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    This made me super excited to see! I’m still in disbelief..... especially since people focus on what they say he can’t do & he did it all in 1 play with 1 touch! No matter what people say negative about him, you will walk in that complex and see that smallest #8 destroying a Alabama top player, placed right next to Cam Newton accepting the Heisman Trophy....FOREVER! I’m a proud mom 😉 #ICouldntStopCrying #Traveled2AUJust2SeeIt #WarEagle #History
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    I wouldn’t normally put something like this in the football forum but I’m scared so I wanted as many eyes on it is possible. My dad just took my mom hoping to get her tested for COVID-19. She’s high-risk if she contracts the disease. She has respiratory issues, typically doesn’t have what is considered adequate levels of oxygen in her blood, had no energy today, & is over 60. My dad took her temperature a while ago and it was 102 and she’s having shortness of breath. As I said earlier I’m scared y’all so please pray for her.
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    Some potentially good news. We don’t know for sure but mom is thinking she contracted the virus on March 13 at a heart cath appointment. If true then we could be on the last legs of her case. I haven’t read the full statement yet but the county ADPHS official gave us a document saying that she had to be in quarantine through March 31. She slept well last night and appears to be doing well today.
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    Now's good. She's doing well. It's been 5 days since she had symptoms besides the runs but we think that's due to the antibiotics. As long as every thing stays good the next update will probably be midweek.
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    Thursday afternoon update. She hasn’t had a fever in two days. Part of the ADPH’s criteria for getting off Quarantine is to not have a fever or other symptoms three full days before the quarantine end date. Her quarantine end date is March 31. She is scheduled to go get tested again April 6 because her test that came back positive came back on March 23. In an attempt to try to regain some relative normalcy, About middle of next week I’m going to see if she’ll talk to the doctor about going ahead and getting the test done again to see if it’s gone if by that point she will have been without symptoms for a week.
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    Asking other Mods to please leave this here for a few days so it gets the most exposure and then I will move it. We have been trying for 5 years to get this approved and it finally has happen. We will be the only school to have a vanity tag that's not located in FL to my knowledge So if you live in FL please go to the web site and sign up. War Eagle! Rep. James Grant — never to yield — with the help of Senator Aaron Bean, was able to get our Auburn License Plate bill through the Florida House and Senate and on its way to the Governor!!! It's taken five years, lots of calls and emails, and all kinds of Auburn Spirit. So, thank you. And thank you to Rep. James Grant!!! You can read the bill here or below. Now, the important part. We need to make sure there is demand. If the Governor signs the bill, which we expect, the law will go into effect on October 1, 2020. If you're already on this list, that means we have your email. But there are thousands of Auburn alumni and fans in Florida that need to know when and where to request the new plates. Please share this link with them: When we have new information, we'll share it through email. Thank you and War Damn Eagle!!! It's great to be an Auburn Tiger (in Florida!) -kc --
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    Tuesday update; She has Covid-19. However she is feeling better & doing more today. I have no symptoms yet. 1st case reported in Autauga County. I could strangle the guy who came in the dentist office for an appointment last week who flippantly said he had the flu a couple days earlier but was fine when he came in for his appointment & the dentist for letting my mom do work on him.. Hopefully I'll just be an asymptomatic carrier. I know to stay away from people. Keep praying for all of us & thank you for the prayers that have come through so far.
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    Memphis Rivals reporter flipped his pick on Green from Memphis to AU FWIW.
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    I think he is being very transparent. Watch his daily press conferences and listen to the team of real experts VP Pence has assembled. Not sure what more any unbiased person chould ask as far as being kept informed. What other world leader is doing better for his country?
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    If I can add one more thing: I suspect that this situation is going to get worse. But let’s presume that it does not. A job well done would mean that many would say that we overreacted or over-prepared. I would be willing to take that result.
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    Happy to help. Hey, in the 10+ years I’ve been on this site, I have very little expertise when it comes to offensive formations or blitz packages. But in times like these, I’m actually useful! Passthebiscuits, “although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can serve a purpose.” -Dumb and Dumber
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    Folks aren’t taking this seriously enough. I see way to many cars in the parking lots of grocery stores, restaurants, and bars on my way to work at the hospital. For the love, care about others and stay home! You know, it really comes down to honoring the elderly and those most vulnerable. We have to do our part to help.
