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    Plus we need to start playing Tulane anyway so we can take the series lead against them. They are 17-14 versus us right now all time.
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    I did all of these things. I'm in good shape. I have a lot of friends who failed on a couple of them. Being mostly in a middle to upper-middle class upbringing, the ones who messed around and had kids out of wedlock or abused drugs or alcohol in HS or college had families with means who could help them. The pregnancy wasn't the end of the world, though it delayed their progress a few years. They eventually wised up on the partying, either growing out of it naturally or having families with the means to provide intervention. In other words, kids who are born into good families that screw up royally have margin for error. They can recover from stupid choices. Hell, they can even prolong the amount of time spent making stupid choices because they are shielded from the most devastating, permanently life-altering consequences many times. Kids unlucky enough to be born poor get no such slack. They don't get the shielding and the opportunity to learn before their life is veering off course. Getting out of the ruts that poor decisions make for people is a Herculean effort by comparison.
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    JJ never had a real QB Coach, pretty much what he is saying without saying it
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    "If you have one of the best seasons that they've had in 14 years and you want to start talking to me about critical, then you've lost perspective on where this program has been, how it's valued and how it's judged. You just have. Our fan base does not feel that way... Our program is in really, really good shape." Love it.
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    The newly NCEA #1 ranked Auburn Equestrian team will be hosting the SEC championship tournament March 24-25, only cost gas money. March 7, 2017 AUBURN, Ala. – The Auburn equestrian team moved up to No. 1 in the latest National Collegiate Equestrian Association rankings released Tuesday following a successful weekend on the road last week. “The team is starting to run much more in sync now and riding much more on the level we see in practices,” head coach Greg Williams said. “I'm very proud of the team and coaches and love how we continue to get better weekly. We will be hitting full stride perfectly in the postseason.” Auburn (7-3, 4-2) put together solid performances in Texas this past weekend, opening with a tiebreak win over then-No. 1 Baylor Friday afternoon. The two teams rode to a 9-9 tie and the Tigers came away victorious with a 1495-1481 raw score win. The squad moved on to College Station Saturday, facing then-No. 2 Texas A&M in the regular season finale. Auburn picked up a solid 12-7 victory over the Aggies following solid showings from Equitation on the Flat and Horsemanship. Sophomore Caitlin Boyle earned back-to-back MOP honors in Equitation Over Fences on the weekend, while junior Alexa Rivard picked up her first MOP nod of the season in Reining Friday afternoon. Sophomores Ashton Alexander (Flat) and Lauren Diaz (Horsemanship) were also recognized for their outstanding rides against the Aggies. Auburn will be the No. 2 seed in the upcoming SEC Championships. The two-day tournament will be held at the Auburn University Equestrian Center, March 24-25, and admission is free. Georgia will be the No. 1 seed, while Texas A&M and South Carolina come in at Nos. 3 and 4.
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    Oh damn, I forgot that Avenue is doing the Peche Mortel tap takeover. @Barnacle, you lucky son of... I see a Great Raft beer on there, too.
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    Such a sad way to end that 2 year window we had. Came crumbling down with the Chris Porter stuff.
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    We can haz a Kam Chancellor? I know, I know. Hard to tell much from the highlights, given the competition, but yeah you gotta love the metrics, and he seems very fond of contact. Intriguing prospect.
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    Like the sunshine here but AU needs some players to step up at safety for this to become a reality. So far that hasn't happened.
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    See alot of blame being placed on Harper....we knew what we were getting with him. I gave an analysis of his game when everybody was talking about him when we signed. Mitchell is a different player but even if he does take over he will experience the same transitional bumps. That was my point of the prediction this year. We're upping our talent but we aren't signing the type of talent I think many of you hype up. Are we playing in any type of end of year tournament? When everything is over I'm going to do a thread of my pre season predictions and what happened this season, and explain why things happened. Oh and Alabama is going to be pretty good next year, I hope we're ready
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    Reminds me of the time I had a car stolen. It ended up in D.C. The police found it when they arrested some Russian prostitutes. The police informed me the car was recovered and gave me the number for a towing company to contact. The towing company informed me that I owed them for a tow, $250.00 plus, I was incurring storage fees at the rate of $150.00 per day. Felt more "robbed" when the car was found than I did when it was stolen.
