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    Happy 241st Marines....
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    I won't be shocked if he pulls an Urban Meyer when he figures out that being president is hard work.
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    Vaguely phrased innuendo can most certainly be racist. Very few racists in this country outside of the KKK and their ilk come out publicly to overtly declare their racism. But you are certainly within your rights to 'infer' that the examples I see as clear examples of racism are false inferences on my part. Doesn't mean you are necessarily correct or that I must agree, but it's your right even if I consider it incorrect or voluntary selective blindness. You are also fully entitled to consider me incorrect or voluntarily neither offends nor concerns me.
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    Yoga pants. Man's best friend.
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    "Liberals preach "tolerance" ... until they don't get their way."
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    It appears that the leaders of our country, on both sides of the aisle, are following the old sports adage "Be humble in victory, be gracious in defeat". On the other hand, some members of the teeming masses are acting like unschooled brats. That applies to both winners and losers.
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    Takes however long it takes.... Based on my observations, most injured athletes want to play before it is medically wise for them to play and will disguise symptoms if they can. Coaches and doctors will hopefully keep control of the issue.....let them play where they can be effective.....and avoid making things worse.
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    Thanks for mentioning that Ikeel175, I don't hear all that well because I was around jets and helos during my Marine Corps career and it really got to my hearing. I hope they respond to you suggestion. It would make these pressers a lot more enjoyable to me. WDE!!!
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    The bright side to this election- good bye Clintons good bye Bushes they're done, I was beginning to think I was in some third world country where the same family took power for generations.
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    You're an embarrassment to other dumb people.
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    Seldom post here but this is what makes America special in the world.
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    I am attending my first Auburn UGA game in 10 years. And my first at Sanford stadium. I grew up cheering for the silver britches in that stadium but as I became a man I put down childish things and went to I can't wait to cheer against them for my beloved Alma Mater! War Damn Eagle y'all!! Spank the leg humpers!!
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    100%!!! They have been super fortunate with scheduling and dominoes falling their way. Can't wait for the other foot to hit the ground. It will eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
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    I have a good friend that is a professor at AU. A current statement of his: "You wouldn't believe the sense of entitlement these kids bring to college with them." Sidebar, he has taught both John Mengelt's and Bo Jackson's daughters. He stated that both of those kids were responsible, well prepared for college life and were in the minority in that they expected to actually earn their grades.
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    I'd gladly trade the availability of Founders with the option to drink Parish's hoppy stuff on a regular basis.
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    Well I admit that I have little knowledge of how kids are being raised today. But I still find such sweeping generalizations off-putting. He sounded like Archie Bunker.
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    SW might be our MVP in the literal sense of the word. Without him our offense becomes weaker without a doubt. If there is ANY position that is as close to plug-and-play in the CGM offense it's running back, so if we are without KP any of the guys we have on the roster, provided the OL continues to play well, is liable to rush for 100+ on any given day. Even Truitt and he's not even a true RB. JMO
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    Were there outright protests? No. Were people questioning the legitimacy of Obama's win based on false pretenses of brotherism? Yep. And some of that came from Republican leadership. It should be noted that not a single Democratic leader has questioned the election results, their legitimacy, etc. In fact, it's been a chorus of "let's respect the will of the people and have a peaceful transfer of power" largely based on the grace that Bush 43 showed when he left office.
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    DUDE... get the Founders. Backwoods Bastard, perhaps? Whatever it is, it's likely quite good. Blue Pants discussion here. Thomas Creek makes some decent beers, although I can't recall anything specific I've had that was blow-you-away good. Doesn't mean they're not worth a shot, though.
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    Didn't know where else to put this. Cole Cubelic does a great job with these. He does discuss the injuries to both Sean White and KP.
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    I can't remember people being led in long repeated chants of that Bush quote. If it was his second election I was in Iraq the whole year, wouldn't have gotten a chance to see it. I also can't remember other candidates having their followers repeat chants at rallies. If they did they did not enjoy near the success with them that Trump and Obama did with theirs. Use goofy face all ya want, it's goofy to say that Obama and Trumps campaign are comparable in no way.
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    Sean... the QB with the highest completion and QBR rating in the SEC. I said he was equal to or better than Knight at the beginning of the season and I'll go with better than now. Heck, if you want to go numbers only, Knight has the worst completion percentage and the 10th lowest QBR... he just makes up for a lot of that with his legs. To be honest, he might actually be 4th after Austin Allen.
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    You're right... I'm not focused today...
