrough pain but they told him he just needs to manage it better through deep breathing, guided imagery, or medication. He literally looked at Amanda after they left and said, "WTF". Since it's covid season, he can only have one parent and no visitors. I typically stay with him because I have medical background but couldn't this time so Amanda is with him and we're trying to tag team the docs and their decisions. So to recap, James is in bad pain Docs aren't managing pain at all No decision on treatment or surgery Veins show scar tissue and are worn out (at 14) Can't leave the room Only one parent and no visitors allowed But on the bright side... And I got to play 3 hours of uninterrupted Super Mario Bros with my daughter last night followed up by Wii sports resort where I dominated her in ping-pong...and was embarrassed in bowling.😁
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    Man this is exactly how it should be done. I hammer Gus pretty regularly on football related stuff but I always give him and the team as a whole credit on never quitting. It’s things like this and you see why they play so hard for him. Well done.
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    On January 1, 1986, Bo Jackson played his last game as an Auburn Tiger against Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. The Aggies defeated Auburn 36-16, marking a sad day for Auburn fans. The loss was disappointing, but the game also marked the ending of an era of Bo Jackson. He was a once in a lifetime talent that allowed Auburn to beat anyone in the country. Jackson delivered a solid performance, racking up 202-yards of total offense and two touchdowns. This Auburn Flashback is a look back at his last touchdown as an Auburn Tiger, a 73-yard screen pass. Bo Jackson added an additional 129-yards rushing against the Aggies and a rushing touchdown. His performance wasn’t close enough to keep the game close, but he departed the Auburn football program with a strong performance. He would end up being the first selection in the 1986 NFL Draft, though he did not sign with the Tampa Bat Buccaneers. His last touchdown as an Auburn Tiger was just one of 51 he scored during his Auburn career. Including bowl games, Bo Jackson totaled 4712-yards of total offense. Auburn went 19-4-0 when Jackson surpassed 100-yards rushing during a game. Though it has been nearly 35 years since Bo Jackson played football at Auburn, he is still considered the greatest football player to suit up for the Tigers.
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    Thank you, I really appreciate it! I just had a CT scan yesterday (Friday), so we'll see if the new drug is having positive effects. Either way, I'll keep fighting because not my will be done, but The Lord's!!! Prayer to our Lord is so powerful and as I've often said, I'm a prime example. For you Christians out there, don't let the enemy tell you otherwise. For anyone who doesn't believe, I pray that one day you'll come across someone (or even a situation) that makes you stop to think about it...and possibly opens a door to your Salvation. It truly is a very scary place out there, especially not knowing how long I'll be able to be here for my family, and I'm praying daily for strength to trust Him. When I don't do a good job of praying & trusting, I can get scared to death. Not for me but for my girls who will have to navigate this crazy world, even after I'm gone. However, when I take the time to pray for strength, He gives it to me and I trust Him that no matter what, His will be done. I then find the joy & peace that gets me through. That's merely my story. I go through very difficult physical, mental & emotional things almost daily. Please know that I'm very aware of my faults...even to know that I'm not "good". In fact, I deserve hell (some will agree with me). After all, this is coming from someone who is so far from perfect that I have to get a dictionary to even know what it means. However, thankfully, Jesus Christ paid that debt for me so I don't have to and I freely receive His grace and am sharing it with all who'll listen. Your story is, obviously, very different from mine. But Jesus Christ loves you and wants you to have a relationship with Him too. Just start by praying....seeking might be surprised at the changes in your life, or how you feel about things. It's real! me. Again, thanks to all who care & have cared. Thank you too, to those who may not even like me but at least sympathize or empathize with me whether you've expressed it here or not. I love you all equally regardless of our similarities or differences. ....sometimes ESPECIALLY through our differences as I truly wish EVERYONE could feel what I do spiritually. Anyway, this post is not really about me. It's more about my love for y'all and what I pray for y'all daily. Whether you're content or suffering, I pray the joy & peace of Christ for you. God bless! Nathan
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    my time is officially up. i feel better now and look for better days. I thank all of you for your support and prayers 110% Auburn folks are the greatest on earth!!!
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    If all goes well, Friday will be the final day of isolation.Went beyond the 14 days though of which I am not complaining about. Will wear a mask for the long term though when I go out in public. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts my friend! I ate a bowl of frosted flakes this morning and could actually taste it and smell it of which has been gone for a good while. All in all, I think my case has been mild and one manageable compared to many of the poor souls who have dealt with this dreaded virus. Ready to focus on Auburn football and put this dreaded virus behind me!
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    Smack allows Fidy to have a doobie and talk trash. It allows Brother Homer to post ridiculous Salon articles. Pretty well sums it up.
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    Having one that can play all 3 makes us so much more difficult to scheme. I'm tired of the line changes after every other play.
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    Maybe the U.S. should just make: Election Day a " National Holiday"..
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    Yup, and since every college athlete is from California, the entire proposal is just nonsense and doesn't matter to the students in ::checks notes:: wow, forty-four other states that don't vote solely by mail! (Interesting that you picked California, and not, say Utah or Colorado...) Your post is, frankly, beyond dumb. A national organization trying to promote civic engagement among youth should be celebrated, no matter the circumstances. Beyond that, people grumble all the time about the NCAA not listening to the student-athletes or not having their best interest at heart, and here we have a case that is exactly the opposite. Kudos to the NCAA for clearing the practice calendar so students can go exercise a constitutional right and perform the primary civic duty of an American citizen. Civic engagement in youth leads to a more engaged and informed American citizen throughout life. And remember, these are kids. This is probably the first time ANY of them have had a chance to vote in a presidential election. That's a big freakin' deal.
