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    Misinformed? Really? ."They do not sufficiently understand politics, economics, power, finance."...really? You're as bad as Homey...more horse***t from the "smart people" who somehow mis-read everything...I don't mean somethings...I mean everything about this election.... Let me tell you what these folks understand you condescending prick ..They understand that the temporary occupant of the WH works for them; not the other way around....they understand that they make less than they did 15 years ago. To be exact, over 50% of them make less than they did 15 years ago...They understand that in spite of what the unemployment numbers say, there are fewer jobs available for the average Joe; and especially the average African American Joe; than at any time since the last liberal savior Jimmy Carter ****** things up. They understand that their gov't incents businesses to move jobs overseas. They understand their gov't has one set of rules now for the people they favor and another for them....They understand that their gov't won't take care of veterans, but can find it in their hearts to take care of an unvetted refuguee from Syria..they understand that their gov't is actually undermining the rule of law with it's failure to enforce basic immigration statutes...they understand the gov't turns a blind eye to the 25,000 murders committed every year by illegal immigrants because, well, hell, no one actually understand this...but their gov't goes into histrionics when 270 people are killed by an AR annually....They understand they are tired of being told that they don't understand economics when they run their own restaurant, run their own small shop, run their own grocery store, run their own tech shop, run their own tire store, run their own Dr. office and have to figure out each month how to make payroll, how to pay payroll taxes, how to make insurance premium payments for their employees in the face of stifling regulation and oppressive taxes while still making it the little league practice, the JC meeting, the Lion's club meeting and being home for dinner....well, occasionally making it home for dinner. They understand Hillary was with... Hillary; not them...they also understand that Hillary wouldn't know the truth if it hit her between the eyes....they also know that the press had their noses so far up Hillary's ass that they can't hear their own sound checks...and lastly, and most importantly, they also understand that you; you smug bystanding a**holes; who think somehow you have special knowledge on how to waste $$Trillions of their hard earned money; must be separated form their $$ if they are to have any hope of improving their lot.... 3
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    Happy 241st Marines....
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    I won't be shocked if he pulls an Urban Meyer when he figures out that being president is hard work.
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    So I'll be the annoying guy, but the snowboarder is actually Shaun White. And yes, I am lots of fun at parties.
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    Don't place any bets with your bookie banking on this.
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    All these young millennials just need some safe spaces. Can you imagine the terror and horror they feel now? Thinking that maybe one day they might have to get a job and work for a living. No more living off the backs of the government. Have some sympathy people.
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    World markets are tanking? Really?
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    I was impressed with Trump's, Clinton's and Obama's words and demeanor.
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    Let's just beat UGA first! Their is a lot riding on this game!
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    It's not necessarily the number of calls but when they are made/not made. Missing holding and block in the back on the only TD in the game is significant. Taking a team out/putting team into field goal position is significant (a la 2015 Iron Bowl). The AU/Vandy crew missed 2 facemask calls committed on Eli Stove and multiple holing calls by Vandy on Saturday. And they missed a few on AU when I knew for sure they would throw a flag but didn't.
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    I have no problem with hunting as long as it's compatible with the ecology of the animal hunted, such as deer or doves. Hunting things like endangered big game or predators is perverted.
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    I don't think Trump falls totally in line with the party. He has positioned himself as a negotiator and he also has a mandate from many voters to not play partisan politics. He is a clear rebuke of the Washington establishment and I think he will use that electoral power to push agendas that could be more moderate than some would expect. For example, I think he may well find allies in Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren with his trade stance, but will have to fight others within his own party on that same topic. And I think he would be willing to work with Warren and Sanders if its a means to the end he desires.
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    Trying times for jarheads right now. Hopefully they make it to 250.
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    Vaguely phrased innuendo can most certainly be racist. Very few racists in this country outside of the KKK and their ilk come out publicly to overtly declare their racism. But you are certainly within your rights to 'infer' that the examples I see as clear examples of racism are false inferences on my part. Doesn't mean you are necessarily correct or that I must agree, but it's your right even if I consider it incorrect or voluntary selective blindness. You are also fully entitled to consider me incorrect or voluntarily neither offends nor concerns me.
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    Regarding the thread topic: I support the right of people to peacefully protest and/or voice their freedom of speech. Such post-election protests, of course, have zero impact on the results of the election and have no Constitutional power to change the results, so in that respect they are pointless. But as merely an expression of unhappiness or a rallying call for future elections, it's certainly everyone's right. I did not vote for Trump and I am extremely disappointing that he won. But I recognize him as my duly elected President-elect and do not question his authority to govern. I don't think American elections are 'rigged'. Nor do I care to emigrate or secede from my home and, to my mind, still the greatest nation on earth. But while I recognize Trump's legal authority as the properly elected President, I will continue to speak out for justice, equality, and freedom for all PERSONS, of every ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation while opposing war, bigotry, hate, and plutocracy, and consider it my civic duty to criticize specific actions of any President with whom I disagree.
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    Yoga pants. Man's best friend.
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    Not to be the spelling police or anything, doc, but you keep making this mistake, which leads me to believe you just don't realize it is an mistake. It's Sean White. Shawn White is a snow boarder.
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    And the 2nd was a 4th down pass into the endzone
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    "Liberals preach "tolerance" ... until they don't get their way."