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    Mods- I understand if you feel the need to move this and would appreciate it being left here for today if possible. Prayer recalibrates our hearts. It is a way of being that puts God in the center square; in the epicenter of our souls and redirects our desires. There is so much we – and the medical minds looking for a vaccine – still do not understand about this virus. Pray that God guides them to better knowledge; pray for the people already infected, that they recover quickly; pray for their families; pray for those who need assurances that the world cares; pray for yourself and your co-workers; Pray for the government officials, that they be guided in their work to keep our nation running; pray for the schools, the hospitals, the buses and byways. Pray! Just pray because it works.
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    It’s clear that you have steadfast views. However, I don’t think medically/scientifically that you have the whole picture. Maybe you do, and I’m completely wrong. I would strongly encourage us both to take a look at the data to see if it would change our minds. One thing that strikes me is the amount of people that have died in the US is even with some semblance of social distancing. Can you imagine if we didn’t take any of those precautions? All I can tell you is that I’ve been working ER for 10+ years. I’ve been through flu seasons. This is something terrible and new. It’s unreal. We haven’t seen the worst of it. Those of us on the front lines appreciate any efforts made to keep it at bay.
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    I wish the NCAA would offer the seniors another year of eligibility and extend scholarship limits for each team by the number of seniors that return. Give them the chance to end their careers the right way. It wouldn't be hard to implement.
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    May not be enough left to throw this fall.
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    Football is secondary at the moment. The sooner people realize this the better. It will get worse before it gets better.
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    Update: she.s still going back and forth between chills and fever. Developed a fever blister today. Had pain in her back & chest the past couple of days. The big pain today has been a headache changing in intensity throughout the day. She didn’t.have much energy yesterday but had enough to make lunch today. She is still at home so I guess that’s a positive sign she hasn’t needed to get more help from a medical facility. Expecting to get test results back tomorrow.
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    Dan McDonald of Rivals just flipped his FutureCast from Memphis to Auburn for Jalen Green!
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    E Prayers have been sent. I had my Mom in ER in Mckinney, Tx on Monday when she spiked a fever. Luckily while there fever abated and all tests came back clean. She is 94 and doing well so far.
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    I am absolutely gutted and honestly bummed out that we never will get to see them again in a AU uniform. I hate it had to end like this the way it did but as other people have said it is bigger than basketball. So many great memories made this season that we will never forget!!!! Thank you to the seniors (and BP of course among other amazing players the past few years) for forever changing this program and the culture for the better!!! I am forever grateful for y'all turning this program completely around. The past 3 years of AU bball have been 3 of my favorite seasons for any sport in my 30 years as a AU fan!! Wooooo!!!! Let's gooo!!!! War damn seniors!!! War damn okoro!!!!
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    I mean, I’m like a 7 out of 10 as an expert on this, but I don’t think you realize what’s going on here. Even with the numbers above, you’re talking about a 10fold increased chance of death from those positive for the virus. Let’s just go low end chances here and extrapolate mathematically: that would be approx 4.5 million people sick enough to hospitalize with a total of 900k beds TOTAL in the US. Now if you want to make a point about how there’s no end point with this, or how we may have to face the facts that many of our elderly will succumb to this illness, I can understand. Anyway, we are doing an ok job doing our part to help...maybe we can all get on board.
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    Dude...this ain’t flu. sincerely, Humanity
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    homersapien Seamster Verified Member 4,534 38,968 posts Gender:Male Report post Posted December 21, 2019 I thought it was a good debate. Everyone had fairly good performances, but the candidate that impressed me the most was Amy Klobuchar. I like to see her run for president with a VP candidate of color like Corey Booker or Andrew Gillum, which would hopefully excite black turn out.
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    Keep in mind... Some of the greediest people on Earth....the sports industry....are cancelling games, tournaments, heck, maybe even seasons. They are about to lose millions & millions & millions (maybe billions) of dollars by making these decisions. Think about how many times in history that these people have ever made decisions TO LOSE MONEY??? I'm sorry but these multimillionaires & billionaires know something that perhaps we regular folks don't. Take it seriously or not....your choice obviously, but w/ an abundance of chemo & radiation in my recent history (plus living in a state who's sole income is based on national & international tourism & an entire elderly population who crams our space to the gills this time of year) and having two 11 year old germ factories, We HAVE to take it seriously.... I'm not typically an alarmist but becoming a hermit right now is very important to my health. To each their own but just thought I'd share a view from one who is taking this very seriously. Stay safe, War Eagle and God bless!!
