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    Here's my perspective on what happened today and why it's important. POTUS has shown a pattern of calling everything that doesn't fit his narrative "fake news", thus those outlets that have consistently published stories putting the administration in a bad light get that label from him and were denied basic access today. This is not a well-functioning relationship. For all of his flaws, Obama never denied access to adversarial mainstream outlets like Fox News (look at what Chris Wallace said last week on the matter). Obama may have disagreed with the reporting and said so loudly, but that's very different from what happened today. In fact, those in the media are actually OK with POTUS disagreeing with the merits of the reporting. What they are not OK with is limiting basic access, which hampers their ability to do a job. We should also not condone this behavior, as if it goes unchecked, it will become a pattern and can easily lead to only "friendly" outlets receiving access in the future.
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    I've said before, both extremes of on taxes are wrong. There is a point at which taxes create a drag on the economy and reduce productivity and investment and drive away industry and people. There is also a point at which taxes are so low that government cannot function properly, can't meet reasonable obligations, and so on. There's a sweet spot for taxes where it balances all these concerns and gives you a responsive government with good services, well funded schools and so on while having an environment that's conducive to business growth and people wanting to live there. The problem comes when people follow ideology that swings to either side too far and ignore reality on the ground.
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    Seems like an odd time to choose Ole Miss...
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    Ah... but see you're getting it all wrong. North Carolina cheated. Ole Miss cheated AND beat bama 2 years in a row. This, my friends, is why I will always appreciate Rich McGlynn, no matter how overbearing his by the book stance may or may not be... because when we get back to beating bama, they can send in the NCAA dogs and they will, once again, find NOTHING.
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    I think this person reveals a fundamental problem with bureaucrats. He refers to serving an "administration". Too many bureaucrats have lost touch with the concept of serving the country, the people.
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    Who will take early lead in spring as Auburn's top wide receiver? James Crepea | jcrepea@al.com We're taking a look at each position group as Auburn prepares to open spring practice on Feb. 28. The third of a nine-part series looks at the wide receivers. Projected depth chart: Kyle Davis, sophomore, 12 receptions for 248 yards and two touchdowns Eli Stove, sophomore, 23 receptions for 224 yards and 11 carries for 131 yards and a touchdown Ryan Davis, junior, 25 receptions for 194 yards and a touchdown and three carries for five yards Darius Slayton, redshirt-sophomore, 15 receptions for 292 yards and a touchdown Nate Craig-Myers, sophomore, four receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown Jason Smith, senior, four receptions for 60 yards and one carry for no yards Marquis McClain, redshirt-freshman, redshirted in 2016 Will Hastings, junior, 11 receptions for 98 yards and a touchdown Logan Rice, junior, did not record a statistic in 2016 Departed: Tony Stevens, 31 receptions for 487 yards with three touchdowns; Marcus Davis, 17 receptions for 160 yards; Stanton Truitt, seven receptions for 100 yards and a touchdown with 31 carries for 187 yards and two scores Due to arrive in the fall: Noah Igbinoghene, JaTarvious Whitlow Outlook: Spring practice will be the first indication as to who will end up taking over as Auburn's top wide receiver. A potential change at quarterback and the departure of three of the team's leading eight receivers from last season should lead to an increase in productivity in the passing game. It was the first time since 2008 that Auburn's leading receiver failed to have at least 600 yards. There is no shortage of candidates to be the top target for whoever wins the quarterback competition. Kyle Davis is the leading returning receiver in terms of yards per catch and touchdowns (two), while Darius Slayton had the most receiving yards among returning players, Eli Stove had the most all-purpose yards and Ryan Davis had the most receptions. Each have unique skill sets and filled different roles last season and could see some alterations as new offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey determines how to utilize Auburn's personnel. Then there's Nate Craig-Myers, who had a quiet debut season, and Jason Smith, who did even less as a junior last season. Craig-Myers should see an increase in production and opportunities in the fall but it will begin with a strong spring. Smith needs to show he belongs in a deep but inexperienced receiving corps or he'll be in for another season with a limited role. Marquis McClain will get his most expansive reps to date in the spring and could be the sleeper of the group to go from redshirted to a substantial role if he proves himself.
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    #1 Florida State finally lost a game, to Texas A&M - shut out by Samantha Show. Tennessee is still undefeated, I believe. #22 Missouri beat Washington 9-5. And Oklahoma lost its third game, to Tennessee.
