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    no whammy! No whammy! NO.....WHAMMY!!!!!
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    Read more at: The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Obama's response to the Dallas shooting was praised despite not being aggressive in condemning the attack by labeling it what it was "terrorism" and also sidestepping the shooters motivations at the time even though it was obvious within hours that the shooter's background was very radical and racist. Even after having a couple of days to digest the situation, not only did Obama still not bring up the shooters motives and call them out, he did what Trump did and blamed both sides. So when Obama blamed both sides, even though police bias had nothing to do with why 5 police officers were killed, it was ok for him to criticize police practices and include them in the blame just days after the attack. Obama not only got a pass for this but praise was heaped upon him for his response. When a black person was killed by police, Obama didn't blame both sides. But when police officers were killed, he spent as much time talking about police bias and systemic racism as he did in actually condemning the attack and the motives behind them. He also managed to blame guns and call for gun control. The shooter's motives just didn't seem to be important to Obama as he never brought it up. The way Trump's response to Charlottesville was treated vs how Obama's Dallas response was treated is an example of blatant bias and hypocrisy. Despite both responses sharing ineffectual condemnation, blaming both sides, and both responses spending as much time making excuses for the conditions that led to the incidents, only one response was harshly rebuked. The other response was glowingly accepted and revered as "Lincolnesque".
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    "I heard we are going to have a waffley good year this year."
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    Good riddance. He never should have been in there in the first place. One terrible adviser to the President down, several more to go.
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    The ideal college athlete ...never makes the news except on game day.....Way to go Braden......
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    The media needs to be more evenhanded then. That's all I have been asking for. We can't talk about the media and about protecting free speech but yet let the media remain mute on the hate groups that threaten free speech. Doesn't make any sense at all.
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    Well hopefully we are playing them in January of 2018 in NC!
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    S***. I may need a mods ruling on this post. I'm afraid this may have already killed my "Mark My Words" prediction, lol.
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    Me too. We can't get the fax from him soon enough. When I watch players, what separates the good ones to me is the mental not the physical. You have to hate. You have to be the Alpha Dog. If you don't have that type of mental edge then your just another kid with length and size that should be playing WR or basketball.
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    They've criticized him almost as hard as some criticized our linebackers a few years ago.
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    I know JF RT all his friend's commits, BUT this pick up can't hurt. ?
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    Greg Bryant was the recruit & I think he ended up at ND.
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    In 16 holland was like a blind dog in a meat market. I hope this year he can control the chaos and become an all American
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    what makes them knowledgeable is my question...Kodi was a new coach at a major school in the most competitive conference recruiting wise in the country. It takes time to build your recruiting chops....i believe he is going to grow into a great one before his career ends.
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    Good lord going to have to agree with yellow one.....makes me sick. As for Kodi he is doing a better job since the Mobile crap hit the fan. Like I said before Kodi will either learn quickly or get eaten alive by the other SEC recruiters. Now his got to hang onto them until signing day.
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    Can hardly handle the preseason amymore
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    I'm serious about us hitting the road. Let's go recruit some players together. With our knowledge and passion, we will bring in all the 5* players.
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    6 walk ons awarded schollies per 247. AU is at 83 schollied players for the 2017 season. OP updated.
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    Personally, I suspect it is a combination of the ignorance of youth and the opposing ideology being one that naturally makes your blood boil.
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    On social issues, he's pretty much just boilerplate national Democrat. Indistinguishable from Nancy Pelosi. In a couple of local interviews he's highlighted his support for the contraceptive mandate with zero caveats about organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor or religious non-profits. Slate interviewed him and even lobbed him an easy softball to make some sort of distinction between himself and the party at large. They basically asked him what issues he would take a more conservative stance on to distinguish himself from the national Democratic party brand to win in Alabama. He couldn't come up with one. The closest thing on his site is something about streamlining regulations on small businesses. I'm not rolling the dice on a guy like that. To me, that says he's either avoiding the subject because he knows he's not in step with the electorate on those things, or he's clueless about how out of step he is to attempt to win in Alabama. I'd say the same thing about an arch-conservative running for Senate in a place like Connecticut, California or Massachusetts. You have to know the temperature of the room.
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    Dude's length and athletism is off the charts. Been having a nagging feeling that he would entertain other offers though. I sure hope not. Having a heat seeker missile like him and sherwood does wonders for us for the future.
