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    Well, I don't see that happening in any scenario. I see Nashville as the lowest we'll go, with Atlanta a good possibility. We have seven wins. Even if LSU, Ole' Miss, Tenn, and Ky. are all picked ahead of us (not likely) we still end up in Nashville. In any case, the OM/LSU game had little to do with our bowl placement. If you gotta' throw rocks at a particular game, our loss to Georgia would be the place to start. That one hurt us.
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    All we heard the last 8 years was about how it didn't matter what others outside the US thought of our President Interesting, now we care.....not sure why that changed
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    Prechae Rodriguez, Tray Blackmon, Kodi Burns, Lee Ziemba, Wes Byrum, Mike Berry, Mario Fannin, Ben Tate, Craig Stevens, Josh Bynes, Chaz Ramsey, Chris Slaughter, T'Sharvin Bell, and Onterrio McCalebb are all 4 or more stars from 2005-2008. And those are just the ones that made it to campus (although some of them are no longer with the team). Lets make up our mind here. Either Tuberville forfeited the state to (name your bama coach), or he didn't go after the out of state guys. He got talent. His failure in the later years was getting the big time players that made the cut both athletically and academically. Go look at the 06 and 07 classes - they were pretty stinking good. The problem is, most of them never made it to school.
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    Oh, then you admit you are nothing but a troll. We should have guessed this. The (lack of) intelligence in your prior posts is typical of internet trolls. Really, the only point I am trying to make is that if you are a sports athlete or some kind of celebrity in the public eye and you get into some kind of trouble, you will get better treatment in the justice system in most instances. I really don't know what happened but it wouldn't surprise me at all if something was covered up. It is just the way our society is in case you haven't noticed.
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    I kid you not (and I actually swear about this)....I am a registered Republican So? You hold to exactly NO republican ideals, so who are you fooling, if not yourself. I hold many Republican ideals. You just don't know them Um, okay. Proud for you. You're still a red diaper baby in my book
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    I read the title of the thread, then went directly to the link to read the specifics, instead of going FIRST to the comments made. I hadn't even looked to see who had posted, let alone what they said, before reading for myself exactly what the story was about. " No way", I thought, " no WAY could anyone bring up Bush in this. He's been out of office for 11 months, isn't commented on in the story, and has ZERO to do w/ a story of how the world SEES BARACK OBAMA." Never to be let down, though, that's exactly what the dutiful kool-aid drinkers here came out with. Bush isn't the story. Obama is. This isn't 'FOX News', so you can't blame it on them. Hardly could it be said that the BRITISH are indeed nothing but a bunch of racist tea baggers, now , right ? There's only 1 group I know who is more delusional, more blind to their firmly held views, ..... bammers.
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    Man I hope not. If our only choices are Papa Johns or the Independence, I hope we stay home.
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    I agree that it wasn't a great game to have on TV. But outside of Alabama, they aired the MSU/Arky game. Well, they should have aired that game inside of Alabama, too. Your game should have been PPV like our Furman game. FU did beat Chattanooga 38-20 at Chattanooga earlier this year. Be #2 in the nation, headed for a showdown of probable undefeated teams in the SECCG, and win 23 straight home games...and maybe they'll air your game against Furman in your home state. Play Furman after losing 3 of 4 including a blowout loss to LSU, and watch your game on PPV.