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    I wonder if lil Nicky would ever do anything like this? I respect Gus for his willingness to bring in coaches from the HS ranks that are really seasoned veteran coaches like Coach Blackmon. I think I see the vision that Gus has for our program's long term success. He does resemble Dean Winchester a good deal! Tomorrow, I will welcome my newest addition to the Doc family. This will be Bubba-Max, a 7 year old male Corgi in need of a good home. We rescued him through the Corgi Rescue of the Carolinas. He will be the new WDC! (War Damn Corgi II). He will carry the torch with pride and tenacity that are trademarks of Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
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    * Trump was simply tweaking Hillary's nose w/ this, as well as the MSM , who were and continue to be completely on her side, as well as the side of any Leftist in govt. He didn't solicit anything. He was mocking the Left, mocking the Hillary campaign, who was and continues to use and blame Russia for their own incompetence and shortcomings.
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    You're underestimating our current QB. Had he not have been hurt, and had Gus started him from game 1, we could have easily been 10-1 before the Iron Bowl and played our way into the playoffs.
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    Looking at his picture, I'm not sure he's capable of warm fuzzies.
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    That was an unforeseen event, not a planned US military op. Big difference.
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    I consider myself a pretty level-headed fan, but I would certainly align myself with your first paragraph. The state the program was in when Barbee left and Bruce arrived couldn't have been much worse. I definitely give Bruce all the credit for getting this team and program where it is right now in the short amount of time he's done it. There are very few coaches who could've created this type of turnaround this quickly at Auburn, and I don't think any of those coaches would've entertained the thought of coming here. And I blame Barbee for the fact that this program isn't in better shape than it's in right now. He left almost nothing on the roster, especially nothing of long-term value. So, in year three, instead of having some upperclassmen to help guide us and lead us, Bruce is relying on freshmen and sophomores to do those things. Thankfully, the two seniors who see significant minutes are playing better of late. So, yeah. I'm guilty of giving Bruce all the credit and Barbee all the blame. And I'll probably play that game next year as well, although it should be less of an excuse IMO because of the amount of contributions from his high school recruits next year. As for skipping postseason play if we don't make the NIT, I think we take anything we can get. It just means more practice time and at least one more game for the freshmen, and that's valuable, especially tournament pressure (even if it is watered down). And any season that guarantees the first winning season since 2009, led by a core group of freshmen and sophomores, should be considered a success at Auburn IMO. We don't have the history to have expectations that exceeds seasons like this one. Next year should be different, but this season should be celebrated because it brings about a lot of promise and expectation for the future.
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    Considering Auburn has had 1 season with 20+ wins since Cliff left and that was over 5 years ago, I'd say just the fact we still have a chance to reach 20 wins at this point in the season should be considered a small success and a step in the right direction.
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    Ah, some kindred souls! Here are four of my favorite cars over the years. 1. Not sure why but my Dad bought me a 1967 corvette convertible, 427 with 3X2 while I was in school. Way fast...too fast...could barely keep tires on it. I lost my pics of it, but here is a pic of the scale model I have. 2. !968 Corvette vert, 327. Not nearly as cool, nor as fast as the 68, but it had AC! No pics. 3. 2004 BMW Z3, 3L, vert. Really liked this car, but it was too small. No pics. 4. 1996 BMW 2.8, vert. It is a garage queen. Just drive it when I am in the mood.
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    Ashley, Smith , Dunn, Not sure, Golson/James , Golson has to start playing mean to be a factor at OT. Dunn gives AU a lot of options on the OL. Hand thinks Dunn will start at C. I like it.
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    Gus isn't off the hot seat yet. Gus could still have another 7 or 8 win season next fall.
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    The interesting thing with the punishment is gonna be how Ole Miss, being a repeat offender, magnifies the punishment.
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    Do they even have any virgins in Tusc....nevermind...
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    Do a little research. Federal employees are almost solid Democrats as journalists.
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    An excuse for what? Even though there have been glaring disappointments this season, this program has made real progress. We will play in a post season tourney 1 way or another, are guaranteed a winning record for the 1st time in 8 years, have a 100 spot RPI jump from 179 last year to 79 this year, have 6 true road wins this season which is 2nd in the SEC, and will have an at least 6 game jump in overall record from last year to this year.
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    Which is the exact reason why I won't label uat as "going backwards" because Saban's most recent hires appear outside his usual style. They have primarily fielded a productive offense that's well balanced, Saban has done it with QBs the likes of McElroy/McCarron/Coker/Sims/Truefrosh Hurts and with OCs the likes of McElwayne/Nussmeyer/Kiffin. Nothing really impressive about those QBs or those OCs in my eyes.
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    You better lock it before Viper Strike or Tiger Scout see it.