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    I would like to thank everyone at for inviting me and Gridiron Now to share our Auburn stories with you. I'm a '97 AU journalism grad and have been a fan of the work everyone here does for many years. I am the director of content for GN and along with running our day-to-day operations, I also write regularly, generally about AU. I live just outside of Jax, FL now, so my perspectives are given from a more 10,000 ft level. As an example of the high-quality, insightful Auburn coverage we hope to bring you, we have an article written by Class of 2018 AU QB commit Joey Gatewood's QB coach. I think you'll be interested (excited!), to hear what he has to say about how Joey has developed throughout high school and what kind of player he expects him to be in college. Thanks again and I look forward to conversing with you all again soon.
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    Finally, a receiver with abs like mine.
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    I hope so, because he has sure received some criticism. Kodi is going to develop into a great coach and recruiter. He's already an excellent person.
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    Of course not. Those that have been dissin' Kodi's recruiting abilities would have to eat too much crow.
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    no whammy! No whammy! NO.....WHAMMY!!!!!
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    This is nice but...can I meet your girlfriend?
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    Read more at: The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Obama's response to the Dallas shooting was praised despite not being aggressive in condemning the attack by labeling it what it was "terrorism" and also sidestepping the shooters motivations at the time even though it was obvious within hours that the shooter's background was very radical and racist. Even after having a couple of days to digest the situation, not only did Obama still not bring up the shooters motives and call them out, he did what Trump did and blamed both sides. So when Obama blamed both sides, even though police bias had nothing to do with why 5 police officers were killed, it was ok for him to criticize police practices and include them in the blame just days after the attack. Obama not only got a pass for this but praise was heaped upon him for his response. When a black person was killed by police, Obama didn't blame both sides. But when police officers were killed, he spent as much time talking about police bias and systemic racism as he did in actually condemning the attack and the motives behind them. He also managed to blame guns and call for gun control. The shooter's motives just didn't seem to be important to Obama as he never brought it up. The way Trump's response to Charlottesville was treated vs how Obama's Dallas response was treated is an example of blatant bias and hypocrisy. Despite both responses sharing ineffectual condemnation, blaming both sides, and both responses spending as much time making excuses for the conditions that led to the incidents, only one response was harshly rebuked. The other response was glowingly accepted and revered as "Lincolnesque".
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    A lot of his criticism was due to his bumbling of Mobile. That was based directly from coaches, players, and their parents comments towards Kodi and his action/inactions. His criticism early was absolutely warranted as is the congrats for the job he has done lately. He is learning quickly and effectively, but don't act like he is doing it all on his own.
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    Some knowledgeable folks who have criticized Kodi in the past have since given him a lot of credit for the work he's doing on this class.
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    "I heard we are going to have a waffley good year this year."
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    J. Lee maybe time to if I was Gus I would not hesitate Pull both testicles into the scrotum. ... Place the rubber band on the elastrator.
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    A reminder of why I quit all of the pay sites a couple of years ago. I trust what's posted on here much more than what I was paying for. Shout out to austudnt23, Big Bird, AuGolf1716, and a few others for keeping it real.
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    Good riddance. He never should have been in there in the first place. One terrible adviser to the President down, several more to go.
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    The ideal college athlete ...never makes the news except on game day.....Way to go Braden......
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    The media needs to be more evenhanded then. That's all I have been asking for. We can't talk about the media and about protecting free speech but yet let the media remain mute on the hate groups that threaten free speech. Doesn't make any sense at all.
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    Get ready, Gus gonna eat here a lot this year.
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    Rivals had a premature article postulation.
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    Well hopefully we are playing them in January of 2018 in NC!
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    I love his attitude after the play. Say what you want, but you need a safety that has a little nasty in him and isn't afraid to remind you of it.
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    No threads on our best OL? Looking for big things this year out of Braden ...
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    This might as well be a billboard in ASA Martins front yard!!! lol. I love this! This is some first class social mediaing (is that a word? probaly not!) I love this promotion of our history. It needs to be pounded in to our potential RB recruits head that everyone in that 2013 backfield made the NFL. *whispers* Even if none have had great success in the NFL yet.
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    S***. I may need a mods ruling on this post. I'm afraid this may have already killed my "Mark My Words" prediction, lol.
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    Me too. We can't get the fax from him soon enough. When I watch players, what separates the good ones to me is the mental not the physical. You have to hate. You have to be the Alpha Dog. If you don't have that type of mental edge then your just another kid with length and size that should be playing WR or basketball.
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    Kearis Jackson knows baseball? Now there's a marketing pitch if I ever heard one!
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    Liberty? As in Falwell? If so, they're fundamentally sound....
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    I find it fascinating these folks apparently aren't intelligent enough to understand they are being counterproductive. They are actually helping the people they are trying to oppose.
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    They've criticized him almost as hard as some criticized our linebackers a few years ago.
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    Like some of the comments I've read: ...physicality .....a guy who can help the QB by going to get the ball.....been missing that characteristic in many of our receivers in recent years. Sounds like a great addition to the team and I'm happy to see him coming to Auburn.
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    I literally read this in the Karl Childers voice.
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    So there's his relationships with Matt Hill, Wooten family, Stid, QM, Chip, and Cam, our history with dual-threat qb's, and the results of a Stid led offense this year that factor into him coming now yet people still think he's a UGA lean...I feel good regardless ?
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    @auburn4ever where you at?! come celebrate! you have been waiting on a big time commitment sir!
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    I know JF RT all his friend's commits, BUT this pick up can't hurt. ?
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    I wish. In total reality, I ain't got time to fish. Maybe later in the fall. Just too busy. But it's almost always crappie. Sometimes bream and shell crackers.
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    Greg Bryant was the recruit & I think he ended up at ND.
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    Watch his very first pass in College Football...confident, effortless and on point...
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    Poor kid. Hate that it went down this way..but so pumped he is coming!
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    In 16 holland was like a blind dog in a meat market. I hope this year he can control the chaos and become an all American
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    Most of this Heisman baloney isn't coming from Auburn fans, it's the media and Bammer fans spitting it out. He's got the tools, can make all the throws, has some weapons around him to make some plays and a pretty decent D, but that's not all it takes to be successful. He can't be constantly put in unmanageable situations like several times over the past two seasons. We'll need better offensives schemes and more diversity, balance and consistency from the coaches. I'm crossing my fingers on that last sentence.
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    On the up side, if you move Pettway to H-Back, defensive coordinators have to seriously wonder who's going to actually get the hand-off.
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    Translation: He makes the right decision quickly and then executes! Some were concerned about this because of some jackwagon on bleacher report. No worries fam. Stidham is gonna be a good one. Our Offense will be balanced and very good. Our Defense will be deep and talented. We have the best kicker in America. 2017 is gonna be a fun one!!!