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    Or they think we won’t be punting... haha
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    First off... but... This is the NCAA.
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    Looks like two former Auburn QBs, Stidham and Newton, will be competing for the New England Patriots QB job.
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    Makes me feel like enjoying this again........ about the 7th time in the past week.
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    I will give you Alabama but most of our losses to LSU and Georgia probably should have been wins.
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    Something tells me it won't be much a competition. Not unless Cam is still hurt. The Panthers wasted Cam, let's be real. Cam is actually one of the better game managers around, ironically. People think of him as this high scoring team guy, but he was at his best in the NFL when he just had to manage the game and let the defense do its thing. Problem is, the Panthers only gave Cam a few select good defenses, most of them were below the league average, and several were horrible. They also never gave him an offensive line. Frankly never gave him much of a receiving corp either. They basically didn't give the man much lol. The Patriots will typically have a top 10 OL and defense under Belichick. That's perfect for Cam.
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    I see a lot of hate, worse than depicted by the media. Civil war any day in my thinking I see people angry and slamming doors on one another. ..........just trying to get a "like" from ICHY guys.
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    To me it is always easier to hate the *group* than hate the individual. See Bama as a group opposed to some Bama fans that are reasonable folks. So, every time I venture out everybody seems very polite and considerate of each other. The media love to stoke the flames, don’t buy into it.
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    Getting discharged. He is gonna have to be on antibiotics for the next 12 days. He'll be hooked up 24 hours a day but at least he's home. They decided they couldn't do anything for his pain due to the CRPS and basically told us we need to find some way to handle it. Besides the Lyrica he's on most research shows there's not much available... legally 😉 Thank you for all the prayers and support. We really appreciate all the support.
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    Just a few months ago we were all armchair QBs, coaches, and coordinators. Now we are all armchair Epidemiologists. 😅
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    i saw this on the rant so i swiped it. the poster said this........I promise you this is worth your time. Funny and inspirational. The freshman DB incident is hysterical. and he is right. it is just a tad over 25 minutes and well worth the time. props to AUBURN80 who reminded me of this little gem. i am not a member thereor i would do it personally. enjoy!
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    I don't give advice but I might offer "what I'd do"... First, don't ignore 75% of what I said and cherry pick what you believe are "gotchas" without the proper context. It's disingenuous. Second, since you're the one who directly engaged me with name calling, look in that mirror. Last, if you truly want honest conversation, okay. Pick a policy or current event. Give me your position/opinion and let's discuss. **You actually might be surprised at my response. I like to think about things with some complexity, thus can often see where both sides have value and where both sides should keep the extremes in check.
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    Who ever said or implied "libs are all evil"? I don't judge anyone based on political party. We can agree to disagree on things. But I've never said anything nasty or stopped being someone's friend over political views. BTW, I'm right of center. But I probably hold more socially liberal positions than you'd imagine. Not every Conservative is the stereotype that I think you (liberals) think they are. That said, more often than not, the left is nasty if you dare hold a differing opinion. Just look at the cancel culture going on. Have you ever seen that from the right? I've had liberal "friends" on Facebook say some ugly stuff, not in the heat of a discussion either, but more of random blanket statements...i.e. "to all my Conservative friends, **** you, you're racist" kind of way, as if your opinion doesn't matter.
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    No, I don't mind you asking at all. Just been taking some time away from the board and praying for strength to trust in The Lord and quit worrying about the things going on that I cannot control. I'll leave it at that. As for me, I'm slowly healing and back on the trial meds. No bad effects, so praise The Lord! I have a scan soon to see progress but the trial runs through Sept, so still a lot of time to go. I'm praying for you all. God bless!
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    If Taibbi is calling his own out like this, you know it's gotten bad.
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    Sandberg has 18 total college snaps. Add in Garnett and you still have 18 total college snaps. This guy has almost 400 spread out over the last 3 years. He's big, athletic and experienced, even if mostly in a lower level of competition. (He's been to Oregon, Ga Tech, K State and Notre Dame. Started against 2 of them and played against all of them.) Classic insurance policy when there's so little experience behind QB1. Very unlikely that Garnett is a viable option in 2020 so I'm glad we're not rolling with just 2 guys.
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    They're almost all unionized. And that's one of the points about the police that people are making. The police unions are too powerful and are allowing budgets to be busted along with protecting their members, including those who do the public harm.
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    I guess y'all saw that Gus led the players in a walk to join the event at Toomer's Corner. That was good to see. Also, Brendan Coffey is giant.
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    What is political about this? I think its right where it needs to be. Let's be honest, D1 schools thrive off of the talent of black players. I makes sense for a coach to stand up against racism in all forms. Fans need that reminder too. They won't get that in the political forum. This topic should stay and be pinned for all to see.
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    We defunded them and have moved on.
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    Defund the police, what could go wrong.
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    The whole country needs a Midol. To put it mildly
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    I thought we only did the size queen thing with RBs and OTs? OJ Howard was listed at 6'5.5 and 221 on his final recruiting profile. He was listed at 251 on bama's roster. CJ Uzomah- 6'5, 229 and 264, respectively. Charles Clay- 6'3, 222 and 255. Those are the first three I looked up. This kid is 6'5 and says he's 215 as a rising senior. He'll easily be over 220 by the time he graduates high school if he so chooses. He's got Shenker, Fromm, Deal, Frazier and Pegues (and Joiner?) ahead of him. By the time we need him contributing to this offense, he'll likely have an NFL-ready body.