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    Great frame, reach, and attitude. Great pickup. Can burns take credit for hills recruitment?
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    BREAKING: Auburn lands commitment from major wide receiver target By Benjamin Wolk Auburn Recruiting Reporter August 17, 2017 Matthew Hill finally did it. The 4-star wide receiver from Brookwood High (Ga.) has been the most likely to join Auburn’s class for months, but his hesitance to publicly commit has raised some questions. Those questions have all been answered. On Thursday, Hill committed to Auburn to become the 12th commitment in the 2018 recruiting class. Despite the wait, Hill said the decision wasn’t tough. RELATED: SEC Country’s most recent Class of 2018 offensive projection “First, I grew up an Auburn fan, so I already knew what it was like. Ever since I’ve just been there so many times, it just — in my mind — it’s just another home,” Hill told SEC Country two weeks ago. “I know Auburn like the back of my hand now, like I do Snellville. I know where everything is. I just feel comfortable in Auburn.” Matthew Hill committed to the Tigers on Thursday. (Benjamin Wolk/SEC Country) The extended wait gave Hill a chance to do his due diligence. He visited South Carolina one more time with his high school coach who is a South Carolina grad. Hill stayed in communication with Crimson Tide and Gamecocks coaches. When official offer day came, Auburn, Alabama and South Carolina were the only schools to offer, which made sense considering those were the three programs he was still strongly considering. As the 6-foot-2 wide receiver waited, some Tigers’ fans started to panic. But, as Hill puts it, he’s known for “a month and a half to two months” where he was going to school. He just wanted to be sure. “I basically knew at Big Cat Weekend, the last time I visited Auburn,” Hill said. “I kinda knew before then, but Big Cat is really what set it off because I got to be around the new players, the ones that might commit, the coaching staff and just had a good time. I got to see their fun side at Auburn.” With Hill’s commitment, Auburn adds the No. 32 wide receiver and No. 160 overall prospect in the 2018 class. Hill joins Shedrick Jackson as the second wide receiver in Auburn’s class. Hill’s commitment moves Auburn up to No. 27 in the recruiting team rankings, one spot behind No. 26 Alabama.
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    We've been successful in the past with players named Bo.
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    And a straightforward and honest response it was, which is becoming rare here. So kudos to you.
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    I think the part about moving Pettway back to H-Back. And, I can't imagine that we'd do that either, especially if its Lindsey's intention to develop guys like Harris and Shenker into the hybrid role that he's been talking about.
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    None of this matters. Obama couldn't do any better with the other side than Trump....both being very untested in the realm of executive governance. The country is split between ideologies cooked in for generations and fed by divisive political gamesmanship. If we continue down this path the result will be devastating.
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    MMW: Auburn wins in Baton Rouge for the first time since 1999. MMW: Pettway runs for 2,000+ yards but still doesn't win the Heisman MMW: Carlson wins a major game for us with a late FG MMW: Butch Jones & Kevin Sumlin are both fired at the end of the year. MMW: Stidham returns for his Junior Year.
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    That is a completely sane view of all of this. Put the statues where they belong. In Cemeteries, museums and battlefields.
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    But how sweet would it be if they even came close to the debacle of a game plan that we had against them last year? Holland drops Bryant a few times, shaking him up, so they put in one of their freshman who throws an INT, so they put in the other Freshman who coughs up the ball on a bobbled snap, and their world implodes around them.
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    I'm a great manager of people.......hotdogs are fine with me
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    Yes. According to season 2 he is still a walk-on with State
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    I would but they don't seem to carry a lot of the "King Kong" sizes (ie: 3x and above)...
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    Thread....derailed.....this is more interesting anyways. I can thank a music appreciation class for a love of blues and jazz. Robert Johnson, Cole Porter, Etta James, Billie Holliday, a good steak, nice Scotch and a sweat cigar ahhhhh heaven.
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    Should've seen this coming...Three headed qb last year now this. He's running a circus act around here! This should throw em off!
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    Everything got so dark all the sudden. It is hard to see any of the black font on the blue.
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    Madison County started last week & Morgan County starts tomorrow
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    This makes me very happy to hear. We really need another corner opposite CD that can be as much or more of a threat as CD.
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    I know but Chelsea drive me nuts.....sometimes