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    I won't be satisfied until we play only the top 12 teams in a season...and he better win at least 11 of them or else.
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    Guys, this is a solid schedule filler. We are already playing Oregon out of conference. We pick up Tulane instead of Jacksonville St or Samford. You have to have a few down weeks to let people heal and get young guys playing time. How can we complain about every schedule decision that is made. I think Tulane is a solid choice for a NON- marquee out of conference game. Some people here just look for reasons to complain ....
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    I'll take it. Let's beat the NC State Wolfpack. War Eagle!
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    wow how in the world with the way we finished.............happy for the girls....especially seniors
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    I wish we could somehow code a rainbow blinky in big bold impact font at the bottom of every one of Raptor's posts that reads "THIS IS WHAT RAPTOR ACTUALLY BELIEVES"
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    No I think it is one small piece of the puzzle.
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    I lived in Knoxville for almost 10 years. Their football stadium is a rust bucket. In addition, they jam people into benches that are too small for normal human beings. Their seats are only 16 inches wide. This allows them to brag about their huge capacity. Additionally, the upper deck area is at such an angle, you almost feel like you will fall forward when you stand up. I'll take our stadium over theirs every day of the week.
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    2 things... did the NYT mean ' wire tapping ' when it wrote about ' wire tapping ' ?? And this goes back to my point ( Peter Theil's words, not mine ) , that Trump opponents take him literally, not seriously, while Trump supporters take him seriously, not literally.
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    That GR is their everyday APA. Really, really solid beer. Glanced at the bottle list....BBA Narwhal....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    Cole pretty much nailed it in his early season reviews. I disagreed with him on Purifoy as I thought he would do well at 4 Cole said he should be playing three. Cole was right and I have to give him credit on that one. Harper played well at times after a couple of games he won with his scoring, I think he lost sight of the fact that he should be a facilitator first and a scorer second but he is in his 1st year. There is a balancing act there as there were times we needed his scoring when others were cold. Herron was even better than I expected I was most impressed by his consistency I would not have expected that from any freshman. Purifoy has talent I believe the ankle injury impacted him as much mentally as physically as his game changed he became a little more tentative on going to the hole. Wiley was pretty much what I expected big kid can score around the basket needs to get into college shape not HS shape solid player for as young as he was and will get a lot better during off season, McLemore was a pleasant surprise as he gets stronger he could be the player that does the dirty work that we were missing this year the hustle plays, pesky defender you love and other team hates, rebounder whatever it takes kind of job. Bryce Brown is our best all ball defender and has gotten his shot back. Spencer is going to have to learn the 4 position in addition to being the backup 5. PG will be the biggest possible issue next year Mitchell while talented and bigger than Harper will still be a freshman which is a learning curve hopefully during off season they work with Harper to make him more of a facilitator first scorer second. SG will be a strength with Purofoy Herron, Brown as options. SF will be a strength with Purofoy, Herron, Lang, and Okeke as options. PF will need Spencer to develop and McLemore if Spencer can't develop as a 4 this will be a weak area may still see Purifoy here and Okeke also, Center with year of experience and strength and conditioning program Wiley will be strong 5 with Spencer and McLemore as solid backups. I am hoping a years playing together, Off season strength and conditioning will help all the players especially on rebounding and team defense. Last year I thought NIT was doable with outside shot at NCAA, next year I expect NIT with a little bit better shot at NCAA one key thing is one of these players will have to step up and be the leader it doesn't have to be the best player but a player the other players respect. There are three that I think could become the leader: 1. Herron because of his consistency. 2. Purifoy because it will be his third year and he has the talent that people will respect him. 3. McLemore if he can become that do the dirty work type player who will lead by example.
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    before wiley arrived, i thought he would get pushed around more by the sec bigs. i was wrong. he did a fine job. my minor critiques would be his need to go up with the ball stronger, which as previously posted he did in this game. he seems to have a decent vertical, but doesn't always show it. improve his hands when receiving a pass (also already mentioned). he seems to be ready for a lot of these passes, but they seem to get away from him some. free throws, free throws, free throws ... if he catches a few more of the passes down low AND he improves his FT's ... i think he would easily add 5-8 points a game based on FT's alone ... nevermind getting the ball more often or making more of his shots.
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    They have other targets higher on the board. There are 3 interior O linemen in Georgia ranked higher than Jalil & UGA leads for the top 2 of them.