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    In some ways you are right, but in some ways you are very wrong. The issue with this illness is not the death rate. It is the spread rate. Evidence very early on suggested that this illness spreads easier than the flu. Some of that is due to there being no vaccine. Some of that is due to the fact that this coronavirus strain has never been seen before, so nobody has an immunity. Some of it is just because it is an aggressive virus that is capable of spreading easier. The CDC has also found evidence suggesting that up to 1/2 of cases are asymptomatic, which means that people are walking around infected without knowing they’re infected. This means they are spreading the virus. Since most people with the flu quarantine by default after symptoms emerge, it’s spread is diminished. If people aren’t home bound due to symptoms, they can spread the coronavirus to more people. It is also worth mentioning that this means the reported infection rates could be underestimating substantially. As for the death rate among those infected, it isn’t that high, and it is likely much lower than what’s being reported given that many cases shown no symptoms. The one major concern here is on how well the medical industry can keep up. For people that get severe cases of this illness, there is more likely to be a need for hospitalization as the symptoms in severe cases often include breathing issues. Should the hospitals become overworked/overcrowded, that will affect more than just patients with the virus. Medical care across the board will suffer. The real concern here is more economic than medical. The virus lasts longer than the flu, with an average sick time of around 2 weeks. (The flu usually lasts 1/2 the time of this coronavirus strain.) Since there’s no vaccine and since there’s a higher spread rate with this illness, it is easy for whole companies to get infected. Businesses could close permanently, and the economy would rank worse than it already has. The only way to prevent this from happening is to keep people from spreading the illness, at least until the warmer months where the illness is likely to go dormant. Put another way, this illness is/was always going to hit our economy. We can either steer into the skid and minimize the damage, or we can pretend there’s no skid and crash into a tree. By taking extreme measures now (closing restaurants, cancelling events, etc.), we are shutting things down under our terms rather than the illness’s. If we wait, restaurants will close because their customer bases are sick, and they won’t be able to keep enough waitstaff. Sporting events will suffer because many fans will be sick, and others will be out of work and unable to afford the games. Not acting now will just amplify what we are dealing with during all this social distancing.
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    Yeah. Right. Let's keep politics in the political forums.
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    Saban said that would be unfair to his team.
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    You can't see the whole thing. It is from the same line as this:
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    Chad Morris will have a solid foundation of talent to work with on offense but the overall personnel will lack experience. The offensive line remains a major question mark as the Tigers replace four starters up front.
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    But can we call it the Decapita-Shaun?
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    Hope his defensive strategy isn’t iNEPt Or we may become TImid ScheMing for offenses.
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    MUH BAD, G!!! Lesson learned. I was trying so hard to be fam and blew it! I was so psyched about this game and FULLY expected us to blow them out of the water. My only defense is that my wife hurt her back and I have been stuck at home for the past two days going stircrazy while looking after her. I have spent way too much time on this forum and decided to stir things up a little. It turns out I stirred things up a LOT!!!
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    For each person in power It's a critical balancing act between stemming public panic and establishing enough of the right protocols to slow the spread. I don't think any expected the magnitude of the virus and it would've been almost impossible to stop any public panic if they had immediately implemented the appropriate measures early on. This is a brand new situation. We've never faced anything like it while this populated, this interconnected, or this capable of travel. From the science to the politics to the finances, there is an obvious learning curve by all involved. I think it's extremely nearsighted to try and pinpoint blame. Unfortunately it's human nature to try and blame anyone else. Rather than spending time trying to blame anyone we should be trying to climb the curve faster. IMO, blame is an exercise in futility and does nothing good except build animosity and appease one's own need to feel better about the situation. JMO.
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    Feel free to post any prayer requests, discussions, etc on the COVID19 situation here in the Football Forum. Since it's the most trafficked forum we want to be sure as many eyeballs as possible see prayer requests, questions, needs, concerns and so on. All we ask is that we keep the political aspects of this in the Politics forum. Posts here should be for support, comfort, prayer, helping each other out and so on. Community, not arguments.
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    Eric Bossi, one of the lead rivals national recruiting analysts, swapped his futurecast on Green from Memphis to Auburn.
