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    My open letter to Herb..... Please read up on pass pro and picking up blitzes.
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    Lol I'll stop short of calling our NYE tasting "epic", but we did close the night with a Mexican Cake Biscotti Break, a Firestone Walker XVI, a Kane anniversary (don't remember which, and had never heard of the brewery, but it was very good) and a Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise. There were 8 or 9 bottles popped before those. I felt it in the morning. Beer nerd brothers in law are a blessing and a curse.
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    White is no where near 100% so I predict we are going to see JJ early and often in the game tonight. And lol if you believe anything Gus says anymore.
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    Urban can go away now hopefully! Sick of ohio state getting passes so many times and laying the egg. This love affair with urban can't stop soon enough!
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    They also had exactly zero help from the offense in those games. They were having to keep a sinking ship afloat.
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    That's right, but I would bet the farm he was strapping on a headset all season. sabear isnt going to pay any attention to those irrelevant rules.
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    True...the way it should be. As we have discussed many many times, there is no reason for Gus to reveal ANYTHING about the health of his players or who his starters will be. Disinformation is best way to answer the curious who have no need to know.
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    I'd love to have this kid but I can't get excited until I see this staff utilize the talent we have in the passing game. Look what we just signed last year. I'm not being negative but until we scrap our route tree and start running routes that use the whole field it won't matter if we recruit Jerry Rice and Cliff Branch with Tony Gonzalez at TE. We have talent at the position right now. You can't have 4 WRs run long developing routes downfield on 3rd and 7 when the defense is blitzing unless you plan on your QB either getting killed in 2.5 seconds or running for a 1st down. Our routes consist of go long or WR screen. It is the single most irritating part of our offense.
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    Nice to see you on the positive side my friend. War Eagle!
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    ...ocean front property in Arizona.
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    Good news. I just read where Ashley said his commitment to Auburn is stronger than ever. WHOOPS HOT DAMN TIJUANA!
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    His career shouldn't be judged by one game, I agree. However, if Saban felt Kiffin's mind was elsewhere and he no longer was preparing to the level Saban expected, then it's completely logical to let him go in light of that one game.
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    One score game in the 4th quarter. WMU outmanned, but they are no joke.
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    We oughtta start a go fund me page for it.
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    He was not an on the field coach. He was an analyst. Not for sure by any means, but I would think his involvement during the game would be limited if not prohibited.
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    Most of Gus's press poker rarely has a point yet he still does it.
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    Don't be so sure of that. Gus often sees talking to the media as apart of a poker game. I could easily see Gus put Sean in front of the camera instructing him to say what Sean said for the sake of a bluff.
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    While Saban maybe was not happy about the O performance, this is as bad as timing as you can get to make this type change. While Sark probably has been involved with the game planning he does not have the game experience for this team and the ebb and flow of how the game is going. So while he has been in the press box with headset on, he should not have had any type communication with Kiffens or Saban during the game. May not change the ultimate outcome of the game, but I do not think this makes their O better. Could make them worse. You do not make this change unless you absolutely have to.
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    I'm traveling and and got to see parts of the game, but team chemistry is and has been an issue. It's been discussed at length that you can't just plug a guy in and move others around without taking a step back. This loss hurts but doesn't kill any goals (yet). We can't keep losing home games. We have a chance to make up for this one on the road vs Vandy and get back on track. This is one is in the defensive end. We scored enough to win, we allowed Georgia to grossly out perform their averages. Defense has to get better, the good news is it can. Not time to panic, but have to learn. So far this season the team has respond well to losing, time to answer the bell. Ware Eagle.
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    Also - friendly warning. Nobody in that city knows where anything else is, but That won't stop them from giving you directions. Get a map.
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    I don't see the big deal. I support her right to bow out of this event for the same reasons I support the right of a baker or photographer to bow out of using their talents at a same-sex wedding. Rights of conscience shouldn't be subject to whether the stance is popular.
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    Who? Stidham and...? I love Sean when he's healthy, but that qualifier looms larger with every injury. And I certainly can't think of a third "solid option". I remember people wondering why we were chasing juco guys last year when we had "5 QBs" already. We've still got all 5 of those guys, yet we're about to play a really important bowl game without a single healthy, P5 caliber quarterback on the roster.