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    Chip Lindsey wants Auburn's tight ends to develop into 'versatile' playmakers Tom Green | This spring has been busier than usual for Jalen Harris. That's to be expected with new offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey running things on that side of the ball. The little-used Auburn tight end has been moved around more and been more involved in the offense as Lindsey integrates his offensive scheme in with his personnel this spring. Through the first two weeks of practice, Harris -- as well as JUCO signee Sal Cannella -- has lined up at the tradition tight end spot, moved to the backfield at H-back and also been split out at receiver. It's not that Auburn is trying to find the best fit for Harris and Cannella; it's that Lindsey wants his tight ends to be as versatile as can be. It's a different approach altogether from head coach Gus Malzahn's first four years on the Plains. "There's been years we've had tight ends in places I've been that have been that have been really effective and there's been other years they haven't," Lindsey said. "I think the more versatile we can be with our tight ends and development and let those guys work at the different spots I only think it's going to help us." The tight end position has been considerably underutilized during Malzahn's tenure at Auburn. Last season, Harris registered just two receptions for 16 yards, though both went for touchdowns. The first was on Malzahn's "Fight Song" trick play against Ole Miss, while the other was a 1-yard reception on a Wildcat pass from running back Kerryon Johnson as time expired in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2. Auburn's H-backs, tight ends will have 'similar' roles but be 'more involved' in offense Auburn plans to better utilize its H-backs and tight ends in the passing game under new offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey and position coach Larry Porter. Those were the first two receptions of Harris' career, and the only two receptions by an Auburn tight end the last two seasons, as the position has been primarily used for blocking purposes. While Harris said "nothing's really changed" for the tight ends under Lindsey, the group figured to be used more often in the offense, especially with Lindsey looking to open up the passing game next season. "It's mostly the same type of offense," Harris said. "We're running. We're doing a lot of the same stuff at H-back. We've got a little couple of extra routes at tight end that I haven't ran yet. It's always fun running a couple more routes and just showing them what I can do." The expansion of the tight ends' route tree is particularly telling. Over the last four years under Malzahn, Auburn tight ends have totaled just 27 receptions for 347 yards. Harris hopes the additional routes lead to more opportunities in the passing game. "I've just got to do my part in practice," Harris said. "He's given me opportunities, and that's all I'm asking right now." Harris, during his limited opportunities, has shown he has capable hands as a receiver. Cannella has shown to have more "wide receiver ability" as well, and the former JUCO prospect recorded 29 catches for 443 yards and seven touchdowns for the Scottsdale (Ariz.) Community College Fighting Artichokes last season. While Lindsey would like to see both of them work on their blocking and develop more during offseason strength and conditioning, he hopes the remainder of spring helps them emerge as reliable playmakers so he can tailor the offense around them and whichever other skill players rise to the top of the depth chart. After all, as Lindsey pointed out during his introductory press conference in January, one of his top priorities as a play-caller is to get the ball to his best playmakers as often as possible. At Auburn, that has rarely been a tight end -- save for the late Phillip Lutzenkirchen between 2009-11 -- but that could change with Lindsey running the offense. "We want a guy that's versatile," Lindsey said. "At the end of the day you build an offense around your playmakers and if your tight ends are in your top 3-5 playmakers, they're going to catch balls. That's the way it works. If not, you're going to get the ball to the guys that can score.... At the end of the day, after spring we'll evaluate the offense and see where we are and who our playmakers are and how we can get them the ball and the chips will kind of fall where they do."
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    Bad news: I continue to believe that unless you have a freak athlete in Gus's system, QBs will look underdeveloped in this league. It it not one thing, it is a composite of things. We run the ball 70% of the time, allowing teams to continuously stack the box and press receivers. We don't use the tight end, allowing teams to double other receivers. Receivers aren't thrown to and become rusty and show poor hands. And our route tree is way too predictable. All that makes it almost impossible for a QB to thrive Good news: OC Lindsey has the ability and weapons to change all of that and make our offense super tough to defend. If Gus stays out of his way, we will be potent in 2017!
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    Mabel a common bond of Nigeria with the Princes might help the situation?