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    Williams, Russell, Coe, Jackson... We can have a bit of a dropoff and still consider that position group to be a strength, big time.
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    And one of them was 100% on Tony. So happy to have some stability at the position, IF Sean can stay healthy.
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    During my Dad's exit physical, the Dr. said, "Don't waste money on HiFi." Many Thanks, and Happy Birthday USMC.
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    Neither has anything to do with it. Your lame weaseling is old. You rarely put forth any effort any more. Mindless.
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    Combat veteran, listening to idiotic little brother tout trump for past hour, 4 drinks deep into the night... my heart still isn't in that deep freeze homer mode
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    So what would you suggest? People in urban areas count as 3/5 of a person?
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    I actually wonder that... many reporters and journalists report it as simply "Immigrants"... maybe I am the weird one for noticing the word "illegal" sometimes and not others.
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    I'm sure he's already working on abolishing abortion and gay marriage.
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    Well, I don't know about "drama queen", but as I was discussing with my wife earlier today, everything that Trump has said or done is now a part of history where it will be explicitly documented. I can understand the dilemma of presenting such information to a child - depending on age and innocence - who asks. (But then, I never had children). I guess it's a reflection of how our society is becoming more decadent/coarse but I think it's callous to blow off such concerns as frivolous.
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    I have never taken a strong position on who was going to win. I did expect Hillary to win in a close one, but I got it wrong pretty much like the rest of the world. That statement is baseless - well, at least if you consider a creation of your imagination is baseless - which I do. As far as the point of your post, I was honestly responding to a direct question. (I know - crazy, huh?) I would have thought that's obvious. Anyway, I could give a s*** if you give any consideration to it or not. So stop acting like a jerk. You're better than that.
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    No problem there...just saying that IMO, the "I told you so" is the cheap way out. I don't have any superior knowledge...just make the best decision I can under whatever circumstances present themselves and then all I can do is let the chips fall where they may. What gets me is the dems were hammering DT about accepting the outcome of the election .....and now I see the "he's not my president" signs already....what hypocrites. Give me the "I told you so" if you want but you won't have any way of knowing that the other party would not have done something worse. Democracy....we live with the outcome .....or move somewhere else and live with whatever they decide.
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    I voted for neither. Think both had too many flaws in character to be President. Hillary was more qualified and had a better temperament to be President though. I wash my hands of what happens next.
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    America has never been a democracy it is a republic.
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    Looks like we have a lot of new participants on the political boards. Welcome and stick around. I'm going to be pointing out every non-conservative thing Trump does for the next four years.
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    This election is a case study of what happens when the two party machine uses the deep rooted emotions of their supporters to isolate a group of people. I "HOPE" things will settle out for the betterment of the U.S.A. I'm in the same position today as I was at the end of 2008. Cautiously optimistic....very cautiously.
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    If I may offer some help to Mr. Van about how to explain this to his kids: there were just enough fed-up, working-class, salt-of-the-earth voters in the nation to go to the polls and keep a self-proclaimed "untouchable," white collar, fantasy-driven career criminal out of the highest executive office in the land. Pretty basic.
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    I haven't actually posted much or been a member on here long. I pretty much have always lurked. When did I find this place? Back during the 09-10 season. The most credible "free" information one will find. I for one am thankful for that. I do agree that there is a lot of useless negativity from certain users. With that said again, I'm thankful to have a place to go to like
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    How about just letting folks be folks, and stop all this bat guano crazy ' identity politics ' already ?
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    Funny thing about the Left...when Obama won, they claimed ( believed ) he'd do all these wonderful, magical things... from pay their car notes, their mortgage, power bills, to lowering the seas and turn back AGW. Of course all that was pure rubbish, and they they TRULY bought into it. Now, apparently Lefties think Trump will do everything from make all trains and cars burn coal, hunt Muslims and Mexicans , revoke the 13th, 15th and 19th Amendments, as well as install Prima Nocta
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    Absolutely Mary Katharine Ham Retweeted 3hKatie Pavlich‏ @KatiePavlich CNN: CLINTON CONCEDES VIA PHONE. She left her supporters, the little people, out to dry at her party and didn't show up #Electionnight
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    I'm sure HIPAA will love that.
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    Carlson is a game saver as he has shown. From my view, Auburn's focus on recuiting the best kickers and punters in the country can make a case for being called Kicker U. We always seem to have the right guy in the wings to save the day. Look at other programs that are scared to death on 4th and long wihtin the red zone even and muff the kick. Kudos and glad you're here to Carlson and company.