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    Queen and Woody are question marks and Franklin has talked of transferring and likely won't play next year anyway. Gatewood has a long time to change his mind or get hurt. We are hardly deep at QB. Malik probably RS and then either develops at QB or changes to DB or WR. Players with that kind of versatility are less of a risk, IMO.
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    Damn. Just spit my perfectly good beer on my laptop. Thanks!
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    I hope and pray that you will be healed and ready to take on life full speed. I have this feeling that Carl Lawson may surprise us all and return. I know most folks say he is 99.9% to leave for the NFL. This would totally awesome indeed. I think that our defense will be even better for 2017. Lets all be thankful for a nice season that had so much potential and hope it will end with a nice Sugar Bowl victory. Look for us to put a butt hurt on UGA, TAMU, and the rest of the SEC foes we will face.
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    Red, white and chartreuse work well in off colored waters.
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    It's just an itch that ichy has to scratch. No substance to the claim at all. We Christians are supposed to be quiet and let everything just get rammed down our throats; you know the meekness is weakness mentality.
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    You just can't make up hypotheticals and say we score one more and they score one less. There is no guarantee on that. It could have been the exact same result also. Want to talk about "identities"? What about LSU's later in the year? Do we beat them in a later game in the year? I don't know but we did beat them when we played? The only game that injuries probably would have changed the outcome was GA.
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    It's the TSA collegiate training program. See something, say something!
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    Acknowledged. Also worthy of note (though admittedly less relevant to the thread topic): We limped into UA (#1) on crutches and wheelchairs and eked out 12 points. A Committee-selected semifinalist, with a month to recover from a truly grueling Pac12 schedule, managed 7 against the same team. More germane to the topic: I think that the SEC is currently 5-5 in bowls, and 1-0 in the playoff (6-5 in post-season, so far, with three games still pending). Might not equate to "former glory," but there might be some joy in Mudville because Mighty Casey got at least a few base hits. Not all teams can be champions every year.
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    Thanks for the explanation. I didn't know that was the procedure. it. It seems to give one team an advantage over the other. The routine , pregame preparations and familiarity with the venue will be familiar to the team that holds all its practices at the dome. Lets hope it doesn't affect Auburn.
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    Maybe it was a no win situation however they had an out, "You must win your Conference Championship" At the end of the day they could have easily put PSU in and used the Champ Card not like there is a big difference between being 5th or 4th other then getting into the playoff. Guess we will find out tomorrow when USC and PSU play.
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    Best of luck to him in advancing his career. I harbor no ill will towards DC. There is no question he loves Auburn but, business is business.
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    Yes and the bad thing is that Bama seems to turn a lot of those into touchdowns. Hope it's the game of his career.
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    CKS has my vote of confidence in whoever he picks. He earned it. I trust him to make a good decision. Anxious to see who it is. Some good names tossed around on here. I just dont want an on the job training guy, but as long as there's results on the field i dont care who it is. Hopefully we will know very soon.
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    Typical libbie response. "I didn't get my way so I'm going to stay home, sit in my safe place and whine." Waaaaah!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just had 8 years of that, homer... ( What would your reaction be if she had done this for Obama? )
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    Dell McGee seems to fit this profile more than etheridge would at this point. Auburn is not a on the job training kind of job. we need proven guys.
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    feel the same way. What is the reason though?? Is it a Saban thing? Where his dominance has shook up so many teams in his tenure to cause coaching to be mediocre? So many SEC coaches have very little experience. I don't think it has anything to do with talent or scheme really.
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    Those are recruited california girls. No native women of Oregon are in that group of cheerleaders.
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    I would hope they have already contacted whoever they are considering, and have the decision made and are waiting for the appropriate time to announce it. But I'm always over optimistic about that kind of stuff. I'm sure we'll build up whomever they hire to be one of the best recruiters and developers of talent in football, until they aren't.
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    Yup. Which for a position player means they have not evaluated him yet.