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    Simple solution one government regulation that no charge for any service can be more that 15% higher than the current lowest negotiated price. Hospitals and Doctors should have a known rate structure like any other business. So If I go to a hospital that charges $500.00 to BCBS and that is lowest cost negotiated with any provider then the most that hospital can charge me or another insurance company is $575.00 With that one regulation selling across state lines would than be competitive.
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    I think it changes his perception at least by the sites, particularly Rivals, who has him as a 3* & was the exclusive sponsor of the event.
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    A lot of opportunities for life changing decisions made by teenagers. Teenagers of parents with means can often bail their kids out of bad decisions.
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    I heard a presentation last year , where the speaker said you had a 98% chance of not being poor if you did the following; 1. Graduate from high school 2. Get a job 3. Don't have children until after you are married 4. Don't abuse drugs or alcohol.
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    I don't know what he did but apologizing could be for anything. If he said I'm sorry for the rape or I'm sorry and I know I should have stopped, is one thing. I don't know the laws on rape that well, but seems like if he said I'm sorry I kept going when you said no, he would have been arrested.
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    I really don't care for the writeup. Rice "repeatedly apologized". The info was released to the public, so what did he apologize for? Raping her? Making her feel uncomfortable in a class? Something in between? Without knowing the wording of Rice's apology, Creepy is telling us nothing.
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    I think it has progressed beyond merely sanctioning corruption, and is instead actively encouraging it.
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    I don't blame the government for keeping anyone poor. However, I do not like it when the government allows someone to become wealthy by preying upon the poor, the aged, or the ignorant, the powerless. I have never cared for the idea of profiting from the misery of others.
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    Pretty sure he was talking about the fact that you don't care at all about his dating a married woman, not Auburn as a whole because he was dating a married woman. Yes it happens, but the disturbing part is the acceptance of it. Of course the other part of the story is worse, but it doesn't lessen the first part and the fact that people aren't bothered by it. That's the society he is speaking of. A society accepting of adultery.
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    Proof that I do listen to "new" music, albeit (in this case) recorded in an old-folks home with some familiar faces.
  39. 1 point Jeremy Johnson thinks he ‘caught a few eyes’ in his Pro Day workout Matthew Stevens , Montgomery Advertiser Buy Photo Auburn quarterback Jeremy Johnson (6) throws a pass during Auburn's Pro Day on Friday, March 10, 2017, in Auburn, Ala. (Photo: Albert Cesare / Advertiser) AUBURN – For the first time in years, Jeremy Johnson stood in the middle of Auburn’s indoor practice facility with a smile on his face. The former Auburn quarterback, who started 11 games and notably lost the starting role in a public manner two seasons ago, threw passes at Auburn’s Pro Day workout exemplifying the potential his alma mater saw in him four years ago as a recruit. While hoping the past simply didn’t matter anymore and the present of his ability would impress just one professional franchise in getting him a training camp invitation, Johnson said he felt happy to be on an Auburn field for the first time in a long while. “It’s been a minute,” Johnson said. “I faced a lot of adversity here, but I’m back to myself. A new era, a new beginning. I’m just looking forward to what’s next in my life.” With no defense in front of him, Johnson showed velocity, touch and accuracy while throwing route tree passes to wide receivers Tony Stevens and Marcus Davis Friday while hoping NFL scouts would see the present and forget the past. “I feel good where I’m at. I think I caught a few eyes,” Johnson said. “With this deal, it’s all about catching one eye. I feel like I caught a couple eyes and a lot of guys are going to be in touch with me.” Johnson, who measured just above 6-foot-4 and 232 pounds, ran the 40-yard dash twice with his best mark being an unofficial 4.68 seconds. He also recorded a 9-foot-6 broad jump and a 31.5-inch vertical leap. Johnson spent the last few months working in Orlando with quarterbacks coach Tom Shaw, who has trained NFL stars Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and the time in Florida helped him work on throwing mechanics to possibly so more accuracy in drills similar to Friday. “Coach Shaw taught me a different way of holding the ball, keeping space under the palm of my hand that changed the way the ball came out and as far as following through,” Johnson said. “Being accurate, that’s all he preached on. “Coming out of high school, I was coached, but I never had a quarterback coach and here the situation was what it was. I appreciate them for giving me the opportunity. I love Coach Malzahn and Coach Lashlee.” “With this deal, it’s