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    I can tell you, for certain, Jesus Christ still performs miracles &, even on a "regular" level, steps in to our daily lives. Prayer works!! I have many testimonies I can share so I'll pick the most obvious one to place here. July/Aug 2018, due to a physical issue I won't disturb you with (but was going on for well over a year as I thought it was something fairly minor & common), I had a colonoscopy and biopsy. I was 46 at the time. Shortly after I got a urgent call from the GI doc/surgeon saying I had a very aggressive malignancy and needed to get treatment ASAP! As you can imagine, devastation ensued. If you were to personally know me, you'd know that I can get very over-worried, over-protective, stressed out over things I can't control. News like I just received would normally paralyze me with fear/depression and I would withdraw within myself, get quiet & stressed....etc....etc....and become a useless mess! HOWEVER.... This has not been the case! After a brief pity-party, I have actually grown closer to The Lord, my family has been wonderful, my wife has been an absolute angel and our girls (9 at the time of my diagnosis) have been reasonably sheltered but yet educated & supportive this whole time. I prayed thanksgiving & wonder as to our positive states and then letters & cards began rolling in, my brothers, @bigbird & @McLoofus began reaching out, suggesting support from the board, people suggested other means of support and I was hearing about people & churches from around the Southeast hearing my story & praying for me! It was humbling & awe-inspiring and even typing these words, using a stylus on a tablet, brings me to tears of joy & wonder today! To top this all off, it seems The Lord has more use for me & it's awesome to feel you still have a purpose on this Earth. My official diagnosis was colorectal cancer (emphasis on rectal in my case) with neuroendocrine features. This is an EXTREMELY aggressive & nasty cancer. My prognosis was even worse. According to the team (yes, a whole team in my case), which includes the foremost expert on neuroendocrine cancer in the country (if not world) from Miami, because I was stage 4, having it already spread to my liver & some lymph-nodes, they said no surgery as there was no point as it would wreck what's left of my life...... which would be no more than 1-2 years!!!!!!! According to the team there have only been roughly 70 cases of my cancer....EVER! 80% died in less than 1 year. The other 20% had never lasted two years! Yes, another round of pity-partying.... However, again, quickly, prayer and trust in Jesus Christ rapidly put us back into a positive frame of mind and ready to take care of this situation the way we believe He would want us to. So.... bottom line.... Yes, treatment was hard with months of extremely hard-core (per my oncologist) chemo along with 2 months of, again, hard-core (per my radiologist) radiation, prayer & faith that God has a bigger purpose for me, sure enough my last scans have showed me to be tumor free!!!!! That's not to say "cancer free" because once stage 4, it's always in your system and another tumor could show up any time in other parts of my body. However, again, instead of living in fear we are living in faith that I will be around as long as I'm serving The Lord's purpose....and again, I'm only able to do that because Christ is bringing me the comfort of feeling His presence!!! And to top this off..... Remember, the foremost expert in this cancer gave me less than 2 years. I was diagnosed over a year & 1/2 ago, plus I obviously had this cancer for roughly 2 years prior so I literally have made history!!! And I ain't nothing me. It is ALL due to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit...I can promise you that!!! I have my next PET scan due April 9th, but I am confident it'll continue to be tumor free and I will continue to work on leading my girls to trust Jesus and give my testimony to others. This is a weak way to do it....faceless & "anonymous" typing on a message board.... but we take our opportunity when we can. God is good!!! So that I'm not so anonymous in my testimony, my name is Nathan Lawless, originally from Birmingham, AL but grew up in Lawrenceville, GA, now living in North Port, FL. Jesus loves me and He loves you too! Trust me, if He can get me through the tough times that I've had, then together, if we are all smart & faithful, We Got This!!!! God bless you all!!!
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    Pretty sure National Prayer Day was not a publicity stunt. I mean if you don't believe in prayer then don't open the thread. I swear some people have to make everything political. I just pray for them as well. I support the message, it's not about the messenger.
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    All this expert talk of statistics and reality.... The reality is, if I were invited to a 100 seat theater and told that at some point 3 random seats will explode, killing it's occupants and wounding an untold number directly around those seats (wounds varying in severity) but the rest will probably be okay...... .....I'm streaming a movie online instead. At the very least I'm not calling those who don't want to chance it "hysterical". But, I'm not a medical professional.....nor did I stay in a Holiday Express, so I honestly know nothing.
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    Nonsense. Stop believing all the hysteria.
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    Sooo I was on twitter and came across momma greens page and her likes are filled with auburn posts.....I can’t believe Ive gone this low Lmao
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    Runs on TP and bottled water I simply do not understand. TP and water are produced right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. It's not like we've got to import these items from China. Why the hoarding?
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    I didn't just now change my avatar... Congratulations!