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    It appears that the leaders of our country, on both sides of the aisle, are following the old sports adage "Be humble in victory, be gracious in defeat". On the other hand, some members of the teeming masses are acting like unschooled brats. That applies to both winners and losers.
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    Takes however long it takes.... Based on my observations, most injured athletes want to play before it is medically wise for them to play and will disguise symptoms if they can. Coaches and doctors will hopefully keep control of the issue.....let them play where they can be effective.....and avoid making things worse.
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    Thanks for mentioning that Ikeel175, I don't hear all that well because I was around jets and helos during my Marine Corps career and it really got to my hearing. I hope they respond to you suggestion. It would make these pressers a lot more enjoyable to me. WDE!!!
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    The bright side to this election- good bye Clintons good bye Bushes they're done, I was beginning to think I was in some third world country where the same family took power for generations.
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    Two-thirds of the BCS formula was based on humans. The other third ensured that actual metrics like strength of schedule were taken into account; which the committee has demonstrated to misunderstand or only use selectively. Above all, there needs to be some degree of predictability in their rankings.
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    You're an embarrassment to other dumb people.
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    Ok think this thread has reached it limit. Keep those negative waves out of here. Lets beat somebody ass
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    I despise bammer and everything associated with it.
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    Seldom post here but this is what makes America special in the world.
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    I am attending my first Auburn UGA game in 10 years. And my first at Sanford stadium. I grew up cheering for the silver britches in that stadium but as I became a man I put down childish things and went to I can't wait to cheer against them for my beloved Alma Mater! War Damn Eagle y'all!! Spank the leg humpers!!
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    Right. Just ask Hillary how accurate those polls prior to the final decision are.
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    Any attempt to totally dismiss Obama as a president is just stupid. Our country was on the brink of disaster when he took office. He can, of course, be criticized. However, asserting that he is a total failure is absurd, partisan, nonsense. Living in either extreme of political rhetoric indicates nothing but the lowest levels of thinking. It is equivalent to wearing a sign that says, "stoopid". Yes, we still have all of the problems associated with being unable or unwilling to lead a global economy but, he cleaned up one hell of a mess under very difficult circumstances. The real costs of the cleanup were not associated with his ideology. Those costs were associated with the unwillingness of the previous administration to break from ideology. We all need to come to grips with the realities of what being ideological means. The right course of action, the solution, is never limited to doing what ideology dictates. It is unique in almost all instances, just as the problems are unique in this dynamic world.
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    Just a guess, but I think he wrote that because someone asked for his opinion... I don't agree with everything he wrote either, but dang man... everyone loses if we start telling people to leave the forums because they made a bad prediction once.
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    Here's the reality of it. Right now, everyone is drinking the bama Koolaid and looking at our defense looking less than dominant in the past 2 weeks. None of them think we can beat bama (all of the talking heads said that much last night), so they aren't giving us any love. Beating Georgia might nudge us up a bit, but the reality is, until we beat bama, we're not going to get any significant movement in the polls.
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    A terrible candidate that nonetheless won last night. But I have said for months that Hillary was a weak, vulnerable candidate. I felt for most the election that the GOP had had a temper tantrum and frittered away a rather easy win. I was obviously wrong. But the fact remains, if Democrats want someone to blame, don't kid yourselves blaming old white folks. Blame the feckless DNC leadership. Blame themselves for choosing a thoroughly establishment, status quo, 'safe' and unimaginative candidate in a year where the electorate made it clear in the candidacies of Trump and Sanders that establishment and status quo were going to be an electoral boat anchor to drag around.
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    ...if Sec. Clinton had won and protesters were hanging her in effigy.
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    Always seem smug too, when I tell them I don't hunt animals. I love to see them crap their pants when I tell them I only hunt humans.
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    SW might be our MVP in the literal sense of the word. Without him our offense becomes weaker without a doubt. If there is ANY position that is as close to plug-and-play in the CGM offense it's running back, so if we are without KP any of the guys we have on the roster, provided the OL continues to play well, is liable to rush for 100+ on any given day. Even Truitt and he's not even a true RB. JMO
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    Republicans and Democrats alike created Trump. They now all have to live with their selfish actions.
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    New age 3/5 compromise. Under 100 IQ, you aren't a full person.
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    Critcism when it's logical makes sense. It's the torch and pitchfork gang that scrutinize everything as if the coaches and players are trying to lose on purpose. It's the illogoical dumb crap that some spew that makes no sense. Every championship team has its challenges through the season. Some even lose a game along the way. The SEC is a grind and if a fan expects perfection every week then they are setting themselves up for a lot of unnecessary frustration. Adversity builds character and tough games build character. Don't get too high with a big win or too low with a close loss...criticize with intelligence and understand these kids are working their butts off just to entertain us.
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    Side note: I can't remember a sitting president that campaigned nearly as hard as He did this year. I may be completely forgetting things, but can y'all recall one?
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    Looks like we have a lot of new participants on the political boards. Welcome and stick around. I'm going to be pointing out every non-conservative thing Trump does for the next four years.
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    If arrogance was physical matter with mass and weight, Tuscaloosa would tilt the world off it's axis. I rest my case.
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    I haven't actually posted much or been a member on here long. I pretty much have always lurked. When did I find this place? Back during the 09-10 season. The most credible "free" information one will find. I for one am thankful for that. I do agree that there is a lot of useless negativity from certain users. With that said again, I'm thankful to have a place to go to like
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    As opposed to not worth following?
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    I'm sure HIPAA will love that.