all about catching one eye. I feel like I caught a couple eyes and a lot of guys are going to be in touch with me.” — Auburn QB Jeremy Johnson on his Pro Day workout Friday. Stevens, who was his first receiving target in the passing drills, said he immediately returned to that connection the pair had when they formed a pitch-and-catch duo in their true freshman season. Johnson started 11 games at Auburn and played in 30 career games during his roller coast four-year career that included 2,224 passing yards, 20 touchdown passes and nine more touchdowns on the ground. “I thought he did good today,” Stevens said. “It was nice to see him back here was a smile on his face spinning the ball like we all know he’s capable of. We’re all at different places training and I hadn’t seen him in months but he’s always going to have that connection with me.” CLOSE Auburn QB Jeremy Johnson after his Pro Day workouts Matthew Stevens In front of representatives of all 32 NFL teams Friday, Johnson tried to prove his arm talent would be enough to be part of professional football at some level. However, he also knew that while standing in Auburn’s indoor practice facility for likely the last time, Johnson finally felt comfortable talking about some of his shortcomings in his college career. "It was my fault," Johnson said. “Whatever questions I'm asked I'm going to answer it truthfully and I'm not here to bash nobody because it was my fault as well.” Some of those questions obviously entail Johnson, who started Auburn’s final two regular season games in 2016, discussing what led to the six interceptions that Johnson threw in the first three games of the 2015 season leading to Sean White getting the starting nod over him following an embarrassing 45-21 loss at LSU. The “adversity” Johnson referred to Friday continued in 2016 when in the same week he was told he wouldn’t be the starting quarterback for the season opener against No. 2 Clemson, Johnson’s grandfather was tragically killed in a car accident. Johnson still participated in practice while dealing with the grief of losing a trusted and loving family member and was involved in the three-quarterback game plan against Clemson. In the 19-13 home loss to Clemson, Johnson tossed a critical interception among the six attempted passes and was stuffed on a fourth down conversion. After those plays, the familiar boos at Jordan-Hare Stadium cascaded down. The “storm” that Malzahn said Johnson had passed through was back again as he took a confidence dip in the 2016 season opener. As he addressed questions Friday about the first quarterback he signed at Auburn, Malzahn had a noticeably different tone and demeanor when talking about the Montgomery native. “Jeremy is, I think, a young man with a great family. Jeremy's had his ups and downs but he hung in there,” Malzahn said. “I think that will carry him a long way in life. He's got great character, he's a great worker and I thought he performed well today.” One of things that the former Carver High School star already carries with him is a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary University Studies from Auburn that he earned last semester. Despite not having a ‘SEC graduates’ patch on his jersey at the 2017 Sugar Bowl loss to Oklahoma, Johnson is listed on Auburn’s alumni website as an official graduate. “I love Auburn. I’m an Auburn man. I appreciate the opportunity,” Johnson said. ““It felt good to be out here again for the last time with my fellow teammates.”
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    LOL, keep spinning. SW's best QB coaching has not come from Gus/Lashlee. JJ did not have the benefit of a better than average QB coach at AU. Hopefully, since Gus' ass will be fired if we put up another season like every season since 2013, Gus has realized his own shortcomings. wde
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    He sat behind Marshall for two years. Then relieved an injured younger qb for the next two. Even if it is proven the coaching was subpar, he was out performed by lesser talent. Better coaching would have likely benefited all the QBs. Still keeping him on the sidelines. It is what it is and I hope he does well in what ever he does.
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    I know this is about Stidam and I think he will at least be a solid guy for us, but Woody Barret looks like a freak of nature. I don't know much about his actual abilities as a QB but if Lindsey can get him right he can be a stud as well
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    Heavens to murgatroyd! The Green Wave! That's like a Crimson Tide, er sort'a. WDE from a color-blind soul.
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    Lol gives us the first winning season in almost a decade and some people wanna put him on the hot seat. Give me a break
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    I hope we get 3* kolbi Fuqua and he plays defense. Just so when he tattoos somebody, we can say "he just got FUQUA'D" or "he FUQUA'D that dude all up"
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    I'm sure coach Dye probably gets a little change for doing these articles and being a Guest on a radio show or something but I wish he would just be a silent observer. Love everything he has done for AU but eventually you have to put the old stud out in the pasture to graze. War Eagle Coach.
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    Lord wait till bird sees it and we have a thesis on everything
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